WBC/GSA Pics, DNS/Network Madness, Servers

So I went to the WBC/GSA Protest ([L=http://rand0m.org/gallery.php?gid=17]62 Photos[/L]) this morning at ~7:25am. Incredibly, as I was leaving the house I ran into Jacob, who is in the first photo. We walked around, I took a ton of photos, and we had a pretty decent time. Eventually we ran into Danny Dolan (yes, Brian Dolan’s brother!), and walked around with him tooI was pretty surprised at how few WBCers there were, and even more aghast that they bring their 3-8y/o kids with them. I was also surprised at how many police, SWAT and media were there. Here are a couple notes: [b]+[/b] WBC should just disband already – outnumbered at least 20:1 [b]+[/b] People need to stop blocking my photos [b]+[/b] A female priest is not referred to as ‘mother,’ but instead ‘preacher’ [b]+[/b] I was telling Danny to move as he was “ruining my composition,” and inadvertently insulted former Mayor Makepeace. Apologized & cleared things up, then got a photo with her 🙂 [b]+[/b] The police hate having their photos taken [b]+[/b] Why didn’t girls/teachers look like that when I was at PHS? I had some wild network madness happen on Wednesday morning. Basically somebody aimed their DNS at one of our Colo’d customers DNS servers, and it soaked up 20+mbps of bandwidth. I’ll have an article on it here in a little bit. – [b]update[/b] – [L=http://rand0m.org/articles.php?aid=nn-03112005]Network Nightmare – DNS Psuedo-DDoS[/L]. Ever since my primary employer started selling managed & unmanaged servers our business has gone haywire. I’ve had to order 4 servers in the past 10 days. Unfortunately, it takes Dell at least 5 days to bill/prep/ship the server and sometimes that it is just too much lead time :-/ Oh well, at least setting up new servers keeps me busy :-).

2005-03-11 23:07:03 – jrdn
WBC needs to die… didnt the bible say that gays are wrong, but are not to be condemned and hated? That we are to tolerate all people? Seems WBC blows ass at reading. Maybe they should go back to the first grade.
2005-03-13 01:34:45 – Master Ha-reed
I am proud of myself for reading that article and understanding ~ 90% without looking anything up. Apparently CISCO Networking Academy was good for something, after all.
2005-03-13 01:36:31 – Master Ha-reed
Speaking of Cisco Networking Academy, in case Bryce is reading… Just throw your hands in the air like you just don’t care