Ehhhh is my new word, and updates

So lots of things have happened as of late, only a couple of which are even mildly interesting. I’d like to say first off that Jordan Weil rocks my socks. He’s the best, particularly because he’s really smart and is really down to earth. It sucks that he’s in Chicago, but he’s really going places and I think he’ll do great things. Tore is back in town. I missed him. He’s great. I also *just* found out that he has hacked off a foot of his hair (Kids With Cancer donation). It’s nice having him back in town as well, because smart people are not a dime a dozen – Not even a dime for one, more like ten bucks! I really enjoy Tore’s company, but alas, like every other person on the planet he is usually far away. What can you do, you know? Janelle came to the store the other night. She looks european. I guess it fits her. It was nice to see her again, as she is also smart. She seems a little more … mmm … arrogant? I don’t know how to describe it, but she just seems not as nice. Oh well, it was good to see her. I ran into Lilly, Amy Rice-Jones, Strecker, Anna Pruitt and Adrienne Tuck at Tony’s while I was drowning my sorrow. Adrienne is still a huge bitch but Lilly is nice as pie. Ahhh, Lilly. Right up there with Sammi :-D. [L=]Nick[/L] linked me in one of his posts, with a blurb. Makes sense, I guess. I must say that I am glad that, although I do have my own set of them, his girl issues far outweigh mine. And honestly, that is really good for me to hear from myself, because that means I’m not involved with all the bullshit that it definitely entails. However, I am not getting laid. I am unsure if he is either, though. It’s not a competition. Or is it? Regardless, girls are nice to have around, but I don’t think I *need* one like he does. Interesting. [b]Update[/b] – I’m really thinking about putting together a quick PHS registry so that it’s easy to find people’s contact info … thinking it’ll be handy come reunion time in … 6 1/2 years. Opinions?

2003-12-28 10:44:41 – WC
HS registry == good idea, in fact I should do one for my school. Hopefully word gets around about it! Hey what’d ya’ll get for christmas/Hanakuh/Kwanza/holiday presents? I think the best present I got was from rachael which was the Animatrix DVD, Matrix Reloaded, and a car charger for my ipod. My parents kinda sucked this year getting me 3 gifts I already owned! Ohh well.
2003-12-28 11:36:25 – realbighead
I got the new Optimus Prime. ph34r m3.
2003-12-28 20:37:49 – keener2u
Isn’t made for classmate registration?
2003-12-28 21:18:47 – rand0m
yea, it is, IF YOU WANT TO PAY FOR IT !
2003-12-28 21:19:24 – rand0m
wait, that’s a good idea. *schemes*
2003-12-29 02:15:16 – The Disco Nova
2003-12-29 19:03:35 – Dice
Jordan?!? He’s still alive? I know he went to University of Chicago, but I haven’t heard from him since High School. (Used to wrestle with him) Still a straight-up physics major? Sounds like he’s doing well. Have any contact information I could bum off ya?
2003-12-29 19:39:06 – rand0m
no, he’s dead.
2003-12-30 13:07:30 – ytcracker
FUCK YEA i didnt graduate though can i still come to the reunion
2003-12-30 22:50:24 – Dice
I have to admit, dead people are both cool and intelligent, since they rarely say anything stupid.
2003-12-30 23:30:57 – Netheus
I got a 4.0!!!! I got all A’s!!! This is the first time since middle school!! Maybe x-mas doesn’t suck so much ass!!! Yes, the registry is a great idea because you make things simple, and is over complicated and costs $$ Yay!!! 4.0!!!!
2003-12-31 17:52:09 – Master Ha-reed
4.0 – those would be nice – haven’t had one of those since high school. Although if you told me what courses you were taking I might be more impressed. I know some business majors that get 4.0’s a lot – but thats because their semesters are filled with "Computer Skills for Dummies" and "Math for Dummies" and other such nonsense.
2003-12-31 20:21:26 – Netheus
College Algebra (yes, I forgot), Art History, Western Civ, Yoga (yes, its the modern day bowling), and Philosophy. Anyway, Tore- I am getting drunk, its New Years, and fortunatley for you, I don’t have your current number- but god help you if ya get on aim!!!

Jordan, Drinking, Crazy

Okay, so Jordan WEil is herein town and we diecided that we’d poick up hio and go out and do somet drinking. So I went over to his opalce where ‘s staying, “His uncle’s fplace!” and picked him up in my POS. Then we went over ot eht store and met up with Laura (Pinky), Amanday, Keen, NIck and .. me. So then we were there for a awihle and then we went over to tony’s bu i was totally full, so we left and decided tovo ogver to PHantom Canyon, wihic si the best bar in colorado springs. So we went over there and bought a piture of Hefe and of Demo Cream Beer. SO we drank that, then bought a couple more pitures of beer, mostly hefe. Actually aslll of htem were hefe. And so then JOrdan’s chicken was raw. which was bad. SO WE got tome Bar Chpis for FRE! It was great. And then we kept drinkng. And then it was time to leave, and Keen picked up the tab for all the fodo thre. And then we left! SO thwen we ent over to JACK WUINE’s! And it was awesome and all …. irish. We lined up a shitlaod of Irish Carbombs (Depth Charges in Ireland, due to IRA STUFf) and we all slammed them down. SO wthen we left and waent outisde to start walking hiome. So we’re stanidg there, burning a couple cigs and all of a dusden this HUGE BRAL breaks out. THese gfive dudes totally jumped on this one guy and fucked him hp. LIKE WOW> AN dthen they beat todwn his girlfriend!:? WTF :MATE! That was gottlaly whack. Keen bummed this guy a cigarret and was like “just sit aback and wathc the entertain ment”. SO tehen we walked home with a ta stop at the store tlet NICk use the bathroom! And tehen we went home, adne verybody is pretty drunk. GOOD sitmeS! YAY JOrdan! [b]Update @ 2:56p[/b] – I’m sober now, which helps greatly when typing and trying to not sound incoherent. I thought I’d take some time and tell everybody that Jordan Weil is the shit. Not only is good natured and generally very pleasant to be around, he is also wicked smart. It felt great to be around a lot of smart people last night. Oh, and he has just enough “I’m fucking with you” to keep everything fun. Honestly, I’m pretty surprised by all this because in HS he was (smart, yes) but didn’t seem to … friendly. A little more caustic, like there was a chip on his shoulder with a touch of arrogance. But now? Nothing like that at all. Just a great guy. Too bad he lives in Chicago or I’d have to recruit him into the social circle ๐Ÿ™‚

2003-12-14 10:43:42 – Scuba
AHAHAHAHAHA so was this what you were talking about yesterday man? Ahhh shit that is some great shit i like how i could still understand what you wrote even though like 95% of your words were misspelled, btw you forgot to bring me the DC update :- o well i am going into the store today (sunday) so i cna finish my surveys, later
2003-12-14 11:43:38 – rand0m
mmmmm, back in the saddle.
2003-12-14 13:10:45 – nick
liquor is good…….carbombs were good…..especially the bottom…..and beer….beer is always good….. fucking kangaroos
2003-12-14 16:56:24 – The Disco Nova
Since when did you have a social circle? :-p
2003-12-14 21:46:42 – Netheus
Shouldna said anything about the circle…. now James is gonna want in.
2003-12-15 21:45:18 – Amanda
I haven’t had that much fun in a long time. Thanks boys….
2003-12-17 04:31:09 – Netheus
Return of the King…so…. great…. had to pee like a race horse for 2.5 hours, and there wasn’t a lull long enough to get up and go… quit blinking at about 1.75 hours into it… Gandalf kicks ass… Pippin kicks ass… Merry kicks ass… soo much ass kicking… ahhh…. must go again soooonnnn…. 12 (twelve) endings…12!!!!!!!!
2003-12-17 04:31:51 – Netheus
12 consecutive endings, not different ones at different showings.
2003-12-18 11:09:31 – WC
Yah i didn’t like the ending as a whole. I think if they didn’t do so many fade to blacks it would have been better.
2003-12-20 12:22:37 – WC
I need a chipotle burrrito! Someone please send me a chipotle burrito to me. Thanks!
2003-12-21 00:29:45 – Siaokh
2003-12-22 22:29:18 – Amanda
from drinking… to the social circle…. to the movie… hmmm….. ???
2003-12-22 23:03:47 – The Disco Nova
Speaking of social, is anyone besides amanda not coming to my place for new years?
2003-12-23 11:03:39 – WC
Me. I have a loft reserved, in downtown Denver, for rachael’s and I’s 1 year anniversary. Sorry Disco. I’m going to be all tied up!
2003-12-23 11:04:38 – WC
ok that is wierd. I posted EXACTLY 12 hours from your post and didn’t notice it until after the fact. SPPPOOOOKKKEEEEEYYYY
2003-12-23 11:56:23 – rand0m
"All Tied Up" eh? Can I come? *cough* ๐Ÿ˜‰
2003-12-23 17:07:46 – The Disco Nova
Amanda can come to I suppose, but she doesn’t have to be tied up unless she really wants to be.
2003-12-26 20:11:52 – Amanda
Oooo… I get to be tied up?? Sounds like some fun… Am I still invited? And whats so bad about being tied up? Depends on who it is and what they are doing…. could be fun, could be dangerous… Just have to wait and see.
2003-12-26 23:41:47 – WC
Uhh hem, ok. Nobody is invited. Unless your name is Rachael and you live next door to Pomona High School.
2003-12-28 01:18:22 – The Disco Nova
I don’t kno what WC is talking about, but you areinvited to my party. Wear something slinky, we are doing martini’s/dressup.
2003-12-30 02:11:21 – Amanda
Somebody let me know whats going on…. if you don’t have my number, its not that hard to find it, ask somebody.
2003-12-30 13:40:44 – The Disco Nova
The number Randall has for you is disconnected. My cell number is 201-1104.

Losing Ideas, Slow week, People

Okay, so I’m sitting here on my bed at 12:40am getting ready to post on my website, and I’ve realized that I can remember only a few of the vastly exciting and interesting things that I was going to post. I don’t know if it’s my lifestyle, my diet, my schedule or just the way in which this black-smoke puffing brain of mine works, but for the life of me I can’t remember most of the cool things. And there are a lot. Like A LOT. I think I’ll start a list. I got a call from Jordan Weil today. He left me a voicemail, which I did not receive until late in the night, and I have thus not called him back. He says he’ll be in the springs tomorrow (!?). Why in the *fuck* he would call *me*, I have zero idea. Not even a smidgeon. I must call him and schedule time to see him. Somehow. Ahh, Jordan … maybe we’ll get a beer. Hey, I’m free Saturday night … that’s actually a great idea. This work week has been brutal. Not brutal in how much labor has been exacted from my body, but the total opposite. I feel like I’ve been fighting to just keep my head above water – not but surely not making any progress towards land. It is wearisome and maddening. I think I’ll make some goals and attempt to accomplish them next week. I think it’s the lack of accomplishment that’s getting me down. The same lack of accomplishment persists at the store. Maybe it’s the weather. It’s been a week of getting by, which is very bad for my fledgling baby. We’re having a big lockin 12/20 – [L=][/L] I spoke to Matt Byrne after he apparently freaked out Emily. He seems much less crazed. In school, has a job, yada yada. However, he went nuts on me and told me “shut the hell up” and I told him to grow up and the conversation ended. Only mildly related, Emily unblocked me, saying that she no longer has the energy to continue her bitterness. My response: “WTF? Why with the bitterness?” I’m a pretty nice guy and I (selectively?) recall only being peaches and cream to her since we met forever ago. hmm … Janelle came home from Italy 2.5 days ago and is apparently still unpacking. Must schedule time for seeing her as well. Entirely unrelated, there is news brewing at home. More about that as it develops. Also, Yay for having frozen pipes! I was talking to Sammi tonight (have to put in something about Sammi in ever post, it seems), and mentioned Jordan and the perplexing “call randal” scenario and we have this little banter: >>> [b]rand0m:[/b] now why in the hell he’d call me I have no idea. <<< [b]Sammi:[/b] because you are the colorado springs constant >>> [b]rand0m:[/b] that is sad. >>> [b]rand0m:[/b] ๐Ÿ™ >>> [b]rand0m:[/b] nice, sure. >>> [b]rand0m:[/b] but sad. oy. <<< [b]Sammi:[/b] it's nice for the rest of us. coming home and feel out of touch with everyone in colorado springs? get in touch with randal. he'll know what's up. sorry if it makes you feel... i don't know? what's sad about it? >>> [b]rand0m:[/b] makes me feel like the small town guy who never goes anywhere with life. which is … well, depressing for one, but it’s totally the opposite of what I [i]want[/i] to be. *Shudders* ——————– Decided to look at some numbers and found these interesting stats. Since 1/1/2003 12:47:24 AM (Thinking I cleared the logs?): 310,783 hits to 148,974 hits to normal pages. In those 345 days, that averages out to: Just think, every 3 minutes, 24/7, someone reads But Softcore Porn generates more than twice that. Super.

2003-12-12 08:13:47 – Neth
The last time I saw Jordan, we were in Chicago after mysteriously managing to leave on the same Greyhound bus to Chicago. That was a good trip, primarily because we knew each other, and didn’t have to go the entire way without anybody to talk to. Man. It’d be cool to see him. Anyway, I am going to the Return of the King on midnite tween tuesday and wednesday, at the cinemark out east. Any one else up for it? It’s 3:20 BEFORE the previews.
2003-12-12 16:00:47 – The DIsco Nova
Lol, Colorado Springs is not a small town.
2003-12-12 18:07:20 – Master Ha-reed
Its got much more of a small town feel to it – due to the culture and values of the majority that live there. Contrast this with somewhere like Boulder – which even if it was 50 more miles away from Denver would still have that "we’re Boulder – watch us be hip white environmentalist yuppies. yeah baby", which in fairness, is still better than "we’re Colorado Springs – watch us be unhip white mostly Christian yuppies. praise Jesus."
2003-12-12 20:53:17 – Evil Bad Man
I shudder to think of the walmart hit count… I have a pirate ship.
2003-12-12 20:58:37 – pinky
2003-12-13 12:46:55 – The Disco Nova
Hail Satan!
2003-12-13 14:28:56 – Master Ha-reed
You know Randal, the gaming for "A’s" promotion might come back to bite you in the ass. The percentage of gamers who are also nerds is pretty high. Then again, if it nets you just one regular customer it might be worth it.
2003-12-13 14:47:01 – rand0m
That is not the primary reason we are doing it – it’s mostly an attempt to please the PHS administration.
2003-12-13 17:10:05 – Master Ha-reed
Then wouldnt it be smarter to do Renaissance card shit? That also gets you free advertising in places.
2003-12-13 17:24:31 – WC
I am so glad Boulder has a *ton* of pot in it. ‘cuz I live close and ‘moke is "yay!"
2003-12-13 18:08:34 – Master Ha-reed
Cheyenne Arapaho hall is supposedly on the Top 10 list of easiest places in the country to get pot according to High Times.
2003-12-13 19:13:11 – rand0m
We did look into that, and renaissance sponsorship happens in the summer (fall semester), and then again in mid-September (spring semester). Unfortunatley, we missed both of those and will have to wait until the 2004 fall semester before we can get in on it.

Thanksgiving, Lockin, General Ease/Unease

So Thanksgiving was on Thursday. As was Keen’s birthday. Before we actually got to Thursday, though, we went out to Tony’s on Wednesday night and enjoyed some brews. We met this nice woman named June (?), who although not 21-23, was smart and hot. That was cool. So we got a little buzzed, went home, and passed out until Thursday, noonish. That was so nice. You have no idea. Went to my parents place and got to enjoy a lot of turkey, a lot of casserole, and a lot of pie. Mmm, home cooked food. I hadn’t had any in so long that I nearly forgot what it tastes like. My sister and my bother fight like cats, seeing who can claw the most fur off in the least amount of words. It’s humorous, but gets old really quickly. It didn’t seem like the food-spread was as big as usual, though. All in all, it was a rather enjoyable day – lots of time talking … which I’ll write about in a bit. We threw a lockin on Friday night. And Saturday night. I was off Friday night so I could attend James’ party, which did not happen. I’m still really fucking pissed about that, you bitch. I took time off and inflicted vast amounts of stress onto myself to make sure that I could go, and 3 hours before it’s supposed to happen, I find out that it’s off until next Friday – precisely when I can’t come. I’m mad. Still. Argh. Anyway, the Lockin on Friday night went pretty well. I slept. Then I got to work around 9:30am on Saturday. And didn’t leave until ~9:45am on Sunday. It was long. Too long. Although the lockins went really well, I am unsure if I’ll be doing the whole 24-hour shift thing ever again; I can still feel the exhaustion now, even after getting sleep (never enough). I got an IM from Janelle tonight saying that she’d be home in a week. I don’t know what to say about that, but it was nice that she thought of me. I thought Tore was here for Thanksgiving, but I didn’t see nor hear anything from him. Either he didn’t come, or he has other priorities. No biggie. On that same vein, issues persist with Steve. He is still mega pissed. He came by to pick up his Call of Duty CD and I got the total cold shoulder. I had figured that this would have blown over by now, but apparently it has not. There isn’t shit I can do, either, because it’s his grudge. That sucks. It freaked me out the other day. I was at the store, talking with Keen about Japanese culture, and I very much regurgitated the things my mother said on Thanksgiving. I wanted to rip my tongue out with a pair of meat tongs to cleanse myself of such an attrocity. And to think that I’d kinda locked away that 18-year-long chunk of my life. It seems like I’m losing people. Like people are slowly drifting out of my life and I’m not stopping it from happening. And by not stopping it, I’m helping it. I feel that way about nearly everyone, except for the few people that I associate with on a daily basis. It’s very, very frightening. Cowboy up and chalk it up to life, or hang on for dear life and don’t let people slide? Toughy. [b]Update[/b] – Just because I have them laying around, here is Playboy’s December 2003 Women of Wal-Mart spread (not work safe) : [L=][/L]

2003-12-02 05:32:16 – reverend
dude.. that first chick works at walmart here? Damn… i’m going to walmart more often!
2003-12-02 13:44:46 – Master Ha-reed
Care to elaborate on your comments on Japanese culture? And I think that "Women of Wal-Mart" thing is bullshit. With the exception of that Katie girl (because she’s not that great), I’ve never seen anyone that good-looking at Walmart. Ever. And I’ve been to Walmarts in 3 states.
2003-12-02 14:32:39 – The Disco Nova
Dude again, I’m sorry, I forgot to tell you. I don’t usually apologize more than once for something. If I can make it up to you, let me know.
2003-12-02 16:59:53 – rand0m
They are some hotty wal-mart people in Texas. Mostly because the huge majority of girls there are hot. IMO, of course. As for the Japanese thing, it was about how our cultures are different when it comes down to morals/ethics/right/wrong. Here in the West, things are (generally) clearly defined as Right or Wrong, and Good and Bad. Yay for Stereotypes and Judging! My mother makes the argument that in Japan, there is no "right or wrong" per se, but a lot more of shame & honor – which are nearly absent qualities here in America.
2003-12-02 19:53:24 – Master Ha-reed
From what I know about Japan (and this has been confirmed by people who have been there), your mother is generally right. There is a right and a wrong, but blame is shared more among perpetrator and victim – no one is ever totally in the right. For example, if your car was stolen, the guy who stole it would be in the wrong too, but you would also be in the wrong for making it possible for your car to be stolen (by parking it in a bad area, or leaving it unlocked, or not putting a car alarm, or … etc). On the honor thing – thats true at least with traditional culture, but is less prevalant among younger, more Western-influenced generations.
2003-12-03 17:16:38 – Emrikol
Is it just me, or are there three pictures that aren’t working for Katie in the Wal-Mart spread…and when is it McDonald’s turn for Plaboy? ๐Ÿ˜‰
2003-12-03 20:08:10 – Netheus
yeah, I kinda started to feel the same way (about friends drifting off) so I called Carolyn, she is graduating this spring and said she is going to come out here afterwards. Still has no idea what she is going to do with a fine arts degree (McManager? ๐Ÿ˜› ). sez she is going to Germany for x-mas. I wish I was graduating some time in the next two years…
2003-12-05 20:37:14 – Netheus
do I kill conversations, or what? Damn.
2003-12-06 21:20:03 – WC
No.. it’s because [u]nobody[/u] ever posts back to what other say. Sure they read the post but they never respond. BASTARDS! ok so … no you didn’t kill the conversation.
2003-12-08 08:44:35 – Manuel
Just would like to say that we still read your weblog all the way out here in Boston, as an everyday office enlightener, so no Randal, you are not forgotten. Boons and plenty on yo ass, MoFo.
2003-12-08 09:45:45 – The Disco Nova
2003-12-08 10:23:44 – rand0m
Please god, shoot me now.
2003-12-08 19:17:56 – Siaokh
Shoot you… Why? With what? Many varibles here Randal… ENLIGHTEN US! *Punch* -Tim
2003-12-08 19:34:12 – Master Ha-reed
I cannot believe I just wasted two minutes of my life watching that. I hate you James.
2003-12-09 21:49:23 – fourdegrees
I know what you mean about people slipping away over time. It’s one of the worst things to have occur to you. And no need to go shooting yourself over badgers. You should check out some of the other toons on that site. Some funny, some just disturbing. Oh, and that last girl’s breast are fake.
2003-12-09 23:18:59 – PasserBy
I don’t think anyone cares if the boobs are fake. tits are tits. and besides, it made for some great entertainment when my room mate and I convinced some drunk guys that they’d enjoy walmart chicks more than online pictionary = ]
2003-12-10 03:55:29 – reverend
great… now that f*n badger song will be stuck in my head for days.
2003-12-10 16:07:16 – garfunkalow
well.. at least you finally got some well deserved sleep out of the weekend!
2004-11-30 12:53:06 – Union4WalMart
Hey all, how yawl doing, Good I hope. So for all my fellow associates out there that work for walmart, I’ll get straight to the point. If you don’t like walmart coercing you, breaking your rights, following you around, etc…. busting your chops drop me a line or visit and speak with one of the Union Reps. tell em what’s going on, and start filing your charges, don’t just sign union cards, it means nothing to the NLRB, File your Charges!.
2004-11-30 13:05:40 – Union4WalMart
If yawl need to contact me: or Thanx and have a Great Day.