marylin motazedi

Marilyn Motazedi, the sister of a childhood friend, passed suddenly this weekend at the age of fourteen. My sincerest condolences go out to her frends and family I recall spending time at the Motazedi home, with Marylin always tagging along beside Eric and I. Her glowing smile, her bouncing curls, her chiming laugh. Her love for her parents, her tight hugs. The rivalry, the unending adoration for her brother. Fate’s hand among us, roused much too swiftly.

2004-06-23 07:07:44 – Netheus
I’m sorry randal.
2004-06-23 13:19:21 – WC
I’m sorry to hear about your friend randal. Although I didn’t know her, I know that you only helped make her life more comfortable and wonderful while she was alive. On a much lighter note – did you see that africa and europe are now linked by means of a Cantenna across the Straight of Gibraltar!! (and a directional yagii). Check out /. for more info. 🙂 Hope your week goes better.
2004-06-24 10:51:57 – Hellbent Rob
Randal, I’m terribly sorry to hear about Marilyn’s passing. I remember babysitting her a few times. I remember how darling she was as a toddler with the cutest little smile you could imagine. I remember that she would watch Disney movies for hours on end and that she watched "The Little Mermaid," so many times that it broke in the VCR. I can only hope that Dr. & Mrs. Motazedi can take comfort that their little girl is in a far better place, but I can only imagine their grief. 14 is much to young…
2004-06-26 17:17:03 – Netheus
Just saw Farenheit 9/11. Unabashedly left, but he never said it was going to be fair. However, he backs up what he says about Bush with evidence. Unlike Bush saying, "The reason why I say there is a connection between Iraq and Al Qaeda is because there is a connection between Iraq and Alqaeda," and the people suppossed to take that as enough evidence, Micheal Moore has past Interviews, a happy paper trail, and a few emotional outburst interviews to back up what he says. I’m not saying to trust everything he says, but at least he presents evidence to support his point of view instead of just saying that you should believe him because he says.
2004-07-01 10:52:31 – mark
I have a couple gmail invites left if anyone needs them. Let me know.
2004-07-01 14:45:22 – Mike Quigg
Hey i met marilyn on my cruise this past march and was shocked whne i was told about this yesterday. She was a very energetic and friendly girl that treated everone with respect. I wish the best for the family and close friends of the Motazedi family. She will be eternally missed by me and all of her friends on the cruise.
2004-07-01 17:25:53 – Master Ha-reed
Mark, If you really have no one to give them to – I’d take an invite. You might also consider sending them to [L=][/L], as I can guarantee the guys and girls overseas are more deserving than I am.
2004-07-02 10:09:11 – mark
I actually signed up and said I would give an invite out, but nothing has happened since then (a week ago or so). I was under the impression that they would contact me (since pretty much all they asked for was my email), but they have not. So, if you want one, just email me.
2004-07-03 05:00:10 – sisM
hey rand/Mark….i’d love a gmail invite. please??? pass on my email to mark.
2004-07-04 12:29:58 – WC
Hey everybody! Have a happy and safe 4th! -Craig

this site freakin blows

I really have no motivation to post anymore. I could go on about how the store is, the HPI deal, Tore’s incredible attitude & bullheadedness, James HotSex Adventures, Keen and I’s solving all of the worlds problems while talking on our porch, seeing a couple PHS people, meeting up with Laura at Phantom several times … but meh. Too much to type and I have zero impetus to do it. So here are some links, some of which are pretty scary. heh. [L=]HOTCYBARSEX WITH HOTMAMA[L] – hilarious cyber sex outtake. [L=]Random beligerent conversation[/L] – priceless. [L=]A FreeBSD Firewall Script.[/L] Don’t ask me. Things of note. 1. I was chatting with Nick the other day, and I linked him to a profile that was of the perfect girl. His first reply “does she keep her mouth shut?” I laughed heartily. And fuck anybody who doesn’t laugh. It’s a joke. Jesus. 2. I was late this morning and ended up going to work without a shower because Keen took a loooooong shower. So I feel dirty, because I am. That is all.

2004-06-20 09:41:25 – Siaokh
HAHAHAH Damn randal, there was one quote that stood head and shoulders above the rest: "rand0m: do you want me to cut you?" teh funnie. *Punch* -Tim
2004-12-11 09:17:21 – sktonh
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