Best Day, GeekOut, Paulie’s Back, Shorn Goatee

Sunday was the best day I’ve had in a long time. I didn’t work, as I’d had a long weekend already – thanks for looking out for me, corey! – and was already a peice of meat. I didn’t do anything for most of the day, besides waking up at 1:30pm. I went over to Safeway, spent a lot of money on food of _my_ choosing, came back to the house, and got prepped for some grilling. Unfortunately, we were out of propane. Damn. So Keen and I went out and bought gas for the grill, then came home. Then the grilling commenced – two, 2lb t-bones and a pack of bratwurst, and some garlic bread. Packed that together with some cold beer, some three-potato salad and man, what a good dinner. Watched some tv, then went out with Keen to Phantom and played some pool while drinking their beer. We came up scoring even, 6-6 games, and had a fun time. It was a really good day for me – totally stress free and just really enjoyable. *** geek section *** Amidst all that, I swung by HPI to begin copying a mailserver HD. I had tried this operation, using norton ghost 2003, once before, and it estimated 4 hours to copy 22GB off of our old, slow, dying harddrive onto our new-hotness HD. So I started it at 7pm, and thought I’d swing by HPI after beer & pool to swap the new HD for the old. Well, at 12:30am on monday, it said it still had 4 1/2 hours to go. So I left, barely slept, then came back at 6am to find it wanting another 1h 45m. Drank coffee, took a shower, came back at 8:00a to let it finish it’s last 10 minutes. Then I tried swapping in the HDs. That doesn’t work. Turns out that Windows creates a registry entry that matches up the HD serial number to a Globally Unique IDentifier, so that if you put in like 20 new HDs, win2k will still run off the correct HD. Well, the new HD doesn’t have the same GUID as the old HD, so nothing ran. It would boot, but not let me login. It was horrible. Took about 45 minutes to solve, and involved using a remote-registry access to change / remove 14 separate keys. Total Bullshit. Way to suck, MS. FreeBSD isn’t that gay. *** end geek *** Paulie came home from Iraq on Monday. After following Keen’s horrendous driving and route-planning, Keen, Shawn and I met everyboyd at the base to welcome him home. It was really a heartswell to see all the troops march into this huge gym, then salute the crowd to the National Anthem. It was very impressive. I felt like that group of 300 courageous soldiers could have taken on the world and won. After a short introduction and much applause, they dismissed the troops and the place came alive, families being reunited, friends being found. We got ahold of Paulie, hugged for a few minutes, much relieved to see him alive and well, and then headed over to his place to chill. I’m so glad he’s back and not in that god-forsaken place anymore. I was shaving this morning, and I got to trimming my goatee and totally fucked it up. I took a huge chunk of it out, and it looked really bad and totally beyond repair. Because of that, I shaved the whole thing off. :-/ I have before and after photos, please let me know what you think. And don’t take picture quality into account, as they are both pretty bad — it’s about the content, folks. [L=][/L]. Check out the webcam while you’re at it :-).

2004-03-17 15:15:12 – realbighead
paulie’s back, yay! randal got a day off, yay! st. patrick’s day, yay!
2004-03-17 17:09:12 – Netheus
St Patty’s day, boo. Troy shaved most of his goat/ beard too. Must be in the water.
2004-03-17 20:24:26 – something vaguley insulting
(jordan) it turns out that i’ll be spending my entire spring break in chicago because i misread the dates on the boulder student visit site. i will be inthe springs from monday afternoon-ish until thursday morning, then i’m off to boulder. i hope there’s someone who’s not working so much that i’ll be able to do something other than drink by myself.
2004-03-17 21:02:29 – Master Ha-reed
Haven’t we gone over this before? If you want to be mistaken for early 30’s instead of early 20’s, keep the goatee.
2004-03-18 06:04:42 – pinky
jordan. how long are you in boulder? pink
2004-03-18 08:48:19 – something calling into doubt the exact nature of Y
’til sunday around noon.
2004-03-18 09:33:27 – Netheus
So what Monday are we talking about here?
2004-03-18 18:56:01 – i could beat up your honor student
sorry-the 29th, or the monday close to the 29th. whichever one that is.
2004-03-19 00:39:09 – pinky
the first sunday in april? or the sunday in three days? because i’ll chill with ya if it’s the first sunday in april (the 4th?). kewl. pink
2004-03-19 00:46:32 – realbighead
so, as far as I can tell, only the people who live in the Springs and myself are going to be able to see Jordan. because you all have a weak grasp of timing. haha.
2004-03-19 02:00:12 – The Disco Nova
Party friday at our house. Bring alchohol and bitches.
2004-03-19 10:58:40 – shitfuckcock ay-ass
laura-first sunday in april
2004-03-20 15:11:50 – WC
WTF! "FreeBSD isn’t that gay." FBSD is NEVER gay ok ๐Ÿ™‚ <geek> Hey randal and those who are otherwise interested. I picked up that book that was on ./ a week ago regarding "Wicked Cool Shell Scripts". Its a pretty good sh scripting guide. You can’t be total dummy to read it but I pretty self explantory. Check it out! ISBN: 1-59327-012-7 </geek> I wish I could come down and hang out with you guys and celebrate Paulie being back. :-/ But I have some things I have to do here in Denver. The next few months seem like they are going to be busy. bleh.
2004-03-21 23:24:57 – Netheus
to anyone that cares- goth night is no longer at the Underground. It’s back at the Annex.
2004-03-22 14:33:55 – Matt K.
Hmmm… I R not well read. I R Bigotted against arabs, with rights to be and reasons also. I R Thankfull for brother with small sarcasm meter. Is good. I R Glad penis is huge. Is very good to have! Usefull! I R not long winded, mearly complicated thoughts. I R extream. Please excuse! Thought: If someone expreses a viewpoint alternate to the general concensus this doesn’t make them nessisarily wrong. Possibly they operate from a position of alternate information and point of deduction. People often tend to irefudiate arguements from a point of emotion instead of with a matching force level of counter arguement. But the basic tactic of pointing your finger at somone and yelling labels is not only ignorant, it expresses the inability of the defamer to actualy combat in a logical manor. Thus the ilogical use of emotional argumentaion as a defence.
2004-03-22 14:43:15 – DEIGHTON
Hey man, I kind of get that. So you saying that sort of if a guy sayes to me that if like he don’t like rap music, it means just only that. Right? This emotional fighter would sort of turn that around like, right. And say somthing like because they don’t like rap that they is racist against blacks right. They using that label thing. Even though the first guy never said that or implied that like. They just call the other guy a name and stuff rather than confront him with valid argument on the same subject. I get it. Matt K. your a wise man. I thought all them people in the south was stupid red necks. But you not like that at all. peace!
2004-03-22 14:51:48 – Matt K
Dear Deighton: Be careful if you generaly of support any of my view points. It seems that I am not very popular at this site for my critisisms of the standard liberal flow. Be forwarned that agreeing with me may cause you to be mocked or sneered at and labeled. Also it may not be compatable with good mental hygene. The view points I express are not politicaly correct most of the time and could tend to get you in trouble.
2004-03-23 14:30:40 – you
I really don’t mean to be snide, but do you spell that way on purpose, or was it just carelessness (and i’m not talking about the parts where you’re imitating rednecks)? Content issues notwithstanding, i’d like to know.
2004-03-23 14:59:18 – Netheus
okay, so let me get this right- Deighton, you state that just because a person doesn’t like rap, it doesn’t mean they are racist. Matt K., you seem to agree with this point of view, that a singularity can not be made into a generalization of the whole. Let’s forget about the whole hating little brown people issue you have. I disagree with wasting resources, human lives, and the psychological scarification that goes along with going to war. Thusly, I am against war almost enitirely. Does that make me un-American? Does that singularity make it so that I fall to the generalization? Or better yet. Catholic priests rape alter boys. Therefore, all Christians are anal raping child molestors that need to be chemically castrated for the protection of society. I mean, if a few radical muslims incur your wrath for the entire populous, why should I think any differently? Or more close to you, a cop likes to beat his wife when he gets home from work. Therefore all cops like to beat their wives. Maybe you can see the flawed logic of racism and bigotry here.
2004-03-24 01:20:12 – The Disco Nova
Despite the efforts of scared people like you, America is still free, and you are entitled to your opinion, as ill informed and offensive as it is. We object to your stupid pointless ten paragraph posts. If you can’t say it in one paragraph or less, it probably isn’t worth saying.
2004-03-24 11:44:39 – jordan
firstly, who are you talking to? secondly, there are a great many things worth saying that take longer than a single paragraph. lastly, no one has answered my question about the spelling. oh, matt- i have to side with christina on this one: not liking rap doesn’t make you a racist. HATING PEOPLE OF ANOTHER RACE BECAUSE THEY ARE OF ANOTHER RACE DOES. you’re a racist. punto y cabal.
2004-03-24 14:24:12 – Master Ha-reed
<geek> Everyone should read Wicked Cool Shell Scripts since the author, Dave Taylor, is a Boulderite and is the shit. </geek> I M WEASEL!
2004-03-25 03:02:54 – WC
OK you know what really bothers me is that Office 2k3 [u]still[/u] is full of stupid idoicy. i.e. it install a folder full of shit in my directory root. Whats it full of ? I don’t know. But yet they want to see who you are. Can you delete your stuff? I sure can’t. Arg! ๐Ÿ™ Retarded. Ohh yeah look what stupid start up app that MS wants you to run OSE.exe. Hhaha. #kill.
2004-03-26 07:32:53 – Netheus
so where are we going to take Jordan for beer? I say Tony’s, Phantom (yay Pool too!), or get a whole bunch of beer, and go back to Randals. Suggestions?
2004-03-26 10:45:29 – Dice
When I first replied to Matt K., I thought he was joking. (Because I do nothing but joke) I didn’t think that it was possible for someone with the motor skills required to type on a key board to be that ridiculously bigoted. …or is my sarcasm meter broken? I hope it is. BUT, the main thing I have to take Matt K. to task on is siding with the spics. They are evil. They stole all of my roosters from my pen a month ago, and after the cock fights they were forced into, I only got 2 back alive. Say what you will about the Arabs, but at least they are civilized and ironic enough to kill us with our own capitalist/indulgent devices (planes and two overly high towers). At least they don’t pit us in a cage fight to the death…or do they… Actually, if I had to go, I think a cage death match would be pretty damn cool. (Because I have resigned myself to dying since I’m too scared to pick up a rifle and fight along side our boys over seas) Man…this is tough…who should I hate more, Arabs or Spics…eh, screw it. I’ll just hate Matt K. and everyone wins. By the way, I got an E mail from your Jordainian friends, Matt. We cleared things up after some tense conversations, during which I was scared to sleep in my own bed. But now things are cool. I taught them how to kill people more effectively with choke holds, so now we are buds.
2004-03-28 20:20:30 – jordan
hello all. it looks like i’ve lost a few people’s phone numbers: could anyone who wants to see me give me a call? i’ll be int he springs tomorrow 2:30ish. my number is 773.480.0582.
2004-03-29 15:40:10 – Matt K.
Dear site followers: I wish to extend to you an apology along the lines of the bigoted rantings that I have so far expressed, and the length of my input. After reading your last inputs I realy thought deeply what would be a deep and terrifying come-back to your banter, but somehow side tracked myself into an area of self examination. I came to a few realizations. First you are partialy right. I wish to apologize to the entire arab race for starters. I was wrong to blame them en’mass for the actions of a few radicals in their ranks. So for clarification purposes I would like to focus my disdaine to those who truly deserve it. That would be the terroists. For them I have nothing but hatred for the pain and suffering they have caused this country. Second the few arabs that I have come into contact with in the south are not representative of the mass that abode here. I would like to say that the few individuals who have crossed my path are of a particularly greasy and loathsome nature. They in part DO NOT represent the others of their kind who may actualy be decent people and Americans. For this purpose I would like to state that yes, I don’t like rap music but DO NOT hate black people. I infact know several that are quite upstanding people. No, mexicans are not bad at all I have no feelings toward them what so ever. Do feel that people that are not willing to fight for the purpose of freedom in this country are cowards. But I have also noted that yes, as atractive as big bombs and guns are, going to war is a horrible thing always and that nobody in their right mind should go. I do feel that if the choice comes down to fighting a war or placating to tyrants, then war should be the only choice to us as free Americans. Also I would like to take the oppertunity to thank all of you for helping me to reach this point of thought, for with out your help I would have remained ignorant. Thank you. Also, Dice. Sorry about your chicken. Hope you can grow a new one. PS I checked with the Jordanians. They said they will send you a, umm, "REPRESNTATIVE" next week to take care of, er, "GO OVER" a few points with you.
2004-03-29 15:46:17 – Matt K
See I can also write scripts smaller than 10 paragraphs! Hey Randal whats up? Hellbentrob, hows it hanging? Congrates on the degree. Good job! We all might have excaped but at least your going somewhere. Randal, start your own company and get rich. Quite srewing around and letting other people use your skills to make themselves rich. That’s much better.
2004-03-29 16:36:14 – rand0m
I do own my own company. . kthx.
2004-03-29 17:53:04 – Netheus
was he being sarcastic?
2004-03-30 14:57:18 – WC
Wow, Matt K kind of reminds me of the people you see on TV or at some public place, maybe a bar perhaps, who keeps talking even if nobody pays attention to them. Kind of like a comedian that doesn’t know when to get off stage. Nothing personal dude, just pointing something out. I personally got about half way through his comments and just stop reading them out of boredom. tail -f /dev/urandom > ~/haxfile &;
2004-04-06 08:33:41 – Hellbent Rob
Hmmm, does this string of comments remind anyone of anything else? -Truck stop bathroom graffiti, perhaps?

The reguler + haircut + misc people + other things

hmmm, I guess you all want an update on the shittrainwreck that is my life. Let’s start off with the basics: Girls: No. Money: No. Car?: No. Did I mention Girls? Yes, you dummy. Oh. What about money? Yes, again, you smacktard. Please append your own assorted versions of me bitching about all of the above. You can do it just as well as I can. Well, maybe not, but I don’t want to because it’s 10pm and I just want to type this and be finished. I got a haircut on Monday for a meeting up at Colorado Technical University. This was not just a haircut. This was the be-all, end-all of haircuts. I went to Herb’s Barber Shop, which is across the street north of HPI and got a haircut. It was $12, including tip. Herb cut my hair, and he is 76 years old. No, not shaky, doddering 76 years old. More of a 76 years young. We chatted while he cut hair, and he’s damn good at it. To top it off, he shaved my neck and sideburns. No, he didn’t just cut them, he *shaved* them — with a [L=]straight razor[/L]. I have never shaved with one of those, much less been shaved with one by an older gentleman. It was quite the experience, and I definitely want to go back. While I was at Colorado Tech I ran into a bunch of people I know, including Aaron from the Perk, Tom from [L=]Spartan Mortgage[/L], and of all people, Bryce Case of [L=]ytcracker[/L] fame. Unfortunately neither of us had time to chat, but it was nice running into him again. I think everybody goes there for some reason. Other people updates: Mike Lee came back from an 11-day stint in Costa Rica, props. Tore is coming into town for spring break & DLX. Paulie will be back on March 18th (!!!), also going to DLX? Mannie will be back visiting on the 19th, again for DLX. I saw Emily driving her green bug today. Jordan Weil is also coming back into town, but not for DLX. Remember how in January that I [L=]mentioned our washer broke[/L] in December? Yep, still broke, still not replaced. Yay for doing laundry at scary laundromats. I don’t know what to say about this. Keen is not doing well. I mean, he might be, but honestly I don’t know, as I never see him. However, he did stay up and drink a whole bottle of wine single handedly, and has not been sleeping (as hit or miss as this is). These are definite signs of something being wrong. No idea what to say, even less energy to handle it. Perk up Keen, life doesn’t suck that much. I put up a 7-and-change mile wireless shot today w/ Sam for HPI. We used Trango gear, and it’s wicked good stuff. We tested it and are getting right under 10mbps across it … unbelievable. We are supposed to be doing another shot tomorrow, but I need to find time to configure the radios (before 9am). The store is getting along. We’re not making any money, but we’re not closing. We are walking the line most dangerous to small businesses, and we need to step to one side or the other. I am just so tired all the time, it’s really hard to muster the energy to do small things, like send out emails or update the webpage. I think it’s because I am horrendously out of shape, have a terrible diet and don’t sleep well. Hmm. I went out with Amanda to get some beer last night. Ordered a pitcher & Tony’s and between the two of us, drank three glasses. Then left. Leaving > 1/2 pitcher. Utter sacrilige. I hope that doesn’t say something about me. *sigh*

2004-03-12 08:40:03 – Manny
Worry ye not randal, we all lack something(s) Girls: Snobby Harvard + Wellesley chicks = 0 Car: Mass emissions inspection = Failed Money: Boston cost of living > Income Can’t wait to get back to the springs to see you guys.
2004-03-13 13:18:20 – ytcracker i hath mentioned yonder everlan to livejournal colorado springs community hopefully they make u rich
2004-03-13 21:36:54 – Netheus
Girls: I am one Money: I have none Car: she’s a volkswagon Laundry: It is done.
2004-03-13 22:07:44 – Hellbent Rob
Rando, As far as the rotten diet, lack of energy, and not sleeping, guess what… biologically, you’re still a KOHUTEK, and life’s a bitch, and then you die. Sorry to hear that the business isn’t going as well as you’d like–that’s always a bummer. I wish I could help you with the washer and dryer, but the situation isn’t that much better here either; try looking in the thrifty nickel, I’m sure there’s some poor G.I. schmuck, who’s shipping out that needs to unload a set. I’m sure the old peps have let you know that they’re taking a cruise in May to Alaska, and I’m being graced by their presence. You know it pisses me off that Dad is willing to fly out to NY for a daugther that shit in the nest and didn’t speak to anyone for 2/3 of a decade, but hell I’m finishing an MBA in Pub. Admin. and he’s not sure if he can take a day off to see me get hooded, besides the fact that he missed my first two graduations. You know, he use to come through here 3-4 times a year plus hunting season, but do you think he ever stopped to say hello. You know something else, I have never recieved a phone from them that I either didn’t initiate or leave a message. You know, my father-in-law calls calls me every other day or so just to talk, not to my wife, but to me. Yeah, it puts you in perspective of where one ranks doesn’t it? Well, when I graduate from law school, I’m not telling anyone, except maybe you and Marla, and I’ll take my little wife to Europe for a month–before I tell her we’re moving out of this damn state. I tell you what, you find somebody like my wife, who’ll put up with all your purile insanity, and support you through all the bullshit of life, you hold on to her. But, I can’t complain too much, from what I’ve read from some of your friends, it could be whole hell of a lot worse. My heart goes out to you, and I hope that you have plenty of good friends out there that’ll help you pull through.
2004-03-15 14:17:15 – Matt K.
Dear Randy, Drink more water. I know that this sounds like more of my cracked shit but I’m serious. My wife made me start drinking more water and eating a little more green leafy stuff, well mostly water. The conversation went like this.. " Honey, will you quit playing with your automatic weapons for a moment. I have somthing I need you to do. And spit out that live chicken. Yes I know your hungry, but you don’t know where that one came from…" Anyways after increasing fluid content I found that I started to feel better and had more energy, slept better, and had more concentration. Also try a massage. OOOOHHH, that works real good! As far as the hidious waste of beer goes, you will never be forgiven. Your only repentance will be to admit that the mind was willing but the body pooped out on you. Anywho, please take care of yourself. Now to the rest of the milling crowd. Think about this. Yes you all think I be insaino, but in actuality I inject (forcfully, and against your will) a small measure of entertainment/altenate view of life. And admittedly you recognize this for the small amount of paranoid thought that each of us contain. I simply vent and give voice to that which we all secretly think on a low level. As for DICE. Yo pal! The band wagon happens to be my country. Either your for the good ol’ USA, or you ain’t. And if you ain’t, which I’m begining to suspect, then leave. Also I’m going to root your adress to a group of militant Jordainian terrorists and and tell them you said some smack about there mothers. Have fun looking over your shoulder for, oh, say the rest of your life. P.S. It would be better if the middle east were closer to us for the simple fact that then we wouldn’t have to shoot the missles so far. And as far as spickes in florida, they happen to be pretty cool. In fact they seem to be into modern assault weapons and such just as much as us other crazy southerners. O.K. in my book as long as they hate Islam basterds too. And as far as my nephew in law being stupid and joining the military. Well that is pretty stupid to put yourself in jeopardy for a bunch of other people who are to weak to defend themselves from tyrany. Like all you assholes who didn’t pick up a rifle and go yourselves! I hope you feel real safe when you sleep in a nice warm bed tonight. It was aforded to you at his expence. I hope you feel good hugging your loveones, grand parents and children. Since they are alive and protected because he is brave enough to stand up to a whole race of people hell bent on erradicating them. Where are you Dice? Coward. Run your panzy mouth some more. After all he’s fighting your fight for the freedom to do so. Better yet, why don’t you get off your little ass and take some responsability your self. Nah, forget that. Why don’t you go eat a dick. Hey Hellbentrob. How’s It hanging. I feel your frustration. Release your pain. It does you no good except to make you bitter at heart. I still love ya man. Besideds I got enough bitter for all of us. Talk more often. I really like to hear from you. I understand how you feel with the peps. I needed some help with my company and asked them after 10 years for help. I got zippola’, except to be reminded about some shit I did as a kid. That’s alright, I got my limo company back on track all by myself and am starting to do better at it as part time any way. Less stress when you get to dictate your own terms. Plus I wouldn’t have gotten the great job I landed if they hadn’t. I realized just how much I missed law enforcement. I really like to help people. It makes me feel better. Anywho, God bless one and all.(except the fucking Islamists.)
2004-03-16 01:40:58 – The Disco Nova
Randall, your brother is fucked up. And irritating.
2004-03-16 10:46:10 – realbighead
yeah. irritating.
2004-03-16 12:55:18 – Matt K.
O.K. Your right. I am a little iritating when extream. For this I am sorry. It’s just that I am very passionate about this great country of ours. I feel so sad that it is threatened from outside and from within by so many attackers. I feel frustrated that it seems like nobody cares about the problems our great nation faces. Truly America is in not just a war but in a fight to survive. Interesting information. The christian nations of this world are reproducing children at a rate of five times less than that of the islamic states. Fact: If the middle eastern terrorist states had a larger technological capabiliy our country would have been attacked in a much more massive way and our people and way of life already subjegated. Fact: The koran, the religious text of islam, does not preach love of life and peace in any way. Infact the koran specificaly details the conquest and enslavement of any territories not already under islamic control. Fact: Through history every nation that islam has become a componant of it’s society has been reduced to chaos and utter ruin. Fact: Great Brittan has opened it’s doors to islam and is now in an internal war for it’s culture. For all intents it has already lost. That is why they have helped us in both military actions in the Gulf. Fact: Islam preaches that it’s progress can only be asertained by military conquest of "the lands and territories of the infidels of Allah." Unfortunatly that means us and the whole rest of the world. Fact: In 1977, 18 of the shiekes from Oman, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Afganistan, Libya, and several other terror states signed a treaty called a quidimalla’haristim. This treaty stated basicly that if ever at any time in the future that if one of these states ever gained a weapon status capable of being offencive in nature to western europe and America that they would all imediatly join together in Jehad(holy war)against us. Since that time all Islamist nations have been on a campain of terror and making serious attempts for atomic weapons. This is their quest and docturine. I’m sorry I have irritated you. I’m serious when I say that. I promise not to bring up the subject in polite conversation again. I’m also blessed to say that in 2 weeks Beau is coming home, safe and sound. I only regrett that he had to see and experiance the things he did. I know that those things will haunt him for the rest of his life. I am proud that he was willing to make that sacrifice for our county and our freedom. All I can do is to simply say after what islamic people have done to me and my buisness, my family members, and my nation that I love with all my heart, I will always distrust and HATE them for the miserable animals that they are.
2004-03-16 13:02:30 – Matt K
P.S. Does anybody know the Ayatolla’s adress? I would like to mail him a few hundred tons of free bacon and pork rinds. It would be so tragic if he choked to death on one and went to allah with a piece of swine lodged in his throat.
2004-03-16 13:09:17 – Matt K
Oh, and Dice. I’m sorry. What I said was unkind. I simply forget that some people have no other intrest other than self intrest. I have to respect their view if I wish the same right myself. I apologize. Have to go now. Dinner time. The lights just went out and my wife thew in another live chicken. **BLISS**
2004-03-16 16:43:31 – realbighead
notice the narrow width of the comment boxes? that’s to discourage essays. especially vitriolic rambling ones.
2004-03-16 16:47:28 – The Disco Nova
You actually read them Tore? I read the first paragraph, MAYBE. Maybe if he only did one every once in a while, but when every post is long winded and rambling, I just move on.
2004-03-16 17:39:49 – pinky
so, i started to read the rambling, but then it just pissed me off, so i took a break and continued reading. i have many fun ad-hominem attacks stored up, but whatever. i just want to say that someone has some serious fucked up racist and bigoted issues to deal with. please get some help before trying to sound intelligent ever again. grr.
2004-03-16 22:36:44 – The Disco Nova
Women are the lesser sex and are only on this earth to serve and pleasure men. Discuss.
2004-03-17 00:03:05 – Master Ha-reed
Ooh ooh – even better. Affirmative action is wrong. Wealth redistribution is unethical. The poor should just roll over and die, or better yet, do the jobs the rest of us don’t want to do without bitching about it, and then roll over and die. Rich people should be able to flaunt their money and spend it to the last dime. Gay people are a sin against God and should be shot. Same goes for everyone that isn’t rich, white and Protestant.
2004-03-17 02:13:56 – rand0m
Wow, those really do just roll of your tongue easily, don’t they … or is that just me? Heh. ๐Ÿ˜€
2004-03-17 02:13:56 – rand0m
Wow, those really do just roll of your tongue easily, don’t they … or is that just me? Heh. ๐Ÿ˜€
2004-03-17 09:59:19 – Netheus
*sigh* Forget the ad hominem attacks, the logical fallacies, and the out right lies. He obviously isn’t open-minded enough to even consider another argument. Pessimissim wins. Matt K, have you even read the Koran for yourself? Or for that matter ANY holy book? And the Book of Mormon counts only if you read the ENTIRE Bible too, you know, the Jewish part and the xian part.
2004-03-17 10:37:15 – Hellbent Rob
Master Ha-reed, Your arguement is trite and bigotous if you really want deep thought into wealth redistribution, consider John Rawls and Alan Keynes, or their counter-arguements by Robert Nozick and Milton Friedman. Netheus, It appears that you managed to pass Phil 101 Introduction to Informal Logic. According to symbolic logic, your contentions, however, do not hold weight, and you appear to be doing exactly as A.J. Ayer claims, i.e. emoting. Ayer asserted that proclaimations of right, wrong, or fallious statements are merely the interlocutor’s expression of feeling. Your assessment of the content of Matt K.’s bigotous, while ostensibly farcical ramblings, therefore is nothing more than emotive. Claims of fallicy are also therefore inconclusive, and only demonstrate an inability to refute content on a cogent content basis, and as Ayer further postulates that emotive assertions are only valuable in the context of persuassion. Yet, you have not setforth a persuasive counterarguement, but only declared something illogical, and fallious. Refering to ‘On Liberty’ by John Stuart Mill, "Complete liberty of contradicting and disproving our opinion is the very condition which justifies us in assuming its truth for purposes of action; and on no other terms can a being with human faculties have any rational assurance of being right."
2004-03-17 10:41:01 – Hellbent Rob
Incidently, Master Ha-reed, I am emoting when I deem your contention trite and bigotous, however, I am being persuasive by referring you to others that have more conclusively argued over the same propositions.
2004-03-17 10:59:51 – rand0m
Rob, you, by far, have the largest penis of any man alive. And the smallest sarcasm detector ever. ๐Ÿ˜‰
2004-03-17 11:07:51 – realbighead
if Mr. Ayer is referring to whatever that was as "symbolic" logic, then he may actually have just triple-overdosed on methamphetamines and spouted the whole thing out one night. Symbolic logic is based on Aristotle’s categories and Wittgenstein, neither of whom would assert anything about "assuming" truth. Now, analytic logic might assert what you claim, but given that it’s a) a poor address of Nietzche’s objections to philosophy, and b) the world’s least-liked subject even by its practitioners, I doubt the assertion carries much weight for anyone. As to ha-reed and nova, I believe they’re taking part in the semi-monthly "make laura burst into flame" contest. She’s sometimes like the Human Torch. only pinker.
2004-03-17 11:28:13 – Hellbent Rob
A conclusion must be true if all premises are true. Premise A: Hellbent Rob has a big penis–> TRUE Premise B: Hellbent Rob has no sarcasm detector–> False Therefore no conclusion can be made. As far as sarcasm is concerned, I was being sarcastic in regards to Nova and Ha-reed’s conversation, and their sardonic critique on Matt K.’s horribly insensitive commentary, but you would have had to have read these authors to understand that these idealogues are total extremists who take absurd positions, such as those taken by Nova and Ha-reed. I was hoping to add a degree of levity by taking my own critque to an extreme. But instead of interpreting dead-pan humor as such, you mistook the tongue-in-cheek inferences, and instead satificed for penial conjecture. I meant no harm, as I assumed that many people posting on this website are relatively intelligent and well read. I have yet to post anything that is meant to be read in complete seriousness, and I prefer subtle jabs at content and self effacing humor, but I assumed too much without preface.
2004-03-17 11:42:00 – rand0m
"relatively intelligent and well read"? Ha! You assume much. When somebody posts something more than 3-4 lines long, my brain turns to mush and I sorta glaze over the first line, and then usually get bored and rely on something witty. Hence, penis jokes!
2004-03-17 12:00:43 – Hellbent Rob
no offense taken. I don’t blame you about the extended ramblings, and I apologize for them; I will try to make my postings more succint
2004-03-17 13:07:55 – Master Ha-reed
Tore’s got it right – Laura’s hair isn’t pink anymore, so I’m trying to make it burst into flame through anger.