All about me. Well, not really.

Shamelessly ripped from [L=]Laura’s Site[/L]: [b]FIRSTS:[/b] 1. First best friend: Eric Motazedi, Pre-Kindergarden 2. First car: 1982 toyota pickup, still drive it today 3. First real kiss: Jennifer Schmidt. I’m sure she’s a total babe now. 4. First screen name: I think it was slip42, but it could have been rand0m 5. First self purchased album: Mortal Kombat Soundtrack or Greenday, don’t know. 7. First pet: Tessy & Widey the cats. 9. First credit card: ANB MasterCard. Still have it 🙂 10. First enemy: Hmm, none that I can think of. I’m sure there is one somewhere. 11. First big trip: Mexico in Junior High. [b]LASTS:[/b] 1. Last cigarette: mmmm, ~4.5 hours ago 2. Last car ride: From EGC to Downtown and back, w/ Eric (aka Biggie) 3. Last kiss: Not in love, a couple months. Lovey kiss? Long time. 4. Last good cry: I don’t remember. Sometimes I try to cry, but I can’t. 5. Last library book checked out: Absolutely no idea. Probably been at least 5 years. 6. Last movie seen in theatres: Robots 7. Last beverage drank: Glass of water 8. Last food consumed: Homemade Casserole. Yumm 😀 10. Last phone call: James, about movies. 11. Last time showered: This morning at ~11am. I shower every day. 12. Last shoes worn: Black 5-eye Docs. 13. Last item bought: Hashbrowns and Casserole fixins from Safeway. 14. Last annoyance: James, with his unending “Burgerking” and “Goatee!!” 15. Last time wanting to die: Couple weeks ago when my Snazzy was not recognized. [b]SPECIFICS:[/b] 1. Do you do drugs: Nope 2. What kind of shampoo do you use: Suave Lavendar-smell & Pantene Pro-V Conditioner. 3. What are you most scared of: Failure or being alone. Toss up. 4. Where do you want to get married: Somewhere exotic, but that’s *FAR* away. 5. What are you listening to right now: Nothing, but Family Guy is on the tube. 6. How many buddies are online: 53 7. What would you change about yourself: My unending slavery. [b]FAVORITES:[/b] 1. Colors: Navy Blue. 2. Foods: Steak and anything homemade. 3. Girl names: Jennifer, Sarah, Samantha, Rebecca. 4. Boys names: Steven, Eric 5. Subject in school: Math & 6. Animals: Dog? I have no idea. 7. Sports: mmm, I like basketball and football. Typical guy, I guess. 8. Perfume: I have no idea, I’m not a girl. 9. Cologne: Safari or GAP Blue [b]HAVE YOU EVER:[/b] 1. Given anyone a bath: nope 2. Smoked: yep 3. Bungee jumped: no, I’d like to 4. Made yourself throw-up: Yea, a couple times. Only once from drinking. 5. Skinny dipped: Of course, teehee. 6. Been in love: Yea. I also fall in/out of love almost daily. Women. 😉 7. Made yourself cry to get out of trouble: When I was a kid, sure. 8. Pictured your crush naked: HAHA all the time. Sorry ladies. 9. Seen your crush naked: Yep, yep and yep. *fap fap fap* 10. Cried when someone died: Yes, quite a bit. 11. Lied: Used to lie regularly. Unfortunately I’m still damn good at it. 12. Fallen for your best friend: Nope. 13. Been rejected: HAHA all the time. Shit, this week even. It sucks. 14. Rejected someone: Yea … I was an asshole at the time & I was crude about it. 15. Used someone: Hahaha, of course. Everybody does and I’m no exception. 16. Done something you regret: Absolutely. Think about it almost every day. [b]CURRENT:[/b] 1. Clothes: Basketball shorts and a huge t-shirt. Just relaxing 🙂 2. Music: Nothing, just the washer doing it’s thing. 3. Make-up: I’m a boy, so no. But my hair is nice and soft. 4. Annoyance: Mmmm, laundry isn’t finishing fast enough. 5. Smell: Axe “Essence,” James just sprayed me. 7. Desktop picture: Nothing, dark blue. 8. Book you’re reading: Was reading Fountainhead, but lent it to a friend so … nothing. 9. Cd in player: CD Player? Who uses those anymore? 10. Dvd in player: “Out of Time” with Denzel Washington. 11. Color of toe nails: Standard pink with a sliver of white at the end. [b]LAST PERSON:[/b] 1. You touched: James 2. Hugged: Joe from EGC. He brought me nugz. 3. IMed: Emily, yesterday. [b]ARE YOU:[/b] 1. Understanding: Usually, but I hve low tolerance for BS. 2. Open-minded: Eh, sorta. Very entrenched, but I’m getting better. 3. Arrogant: I try not to be, but I’m very short with other people’s (many) problems. 4. Insecure: Not on the outside unless something really bad happens. 5. Interesting: Not particularly. 6. Hungry: Nope, just ate some casserole 😀 7. Smart: I was, but now I’m pretty base. I feel bad when I hang out with bourgeoisie. 8. Moody: Not at all — I have two moods, tired and not tired. 9. Hardworking: I’d like to think so. Especially when I’m interested. 10. Organized: Yep, in my own completely-unorganized way 11. Healthy: HAHAHAHAHHAA no. 12. Shy: Only when it comes to women. 13. Attractive: Not particularly. 14. Bored easily: I’m almost always bored. :-/ 15. Responsible: A little bit too much, I think. 16. Obsessed: Yea, and I really shouldn’t be. I should just get over some things. 17. Angry: I get annoyed, but truly angry? Almost never 18. Sad: not usually, but it depends on how bad life is kicking my ass 19. Disappointed: In others, almost always. In myself? Almost never. 20. Happy: Sure. 21. Hyper: Only when I catch my second wind, otherwise I’m pretty mellow. 22. Trusting: Nope. Takes a lot of work to build trust with me, and it slips easily. 23. Talkative: Only if it’s interesting. If it’s boring or annoying, not at all. 24. Legal: Sure, I’m 18+ 😉 [b]WHO DO YOU WANT TO:[/b] 1. Kill: Mmm … nobody? No reason to let things eat me up. 2. Slap: Mmm … also nobody, at least not off the top of my head. 3. Look like: Almost anybody but me 😉 4. Talk to offline: Several women, so I can tell them to stop being dumb. Jesus, women. 5. Talk to online: Nobody. Talking to people online usually sucks. [b]RANDOM:[/b] 1. In the morning I am: Up by 8:30am. And waking up into another soul-crushing day. 2. All I need is: Work and someone to lover. One outta two ain’t bad 😉 3. Love is: Awesome, but maybe not worth it. I’ll know for sure on the next go around. 4. I dream about: How bad I fucked up my life, and how I can continue to make it better. :-/

2005-03-14 02:08:47 – Netheus
kindof along the same lines- in cleaning up to get ready to move, I realized that for two grown adults, Troy and I have an excessive number of toys. Remote contolled cars, stuffed animals, figurines, games- everything either of us wanted when we were kids but never had. I found a picture too from when I was 5 and my grandmother took me to go and see the Easer bunny at the Citadel. I still had my crutches at the time. It’s kinda like one of those special moments captured on film documenting the beginning of the fall from innocence/ grace/ perfection.
2005-03-14 06:02:15 – Disco Nova
You totally overreacted abou tthe burger king thing. And I’m insecure about my goatee, that is why I keep asking you about it. Take it as a compliment.
2005-03-14 19:24:50 – m
White-y. And yes, you have an amazing vibe of disdain and arrogance. How’s Eric M?
2005-03-14 20:33:12 – rand0m
I am only arrogant and short with people if I am annoyed or don’t like them. I don’t like most people, though, so I guess your observation makes sense 😉 I haven’t spoken to Eric M in forever – not since Marylin, his sister, [L=]passed away[/L]