general update on the life of me

man. So much stuff not going on. I’ll start with work. Work is crazy. Man … meetings all the time, strategies, client lunches, client dinners, making plans, prepping for certain things. I’m already tired of all the squabbling that is going on as everyone henpecks for position in the new power ladder. I mean, sure, it’s fun to try and secure a place and make sure that all my bases are covered, but I’m really, really getting worn out with all the power plays. I’d much rather get the work done and then go about getting more work to do. I am suddenly dissatisfied, again, with the financial situation. I’m fucking broke, and it sucks. Why am I broke? Not due to mismanaging the finances, but to the serious lack of inflowing cash. Work is great. I won’t quit my job because it’d be damn near impossible to get another one. I guess I’ll just shut my trap and hunker down. On the personal side of things. Nothing is going on. I haven’t seen anyone, including the roommates. My general irritation of theweberhouse is evident to me, if not everyone else. The weekend has been really, really low key. The highlight? I filled my waterbed to the brim, so it’s nice and firm … and I did 6 loads of laundry. I have lots of clean clothes, and a nice, warm, comfy bed. And a PS2. Those are the things I have to look forward to every day. Isn’t that just sad? Sheesh … I’ve really slid. In every way. I’m very reticent, I’m always tired, I just want to relax when I get home … but then I get down, because hanging out at the house gets old really, really quick when there is nobody home. I read. I play on the PS2. I hang out online. I read some more. I do some work. But I never really *do* anything. it sucks. Been having some heavy duty internal thinking/issues too. Lots. Too many. It’s what invariably happens when I don’t have enough to do. I start thinking about things, my life, my job, my future. Where I’ve been, where I’m going. Always gets me down. I haven’t written in my journal in forever. lack of motivation. I think I’ll get a second job — not just for the very-handy money, but for the decrease in time I’ll have to get down on myself. [b]Update[/b] – got into a weak willed conversation with Laura today about Rudy Giuliani … thought I’d post some good links regarding him and leadership in general. [L=][/L] [L=][/L] [L=][/L] [b]Update 9/30/02[/b] @ 5:29pm – The new Lord of the Rings – The Twin Towers trailer is out (Quicktime format) Linkified to a download, below: [L=][/L]

2002-09-30 00:21:23 – pinky
yes, it was weak willed because we’ll never agree because you’re a bleeding heart conservative…lol. also, i just think he’s a schmuck. i wish i knew more jewish terminology. i bet tore can help me out on that one. anyway, if anyone would like to comment, randal and i were discussing rudy giuliani and i feel he is not a "great leader" like randal does (hence the quote marks). give your $.02.
2002-09-30 00:24:13 – Siaokh
What about getting your Edumication?! Punch. -Tim
2002-09-30 03:30:25 – pinky
i prefer drinking my alcamahol out of my saxamaphone.
2002-09-30 08:51:13 – rand0m
I call it weak willed, because when asked why he is not a good leader, I received no answer. When I asked you why he *is* a good leader, I received no answer. When I asked for ‘what makes a good leader’, you said that it varies from person to person and that there are no common traits (very untrue). Overall, I consider the serious lack of fact-powered response rather pedestrian. Apparently Laura is more interested in his female relations than his policy. Finally, "bleeding heart" is *NOT* a term that is used to describe us icey, made-of-iron, cold hearted conservatives. It’s used 99.99% of the time to describe the very people-oriented social position of a political figure, e.g. supporting welfare, increasing social security, or reducing criminal penalties. Even google backs me on it: "bleeding heart conservative" – 193 hits "bleeding heart liberal" 5,540.
2002-09-30 10:30:36 – Burnz
Yeah, the term for randal is "Fuzzy Republicanated Gelatin Beast". And I think that Guliani was a good leader for the mire of filth and sin that was New York City before he came along. Although I don’t agree with his policy, it is a personal disagreement rather than a lack of acknowledgement of his capacity. He did get a little crazy in the last years with his crusade to purge the ills from the formerly two-towered city. Just got blood taken, now I need to know how I can get around Anibuse (sic).
2002-09-30 10:48:11 – pinky
okay, i was joking about the bleeding heart thing because i was kidding. i know that’s used to describe liberals (very innacurately, nonetheless, but still). secondly, what exactly is the point of me trying to argue with you about someone who you didn’t even know existed until sept. 11, 2001. i’m sure you’ve had adeuqate time to measure how effective giuliani was because you knew things about him before he was man of the year on the cover of people. also, he’s not there anymore, he’s done. he did singlehandedly endorse a fucking asshole to succeed him, though, and because he’s such a "great leader," even though everyone was ready to get rid of him before sept. 11, schmucky corporate bastard won. ah well.
2002-09-30 11:49:37 – Siaokh
Wow… Dischord on… NEWSFLASH *Pinkie gets her ass handed to her.* In other news Nova attempts to be a hardcore player, and gets played. And with the weather we have Tony…. Is it raining out there? -Tim
2002-09-30 11:56:06 – tony
Dude, I got snowed on and hail out on old stage road saturday afternoon. First time I’ve seen snow this season. About former nyc mayor, he’s not jewish, he’s italian. Secondly, a great leader is someone who makes the RIGHT crucial decisions when a city needs the RIGHT crucial decisions made. Some people may not have liked him, but if nothing else, rudy whipped crime in nyc. Yeah, I disagree with putting all the cameras in the public parks. Yeah, I think some of his handling of police misconduct could have been better. Other than that, ask new yorkers what their perception is of nyc now instead of 5 or 6 years ago. Do you think ex president clinton would have moved offices to harlem without the changes giuliani made?
2002-09-30 11:57:48 – tony
As for free time and getting bored and crap, there are tons of outdoors activities to do. The cheapest easiest one is go hiking on the hundreds of trails around colorado springs. A good one I was biking at over the weekend is stratton open spaces off of cheyenne road. Weather is still nice.
2002-09-30 12:06:09 – Burnz
And if hiking isn’t quite enough excersize for you, you could always grease tony up and play catch the hobbit.
2002-09-30 17:51:25 – Master Ha-reed
Speaking of Hobbits, what the fuck is Peter Jackson thinking giving away one of the biggest secrets in the Two Towers in a fucking preview (Gandalf coming back)??? Interesting use of the Requiem for a Dream/Kronos Quartet Soundtrack though On top of what everyone is saying, Giuliani handled the September 11 attacks and resulting fallout quite well – which is one of the components of a good leader, and also the reason that fewer people wanted to oust him afterwards, and why he’ll go down in history as an overall "good" mayor.
2002-09-30 18:42:04 – Disco Nova
How did I get dragged into this? I refuse to participate in yet another slapfight.
2002-09-30 19:47:46 – rand0m
Sorry man, if you reply, you’re already in on it. hehe. That’s how we sucker you into giving us your soul. ๐Ÿ˜€
2002-09-30 22:59:04 – Siaokh
$2, Drive through please.
2002-10-01 12:22:17 – Netheus
A leader is someone who can step up and make a fucking decision. Many of our leaders today don’t make decisions at all, they just do fuck all. Giulianni had a fucked up city, with a huge crime rate and a reputation for minorities takinf it up the ass. Now I can’t say if he did good or bad, but he did something, which makes him a leader. Del tha Funky Homosapien knows dis shit, yo. I am still sick… feel better, but still sick… And Randal- I go to work, then school, then home, fark, pet cat, sit next to troy, go to bed (recently at 9:30), get up at 7, take a shower, pet cat, feed cat, clean cat’s box, fark, go to work, go to school…
2002-10-01 21:26:27 – tony
Was surfing this website and saw this really cool piece to quote: "They wanted to go for the brass ring and really live the good life… What they don’t seem to get is that the key to living the good life is to avoid that brass ring like the fucking plague"
2002-10-02 02:22:07 – captnspectacular
In that LOTR trailer, the second half has the score from ‘requiem for a dream’ playing. I just found that interesting.
2002-10-02 17:47:35 – nurseboy
Dude! If you are so bored, give me a holler…
2002-10-02 18:07:17 – fourdegrees
re: randal feeling down lately: we love you, randal. ๐Ÿ˜€ …would comment about guliani, but all i heard about the situation was how great everyone thought he handled the fallout of 9/11…and we all know how trustworthy the |/|@55 |/|3D1@ are… incidently, has anyone ever clicked on the –Comment Posting Guide– link? "1. rand0m can do whatever he wants, so fuck you." …w3rd
2002-10-02 22:38:34 – Netheus
Queen of the Damned DVD rocks. Lots of cool extras, most of it NOT Aaliyah. Brotherhood of the Wolf (Le pacte de lupes) great fucking movie. DVD defaults to the English dubbing, not tooo many extras, but still good. Panic Room- shitty DVD, no extras. To Hitchcock. Don’t like it, looking to sell it. Monsters, Inc.- cute movie, lots of extras by pixar. Neat. Downloading Interview with the vampire off the net- sucks… I grow impatient. Kitty- cute and black, but I figured out where she got the white stripes. She is at least 1/2 skunk. Seriously, one of her farts woke me up last night, thought I was gonna puke. Ugh. Gandalf- everybody has read the fucking books, they knew it was going to happen, so wtf?!?!?!? Still sick… damnit…
2002-10-02 23:09:31 – Burnz
Brotherhood of the wolf: Not good movie. Incestual rape, taxidermy, a native american. Revolting.
2002-10-02 23:46:36 – Siaokh
Sounds like a party to me!!! *LOUD WHOOPING YOKEL YELL* -Tim Punch.
2002-10-03 09:05:55 – Netheus
Yes, but lots of violence. And the rape scene is short, and the fucker dies in the end anyway. As far as your yokel ass goes, it is originally in French, so…. you won’t get it.
2002-10-03 09:42:28 – Netheus
this is the world’s funniest joke, universally, according to some English folks. the article on the study is:,4057,5220974%5E1702,00.html the joke is: Two hunters are out in the woods when one of them collapses. He doesn’t seem to be breathing and his eyes are glazed. The other guy whips out his cellphone and calls the emergency services. He gasps: "My friend is dead! What can I do?" The operator says: "Calm down, I can help. First, let’s make sure he’s dead." There is a silence, then a shot is heard. Back on the phone, the guy says: "OK, now what?" I still think that our bad jokes beat this one to hell, but hey, they did the study w/o us.
2002-10-03 14:54:03 – tony
In 10 minutes I take a linear algebra test. I don’t like tests, they are too much stress.
2002-10-03 17:03:43 – tony
w00t, i aced that damn test and in other news for members of the house, i cleaned the grill and discovered the secret to cooking perfect steaks on it… mmm, cooked steak, good… EAT STEAK!!!
2002-10-07 23:38:15 – Disco Nova
2002-10-08 01:33:14 – tony
2002-10-08 11:21:18 – Netheus
feed me sushi!!!!
2002-10-08 23:43:44 – Siaokh
"Prepare to meet IRON SKILLET" lux aeterna owns all. PUNCH. -Tim

Interesting work things and I’m sick

Today there was a press release in the Gazette talking about my company being bought by another company … yahoo links follow: [L=]USURF Amer Signs Letter To Buy High Plains Internet[/L] [L=]USURF America Signs Letter of Intent to Acquire High Plains Internet[/L] Maybe I’ll get a bigger paycheck. *crosses fingers* In other news, I woke up sick.That really, really pisses me off. I *HATE* being sick … it’s right up there with how much I hate wind. So, somebody got me sick, because I do not randomly get sick. I think it was either Melissa or Tony. I’m going to blame Tony, simply because he is an easy target. Tony, why did you get me sick? *sigh* I took like 500x my daily alotment of vitamin C in hopes of my sickness not developing into full-blown illness. At least he’s going to bring home some NyQuil. mmmmmm … *miserable feelings here* I think that when I finally get of my truck, or if I keep it, or whatever, I’ll get an early 90s Jeep Cherokee. Not one of the Grand Cherokees, nor the Cherokee Wagon, but the [L=]Cherokee Sport or Cherokee Country[/L]. I don’t know why, but I like them. Especially with 31″ tires and a mild suspension lift. Yummy. [b]Update[/b] – It’s 12:09pm, and it is the first time I have taken an afternoon off from a day I am supposed to work in like 8 months. The reason for me not attending to my oh-so-rigorous duties? I’m sick. All out sick, I mean: headache, blurry vision, fever, sore throat, hurting mouth, sore all over. I’m in bad shape, and I am at home. *sigh*

2002-09-24 23:11:55 – Burnz
Those cherokee sports are nice to drive, especially if you get the manual transmission. Less money also for the fixing. And I bet it was Melissa, she is a disease factory, more bugs on her than a vietnamese prostitute. Viva la 1st post!
2002-09-24 23:15:55 – Disco Nova
I hate to be the devils advocatew here, but did anyone tell you personally that the company is being bought? Sometimes it’s a bad sign when they don’t
2002-09-25 07:43:40 – realbighead
I’m guessing he’s linking to news stories about it instead of saying anything because either a) he’s lazy, or b) he’s NDA’d on the whole matter, the latter option suggesting that he had indeed heard about it. And now that you’re considering buying an SUV, randal, how long can you honestly have before you’re late for your kids’ soccer practice? eh, mr. middle-aged-at-20?
2002-09-25 11:02:36 – Netheus
SUV’s suck. Get a Nissan truck. they so rock. Elmo will be back in town on Saturday!! WoooHOOO!!
2002-09-25 11:41:30 – tony
My personal favorite Off-road like truck is the 70s early 80s Toyota Land Cruiser, NOW THAT with 31" tires and lift kit gives me a fuzzy warm feeling
2002-09-25 12:12:23 – Burnz
Could be worse mr. realbig, could be pre-adolescent-at-20 like all you crazy virgins out there in Mexi-wastelands. And get a man’s off-road vehicle: 77 Chevrolet truck with bench seats, a rusted body, bad transmission, and an 8-track….don’t forget to request a box of bullets be put in the glove compartment by the dealer.
2002-09-25 18:36:43 – Siaokh
I’m glad no one suggested one of those god awfull H2’s… I’ve seen a few of them driving around the streets around here… and they’re UGLY. A brick on wheels. I drive a volvo, and that’s a brick, but this… DAMN it’s a cinderblock or something. *bleh* I’d have to say that an SUV is definately not where it’s at. Go with a european vehicle… an Audi or a VW or SAAB (although the saab might spend much of it’s time in the shop). Woo audi. Vroom Punch. -Tim
2002-09-25 22:06:46 – pinky
AUDI!!!!!!!!!! woooooo!!!!!! i hate my life.
2002-09-25 23:10:35 – Disco Nova
Buick Riviera is da bomb. The perfect compromise between luxury and sportiness. You could prolly pick up a 98 or 99 for what you would pay for that SUV, my 97 is valued at 19k.
2002-09-26 00:54:31 – rand0m
Ummmm, the cherokee mentioned above retails for less than $5k; a far cry from the large price tag associated with any late model riviera. And about it being a soccer-mom car, well yea, but what do you have to say about me hauling your punk ass around all the time? Seriously, if it weren’t for this grown up, responsible person that we call Randal, where would you go for your wild entertainment / go to guy / party fiend / drunk-ass carry-home person? Not to me, I can tell you that! So why not facilitate my duties with a vehicle a little more useful than my truck? Ahhh, fuck it … why don’t I go just handily get a job paying $75k+ a year, buy a supra and be a man’s man. Oh, right, because that still wouldn’t appease the oh-so-tolerant Tore. *cough*
2002-09-26 01:17:17 – Disco Nova
You guys aren’t about to break into one of your slap fights over ann rand are you?
2002-09-26 01:30:23 – Netheus
I am sick too. It’s Tony’s fault. He’s a bio-terrorist. He’s gotten us all sick. Fucker.
2002-09-26 03:58:08 – Disco Nova
I have been sick for a week and a half. I blame it on my pets shedding.
2002-09-26 08:34:29 – realbighead
well, now that you mention it… Rand Rand Rand! *slap* and I’d be more tolerant if the vast majority of stuff didn’t suck.
2002-09-26 09:58:18 – Netheus
Tore’s not biased, he hates everything equally.
2002-09-26 10:03:30 – tony
Well, since I’m the fucking bio sickness spreader, let me give you the skinny on the cold I had. Pretty sure I got it saturday from Melissa’s enchiladas that she brought over. Yeah, Melissa was deathly sick. And now it’s Thursday and I’m fully healed with only a little bit of a stuffy nose. Never had headaches, never had to miss class or work, shit, worst it got was a bad cough. So watch out for whoever got randal sick, that is some bad shit. He was still asleep at 9 when i left this morning.
2002-09-27 08:28:38 – Netheus
The Vitamin Hippie gave me this EchinOsha stuff, and it works like cough syrup, only it doesn’t taste as bad, and it doesn’t end up making your throat hurt more, and you can mixit with tea without destroying it, because, oh yeah, it’s not a fucking chemical. Now I go off to work, where my bosses will most likely acost me with more vitamins. I hate being sick.
2002-09-27 12:33:09 – Burnz
Melissa brought enchiladas and nobody fucking told me!?!?!?! Well thanks a lot. *adds names to his mailbombing list*. Punkass bitches. And a Jeep isn’t a soccer mom car.
2002-09-29 04:27:17 – The Disco Nova
Fuck your being sick, we want new content. Has anyone tried Earth and Beyond yet? I’m prolly gonna pick it up on Monday.
2002-09-29 11:06:15 – Siaokh
E&B is pretty hot, i participated in the beta… Pretty fun game. I’d go out and pick it up to play it, but i’m all out of money, and cant afford to pay them whatever a month to play. Oh well… Probabl better that digital crack not be in my life. Punch. -Tim

Mmmmm, tired & saturday

So Burnz is over here thursday night till like 5am, so I’m completely wasted all day Friday. blech, that sucked. And now it’s saturday, and I slept for a good 9 hours. Until Tony’s goddamn alarm went off. Fucker leaves town for the evening and leaves that shit on, so it starts ringing at like 7:30am. I was pretty pissed, cuz then I had to go and shut that shit off. *sigh* Funny link of the day: [L=][/L] Funny Quote otDay: [i][b]Female Hormones in Beer[/b] – Yesterday, scientists for Health Canada suggested that men should take a look at their beer consumption, considering the results of a recent analysis that revealed the presence of female hormones in beer. The theory is that drinking beer makes men turn into women. To test the finding, 100 men were fed 6 pints of beer each. It was then observed that 100% of the men gained weight, talked excessively without making sense, became overly emotional, couldn’t drive, failed to think rationally, argued over nothing and refused to apologize when wrong. No further testing is planned.[/i] Hehehe. Also, heavy, heavy news at the house … never woulda thought. Oh well. UPDATE AT 2:52AM w0o … okay, so I’m over at Frank’s house, celebrating his 26th … I’m so trashed hahahhah, I’m sitting in James lap, typijng this shit up wondering “where th eufck is frank!?” he’s supposed to be here, but isntead, we’re hitting up the Fat Tire keg, wondering “when are we going to get laid!” hahahhaa rock the fucking hizouse. And no, I am not talking about james. I just happen to be right here newar the compute.r w0oow wee Okay, 4:02 am, and I am still fcukedc up … rock the fucking ohsue! frank rocks! Computer says 5:10am. My apologies if this wanders. I am very drunk and very out of it, and I have this to say: I walked home with no shoes on — I had them in my hand, but did not put them on. The rocks on the way home hurt. My truck and the keg will need to be pickedup tomorrow *NOTE SO SELF* … Also, note to self: do not party with Tony; he is out of control. Honestly: several questions of “who the fuck is that guy” … “a little too eager” … “goddamn man, you have a girlfriend, calm down” … again, out of control. Wants to fight, obviously, is very confronational, wants to get into a brawl. Hence, out of control tony … will try not to engage this sort of activity with him again. He is very, very drunk, and very very stupid and aggressive. here I am, way smashed out of my completely ready to just fall over infornt o the tcomputer, and all I can think is “no shoes, ow” .. “carrie” … “out of *control; do not repeat” … worst high-session yet. reason: tony is out of control. 5:22am – receive call from disco that tony is out of control, and will not come home. screaminga nd yelling by otny on the phone. going to go retreive tony. thank you james. 5:40am — just got back in. Met James at PHS aux pariking lot, with a screaming, violent tony. Walked up, began to help james carry tony home. Tony punches me in the face, I deck him, straight up, then kick him in the stomach. Tony settles down a bit, james manhandles him to weberstreet. Tony gets violent, I punch him again and push him to the ground. He gets up, we stagger him home to the front room couch. He seems to be already asleep, in less than 3 minutes. I post, trying to keep some sort of history for my posterity and my own future edification.I hope this never, ever happens again. 5:52am – thank you james. [b]Update[/b] – 11:30am – Awake now, after not enough sleep, because for the second day in a row Tony’s GODDAMN ALARM IS STILL ON. GaAaaAAAaaaaAaAaah. Right, so not enough sleep, and I wake up to people and the alarm. Apparently we got home after everybody else got back from Ft.Collins (4am?) … my apologies if we woke you up! sOo, I survived, sans a truck and a keg — which are at Frank’s house. I am very hungover this morning, though … almost feels like I’m still drunk, except that I have a splitting headache. Even though things got fucked up, I still had a great time last night … Going to Hooters for lunch with Paulie in a bit. w3rd.

2002-09-22 00:38:45 – Siaokh
A ROCKING good party… w00 You know something is bound to happen when an off-duty police officer is giving people sobriety tests, and sober people are failing… Time to drink more. W00! -Punch- -Tim
2002-09-22 08:38:25 – Netheus
Right…. posterity… Ever wonder why I don’t go to very many parties anymore? Or why I rarely take troy outside the house? He doesn’t get violent… he tries to save people for Jesus. Yes, that’s right, niether of us are Xians, or even think that Jesus is/was god’s son or any of that non-sense, but he is still trying to save people for Jesus. Other than that, I don’t go because people have a tendency to show their impulses a little bit more easily. Now there is some stories right there…. eep!
2002-09-22 08:51:23 – Netheus
Oh, yeah…. And What is going on for Halloween? It’s on a Thursday. I know that I am at least taking my little brother, the fatass next door, and possibly my step-sister’s kid all out trick-or-treating in the early evening. Party? Little party?
2002-09-22 08:52:48 – Netheus
sorry, for the triple post, but…You were on camera. When you exchanged blows w/ Tony? The PHS camera is on all the time. Right… work now.
2002-09-22 11:24:23 – rand0m
hmmm … triple post is suck.
2002-09-22 16:05:10 – tony
hahaha, i like randal even more after a scuffle and we found the keg, because, when we got over to frank’s house, aside from his friend badgering him for "johnny" every five seconds, apparently, sometime in the night, aside from me getting hot with some 36 year old, which made me feel bitter and ashamaded, ASIDE from that, some fucker tried ripping my keg off which i paid 50$ for… anyway, this cool dude billy dragged the keg over to his, and hallaluja, mofo leaves it in the shade behind his house, beer is nice, cold, and frothy, and thanks to randal, back at the hizouse so i macked on a girl, got violently drunk, coldcocked randal, and got punched and kicked and shoved by randal, what an awesome fucking night!!!!!!!
2002-09-22 16:06:04 – tony
and my jaw still hurts
2002-09-23 07:32:23 – realbighead
Just remember: at least he didn’t piss on you.
2002-09-23 08:39:49 – Netheus
I got a kitty last nite!!! YAY!!!!!!! And I am going to be a bat for halloween.
2002-09-23 18:14:38 – pinky
u, my computer is totally fried, as in will not work, so if anyone on this site has a mac and wants to tell me how to fix mine since i have no money and can’t take it in, or they know someone who wants to come to boulder and fix it for free, then call me at 7195105254….i’m fucked. also, drama sucks. when i get drunk i fuck with the frat boys who live below me, i do not hit my roommates.
2002-09-23 19:39:39 – Disco Nova
I sense you aren’t really happy with me for bringing your roommate home?
2002-09-23 19:59:28 – rand0m
No, quite the opposite … I am very, very thankful that you got up and took care of the situation — not only was I not in the best mental capacity to handle it, but I seriously doubt I could have manhandled Tony home. Your efforts are very, very appreciated — that’s why there is a separate update saying (very sincerely) "thank you james". Probably one of the most stand-up things I’ve seen someone do.
2002-09-24 09:44:36 – Disco Nova
Lol, I’ve been about as bad as he was, so I sympathize. My first night in Korea, I went out and got drunk on Soju with everyone. I weighed about 250 lbs back then ( I was still body-building). Four people had to take turns carrying me home. And I do mean carry, I was passed the hell out. So I like to even the scales with Karma every once in a while.

Hmmm, a little weird

I never considered it before, but recently, it seems like the most stimulating intellectual conversations come at times later than 2am. Maybe it’s that Burnz and I are in the same boat in a lot of ways, or that we’re just bitter people sharing camaraderie, but I cannot help finding myself thoroughly enjoying early AM discussions. Good times; hard on the sleep cycle. Couple of personal revelations made during the last few days, mostly regarding my views on the world and just how fucked up and insecure I really am … sadly, I’d bet that with only a small bit of coaxing, the wildly perceptive audience here would be able to psychoanalyze me to a T. Ha! Okay, how I got to the point where I would write that sentence, I do not know. I think it has to do with the fact that I’m a control-mongering, woman-dominating dickhead who is wildly spiteful about the many opportunities, and consequently the untold wasted ones, that others are afforded that I am not. Grrr. In other news, Wendy’s Nuggets are the shit. I went and got 6 packs of these things, and got 2 more free packs of nuggets, a free BlockBuster rental, a free frost, a free upsize and a free 20oz soda. NUGZ, WOOO!

2002-09-20 08:46:59 – Netheus
Don’t feel too insecure Randal. You are just the product of your upbringing. And I don’t mean to say blame your parents or the system, but instead, think of how these things have INFLUENCED you. Not to mention the consumerism that would make anyone feel insecure in this day and age. Not as bad as the Japeneses, but closing in rapidly. First post. :::slap!:::
2002-09-20 14:06:11 – realbighead
the rest of us got through the system without liking Ayn Rand, though, and compared to the rest of his problems, that’s definitely the one that deserves the most concern. and yes, I did finish both books, and yes, I still dislike her, and yes, it’s still for the same reasons.
2002-09-20 15:35:40 – Master Ha-reed
Tore, that has got to be the stupidest thing I have heard in a long time *wonders if he actually pays attention to stuff on*
2002-09-20 16:40:27 – pinky
tore, that’s a very good point. lol.
2002-09-20 16:53:52 – rand0m
Wow, 1500+ pages in under a month, with your oh-so-busy schedule *cough & look of disbelief*. I am impressed. At least I am not asleep at 4:53pm, like someone else *cough*tore*cough
2002-09-20 17:34:33 – realbighead
just because I don’t touch my computer between waking up and leaving for school… besides, I posted at 2, so if you thought I was still asleep then, you must be a retarded. And I do pay attention to that thing at the top… right, the post. I just find it’s more entertaining to mock Randal’s frail ego than to attempt to bolster it. And if you read satan’s post, you’d understand what I’d said. And the only way I made time for it was by not owning Warcraft III. I will remedy this problem now, having completed your cruel task.
2002-09-21 13:39:26 – Burnz
Too much porch time. Probable issues will result. *drops into a crouch with eyes darting and makes a big jackass out of himself once again*. And w00t to the control mongering woman-domination. I support U!!!!
2002-09-21 16:35:37 – Disco Nova
You missed a good party last night Randall. Tried several times to get ahold of you.
2002-09-21 17:03:04 – Disco Nova
Oh yeah, and since were you woman dominating?

Yea, I know it’s not the weekend

But this weekend was crazy. Friday night, I have no idea what happened. I think I worked late, and then … I went home? I don’t know :-/ … moving on … Saturday! Saturday was good. Wait, I think I got drunk on Friday. I wish I knew. Hmmm … Okay, so Saturday. I didn’t do much this day either, except decide that I was going to buy a DVD player because Housematt’s Samsung … well, it’s mostly just because I don’t have one of my own. So we go to Best Buy to buy a DVD player, and then 3 hours later, we come home in Paulie’s Jeep with a Playstation 2 and a bunch of extra niceties. w0ot w0ot! The GTA3 action started shortly, followed up by some play on Burnz’ “Twisted Metal Black,” which is a shweet car-blowing-up-and-chasing-with-missiles-and-guns game. It was mucho fun. Then Saturday night rolled around. It was a very long night, but one that I’m glad that I partook of. It’s all about the follow through … thanks matt ๐Ÿ™‚ And then it was Sunday. Went over to Waffle House aka southern-trucker-in-a-can at like 2pm and ate breakfast. yummmy. Then … I don’t know. All I know is that I was very tired. But yea, Sunday was good. I think. Not too sure on that one. And then came Monday. It was a normal day, just like any other, except that I went to Best Buy and bought NHL 2002. That is probably one of the most gratifying things I have done recently. No, it was the playing of NHL 2002 that made things great. From 9pm until 6am, that game ruled my life. I am venturing to say that it is the best PS/2 game I have played to date … it has replay value out the roof, varying levels of everything, adjustable everything, does dolby digital dts, it is amazing. I am tired from very little sleep, but it is the shit.

2002-09-17 19:22:21 – Siaokh
So what you’re saying is you’ve joined everyone else in the 2000’s and purchased a "NEXT GEN" gaming system, and proceeded to waste countless hours infront of it when you could have been curing cancer or something? Way to be an american! ๐Ÿ™‚ -Punch- – First post – _NUGGAZ_ -Tim
2002-09-17 21:38:51 – realbighead
why are you wasting hundreds of dollars when there’s Warcraft III? It, like every other Blizzard game, is a perfectly acceptable substitute for sleep, a real life, and even a girlfriend (Priestess of the Moon: H-O-T-T). Advil Cold & Sinus is my new "designer" drug of choice. Anyone wanna join me in my hot new trend of popping little brown pills?
2002-09-17 23:08:08 – pinky
i actually have an awful cold, so i say yes! brown pills here i come.
2002-09-18 06:44:38 – Netheus
Fucking hell!!!!!!!!!! We all have west nile!!!! Shit! And Advil Cold and Sinus has nothing on the awesome power of DayQuil! Good part is, we are all young, and thusly will live through this thinking it’s just a cold. It’s the babies and the geriatrics that die from it… Seriously, I found a dead bird at work the other day that was young and didn’t appear to have any real problems. Lynda said that she had seen it hopping around a few hours before, and that it had seemed sick, but other than that, yeah… we’re all not gonna die
2002-09-18 06:47:17 – Netheus
Oh- and Randal- you should have gotten your PS2 at K-Bee toy store. They have a phenomenal return policy. You can return it for any reason whatsoever for a year. Troy and I are going to take ours back, and gt a new one (because it won’t have any dust, use, etc.,) on our Anniversary!!! It’ll be soooo cute!! p.s. get Silent Hill. Adictive, and scary. Mmmm…
2002-09-18 09:02:55 – rand0m
I made sure to get the Best Buy store warranty, in addition to the built-in Sony warranty. I’m not really worried about how it looks, because I imagine it will just sit there 99% of the time … but I have the assurance that if it cooks itself, or if someone spills beer on it or if God strikes it down, I can get a replacement with little hassle.
2002-09-18 11:23:34 – Siaokh
Can’t forget about urination. -Tim
2002-09-18 13:15:34 – tony
hey, how’s the whoring down there in texas, tim! whore!
2002-09-18 15:57:50 – pinky
west nile rulez! i think that is what i have, i found a mosquito bite on my arm yesterday. yeah, urination on inanimate objects has happened at your house before, i would also include puking and drunk people getting mad and throwing things. tim! whore!
2002-09-18 21:36:41 – Burnz
And throwing things off porches…..
2002-09-18 23:22:40 – realbighead
hey, I was there, and it was so the porch’s fault. did anyone else notice that punch-boy slipped up there? oh yeah, the revolution’s coming, baby, and you’re the first with your back against the wall.
2002-09-19 00:30:00 – Siaokh
I’m not a whore…. i just convincingly play one on TV. There’s definately one thing to say about the wimmenz out here in Texas… HOT Hot HOT! *sizzle* And no… it’s not one punch per post… i’ve posted without punching in the past… i feel that one punch per newspost that i post in is required… there’s a few extra punches in there so FUCKYOU. That is all. -Tim
2002-09-19 12:57:44 – Burnz
The desperate clamoring of a man whose era has passed.
2002-09-19 13:02:30 – N3th3us
I say we form a road trip, and go and kick Tim’s ass. Hey laura– Seriously, go find out what you have. I found another dead bird walking to school today. And they might give you drugs. Mmm….. drugs… codine…. mmmm…. dancing gnomes time, baby!
2002-09-19 14:47:06 – Siaokh
*sets up speakers next to windows of house, and gets dueling banjoes 8-track ready* C’MON DOWN Y’ALL… WE BE BARBEQUEUING UP SOME ROADKILL AND FRESH VEAL! YUM YUM. -Tim
2002-09-20 08:48:01 – netheus
yucky texan…

Timin …

I had a broken watch. Yep, my $120 hunk of metal made by Kenneth Cole had a dead battery. Had one for a good 3 days, too, throwing off my timing, making me go screeching around the house like I was 3 hours late, made me miss a meeting, you know, all that stuff that happens when you have no idea what time it is. Well, I showed that little bugger today. Went out and got a battery at Wal-Mart. They asked how much the watch cost … I replied honestly, and they said they could not put the battery in for me. Too expensive for them to cover if they break it. Grrr. Got to work, after eating a yummy $.99 McDonalds sausage something or other, and put in the new battery. And that’s when the wrastlin started. See, watches have these things called “battery covers”. It’s the plate on the back, and it’s made of metal. And woowee is it a feisty little creature. After a heinous amount of blood, sweat, aching muscles and sobbing, the 4 minute battle was over, and I lost. I finally broke down and had to take her down. Down to the jewelry shop, that is! HAHAHA, TEH MASTAR TRYUMFS! So that was my highlight of the morning. I’m waiting for something equally spiffy to happen later today. [b][u]Update[/u][/b] – quote of the day: [b][i]realbighead:[/i][/b] your massive nose prevents you from ever having arbitrary declaration power. [b][u]Update #2[/u][/b] – I went out with Christina and got some sukashay at Ichiban’s. mMmMmmmm, so good. We had a good time ๐Ÿ™‚

2002-09-12 13:08:28 – Netheus
bitch slap. phuq this punch shit.
2002-09-12 14:52:15 – rand0m
Did I mention that I beat Tore in a match of wits? He crumbled once I used my patented Glacier Metaphor. Sucker.
2002-09-12 16:46:11 – Siaokh
Yeah… watch batteries are fickle little creatures. I’ve got a Citizen Promaster *BLING BLING* and the battery died… concerned about the water resistantivity, i took it to a watch shop in the mall and asked if they replaced the battery if i could still go swimming. They said no, and i said WTF. I then checked the Citizen website for a LISCENSED AUTHORIZED REPAIR FACILITY… There was one in dallas, so i shipped it off to this dude and he’s like "$40, and you can keep the water resistantivity." I had spent like $250 on it, and it looks pretty nice… analog/digital/chronograph… so i shelled out the $40, and about 2 weeks later i got my watch. YAY. It’s a conspiracy i tell you. On a more plesant note; Punch. No classes tomorrow, but i get the pleasure of working all weekend. Trouble will nodoubtedly find it’s way into my weekend, so we’ll see what happens. -Tim
2002-09-12 17:31:30 – pinky
i bet you can still arbitrarily declare war on iraq, like i did.
2002-09-12 23:11:25 – realbighead
still obsessed with those petty delusions, I see. like Napoleon, but more retarded. and way the hell bigger. fatty.
2002-09-12 23:39:42 – rand0m
shove some more pie into your face, it’ll make you feel good again. fag.
2002-09-12 23:55:08 – tony
2002-09-13 07:15:11 – realbighead
eat a bowl of dick, fatty mcfatass.
2002-09-15 01:42:06 – MightyQuynh
Dude This is the qwest guy again! Hope everything is working good with your line…havent heard from u in a while. i suppose thats good. dont know where else to leave ya a message. anyways look forward still to meeting ya sometime. later Bud Q
2002-09-15 02:44:57 – pinky
my night in boulder was great. the fact all of you didn’t come up sucks, because i was looking forward to it. we had a good time and you suck…hehe. seriously, i miss most of you, so come see me. :-*
2002-09-15 08:53:35 – Netheus
Hmm… arbitrairily (sp) declaring war on various places…. hmmm… than I declare war on Texas, and I know that we can all agree to the terms and conditions of the contract. If they can’t defend themselves, then they get sold off to Mexico for a plate full of yummy enchiladas, a hat dance, and Charo wiggling her big tits in tore’s face. Not to mention, this would also nullify assface Bush from being the president, since Texas was sold off. But he shouldn’t be anyway, if only for the fact that TX is a republic, and not a real state.
2002-09-15 11:14:43 – Master Ha-reed
Heh – Yep, no where in the Constitution does it say that joint resolutions of Congress are an acceptable way for admitting a state into the Union….. *wonders why there havent been any anti-Bush political scholars bringing this up*
2002-09-15 18:41:17 – Siaokh
*hears the sound of many guns being cocked* For some reason, i think the state of Texas would put up more of a fight than Colorado. So… By your delcaring War on Texas… Colorado would be sold to Canada for 2 looneys and a keg of beer. Punch. -Tim
2002-09-15 19:16:00 – pinky
you seem to have forgotten that CU is in colorado and we’re all a bunch of psycho drunk rioters, so as much as you texans want to cock your gins, we’ll set your shit on fire and then proceed to flip over anything non flammable. also, everyone else in the US likes colorado, most don’t like texas, so the whole US has got our backs, and we could have all the other states vote texas back out of the union, if we so chose. no one has thought of this yet either. now i’ve arbitrarily declared war on idaho because we don’t need them either. but actually, i do like potatos…
2002-09-15 22:26:43 – Siaokh
You only like fermented potatoes, and fried ones. Also, When texas joined the union there was some clause someplace where it could be split into 5 "normal" sized states… *shrug* random trivia. Also, Texas has had it’s own good sized riots… namely the couple of times the Cowboys have won the superbowl. Speaking of the cowboys, i saw Deon Sanders in my store the other day. Punchey punch. -Tim
2002-09-16 00:10:24 – pinky
we riot after our sports teams win too, and not just my sports team in boulder. and we still win because texas sucks. also i do like fermented potatos, not a big fan of fried potatos…mashed potatos, though, that’s where the shit’s at. punchey punch yourself in the assey ass.
2002-09-16 06:07:17 – The Disco Nova
I wonder which of you has the cojones to say all this to a Texan?
2002-09-16 07:33:54 – Netheus
TR likes it here in CO now that he has moved out of the shitte hole that is Texas. And he agrees with me, mostly. And he’s the biggest Texan I know. And Mexico would be sooo much happier with Texas than we are. So the Mexicans would be helping us to, and they are a people waiting to explode anyway. So CO: Crazy college psychos, entire country, crazy New Yorkers, and Repressed Mexicans. TX: Fat asses with guns. And I mean FAT. You will run out of amunition sometime, porker.
2002-09-17 04:58:05 – Disco Nova
Yes, but Texas has spies in every state. In CO I hear thier spy is about 6’3", 240 pounds, and has a bad temper. Kinda good looking though. A sexy bitch even.
2002-09-17 08:13:10 – realbighead
actually, I’m not a spy for Texas. Thanks for the compliments, though.
2002-09-17 10:47:13 – pinky
AHAHHHHAHAAAHAHA….tore, i want to have your babies. thank you and have a good night.

I did it

I decided to do it. I wiped out my archived mail. No more old, saved messages from Janelle to hurt over, no old, pain-filled correspondence saved, nothing. I saved some work e-mail … that’s it. I’m sad, because it’s gone. I’m happy, because it’s gone. You know, it’s all about the small things. [b]Update[/b] – I’m updating all my contacts, so if everybody would please send me their phone # and e-mail addies (e-mail to or AIM: rand0m), I’d be much appreciative. Thanks. [b]Update #2[/b] – September 11th, 2002 … 1 year anniversary of a sad day. I know that I will take a few minutes in the morning to mourn the tremendous loss of life. [b]Update #3[/b] – 3:38p … Everyone at HPI went over to the aptly named Memorial Park and enjoyed the services there. They had local big-band music playing mostly patriotic songs, free hamburgers and hotdogs, and a handful of public dignitaries speaking. It was good ๐Ÿ™‚

2002-09-11 03:25:55 – CaptnSpectacular 720.318.8008 im lazy. e-mail too much work
2002-09-11 09:03:12 – Netheus
Yeah… the college has all this stuff going on all day, but I will be at work… Everybody on the tv sez that the events changed us all, like one gigantic loss of innocence thing… But as we all know, most of us are the exception, not the rule. Have we been changed? Or have we just grown up as we normally would have? Would we be a little less mature if these things hadn’t happened? Or is our current outlook been dramatically affected? I think that it has, perhaps a bit more so than the normal populous. Is this how are grandparents felt after hearing about the atrocities in Europe after WWII? Or directly after the Pearl Harbor bombings? Or some of our parents whose siblings went off to Vietnam? In particular, my parents were too young to have been sent off them selves, it was all their older brothers and sisters, and friends of friends and the like. But Troy’s dad went. You can see the lack of innocence in his eyes, in how he acts. I feel a little less at ease, but more because of my Constitutional rights being scrapped for national security. Maybe it has caused us to live a little bit more passionatley than before, hanging out with those we consider close to us more often, partying a bit harder, or forcing the people around us to realize that its the little shit that doesn’t matter, because it is all going to end in an hour. I don’t think that we have taken on the same attitude as my parents- the free for all the world will be destroyed by nukes, I don’t need to be responsible for my actions and I don’t care what you think bull shit. Ahh… sorry for blogging…. Had a bad night last night… E-mail me with any thoughts if you want… i don’t think everyone else wants the blog…
2002-09-11 14:52:09 – tony
Q: What’s Osama Bin Ladin’s favorite footbal team? A: The New York Jets.
2002-09-11 15:38:23 – rand0m
[ silence ]
2002-09-11 19:13:25 – realbighead
I have DSL. Internet on my computer. Yay.
2002-09-11 22:45:06 – realbighead
Q: What’s red, silver, and runs into things? A: A baby with forks in its eyes. Yet it still manages to be less off-color than tony’s sense of humor… strange, that.

mmmm, luverly

It rained last night. I’m laying there in bed, getting ready to sleep, and I hear the soft pangs as rain hits the trashcan outside, the quiet patter as it bounces off the roof. Ahhhh, amazing rain. I love rain … it makes my day so nice when there is a slight drizzle … when it’s just overcast enough to make your eyes not hurt. mmmmmm, rain. The Internet Explorer 6 SP1 Administration Kit is a bitch. There are almost a bazillion options, and very few of them work exactly how one would expect. I spent just over 2 hours fucking around with it to try and get it to make a set of files we can have printed on CDs to distribute … and nothing. Talk about wasting my otherwise-useless-time. I think that I will wipe the HP box James dropped off and put in the 40gb hd and install Redhat 7.3 on a separate partition. Mmmmmm, yummy linux. Did I mention that the IEAK6 sucks ass? It does. In other news, I hear that houseshawn is getting a different car? Maybe? Also, my watch battery died. After more than 2 years, it gave up the mortal coil and went off into the land of the free electrons. Little bitch made me late. More stuff as it comes?

feels like nothing

I went to the YMCA and found out that it’s $26/mo for a membership, with a $51 startup fee. Goddamn, that’s a lot of bucks just to swim. Unfortunately I can’t think of any other place in town that has an indoor pool for public use. I don’t want to shell out that much cash, though. Any other ideas? Man, I have’t done jack shit all day. I have sat here in my office chair, trying to think up things to do. I verified the backups, I made a couple images, I made the rounds with all the people here. I don’t have anything to do. Hmmm. Suggestions? I watched Requiem for a Dream last night. Man, what a trippy movie. Literally. Ha! Seriously, though, that’s a great movie. And the Pi Guy is in it! That chick is a freaking babe, and the raunchy acts that she partici… yea, and that dude got his arm cut off! Ugh. Anyway, good movie — don’t know if I want to watch it again, though; it made my head hurt sometimes, and gave me a general feeling of uneasiness. [b][u]Update[/u][/b] – 3:56pm – It’s been pouring downtown all day. I’m really stoked that we have rain, but I am not so stoked that I get to walk home. Hmmmmm. Does anybody know of a free, not-crappy alternative for Microsoft Exchange? We’re looking for some collaborate-ware, and we’re perfectly cool with ditching Outlook/Express if it involves not spending thousands on MS Exchange. Thnx!

2002-09-09 16:24:40 – pinky
randal, just because it sucks that people die, doesn’t mean i’m going to put a flag on my car, or my website. you, though, have the right to do that (men great and small died for you to have that right). i was merely commenting on the fact that once again everything i come into contact with is drenched in sept. 11 blah blah blah. it’s not like anyone is going to forget it for a while, i don’t need to be reminded every four seconds. and the people in the WTC, pentagon and four planes did not die to preserve my freedom (as in a war) they died because some psychos decided to get all militantly religious on our asses, and it is unfortunate. most of those people aren’t great heros because they happened to be on the wrong floor at the wrong time. although, those people in flight 93 actually did sacrifice themselves for a "greater good", which is very very admirable. and i wasn’t saying that we shouldn’t remember, but we shouldn’t be forced to remember, or yelled at because we don’t have a fucking flag on our car (it’s my right to not put a little banner on my website too, you know). and yes, i do embrace my right to free speech because while there are some things right about living here, there are lots of fucked up things that should be changed. that doesn’t mean i’m a hypocrite to voice dissent in an age where it’s pretty much a crime to do so, even though the country i’m being dritical of gave me that right. that would keep everyone silent, yes? yeah, that’s that, FLAME ON!
2002-09-09 18:21:16 – Siaokh
ASS TO ASS! lol, which version did you watch randal? I’ve seen both normal and directors cut… not too much of a difference. But it’s definately an awesome movie. Punch. … And i’m spent. -Tim
2002-09-10 11:27:32 – Girlie
randal- pool- up north, so thats a bit of a drive… cottonwood creek park has an indoor one. suggestion.

partying weekend and generalness

This weekend has been rough on the liver. Both Friday and Saturday night involved heavy drinking and me getting completely blasted. It was fun. Thanks to Frank for letting people party at his place all the time. I have a general feeling of being under the weather. I don’t know exactly what’s causing it … it might be job stress, personal tension, too much liquor, not enough hang-out-with-people-time, but it’s starting to irritate me. I’m usually rather happy and outgoing, but Thurs, Fri, Sat came out as just being rather quiet and not really wanting to do anything. I didn’t go get my YMCA pass, though … might go do that and do some swimming today. Digweed is some amazing techno. Throw in Sasha, and the combonation becomes just incredible. Typing this post to a nice long set of the duo, and it’s really, really good. Set of pics of a hot chick (mostly non-nude), large download: [L=][/L] [b]Update[/b] – 3:11p – I see that Tore doesn’t have his DSL up yet. And I am sad because he has no broadband. *sniffle* I also feel like I need to do some web work. I don’t know what, but I should. hmmmmmm

2002-09-08 15:27:19 – realbighead
see, the DSL is active, and the router is here, it’s just a slight issue with the password being completely fucked up so I can’t configure the damn beast. The manual claims that the default password is the model #, but after trying every permutation on it that I can think of, still no dice. Which means that despite my cash outlay, I have no f*(&#*$&(*&%ing DSL. So I’m still stealing the school’s connection while I wait for a response from tech support. On a lighter note: Still haven’t found anywhere on campus to sleep if I get so drunk I can’t leave, so I’ve been near-sober for a whole 2 weeks, which is disappointing (although it means my liver is way the fuck healthier than randal’s. haha). I am working on it, though, I promise. Less than 3 weeks till I turn 20! that should make you all really ridiculously happy, for no reason at all. If anyone’s bored somewhere around Sep. 27-28, I’ll be having a party sometime that weekend to celebrate, so you should drive 600 miles round-trip to come to it.
2002-09-08 17:31:46 – Master Ha-reed
Which Digweed album do you think is amazing? While I definitely agree that the duo rocks, most of Digweed’s solo stuff is mediocre, leading me to believe Sasha is the better half.
2002-09-08 21:14:02 – Netheus
poor tore…. my cable connection sometimes dips to an astonishingly low 100-115 kbp, and I feel like an old man…. I am so sorry tore…. Are you going to be okay? maybe you should go pick up a hooker to make you feel better.. :_( Ha hahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahaa!! and that drive sucks. sorry, no deal.
2002-09-08 22:50:21 – tony
I’ll be giving randal the new sasha album that came out last month, so that he can put it up as the MP3OTW.
2002-09-09 01:16:24 – pinky
tore, i am sorry you have not been drinking and that you have no internet. actually, this scenario just might have been the death of me, but somehow, in the face of all that is evil, you are able to keep on living…fucking amazing. i’m not sure if that last paragraph is sarcastic or not….whoa. randal, i suggest drinking when under the weather. i have had the flu (anthrax?) the past few days and drank on saturday and it made me feel better and be drunk faster and longer…woot woo. oh, and, for some reason, i miss all of you because, really, the people up here are boring me already. i’m going to make fried chicken tomorrow.
2002-09-09 02:25:17 – The Disco Nova
Women are so much sexier in underwear than naked.
2002-09-09 11:30:22 – pinky
thanks for the little 9/11 thing up there: i’d almost forgotten.
2002-09-09 11:49:36 – rand0m
Would you be so snide about other historical, nation-affecting events? What about December 7th? What about November 22nd? It seems like the only thing about the USA that you actually like is the equal rights idealogy that you pedantically embrace. Please take care and remember that men, both great and small, died for you to be able to do so. Showing them some semblance of respect is the smallest thing you can do while on your way to bashing our exemplary nation.
2003-02-10 13:07:35 – jaymz350
who is that girl????
2003-02-12 11:35:42 – badhombre
Yeah who is the girl and where did you find those pics? Does she have a website?