The end of EverLAN, end of an era?

Corey and I decided to close down EverLAN Gaming Center. Yes, it’s sad that my baby is ending, but it’s also a big relief. We’re selling off a bunch of stuff at good prices — [L=][/L] for more details about everything. I’ve had a couple people tell me that this site goes down intermittently. If you folks would be so kind as to AIM me at `rand0m` when it’s down, I can hunt down what’s going wrong; my server logs don’t show anything awry and I’m kind of stumped. On another note, I want a pistol. Ryan got a Baretta 92FS (9mm) for his birthday, and it’s wicked. So sexy. So powerful. So simple and unrefined. Handling it is really enthralling … I think I might go shooting with him and Joe this weekend, now that I have free time. Which brings me to the next topic – what do you folks do with your free time? I haven’t had any free time in almost two years, and suddenly having at least an extra 40 hours a week back is going to be a shock. I already plan on joining the Y with Keen and James, but the rest of the time … I have no idea.

2005-03-29 10:38:06 – nick
Hey, man. I’m torn on your decision; though, I figure you were as well, only much moreso. In the end, I think it will be awesome for you to lead a more "normal" life and get out the workaholic binge you’ve been on. On that note, since you have free time, and I usually construe some during the weekends, I’ll have to give you a call when I’m down and buy you a beer or something. Whatever the case, good luck with whatever comes next.
2005-03-29 13:31:08 – rand0m
Yea, it was a tough call, but sometimes you just have to cut the losses and throw in the towel. Although we weren’t failing miserably and hemoraging money, we definitely weren’t going anywhere. And I’ll gladly take you up on that beer 🙂
2005-03-30 15:35:23 – Burnz
Just dropped by. Little tip on the pistol, I got a Smith and Wesson .357 and love it love it love it. Stopping drinking bought me a lot of free time. Take a class that sounds like fun. Something like humanities. It takes up time and might stimulate new brain parts other than tech.
2005-03-31 16:14:45 – Netheus
A> if you get a gun, learn how to use it, don’t just own it. B> I read. A lot. And then there’s the endless fucking drama, so… yeah… C> Remember Kolin from BS that helped you IB kids with your papers I think Junior year? Died of an OD last night. I’m assuming Heroine. Marah told me, and Adam told her, so I am assuming this isn’t a morbid rumour. D> today is Carolyn’s b-day!
2005-03-31 16:31:49 – Netheus
Randal- hook me up with a monitor. I will have money for you on Monday.
2005-03-31 19:43:08 – Ryan
Yup, definitly buy a gun. Perhaps a Beretta, like that hot Ryan guy you mentioned. Or an awsome AR-15 that I saw some kid with at your store. Damn that kid was hot. Amazingly cool, too, from what I hear.
2005-03-31 20:38:03 – rand0m
Hmm, regarding semi-spooky Annie-Luving Poetry-Writing Kolin … I don’t know if that’s the case. I got chicken salad from him at Cunningham’s maybe two weeks ago, and it looked like he was on the straight and narrow. Looked healthy, clean shaven, tight haircut. Very surprising. And I have a monitor set aside for ya right here, alongside mine & Craig’s.
2005-03-31 23:58:10 – keener2u
Get a girlfriend, I hear they take up a lot of time and money.
2005-04-01 01:16:46 – rand0m
That second part is not cool.
2005-04-01 09:41:37 – The Disco Nova
You can either have a girlfriend, which takes up time and money, a friend which takes up time, or a hooker, which only takes up money. Who is to say which is the best.
2005-04-06 18:49:47 – Hellbent Rob
Damn Randy, if I knew you were in the market I’d have sold you my .44 Desert Eagle, but I ended up selling it back in January to pay tuition.