Oakenfold etc.

So yesterday, I’m chilling here at work doing my thing, and Emily IMs me and says have fun at the concert. I’m thinking ‘the concert isn’t until saturday … [?]’ … well … it turns out that the concert was last night, and not saturday. So I rang up Tony and met up over at his place and then headed to Denver.

Showed up right at 8, parked, and stood in line for 20 minutes waiting to get in. Not as bad as the Sasha & Digweed willcall line, but still annoying. Got in, and it was bumpin. It was a completely different crowd than the S&D concert here in the springs :: Much more nightclub-ish, zero rave-ish. There were a *TON* of older & married couples there, which was a little freaky. Anywho, the music was decent — I think Oakenfold is overrated; he didn’t seem to have any insane abilities, and he didn’t mix anything that didn’t sound out-of-this-world spectacular. His style of tek is way, way different than Sasha & Digweed’s: a *whole bunch* of melody on top of a medium bassbeat. Different strokes, different folks. I had a good time, and I would definitely go again.

At the concert, Tony found Laura and her crew from CU. That was pretty cool. She brought along Matt Hix, Brook, Garret [sp?] and Jeanne McCartney. It was hella weird seeing Jeanne there — I don’t picture her at this kind of event at all; she said the same thing about me, though, so I guess we all have hidden goodness ๐Ÿ™‚ After the concert was over, we met up at the Denver Diner and chilled out till ~ 1:15, in which time I noticed that A) Matt isn’t so bad [;-)] B) Garret is quite smart and C) our waitress had a very annoying laugh ๐Ÿ˜› I think everybody had a good time. Got home and passed out around 3:30, then woke up at 7 to pick up Ben Chapin [Denver Steve’s brother] and take him to school because he had no other ride. So, here’s me on little sleep. Here’s to a good day ๐Ÿ˜€

Update: My left ankle is tender again [sigh], and my back is sore. Also, just found out that the tentative xmas plans in Utah are 12/15 to 01/03 … two and a half weeks? No fucking way — Especially not with a web.dev contract in there.

2001-11-28 10:04:30 – The Disco X
Disco X > Rand0m And many women have commented favorably on my earrings, they are not gay damnit!
2001-11-28 13:35:37 – Laura
my opinion on oakenfold: i wasn’t looking forward to the concert due to lack of intoxicants. we get in there, and some dude buys me a drink and the people behind up let us have some weed, and it was a fucking amazing concert. then again, most techno sucks unless you’re fucked up. Also, Garrett fucking rocks, but you spelled his name wrong and Brooke’s name has an e ๐Ÿ™‚ Garrett is also fucking gorgeous . alright, i’m going back to sleep, damnit.
2001-11-28 16:54:03 – tony
the club with oakenfold was excellent… anyone know of a good motherboard with nForce chipset?
2001-11-28 17:32:55 – red5
does html work in here? If not, go here randal: http://michaelhusson.com/mark/temp/rand0m.gif If you don’t want to use it, it wont hurt my feelings.
2001-11-28 18:00:06 – rand0m
Thanks for the effort, but that is tOoo busy.
2001-11-29 12:55:49 – Burnz
Try some soul coughing for the mp3otw. I recommend "Super Bon Bon" "disseminated" and "miss the girl". Methinks you will dig that shit like a mobster in the desert digs holes!
2001-11-30 03:14:02 – Laura
garrett sucks…ask me sometime when i’m sober…ack
2001-11-30 20:00:42 – red5
haha, i know what that means…
2001-12-01 02:22:10 – L-dawg
not like it’s any of anyone’s concern, but i am drunk again…i believe this make is the 4th night in a row that i have been wasted. yes, indeed, i am not too wasted right now…it’s all at different levels. people have left all their shit in my room…my friend chris ate all my cookies…fuck this. also, i am getting drunk tomorrow, as well, at ken’s house…that will make it five nights. this is a record for pinky…hehe. nighty night laura
2001-12-01 04:45:57 – Burnz
5 nights in a row huh? You are cute.
2001-12-01 04:55:30 – The Disco X
Laura, you are pathetic, I spent no less than a whole YEAR drunk in Korea.
2001-12-01 11:14:57 – Siaokh
And it shows
2001-12-02 19:01:15 – Master Ha-reed
hey laura, have fun in any riots this weekend?

and why it’s a good weekend

okay … wow, you know what? I start a lot of posts with either “so” or “okay” … right, onto business. Okay, friday night … did … I don’t know. Oh, that’s right, I stayed at home and posted on my website [duh]. Okay, so fast forward to saturday. Saturday was good. I spent the day with Steve [from Denver]. We went and saw Spy Game, which is a good movie, and then went over to his place and watched Firebirds :: a helicopter version of Top Gun.

So then I went downtown, and met up with Tore. And lo and behold, who was there!? Annie! Yup, that short little adorable blonde-haired blue eyed gal was at the perk. So Tore and Annie and I chilled downtown, and I finally got up the nuts to call up Emily and have her come look at Tore’s sexy body. And she did! We checked out that new coffee shop [next to Tequila’s], it was decent. Saw Laura and Matt [oakenfold-tix guy] in there too, which was cool. I got tooled when Janelle called my cell phone to talk to Tore … you know, she’s a great girl, but come on. Mad Gay. So, then after the coffee thing, Tore went home, and we [Emily, Annie, Laura, Matt & I] all went up to the Garden of the Gods Village Inn. Had a good time, and Laura got free pie! Score! We all left around … 2am? Drove Annie to her place up by the Chapel Hills Mall [which is a really, really nice place], and then got to enjoy a drive with Emily back to her place ๐Ÿ˜€ Dropped her off and headed home.

Woke up bright and early at 9am today, after a whopping 6 hours of sleep. Promptly ditched church and met up with Steve [yup, Denver Steve] and had a simply wonderful afternoon. Drank some coffee, talked a lot, chilled at my office [where I strutted my phat computer skillz ;-)], then went and got some amazing food over at The Ritz. It hit me again that Steve is not only a really, really great guy to be around, but he is also one of those valuable quality people.

While I’m thinking about it, I think I’ll put up some older articles, and maybe put in the archives section. Also, look for an updated sidebar, including the mp3otw, as well as maybe some other nifty stuff. Oh! And one last thing :: if anyone knows any kickass traffic lawyers, hook me up — I spent like 4 hours going through every possible loophole I could find, and only came up with a few small things. Hope everyone’s week is off at a good clip, starting sunday night ๐Ÿ˜€

2001-11-26 01:11:10 – tony
hey randal, thanks for calling saturday, not go fuck yourself
2001-11-26 01:22:48 – rand0m
now now, sweetums. we all know the following: tony + tore = not a good time I value seeing Tore a lot because I don’t see him very often at all. I see you often. Consequently, I don’t mind if I don’t see you for a day. Besides, don’t we have a date for saturday? *kisses*
2001-11-26 02:19:21 – The Disco X
man, jumping on me wasn’t exciting enough to mention?
2001-11-26 04:08:42 – Burnz
Tony, it would help if you didn’t suck. Sucking = no one calls you. Randal…you jumped on Disco? *shakes head in shame*. You coud do better man. I mean we all saw it coming but….Disco? Why not Hix? He is into that. Hell is had a whole fucking room dedicated to that. I like homosexuals that I doubt I will ever meet. Gay burning time!!!!!!!!
2001-11-26 11:45:13 – kurty
Randal, give Dan Kay a call, (719) 635-3611. He should be able to help you with your ticket trouble. I’m going to be giving him a call about my 98 MPH in a 65 MPH here pretty soon (thank goodness my snow-tires were keeping me below 100 MPH that day).
2001-11-26 23:38:19 – Laura
the hottest boy in my dorm is now asleep in my bed…of only rape was legal…hehe. also, randal, the oakenfold concert is tomorrow night (tuesday), so that means you need to go to denver tomorrow. also, i suggest someone else drive because you don’t want to have wasted all that ticket money when you get arrested.

and why the trip didn’t work.

Okay … since I’m lazy as shit, I’m going to just post what happened via this aim conversation I had. Names changed to protect the innocent [or not]. … … prepare to laugh at me for being a dumbass.
rand0m:so I’m driving down to Santa Fe
anonymous:um hum
rand0m:and I’m just outside of Aguilar
rand0m:when all of a sudden the honda’s engine catches on fire
rand0m:so I was like “oh shit!”
anonymous:on fire?!?
rand0m:so I slammed on the brakes
rand0m:but was losing control of the car ….
rand0m:so I popped open the door and jumped out.
rand0m:which was okay for me
rand0m:problem is, the honda kept going, and sailed right off a bridge.
rand0m:onto the road beneath … :-/
rand0m:where this chick in like a buick [not sure on this] hit it.
rand0m:so … she wrecked her shit with my already-wrecked shit
rand0m:and I went down there [down the embankment] and made sure she was okay and blah blah blah
rand0m:then the cops showed up
rand0m:of course
anonymous:oh my god!!!!
anonymous:that’s a bit serious
rand0m:so the cops are like “well son, you’re fucked”
rand0m:so I go in for questioning, and the cop writes me this fat ticket
anonymous:and you technically weren’t in the car at the time…

2001-11-24 09:42:01 – realbighead
I knew I shoulda picked up the police scanner to find you… anyways, dude, don’t worry about it, it’s chill. My dad needed an excuse to get out of the house anyways, what with my mom’s dinner-preparation-insanity. And I was back here before 7, so I wasn’t even really late. Oh yeah, and good luckwith court and stuff… hope there’s no hard time involved…gimme a call if you’re bored today for any reason (this includes everyone), cuz I go back tomorrow.
2001-11-24 19:38:26 – laughing-n-NY
Just to share in the family joy of torturing you…..Ha ha ha ha ha. God, I am soooo very glad that I am not the only fuck-up. I can just see the disapproval from the ‘rents, and do you smell smoke from rapid wild-fire-like spread of this new "gossip" to the family? Ha ha ha ha. Also…I ask….why where you heading there anyways? Gina does burn a decent turk. Oh, I suggest moving. Far, far, far away.
2001-11-24 20:19:34 – The Disco X
So when is your sister visiting Randall? I like her already.
2001-11-24 21:43:48 – red5
OK, you scared the shit outa me. Anyway, "moving downtown" Does that mean downtown Denver or Downtown Colo Sprngs, cause if its Denver, Fuck yeah! We can get drunk together all of the time, OR im looking for a place, so we could live together, but you don’t like me all that much, so n/m. Sorry bout all the shit dood…The judge will be nice…Im sure……um….
2001-11-25 03:15:34 – rand0m
… sadly enough, my sister is right :: the news has already spread half-way around the globe, and everyone already knows and blah blah blah. But … ya know, I just don’t care. I was heading to Santa Fe to pick up Tore and bring him back to the springs so he could have Thanksgiving with his family [he lives here in co.springs, goes to school in santa fe]. As for moving … it’s a possibility. And sorry mark … I’m probably staying in the springs – denver is waaay to big to live in without a car. and I’m doubting any judge-niceness. :-/
2001-11-25 13:08:31 – tony
my last run in with judge boba fett went like this…. judge fett: three tickets in one year! how do you explain this? dumas (that’s me, pronounced, dumb-ass): i got caught?!?
2001-11-25 15:02:23 – realbighead
ooh, what a surprise, Tony’s rehashing other peoples’ bad jokes as his own. And it’s only Judge B. Fett… no one knows whether he is actually an intergalactic bounty hunter. Besides, all he does is read out loud whatever the legal counsel wrote… And while we’re at it, what does your sister have against Turks… admittedly, they’re a-rabs, but jeez, is burning really the answer?
2001-11-26 01:10:36 – tony
hey tore, go fuck yourself

Santa Fe road trip

So I’m headed off to Santa Fe either tonight or tomorrow, depending on if anybody wants to come. Road tripping alone kinda sucks … so … if you have the desire to go to Santa Fe tonight, get completely trashed and come back home tomorrow night, let me know. Otherwise, if you want to go down early tomorrow morning and skip the getting bombed part and then come home tomorrow night, likewise, lemme know.

Had one of those real conversations with Emily last night … wow. Boy, that sure felt good … like, not being stupid or being techy, but just talking about stuff that’s important [to me] and just getting through it. I don’t know what she thought of it, but hey, I enjoyed it. Also, I was talking to Craig last night, and we have come to the realization that MSN Messenger rocks. That’s some fat shit: application sharing, whiteboard, all kinds of stuff. And while we were at it, I realized that I really, really, really suck at math now. Simple calculus proved quite daunting. In fact, I looked over one of my higher level math portfolios and wanted to cry. I am dumb now, and it hurts to know that I have fallen intellectually. [sigh] I used to think that doing copious amounts of math homework was waay better than any english essay, but now, I’d write a full length essay instead of doing 1 hardcore calc problem. At least I know I can write. Oddly enough, I can program really well, I can write really well, but I can’t do math anymore. :-/ Well, that’s that. Let me know if you want to trip to see Tore!

Update: Fine then, you whores, don’t post any comments! On another note, I got those Paul Oakenfold Tickets from matt. Thanks matt! w0o!

2001-11-21 00:19:25 – tony
boy oh wooo hooo, i’m drunk
2001-11-21 00:22:44 – tony
seriously folks, i am drunk it’s about 1:15 am here in waco texas, just got back from drinking with cousins here and i am tired… unfortunately, not too tired to care about what randal spoke about. you see, i too felt what randal mentioned, and that is why i signed back up for college! no lie, i signed back up for college because i felt my mental powers slipping away. insert your ass hearted comments here you low grade excuses for college plebians! anywho, i think as one of the visitors of this here website i commend randal for being forthwrite here, and i suggest randal pursue college! yes indeedy! (belchhhh) now where’s that bud light (belchhhh)
2001-11-21 00:27:31 – Tony’s Fucking Alarm Clock
4:00 am in Tony’s Room beep…. Beep…. BEep… BEEp…. BEEP…. BEEP… BEEP (*SMASH*) Carlos: Well that makes me feel way better! Clock Disabled JP: Burn baby burn John: What the shit? Jean: THANK GOD… two days straight can make Carlos even go mad!
2001-11-21 03:27:14 – Burnz
As the other drunken poster…or person that posts on this site I must say that there are things to be learned before you lock yourself into college. While I can’t seem to come up with any but the most remedial sentences I say that before you can fully throw yourself into braincell development, you have to kill more than a few. The difference between knowledge and wisdom is experience. Now dance little monkys dance for me….
2001-11-21 03:29:40 – Burnz
Oh and good for the thing with Emily. You have found the other thing women are good for…they know how to listen…and some of them (the ones I will alllow to live) can cook. So that is nearly three useful aspects, good for that gender. I mean really, gold star!!
2001-11-21 16:40:54 – The Disco X
Lol, just noticed the "Y-pie" thing up top.
2001-11-21 21:41:29 – boredladyM
Rand, What’s your MSN calling tag?
2001-11-21 22:39:28 – The Disco X
Gonna tell us anything or are you gonna let us worry?
2001-11-22 15:19:01 – tony
happy thanksgiving all you miscreants!

sasha & digweed

Yesterday was Saturday, and it was also the day that I attended my first rave. I can’t accurately describe to you how amazing it was. The non-stop rhythm combined with a sea of dancing people in a friendly, no stress, everyone-is-happy environment made it an event that I don’t think I will ever forget. I lost Tony pretty quickly once we got in (after waiting in the willcall line for an hour :-/). From there on out, it was me, the music and the crowd. I had a simply unbelievably good time. Carbon is this weekend, but I don’t think I’ll go; Oakenfold is in Denver on the 27th.

My body is just flat wore out … I feel like curling up and watching a video and doing nothing. I heard that it’s supposed to snow pretty hard tonight — that would definitely be cool. FYI, I don’t know exactly when we’re coming back :: I think wednesday afternoon / night is on the schedule. I hope everybody has a nice, relaxing, not intense sunday.

Update: Okay, so now that I’ve been awake a while and moved around, I have noticed a few things. 1) I’m mildly sore all over … not too bad. 2) I have a pounding headache. 3) I jacked my ankle somehow. It hurts like a motherfucker whenever I rotate it counter-clockwise. ouch. 4) My feet have a couple places that hurt :: this one’s obviously from the dancing, no biggie. Send your sympathy and love my way ๐Ÿ™‚

2001-11-18 17:36:06 – Laura
do you have dyed hair now, lots of neon jewelry, and are addicted to ecstacy?
2001-11-18 18:34:19 – rand0m
Fortunately, none of the above :: I guess I’m not a very good raver, huh? It was really weird … lots of people would walk by me uttering single word questions, like "Pills?" or "Acid?" or "X?" … and there were a lot of places where a group of people would just sit down in the middle of the floor. Quite odd. Whatever floats your boat — I had a good time.
2001-11-18 20:06:52 – Burnz
Sounds like everyone is dry these days. /me sets to turning the whole of northern Colorado upside-down looking for drugs. And you get used to the huge sit-ins and people making out all over the place, handing you beads or glow-sticks or lollipops randomly. You will however never adjust to having glitter thrown on you, and if you can get the name of one of those dumb bitches that always gets it in my eye I would pay dearly for the information so that I can wait outside her home with a bat and no ball.
2001-11-18 22:40:19 – marla
rand, I have the hookup. this is an interesting cyber-world you’ve created. Stop making fun of the geekpad.
2001-11-19 01:13:17 – The Disco X
who is marla, and why should we listen to her? btw randall, I had fun on my birthday, you should of been there, even keith got laid.
2001-11-19 08:55:42 – rand0m
marla is my sister in new york … I didn’t think she read my page, but hey, what the hell ๐Ÿ˜‰ As for your birthday … umm … I very seriously doubt that it was as good as the rave on saturday night. It was fucking crazy.
2001-11-19 09:30:51 – The Disco X
Getting Laid > Raving.
2001-11-19 10:00:18 – Burnz
HELLLLLLLLOOOOO marla. Do you have a enormous mouth also? And your mp3 OTW is old rand0m.
2001-11-19 12:03:54 – Laura
yo sista got the m4d hookup? shiiiiiitttttt….hehe. hello, randal’s sister. in the tradition of your mom, you should promptly believe that i am everything evil. proceed ๐Ÿ™‚
2001-11-19 12:45:42 – rand0m
I updated the sidebar with a new mp3otw and some links and other nifty stuff. and laura … sadly enough, too true :: you and my sister would probably get along pretty well — you evil satan worshippers bent on the destruction of all that is good are all the same ๐Ÿ˜‰
2001-11-19 14:20:43 – Laura
Shake that ass, Randal! Also, CU is going to kick Nebraska’s ass on Friday (knocks on wood).
2001-11-19 18:49:17 – dopey dawg
listen up children! all you that think cu will beat nebraska, raise your hands………………………………………………………………………… alright then! booya!
2001-11-19 20:35:54 – LadyM
Yep, I would agree that the yapper is equally if not larger than Rands. And yes, All of us "hellion’s" are hell-bent on destroying all morality, and then contemplating it while high. I must agree with the getting laid > rave. oh yea, never ever equate me with the monsterous mother. So, much info on you rand…you better keep me happy.
2001-11-19 21:18:04 – rand0m
yikes! [runs to the nearest corner and sits down moaning ‘nooo, nOooo!’]
2001-11-19 21:41:41 – The Disco X
Randall, is your sister good looking? And visiting soon? Please? I have a new tongue piercing I’m dying to try out.
2001-11-20 00:15:52 – Laura
dear god, james…i just threw up.
2001-11-20 04:18:47 – Burnz
Sounds like sis got all the good genes computer boy. And Disco, imagine a woman with a maw that is by her own admission as large if not larger than rand0m’s. It would be like dating a jack-o-lantern for fucks sake.
2001-11-20 07:14:29 – The Disco X
That’s a good thing, maybe she can take it all, laura always just chokes and throws up.
2001-11-20 10:33:55 – rand0m
you guys are some sick fucks.
2001-11-20 15:07:31 – The Disco X
2001-11-25 16:52:11 – randal
2001-11-25 16:53:17 – I AM A DUMBFUCK

movie, concert and more!

Sooo … I can’t believe I did it, but I went out last night and saw “Harry Potter and the Sorceror’s Stone” … Laura invited me along [thanks laura!] and since I had nada else to do, I went. I am glad I did … it was a pretty good move, though I don’t know if it was worth my $8. Janelle and all of her friends were there, and I spoke to her for a minute; it isn’t so hot that the heartache returns so quickly [sigh]. She looks fantastic, if a little worn/tired, and was pretty nice … heh, I wonder what she thought of me and my lame-attempt at facial hair combined with a my monstrous mouth. Huh. … makes me wonder what anyone thinks of it ๐Ÿ˜›

On the menu today is … maybe go get some grub from not at home, chill downtown for a while, and then attend the Sasha & Digweed concert with Tony and Mike. If you’re interested, you should most definitely come; I hear it’s gonna rock.

2001-11-17 15:51:55 – realbighead
hey randal, wanna implement checking on the e-mail addy so that we don’t get as much immense retardation as in that last thread? Anyone who wants to hang out while I’m in the springs, gimme a call sometime between Wednesday night and Sunday morning; I’ll probably go insane if I have too much family time, so please try to help me escape. Oh, and randal, shoot me an e-mail or IM if you want my number down here (or directions). Wurd, b’s.
2001-11-17 20:59:36 – Laura
tore, i’m hanging out with you sometime…that’s a fucking order.
2001-11-18 01:59:04 – GrooveMan
Man.. I just got back from seeing Harry Potter. I loved it… it was so good. The movie rocked… and so did the book. So go see and read this great Story!! God, I can wait for Lord of the Rings ๐Ÿ˜‰
2001-11-18 02:31:12 – The Disco X
hey Randall! Blow me! Tore: low me Craig: blow me Burnz :blow me. Liqqqqqid night, : you’d enjoy that too much emily,blow me Laura, get you nastyu lips away. tony: nblow me tiwice tim:L blow yourself. mike, get off the blow this message brought to you by the hearthrrob, gettin james drunk since 01 2001.
2001-11-18 11:58:52 – Burnz
/me considers coming down Wednesday. Should I bother….?
2002-08-05 12:37:58 – CaptnSpectacular
Are you gonna know if i post a message from a post this long ago? Randal SUCKS!

coffee card, wired wednesday

Okay, so I go in to get some coffee at the perk the other day [which is absolutely not unusual :-P] and I go to get my coffee card. This time, it’s there. So I get it out, and as I’m looking at it, some sweet soul wrote me a little note on my card. That makes me feel so good … it almost goes back to message-carrying-pigeon days … but yea, someone wrote me a little hello on there, and it just made me feel good. Can’t really explain it.

Went out last night … played a round of LQ with James and Dave, and thoroughly got ass reamed. blah. Then we met up with Tony over at Wired Wednesdays, located @ Party Zone. The music was kickin ass, and there were a lot of hotties, but James brought a harsh realization to bare :: sub-21 chicks are not looking for anything. They don’t go out to a club with any intention other than hanging out with their girlfriends, then going home and having a slumber party. I mean … trying to find a woman among all the girls [especially with me being 19] is completely pointless. I’m thinking I’ll start hitting on 25+ year old women and see where that gets me. Probably not far, but hey, it’s worth a shot.

In other news, I am in the process of landing a web design contract :: proposing a bid of $9k in an e-mail right now; we’ll see how the buyer takes it and hopefully [!!!] get it. That would be awesome.

Oh! Another thing. First off strawberry-rhubarb pie rocks!!! and second off, hash browns topped with a country gravy / sausage mix is just fucking unbeatable. yummmm ๐Ÿ˜€

Geekpadite Update: OMG a double header!!! Two juicy things today. Through the grapevine, I heard that the Craigmeister quit his job at VoiceStream. I don’t know why, but I saw that one coming a mile away :: at least he struggled through the shitty jobness longer than I did. And another thing! Apparently Tim is moving out of TheGeekPad. That kinda sucks, cuz I probably won’t see him much anymore. Hrm. He has AIM though, so not all is lost ๐Ÿ˜€

2001-11-16 00:29:09 – Siaokh
Yes, yes… It’s true, I am moving out of the geekpad. A new place, closer to work… rent is slightly cheaper and the place has a hot tub… w00t. I’ll definatley still be around to pester and annoy everyonee… you think you can get rid of me so easily? HAH! I’m already in the process of building a computer to act as a file server for the new place, and plans of networking the house are dancing in my head like sugar plums or something. t’ll still have a geeks touch with a party atmosphere. But enough rambling, it’s time for bed. Damn the early work of corporate america. And if you brag to me about going to the digweed /sasha concert…. i’ll wash your eyes out with turpentine! (have fun at the concert whom ever got tickets… lemme know if there are still some available… i kinda wanna go, but lack the motivation to purchase tickets). -Tim
2001-11-16 16:33:43 – t-bar and the love-stain
going to see warren miller’s cold fusion tonight, get some free passes and shite… see some fine snow bunnies, although without the cold, not as pointy, likesay… get to see these wierd ass twins from wisconsin or something doing their yearly video of skiing down a makeshift ski jump… later
2001-11-17 02:09:18 – el nino y dos gardenies
so, went to see warren miller’s 52nd movie. it was the bomb. definitely fuel for my snowboarding fire. i decided i’m not going snowboarding this weekend, but probably mountain biking, and then it’s on to the sasha digweed show with randal y mike. after that, it’s off to sunny texas for 5-6 days of gorging myself on food sex and alcohol. provided by my grandmother. well, not the sex at least. I’m probably gonna hit up some deposits up in dallas i’ve been saving for a rainy day. tracy, mandy, natalie, and this fine ass chick amanda. tell you all about it when i get back. here’s to a fine ass time at the concert!
2001-11-17 04:24:21 – Burnz
Made up women and the names of centerfolds that you jack off to count not for sex.

sunday night ramblings

So it’s Sunday night, and it has been a rather uneventful weekend. I don’t think I did anything friday night. I don’t remember … too much blurs together now. Saturday, though, I met up with Tim and went and saw “Heist” … decent movie, but I’d wait for it to come out on video. Supposedly Sasha & Digweed are coming to town on the 17th, so I need to buy some tickets for that. I also need to buy those Oakenfold tix from Matt. And I need to grab ahold of Tore, who doesn’t respond to e-mail and isn’t on aim, to figure out the thanksgiving trip schedule :: I’m going down there to pick him up. If anyone wants to go, lemme know.

On another note, it feels like things are just blah now. Life is going well, I make enough money, I have a few decent friends, I’m generally pleased, but it just seems like I’m missing something. No, it’s not god, so don’t say it. I’m just missing the special something that puts a sparkle in my eye, the levity in my step. Maybe it’s the whole downer-ness that’s been running around, what with Burnz’ terrible dilemma’s, my continued self-beatings, the never-ending battle of [unsuccessfully] crossing social classes … sometimes it all just gets boring. No, not boring. Rather, it all gets kind of stale. It’s not enjoyable, it’s not fun, it’s not rewarding. It’s sad :: I *like* to work 14 hours a day, because it’s one of the few things I enjoy. I just need that something, and I don’t know what it is.

Finally, I want to take a few lines and sincerely thank all of the people who have sacrificed themselves on the altar of freedom :: be it from laboring in the armed forces to giving up their lives for my peace of mind, the veterans of the United States of America are symbolic of the core that drives this nation. My deepest gratitude and undying respect flow forth not only today, but every day. I would hope that all people, despite their political leanings, agendas or personal philosophies, would recognize the astounding accomplishments that the heros of this country have made.

2001-11-11 23:11:42 – The Disco X
Thanx Randall.
2001-11-12 00:04:38 – tony
I don’t really consider myself part of the defense effort for having worked at a defense contractor, but let me just say this… Cleaning Classified email attachments off servers from when dumbshits send them accidentally is a big pain in the ass.
2001-11-12 03:48:46 – LikwidNyte
Laura and I worked with a defense contractor. We made sure that manuals that satellite operators and so fourth were more pople friendly. That way, if there was a big problem, people would be able to access information quicker. So, basically, Laura and I saved your lives! oh, and Randal, I’ll be home next Sat, so that will probably be the easiest. If it’s possible, I’d love to meet you sometime that day (though, I don’t know what hours yet I’ll be working) so I can get that money deposited. As of now, I don’t know if you sent something whether or not it would get up here before I left for break because our post offices have been closed for a faux anthrax scare, and will be opened when things have gotten run through!!! aniwaise, that’s that…thanks for the Episode II trailer.
2001-11-12 08:45:03 – The Disco X
Matt, you worked at honeywell too? And I actually was a sattelite operator :p
2001-11-12 16:57:55 – satellite
not sattelite, but satellite
2001-11-12 21:09:32 – The Disco X
You obviously don’t know that much about SATTELITE communications if you don’t know about that old joke, so piss off you anal retentive fucko. I was seeing if Laura and Matt knew enough about it to recognize that.
2001-11-13 02:54:21 – Laura
i learned how to spell satellite from dave matthews band… and most ten year olds know how to spell it too. not a very funny joke, if that’s what it was.
2001-11-13 07:52:43 – batmanuel
James. Please. Enlighten us as to the connotation of your joke? Also, this just in. Grand Theft Auto 3 is the most addictive game that has ever graced the surface of my retinas. My cones and rods pulsate with sleep-deprived goodness every time I grab a big-ass vehicle and pursue my objet’s desire with vigor and passion. Hence, I kill things with a city bus and get the fbi to come after me. There really is nothing like shooting down police helicopters with a bazooka (At least in fantasy land alright, because I would NEVER condone anything like that in real life. . . THAT IS CROSSING THE LINE, I AM NOT FOR SHOOTING DONE PLANES WITH BAZOOKAS) Also, Computer Science class licks the ugly gash!
2001-11-13 09:52:08 – The Disco X
If your going to post something, at least have the balls to let us know who you are, so that I can beat the crap out of you when I see you if you piss me off. And Laura, Matt, if you were manual people, then you should know about the first 3 editions of DISA Circular 800-1?
2001-11-13 10:57:02 – Laura (speaking for laura and matt)
no, we shouldn’t, because we don’t care. we just made lots of money and took long lunches. the end. and, apparently, you actually have no idea how to spell satellite. gay dance music rocks!
2001-11-13 12:10:28 – The Disco X
Okay, I’ll tell you, it’s an old joke amongst people who work in satellite (yes I know who to fucking spell it) communciations and network control. The first three editions of DISA circular 800-1 (commonly refered to as the SATCOM Bible) spelled satellite as sattelite. So now over teletype or computer orderwire communications, it’s type out as sattelite. That field has a lot of eccentric people in it, like me for one. What kind of a loser goes around to message boards and corrects other peoples spelling?
2001-11-13 15:20:08 – Burnz
In answer to that Disco, Tore and Randal. Get real lives…I love acting like I have room to talk.
2001-11-14 01:15:07 – realbighead
hey now, I forum lurk to be contentious, too; it’s not just grammar.
2001-11-14 04:22:45 – vehicular homicide
alright, for those of you that do not know there is this game out called grand theft auto 3, and unfortunately for those of us without jobs and little time at school, this presents a very addictive situation… hi, my name is ‘vehicular homicide’ and i’m a grand theft auto addict. sniff
2001-11-14 09:30:31 – realbighead
this guy’s like 1 part craig and 2 parts 12-year-old…oh wait, that’s just 3 parts craig. oops. How did I manage to turn the new guy into an insult against Craig…
2001-11-14 10:49:18 – Burnz
I don’t think he is new. I think he is Tony. If he isn’t, then I win the insult game, because you just can’t get lower than Tony and still be likening them to any vertebrate.
2001-11-14 11:07:56 – The Disco X
Good thing he hasn’t identified himself if he is tony, tony is on the verge of deserving a beating himself, can’t quite remember why though.
2001-11-14 12:42:50 – realbighead
tony’s a vertebrate? I thought hobbits had exoskeletons…
2001-11-14 17:15:37 – protozoa
yo! why you all gotta be dissing the invertebrates!
2001-11-14 17:52:44 – Burnz
Tore, you are thinking of women, not hobbits. Hobbits indeed have a notocord and thus rank as the lowest form of semi-upright spine containmented thingys, you know?
2001-11-15 02:05:04 – Laura
i REpreSENT that comment…hehe. the last time i looked, there was no exoskeleton. i’ll look again.

misc & spam

So this morning [friday] was one of those “reminisce-and-hate-myself but realize-that-life-goes-on” mornings … hit me really bad while I was taking a shower. I hate it when that happens.In general I mean … the shower is immaterial ๐Ÿ˜‰ I am noticing, however, that they happen less and less — A Good Thing I suppose.

I didn’t go to Denver today. I am so glad. Too much of goddamn Denver recently … I mean, it’s a happening place, and it’s always fun, but it’s so far away, and the driving and the gogogogogo … sometimes it’s just too much. I might go up there tomorrow and spend saturday and sunday. not a bad idea … hrmm …

Do you know someone who needs reliable winter transportation that will last a long time but doesn’t look so hot? Well, if you do, point them to me :: I have a white 1982 Toyota 4×4 for sale. ~25k on a *new* motor, less 10k on a new tranny … extremely well maintained. Asking $3.5k, negotiable — 964.4504 or e-mail me. Thanks.

Can you believe that I recieved 73 pieces of spam from friday, 12:01am until friday 11:59pm!? That’s fucking rediculous. Seriously, I have wasted just over 85 *MB* of disk space on spam. That’s a lot of goddamn bullshit e-mail. Sure, I have it set up so that all the spam is auto-redirected straight to the trash, but jesus, that’s a lot of wasted bandwidth and time. I am really considering just filtering out whole domains … it’s fucking whack … I should just Shut That Shit Down (new catch phrase :-D)

Update: There is a new Starwars Episode 2: Attack of the Clones trailer running around on the internet, which I handily snagged — it is available right here: rand0m.org/misc/ep2_mysterydvd_480.mov :: 12.8MB. I haven’t seen it yet, though, cuz I’m on dial-up :: enjoy! Tonight I’m gonna go see “Heist” after chilling at the perk. ‘night

2001-11-10 02:02:49 – Laura
The Rules of Romance, according to Laura 1. Don’t sleep with James or Dave, ever 2. Don’t sleep with most people in Colorado Springs 3. Removal of clothing does not = foreplay and better not make me want to thorw up 4. You better let me be done before you. Let’s just leave it at that. this may explain their lack of long term relationships….and thus bitching. also, to add to the incubusness. they didn’t come out and sign anything, but when i went backstage, i saw no doubt just chillin, it was cool as hell. they’re all so hot!
2001-11-10 02:29:45 – The Disco X
Try getting a sense of humor laura, it would do you well, and might contribute to a guy sleeping with you because he genuinely liked you, instead of because you were there and willing. And I have never had a lack of long term relationship when I wanted it. My last two have actually bveen ruined by the female in question, mainly because 95% of women are flaky. I’m usually lucky and get the stable ones, but not always.
2001-11-10 02:31:59 – The Disco X
Darnit randall, when are you gonna do the edit thing, that came out a lot more bitter than I intended.
2001-11-10 10:57:34 – rand0m
sorry … the authentication thing was buggy as fuck … I’m rewriting it, so comment editing will be back [sometime]. And I like the whole ‘shutting down’ thing … it just … I don’t know, makes me feel powerful ๐Ÿ˜‰ hahahahaha … sOo, what’s everyone up to this fine saturday?
2001-11-10 15:08:21 – The Disco X
And laura, who says I would sleep with you? As soon as I get mine, I’m taking off to sleep in my own bed, not the sleazy hotel you suggested.
2001-11-10 15:55:01 – tony
i am hungover in alamosa i would sleep with laura, only, i’m not kermit or craig james, teach me kendo randal, shut that shit down janelle, stop work, enjoy high school annie, stop the smack craig, you snowboarding? steve, you lucky bastard cosmosmoon, first name? tore, break down, and buy randal’s truck mike, tony has sasha ticket, you should go! spammers, fuck off
2001-11-10 17:12:07 – The Disco X
sorry tony, I have a religous objection to teching the methods of violence Try the dojo’s around the area.
2001-11-10 17:12:30 – The Disco X
and you’ve meet cosmomoon
2001-11-11 09:30:26 – Laura
James, if i had 7 eyes and a third arm, you’d still sleep with me ๐Ÿ˜› baaaa!
2001-11-11 12:09:58 – cosmosmoon
Tore, it’s Emily. I’m absolutely hurt that you don’t know me…..
2001-11-11 12:18:33 – cosmosmoon
sory Tore/Tony….am tired and have therefore given up intelligence.
2001-11-11 14:07:30 – The Disco X
HA! James only goes after the most beautiful women he can, which is why he is dissapointed most of the time.
2001-11-11 15:29:48 – The Disco X
oh my http://www.laurianna.com/laurianna/view.asp?ID=2030002560
2001-11-11 17:40:50 – Laura
james, dave doesn’y count as a beautiful woman ๐Ÿ™‚ emily, sorry bout the incubus concert. i didn’t get your IM until too late. sheep
2001-11-11 18:43:16 – cosmosmoon
s’okay, I had a wonderful time working in the computer lab instead…..

concert, today

So I went to the Incubus concert last night with Laura, who was sick. We loaded up all her shit into my car, and drove down there … before that, though, I had been informed that there might not be two tickets. So … we got there and found some peepz selling their’s, so we bought 2, and then sold one to some guy [who was “hottt”]. Went into the concert and it was hoppin. The band was really good … the lead guy can really sing, the one guitar guy had big-ass hair, and the mixing guy was the shit. The whole night, though, all I heard was “look at him, no shirt, he’s sOooOooo hot!” … all the teeny-boppers were going goddamn nuts over the singer guy. To each their own … I just went crazy over all the chicks ๐Ÿ˜‰

Anywho, Laura and I chilled up in the front pit for like 25 minutes, but then I had enough, cuz it was fucking brutal … people getting knocked down and stepped on, beat up, crowd surfers falling on their heads … I headbutted Samantha Grabowski [teh grabbar! (inside joke)] … she was there, but she didn’t recognize me. Laura and I talked to her in the back for a while … she completely ignored me cuz … well, I’m me … Laura went back up to the front, and I chilled in the middle. It was fun, but Incubus isn’t my type of music … I think the Orbital concert fit me a lot better than this one. I’m really glad I went though :: I had a great time ๐Ÿ˜€

2001-11-09 12:58:22 – The Disco X
Isn’t that the redhead you were drooling over when you were in high school?
2001-11-09 14:01:13 – rand0m
nope … Samantha Garrett was not a redhead, and I only drooled over her for a while. The Grabbar is a 5’2" wanna-be-hippy chick who thinks she’s really smart but isn’t, and consequently has a massive arrogancy complex.
2001-11-10 13:03:19 – rev
if you liked orbital, you should go to: -sasha and john digweed @city aud on nov 17 -carbon@city aud on nov 23 both are gonna be hella awesome