The end of EverLAN, end of an era?

Corey and I decided to close down EverLAN Gaming Center. Yes, it’s sad that my baby is ending, but it’s also a big relief. We’re selling off a bunch of stuff at good prices — [L=][/L] for more details about everything. I’ve had a couple people tell me that this site goes down intermittently. If you folks would be so kind as to AIM me at `rand0m` when it’s down, I can hunt down what’s going wrong; my server logs don’t show anything awry and I’m kind of stumped. On another note, I want a pistol. Ryan got a Baretta 92FS (9mm) for his birthday, and it’s wicked. So sexy. So powerful. So simple and unrefined. Handling it is really enthralling … I think I might go shooting with him and Joe this weekend, now that I have free time. Which brings me to the next topic – what do you folks do with your free time? I haven’t had any free time in almost two years, and suddenly having at least an extra 40 hours a week back is going to be a shock. I already plan on joining the Y with Keen and James, but the rest of the time … I have no idea.

2005-03-29 10:38:06 – nick
Hey, man. I’m torn on your decision; though, I figure you were as well, only much moreso. In the end, I think it will be awesome for you to lead a more "normal" life and get out the workaholic binge you’ve been on. On that note, since you have free time, and I usually construe some during the weekends, I’ll have to give you a call when I’m down and buy you a beer or something. Whatever the case, good luck with whatever comes next.
2005-03-29 13:31:08 – rand0m
Yea, it was a tough call, but sometimes you just have to cut the losses and throw in the towel. Although we weren’t failing miserably and hemoraging money, we definitely weren’t going anywhere. And I’ll gladly take you up on that beer ๐Ÿ™‚
2005-03-30 15:35:23 – Burnz
Just dropped by. Little tip on the pistol, I got a Smith and Wesson .357 and love it love it love it. Stopping drinking bought me a lot of free time. Take a class that sounds like fun. Something like humanities. It takes up time and might stimulate new brain parts other than tech.
2005-03-31 16:14:45 – Netheus
A> if you get a gun, learn how to use it, don’t just own it. B> I read. A lot. And then there’s the endless fucking drama, so… yeah… C> Remember Kolin from BS that helped you IB kids with your papers I think Junior year? Died of an OD last night. I’m assuming Heroine. Marah told me, and Adam told her, so I am assuming this isn’t a morbid rumour. D> today is Carolyn’s b-day!
2005-03-31 16:31:49 – Netheus
Randal- hook me up with a monitor. I will have money for you on Monday.
2005-03-31 19:43:08 – Ryan
Yup, definitly buy a gun. Perhaps a Beretta, like that hot Ryan guy you mentioned. Or an awsome AR-15 that I saw some kid with at your store. Damn that kid was hot. Amazingly cool, too, from what I hear.
2005-03-31 20:38:03 – rand0m
Hmm, regarding semi-spooky Annie-Luving Poetry-Writing Kolin … I don’t know if that’s the case. I got chicken salad from him at Cunningham’s maybe two weeks ago, and it looked like he was on the straight and narrow. Looked healthy, clean shaven, tight haircut. Very surprising. And I have a monitor set aside for ya right here, alongside mine & Craig’s.
2005-03-31 23:58:10 – keener2u
Get a girlfriend, I hear they take up a lot of time and money.
2005-04-01 01:16:46 – rand0m
That second part is not cool.
2005-04-01 09:41:37 – The Disco Nova
You can either have a girlfriend, which takes up time and money, a friend which takes up time, or a hooker, which only takes up money. Who is to say which is the best.
2005-04-06 18:49:47 – Hellbent Rob
Damn Randy, if I knew you were in the market I’d have sold you my .44 Desert Eagle, but I ended up selling it back in January to pay tuition.

Day, Sammi & Randomness

I had a helluva day. Lots of big things happening, which I will definitely post about here when they come to fruition. The Boss was in town today, so chalk up another free lunch! I also realized that my boss is super great. Yay for cool guys. I went out with Sammi tonight and had a ridiculously good time. Last time I went out with her I posted this “[i]I felt fake, though, and I think she knew it.[/i]” … well, total opposite. No pressure, no need to try and meet the standards of an idealized Sammi, just pure, unadulterated good times. It felt like old times when I wasn’t a beaten, trodden down, soulless husk of a man. Simply fabulous. On the walk home from seeing Sammi I came across a dude at a phone booth who was searching his pockets for some money to make a call. So I walk up and, being in high spirits, offer him my cell phone to make a call. Turns out he was looking for Domino’s phone number which I know by heart – 444-8888. He makes the call, and while waiting on hold asks me if I have any spare change. Now, this guy didn’t quite look like a bum, so it seemed a little odd, and I didn’t have any change and I told him so. I figured he was calling a buddy at Domino’s to get a ride or whatever, but instead, he proceeds to order three large pizzas! WTF!? He just asked me for money and then orders like $20+ of pizzas. It was quite weird. He gave my cell back and I went on my way, chuckling at how completely unexpected that was.

2005-03-24 20:20:24 – Joe
Wow that is rather strange about the phone booth guy. Probably prank calling them.
2005-03-25 17:42:21 – Netheus
Moving. Tomorrow. Need volunteers. Hey randal, nice truck ya got there…. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Tomorrow is the furniture moving day. Please, call me if you can help. Or put a message up here. Or IM me (Netheus).
2005-03-27 21:21:33 – Master Ha-reed
Lately, I’ve been noticing that is down for periodic intervals. Any ideas, or am I just a fucking crackpot?

Ticket and Being sick

I got a speeding ticket for doing 50mph in a 40mph zone on Thursday night (St. Patty’s Day) while I was heading home from the store – westbound on Austin Bluffs near the storage shed place. I didn’t see the cop until he already on his way to pulling me over. Oh well – $120 fine & four points.. Almost 4 years of being traffic-violation free is quite the feat for me ๐Ÿ˜‰ Of course I’ll reschedule the court date like 23890 times and try to get out of it. Maybe a DA will be nice and let me plea to something lower so my insurance doesn’t go to hell. I’ll update on that when it comes, but it’s not too big a deal. I had a helluva Friday; totally swamped from 9am until 1am. I started feeling like shit around 4pm, and it got worse for Saturday morning. I slept from ~5pm Saturday night unil ~1am here and there, and then from ~1am until almost 1pm today (Sunday). I never sleep that much, so I’m going to guess my body is not pleased. I have a sore throat and a stuffed up nose, which isn’t too bad. Hopefully it’ll pass quickly. I’ve talked to quite a few people recently about College VS The Working Life and people don’t believe me when I say I’d give almost anything to have a degree. They always point out that I’m successful, own a business, yada yada. That’s nice and all, but I don’t think they’ve had the opportunity to enjoy the artificial ceiling that I get to pound on — no degree means very little easy vertical movement. In a typical corporate environment, you get your degree, you get your job, and if you don’t totally fsck it up, you advance. Put in your time, take out your pay. For me, that doesn’t work … I can’t even get in the door to a MegaCorp without a degree, thus I’m stuck with small businesses, which invariably have low salary caps and don’t offer all the cool shit big business does. Woe is me. In summary, if you have a degree don’t /EVER/ wish you had done something else with those 4-5 years of your life, or else I might come slap you for being incredibly stupid. There are a bazillion people out there — myself included — that would give up everything they have for a degree, even if it came along with living in your parent’s basement and $50k of debt.

2005-03-21 15:30:35 – realbighead
Actually, having gotten a degree and worked for a corporation, the whole glass ceiling thing isn’t quite true. The bigger issue is age discrimination, in that corporations are unwilling to give much responsibility to young people in general, degree or not. That being said, having the degree is still useful every now and then. Especially once you move out of the parents’ basement.
2005-03-22 16:19:06 – Master Ha-reed
Does CO Springs have any sort of "deferred sentencing" program? The hippies in Boulder do, which worked out well when I got a ticket a little over a year ago. Basically the way it works is that you plead guilty to the offense, pay $100 to the court, and they hold off telling the DMV. If you go a year without anything more than parking tickets, then they wipe your record clean and the DMV (and therefore your insurance company) never finds out.
2005-03-22 19:35:39 – rand0m
Yea, here they usually let you take a driving program or something to reduce the points. I got the deferred sentencing thing when I was en route to Santa Fe doing 96 in a 75, and it worked out great. I’ll have to remember to ask about that.
2005-03-27 00:53:22 – Hellbent Rob
Humanities degrees are worth less than the TP you wipe your arse with, and I dare anyone to disagree with me. Randy, look into an executive program at your local college/university. They usually have pretty liberal allowances for counting job experience as credit hours or will put you through a series of equivalency tests. I knocked-out about a year of my B.A. doing that. The University of Pheonix has a pretty good business program but anything else is taken at your own risk. Quite a few decent schools, however, have online degree programs where you can pretty much complete an entire degree, particularly computer related. If you do go back to school, I know several people that got these dual business/computer degrees and are make crazy money without any experience.
2005-03-28 15:37:41 – Master Ha-reed
The value of a humanities degree depends a lot on what you want out of it, and more importantly, where you went to school. I would say that an English major at Columbia is worth a helluva lot more than an English major at CU. Further, if you’re going into education or law or politics, a humanities degree is perfectly fine. In fact, even in medicine, a humanities degree can work better than a std. bio/chem degree, since it sets you apart from the crowd. $.02

Wiped AIM list

I decided that my aim list is far too large. Hence, I am deleting it right after I post this. Included on the new list will be: keen, james, fldave, corey, nick, craig, mark h, laura, my sister, rebecca, emily and bryce. If you’re not on there, you probably never talk to me on AIM. Message me and I might add you. Also, it’s a beautiful Tuesday afternoon and my day is going just swell — Even had a free lunch on the boss ๐Ÿ˜‰

2005-03-16 19:17:23 – GrooveMan
Damn, I didn’t make the list. I guess I need to pester you more on AIM… to bad I don’t have the time any more ๐Ÿ˜›
2005-03-16 19:43:36 – rand0m
That’s OK steve ๐Ÿ™‚ I put you on the list after the oversight, even though we never chat online. You know I love you ๐Ÿ˜›
2005-03-17 18:33:25 – Netheus
Had to explain to my sister that there are two ways of thinking- linear and tangential. We (liz and I) are tangential thinkers, thus need a barrage of information, better if, reletively speaking, polar in relation. She thought she was going crazy because no one else she knew of thought the way she did. Damnit. She should’ve gone into IB. For a moment, all of you that went to high school with me, imagine if you went through that part of your life with out meeting other similarly intelligent people? What if you never met a mental challenge? I think we might have all turned out the Byrne (Burnz). Addicted, mental, abusive. Possibly suicidal. I mean, we have each other when we need something more than dick jokes. What would it be like if we didn’t?

All about me. Well, not really.

Shamelessly ripped from [L=]Laura’s Site[/L]: [b]FIRSTS:[/b] 1. First best friend: Eric Motazedi, Pre-Kindergarden 2. First car: 1982 toyota pickup, still drive it today 3. First real kiss: Jennifer Schmidt. I’m sure she’s a total babe now. 4. First screen name: I think it was slip42, but it could have been rand0m 5. First self purchased album: Mortal Kombat Soundtrack or Greenday, don’t know. 7. First pet: Tessy & Widey the cats. 9. First credit card: ANB MasterCard. Still have it ๐Ÿ™‚ 10. First enemy: Hmm, none that I can think of. I’m sure there is one somewhere. 11. First big trip: Mexico in Junior High. [b]LASTS:[/b] 1. Last cigarette: mmmm, ~4.5 hours ago 2. Last car ride: From EGC to Downtown and back, w/ Eric (aka Biggie) 3. Last kiss: Not in love, a couple months. Lovey kiss? Long time. 4. Last good cry: I don’t remember. Sometimes I try to cry, but I can’t. 5. Last library book checked out: Absolutely no idea. Probably been at least 5 years. 6. Last movie seen in theatres: Robots 7. Last beverage drank: Glass of water 8. Last food consumed: Homemade Casserole. Yumm ๐Ÿ˜€ 10. Last phone call: James, about movies. 11. Last time showered: This morning at ~11am. I shower every day. 12. Last shoes worn: Black 5-eye Docs. 13. Last item bought: Hashbrowns and Casserole fixins from Safeway. 14. Last annoyance: James, with his unending “Burgerking” and “Goatee!!” 15. Last time wanting to die: Couple weeks ago when my Snazzy was not recognized. [b]SPECIFICS:[/b] 1. Do you do drugs: Nope 2. What kind of shampoo do you use: Suave Lavendar-smell & Pantene Pro-V Conditioner. 3. What are you most scared of: Failure or being alone. Toss up. 4. Where do you want to get married: Somewhere exotic, but that’s *FAR* away. 5. What are you listening to right now: Nothing, but Family Guy is on the tube. 6. How many buddies are online: 53 7. What would you change about yourself: My unending slavery. [b]FAVORITES:[/b] 1. Colors: Navy Blue. 2. Foods: Steak and anything homemade. 3. Girl names: Jennifer, Sarah, Samantha, Rebecca. 4. Boys names: Steven, Eric 5. Subject in school: Math & 6. Animals: Dog? I have no idea. 7. Sports: mmm, I like basketball and football. Typical guy, I guess. 8. Perfume: I have no idea, I’m not a girl. 9. Cologne: Safari or GAP Blue [b]HAVE YOU EVER:[/b] 1. Given anyone a bath: nope 2. Smoked: yep 3. Bungee jumped: no, I’d like to 4. Made yourself throw-up: Yea, a couple times. Only once from drinking. 5. Skinny dipped: Of course, teehee. 6. Been in love: Yea. I also fall in/out of love almost daily. Women. ๐Ÿ˜‰ 7. Made yourself cry to get out of trouble: When I was a kid, sure. 8. Pictured your crush naked: HAHA all the time. Sorry ladies. 9. Seen your crush naked: Yep, yep and yep. *fap fap fap* 10. Cried when someone died: Yes, quite a bit. 11. Lied: Used to lie regularly. Unfortunately I’m still damn good at it. 12. Fallen for your best friend: Nope. 13. Been rejected: HAHA all the time. Shit, this week even. It sucks. 14. Rejected someone: Yea … I was an asshole at the time & I was crude about it. 15. Used someone: Hahaha, of course. Everybody does and I’m no exception. 16. Done something you regret: Absolutely. Think about it almost every day. [b]CURRENT:[/b] 1. Clothes: Basketball shorts and a huge t-shirt. Just relaxing ๐Ÿ™‚ 2. Music: Nothing, just the washer doing it’s thing. 3. Make-up: I’m a boy, so no. But my hair is nice and soft. 4. Annoyance: Mmmm, laundry isn’t finishing fast enough. 5. Smell: Axe “Essence,” James just sprayed me. 7. Desktop picture: Nothing, dark blue. 8. Book you’re reading: Was reading Fountainhead, but lent it to a friend so … nothing. 9. Cd in player: CD Player? Who uses those anymore? 10. Dvd in player: “Out of Time” with Denzel Washington. 11. Color of toe nails: Standard pink with a sliver of white at the end. [b]LAST PERSON:[/b] 1. You touched: James 2. Hugged: Joe from EGC. He brought me nugz. 3. IMed: Emily, yesterday. [b]ARE YOU:[/b] 1. Understanding: Usually, but I hve low tolerance for BS. 2. Open-minded: Eh, sorta. Very entrenched, but I’m getting better. 3. Arrogant: I try not to be, but I’m very short with other people’s (many) problems. 4. Insecure: Not on the outside unless something really bad happens. 5. Interesting: Not particularly. 6. Hungry: Nope, just ate some casserole ๐Ÿ˜€ 7. Smart: I was, but now I’m pretty base. I feel bad when I hang out with bourgeoisie. 8. Moody: Not at all — I have two moods, tired and not tired. 9. Hardworking: I’d like to think so. Especially when I’m interested. 10. Organized: Yep, in my own completely-unorganized way 11. Healthy: HAHAHAHAHHAA no. 12. Shy: Only when it comes to women. 13. Attractive: Not particularly. 14. Bored easily: I’m almost always bored. :-/ 15. Responsible: A little bit too much, I think. 16. Obsessed: Yea, and I really shouldn’t be. I should just get over some things. 17. Angry: I get annoyed, but truly angry? Almost never 18. Sad: not usually, but it depends on how bad life is kicking my ass 19. Disappointed: In others, almost always. In myself? Almost never. 20. Happy: Sure. 21. Hyper: Only when I catch my second wind, otherwise I’m pretty mellow. 22. Trusting: Nope. Takes a lot of work to build trust with me, and it slips easily. 23. Talkative: Only if it’s interesting. If it’s boring or annoying, not at all. 24. Legal: Sure, I’m 18+ ๐Ÿ˜‰ [b]WHO DO YOU WANT TO:[/b] 1. Kill: Mmm … nobody? No reason to let things eat me up. 2. Slap: Mmm … also nobody, at least not off the top of my head. 3. Look like: Almost anybody but me ๐Ÿ˜‰ 4. Talk to offline: Several women, so I can tell them to stop being dumb. Jesus, women. 5. Talk to online: Nobody. Talking to people online usually sucks. [b]RANDOM:[/b] 1. In the morning I am: Up by 8:30am. And waking up into another soul-crushing day. 2. All I need is: Work and someone to lover. One outta two ain’t bad ๐Ÿ˜‰ 3. Love is: Awesome, but maybe not worth it. I’ll know for sure on the next go around. 4. I dream about: How bad I fucked up my life, and how I can continue to make it better. :-/

2005-03-14 02:08:47 – Netheus
kindof along the same lines- in cleaning up to get ready to move, I realized that for two grown adults, Troy and I have an excessive number of toys. Remote contolled cars, stuffed animals, figurines, games- everything either of us wanted when we were kids but never had. I found a picture too from when I was 5 and my grandmother took me to go and see the Easer bunny at the Citadel. I still had my crutches at the time. It’s kinda like one of those special moments captured on film documenting the beginning of the fall from innocence/ grace/ perfection.
2005-03-14 06:02:15 – Disco Nova
You totally overreacted abou tthe burger king thing. And I’m insecure about my goatee, that is why I keep asking you about it. Take it as a compliment.
2005-03-14 19:24:50 – m
White-y. And yes, you have an amazing vibe of disdain and arrogance. How’s Eric M?
2005-03-14 20:33:12 – rand0m
I am only arrogant and short with people if I am annoyed or don’t like them. I don’t like most people, though, so I guess your observation makes sense ๐Ÿ˜‰ I haven’t spoken to Eric M in forever – not since Marylin, his sister, [L=]passed away[/L]

WBC/GSA Pics, DNS/Network Madness, Servers

So I went to the WBC/GSA Protest ([L=]62 Photos[/L]) this morning at ~7:25am. Incredibly, as I was leaving the house I ran into Jacob, who is in the first photo. We walked around, I took a ton of photos, and we had a pretty decent time. Eventually we ran into Danny Dolan (yes, Brian Dolan’s brother!), and walked around with him tooI was pretty surprised at how few WBCers there were, and even more aghast that they bring their 3-8y/o kids with them. I was also surprised at how many police, SWAT and media were there. Here are a couple notes: [b]+[/b] WBC should just disband already – outnumbered at least 20:1 [b]+[/b] People need to stop blocking my photos [b]+[/b] A female priest is not referred to as ‘mother,’ but instead ‘preacher’ [b]+[/b] I was telling Danny to move as he was “ruining my composition,” and inadvertently insulted former Mayor Makepeace. Apologized & cleared things up, then got a photo with her ๐Ÿ™‚ [b]+[/b] The police hate having their photos taken [b]+[/b] Why didn’t girls/teachers look like that when I was at PHS? I had some wild network madness happen on Wednesday morning. Basically somebody aimed their DNS at one of our Colo’d customers DNS servers, and it soaked up 20+mbps of bandwidth. I’ll have an article on it here in a little bit. – [b]update[/b] – [L=]Network Nightmare – DNS Psuedo-DDoS[/L]. Ever since my primary employer started selling managed & unmanaged servers our business has gone haywire. I’ve had to order 4 servers in the past 10 days. Unfortunately, it takes Dell at least 5 days to bill/prep/ship the server and sometimes that it is just too much lead time :-/ Oh well, at least setting up new servers keeps me busy :-).

2005-03-11 23:07:03 – jrdn
WBC needs to die… didnt the bible say that gays are wrong, but are not to be condemned and hated? That we are to tolerate all people? Seems WBC blows ass at reading. Maybe they should go back to the first grade.
2005-03-13 01:34:45 – Master Ha-reed
I am proud of myself for reading that article and understanding ~ 90% without looking anything up. Apparently CISCO Networking Academy was good for something, after all.
2005-03-13 01:36:31 – Master Ha-reed
Speaking of Cisco Networking Academy, in case Bryce is reading… Just throw your hands in the air like you just don’t care

WBC To be at PHS on Friday

I don’t know if any of you folks know, but the Westboro Baptist Church (owners of will be at our very own Palmer High School on Friday morning at 7:15am ([L=]WBC Picket Information[/L] – [L=]PDF Flyer[/L]). They will be here in the Springs to protest the Gay Straight Alliance (GSA). The GSA is a Palmer High School club that aims to promote a safe environment for all kids. PHS/D11 administration decided to not allow it as an official club, barring them from using District facilities. The GSA folks went to the ACLU, who filed a lawsuit with the US District Court of Colorado about it ([L=]ACLU Docket/Suit[/L]). Now, I am not one to love or hate gay folks. I do not approve of homosexuality personally. Despite that, the strong civil libertarian in me says that the GSA group should be afforded the same rights and opportunities as any other club. I know for a fact that multiple Christian groups exist, despite the offense to athiests / satanists / whathaveyou. The fact that the District has barred the GSA from becoming a recognized organization is clearly an injustice — prejudice, suppression and favoritism at it’s finest.

2005-03-09 02:07:03 – The Disco Nova
2005-03-10 07:10:43 – keener2u
FYI, A little birdie tells me that police were practicing with riot gear down at South Circle Maintenance yard. Putting ultra-conservative in a liberal area next to CC is going to be interesting.
2005-03-10 13:35:55 – Netheus
I’m going to be there.
2005-03-11 00:07:27 – jrdn
WBC is a bunch of fucking dicks… im not for or against gays… i dont care… people like WBC need to die…
2005-03-11 12:46:14 – Master Ha-reed
It looks like from your pics that the WBC was severely outnumbered, which is really promising for the Springs. Then again it was at the most activist high school, maybe results would have been different at say Liberty or Doherty?

EGC News, Highlights of my day.

So some news about the store. EverLAN’s biggest competitor, Surf ‘n Play, decided to close it’s doors after … 7? years in business. Their timing couldn’t be any better. I think we’re going to see a HUGE surge in business. Shit, I might even get a paycheck. :-0 We had a birthday party at the store tonight. It went really well, and reaffirmed my belief that I don’t like kids. I mean, if they’re in trouble, or need help, or are going to hit by a car, sure, I’ll jump in. But when it comes to anything else, they’re just loud and crazy. And they run a lot. I don’t like it when chitlins are running around my store. They scare me. I have two great things today. The first one is quite snazzy and involves FedEx. Goddamn I love FedEx. They’re so … great. Eveybody loves FedEx. Not everybody loves UPS — they’re good and all — but when it comes to feeling great about getting a delivery, you can’t touch FedEx. econd, I made a casserole. No, that’s not all I did. I stayed in on a Saturday night and made a casserole. Last weekend’s wildness was more than enough for a little bit … I would have gone and done some stuff if some people hadn’t flaked out (*glare*), but you know, I’m kind of glad they did. There’s nothing like staying in, doing some good cooking and making the house feel like home. James says I’m domesticated, and I don’t mind it one bit.

2005-03-06 02:24:33 – The Disco Nova
They didn’t actually flake out, since I only asked them like an hour beforehand. But that is because they never answer the phone.
2005-03-06 04:51:40 – Craigalito
I got a flattop haircut today. I haven’t had one of these in like 9 years. It rocks, I scared Ian for once. Rachael coudn’t stop touching the top of my head. Glad to hear about your store Randal. Wo000. Anyway why am I up at 5 am? Who knows? I haven’t gone to bed yet. But I did take a 3 hour nap at 11pm. Ok bye now. P.S. Fedex is a great company unless your writing a consumer to the fedex webservice. From what I understand from my co-worker that is almost worse than pounding nails through your dick.
2005-03-06 16:05:13 – rand0m
"pounding nails through your dick" That sounds incredibly painful. I don’t like even considering such a situation. On that note, how the hell do people get Prince Alberts?
2005-03-11 00:09:16 – jrdn
surf and play was not all that great either… comps were pretty weak. I love egc, that why I help out all the time there… if egc doesnt get off the ground now, then people are honestly missing out.

Hash Browns, aim, tons of alcohol & puking

I made hashbrowns on the George Foreman grill last night. I put the first batch on while the hashes were frozen, and that didn’t work out well. I nuked the next set while I was making some bacon, and then gave it a whirl and they came out awesome. The foreman and bacon ideas are good ones — thanks [L=]![/L] I’m thinking I’m going to pare down my aim buddy list. I talk to maybe 10 people on aim, yet my list is at 144 — and this is after a couple attempts at slimming it down! I may just completely erase it and start from scratch. Not a bad idea. Have you ever done something particularly snazzy, and sort of expected somebody else to say exactly how snazzy it was, but it never comes? WOW yea. It sucks. Makes ya feel kind of worthless … like … why did I do that snazzy thing in the first place? What a waste of time/money/thought/everything. Monday sucked. As indicated by the previous post — which is nearly incomprehensible, even by me — I had a helluva time on Sunday night. Heck, I even got to rub a girl’s booty. It was a good time. Monday, however, was not so hot. I went out to Old Chicago’s before the night of liver-wrecking, and it treated me very poorly. I didn’t go to work on Monday at all, as I spent the vast majority of the day on the bathroom floor, throwing up every 20 minutes. That is not standard behavior for super-heavy hangovers, so I’m going to attribute it to bad food. I used to look down on people who threw up while consuming vast quantities of alcohol, but now that I have been that guy who can’t keep the liquor down, I will no longer do so. Why, you may ask? Because evacuating tons of alcohol from my already totally-plastered body felt sooooo good. Thank you, toilet, for allowing me to feel much better! I salute you!

2005-03-03 16:07:21 – The Disco Nova
It was the funniest dan thing I ever saw. Randalll came out of the laundry room, looked at me and said "I think I need to puke". This is immediately followed by Randalll doing a swan dive for the toilet, which is luckily within about five feet.
2005-03-03 16:16:42 – Netheus
hence me with the not drinking ๐Ÿ˜‰
2005-03-03 23:33:13 – mark
Now I am really curious what snazzy thing you have done that has gone unnoticed. I am generally very excited about all things snazzy, but have not noticed anything to comment on. I think you need to reveal your unseen pride and let us all bask in its greatness. (too epic?)
2005-03-04 00:38:26 – Craigalito
I too am fond of all things snazzy. Would you please let us in on what it is that is very snazzy. ๐Ÿ™‚ BTW my birthday is on Wednesday. Am I old yet?
2005-03-04 09:37:05 – rand0m
Unfortunately, my snazziness is not to be broadcast here. I’d be glad to give ya’ll the scoop in private, though. And craig, yea, you are getting old. You’re what, 17 now? ๐Ÿ˜‰
2005-03-04 12:57:36 – realbighead
so the hash browns comment has added "frozen potatoes" to your proselytizing AdSense bar. It must be terribly surreal to have your life subliminally mapped like this. And cheers on getting good and proper drunk for once. Someday soon, God willin’ an’ the creek don’t rise, maybe you’ll work your way up to three beers before you black out. ๐Ÿ™‚
2005-03-04 17:01:37 – Master Ha-reed
Yeah, Google AdSense is pretty damned funny. The first time I read this post, the ads were to "Improve your IQ" and "Get smarter". Google is now Randal’s new nanny it seems. Maybe next it will prescribe anti-depressants.
2005-03-04 21:38:48 – Hellbent Rob
No joke, your google ad lists: 1.) Vomiting Info & Treatement Rader Programs vomiting info & Treatment. Programs Nationwide 2.) Potatoe Skins Sale New and used Potatoe Skins Check out the deals now! I don’t know which is scarier, the fact that there are nationwide puke centers or that one can actually purchase "USED" potatoe skins, which incidentally just might be related….
2005-03-04 21:41:00 – Hellbent Rob
Oh, and chalk one up for Dan Quayle, "P-O-T-A-T-O-E" narf