Day, Sammi & Randomness

I had a helluva day. Lots of big things happening, which I will definitely post about here when they come to fruition. The Boss was in town today, so chalk up another free lunch! I also realized that my boss is super great. Yay for cool guys. I went out with Sammi tonight and had a ridiculously good time. Last time I went out with her I posted this “[i]I felt fake, though, and I think she knew it.[/i]” … well, total opposite. No pressure, no need to try and meet the standards of an idealized Sammi, just pure, unadulterated good times. It felt like old times when I wasn’t a beaten, trodden down, soulless husk of a man. Simply fabulous. On the walk home from seeing Sammi I came across a dude at a phone booth who was searching his pockets for some money to make a call. So I walk up and, being in high spirits, offer him my cell phone to make a call. Turns out he was looking for Domino’s phone number which I know by heart – 444-8888. He makes the call, and while waiting on hold asks me if I have any spare change. Now, this guy didn’t quite look like a bum, so it seemed a little odd, and I didn’t have any change and I told him so. I figured he was calling a buddy at Domino’s to get a ride or whatever, but instead, he proceeds to order three large pizzas! WTF!? He just asked me for money and then orders like $20+ of pizzas. It was quite weird. He gave my cell back and I went on my way, chuckling at how completely unexpected that was.

2005-03-24 20:20:24 – Joe
Wow that is rather strange about the phone booth guy. Probably prank calling them.
2005-03-25 17:42:21 – Netheus
Moving. Tomorrow. Need volunteers. Hey randal, nice truck ya got there…. 😉 Tomorrow is the furniture moving day. Please, call me if you can help. Or put a message up here. Or IM me (Netheus).
2005-03-27 21:21:33 – Master Ha-reed
Lately, I’ve been noticing that is down for periodic intervals. Any ideas, or am I just a fucking crackpot?