How you go?

Wow, I had a pretty busy weekend. Being a definite departure from the norm, I am glad that it didn’t suck. The quick gist … I didn’t do much on Saturday … in fact, I don’t really remember satur-Day, I remember saturnight [yuk yuk], cuz a bunch of us went out and saw Monty Python & The Holy Grail at Tinseltown’s midnight movie. It rocked – Steve, Nick & Eric came down from Denver to see it, and Tony and Craig and Jared made appearances too — it was a good time ๐Ÿ˜€ After that, the denver guys and I went up to steve’s place … got to sleep around 5am, woke up a little after 10:30, and started to LAN. My box is a peice of shit, and didn’t like being in Denver. That seems to be the general consensus – take my box out of co.springs, and it stops working. Period. A format / reload there didn’t fix it, so I said fuck it. Anyhow, a lot of people were there, and everyone had a good time – I’m glad I went :-). I left Steve’s place around … what, 9:30? and went to Boulder to see Laura. Showed up there and met a handful of her friends [props to Scott, Drew, Claire, Kirk & Kevin if they ever read it!] — I’m sure she thought me uncomfortable around her people, but I wasn’t really: they’re all nice, I’m nice, we got along pretty well. Got completely fucked up in Laura’s dorm room with her and a couple other people. I don’t remember falling asleep, really, just waking up. After that, went back to Steve’s, fucked around for a while, then came back to the springs for class and whatnot. Got my computer running last night, but it’s not up-to-snuff yet, still pretty broken — and I lost about 70% of my mp3s … ahh well. And that was my weekend. No sex, no rioting, not even any gaming — just good times with good people. [b]Update[/b]: Okay, I got this in my e-mail the other day — it’s a real uplifter ๐Ÿ™‚ [i]About the site don t remember how I found it, but I think it was through a random (ha ha) search on google about a couple of weeks ago. It really do like the site though, and hit it at least twice daily in hopes that there s something new to read. It has inspired me to get off my ass and finally code that damn website for my city s AYSO soccer region … After I finish that one, I m gonna make my own website similar to yours, I hope, what with the daily log and all. Thanks for the inspiration [/i]

2002-01-22 19:00:01 – t
randal, we gonna have poker night this friday night… and you’re invited
2002-01-22 19:07:01 – rand0m
wow, wildly off topic … who’s hosting?
2002-01-23 02:21:58 – Laura
no props to laura, who definitely rocks….but yeah, randal kinda feel asleep on my floor…and woke up and was good. and i wasn’t uncomfprtable, the rock. i was more uncomfortable that they wouldn’t like you….but everyone was good….yay for alcohol. my friend jeremy ("the new garrett") is puking now because he drank too much. poor baby. he has to run with the marines at 7:15 in the morning…awwwww….we’re roadtripping to DC and NYC for spring break! alright, drunk laura is going to bed…night night
2002-01-23 06:42:26 – Burnz
Oh sure, I am off that day, I could come party in Boulder….oh wait I wasn’t invited, I just got the drunken IM saying that I should have come. People are stupid, I know, but I expected better.
2002-01-23 10:06:50 – rand0m
if anybody IM’d you on sunday night it was laura … I was not coherent enough to type. [w3rd!] yes, we’re dumb. sorry.
2002-01-23 14:18:38 – AOLMAN
2002-01-23 18:02:47 – tony
Hey, I’m taking 21 hours right. And the only 2 classes I have on fridays are CalcIII and Physics. In light of the fact that I can take Calculus III online and don’t actually have to be there, whereas I DO have to be in Physics, I am strongly considering dropping this. What do you guys think? Should you drop a class just so you can skip fridays and go snowboarding?
2002-01-23 18:36:53 – Burnz
You’d lose what, like 3 class hours from Calc? Big freaking deal. Drop that shit and snowboard. Oggle some bunnies, use words like "binding" and "Japan Air" and "Sponsored".
2002-01-23 19:39:34 – Laura
21 hours = = stupid. also, we did not know you were off, matt. next time, we will make it point, if there is a next time…muhahahaha.

The Plan

Went out and saw Monty Python & The Holy Grail – it was simply brilliant [still]. Steve, his roommate Nick and friend Eric came down from Denver to catch the flick, which is really neat — I followed them back up here to Denver, where I’m staying the night so we can LAN all day Sunday … then, Sunday night, I’m supposed to head to Boulder to party with Laura, and then I don’t know what on Monday — I have class at 5:20pm, so I have to get back in town with some sort of punctuality … other than that, not much interesting stuff has been happening. I’ll put up some webcam pics from the party in the morning [around 10?] … and tell all of you about the no-doubt-to-be crazy partying in Boulder tonight. ๐Ÿ˜€

Update: Okay, for some reason, my computer is being a complete fucking retard. I have absolutely no idea what is wrong with it, but it sucks. The worst part is that I have over 15GB of files I’d like to hang on to … so I can’t just format/reinstall here at the LAN. This blows. I hope to get really, really, really drunk. Please god.

2002-01-20 14:22:43 – Disco X
Randall, going to the SPLAT lan on feb 2?
2002-01-20 14:43:05 – Laura
I would like to forwarn anyone coming up here to party, that the partying has sucked recently, so we’ll probably just be drinking in my dorm…yeah
2002-01-22 01:52:21 – red5
howd the party/drinking go? i would like to know
2002-03-01 14:55:03 – asdf
asdfsdf ‘D

couple new stuffs

oof. so tired. not “depressed and life sucks” tired, but “happy productive wore out” tired. Although things aren’t even close to the best possible conditions, what with life spinning wildly under who knows’ control, I feel like I am really back. No longer fishtailing madly around the unexpected curves — not more “control” though … things are just better. I think I am now a wiser, better me. But I am me.

I have decided that my current schedule is a bad one. I go to sleep way too late, wake up late, and then feel all whack because there’s not much to do from ~7pm till 1am on weekdays. I have put on a lot of weight [:-( :-(] – I am thinking I just might start waking up at 6 am to go work out, go to work, do school, and then be asleep by 10pm. That sounds so adult though … agreed, I don’t want to be old, but their schedule, offendingly enough to my young sensibilities, makes things seem a lot more accomplish-able.

Update: Wow, I slept a lot last night. Quite the good change from only a couple hours of good sleep a night ๐Ÿ˜‰ Had a whack ass dream that involved the movies, me, 2 guys and a showdown fight in the bathroom … I won … but I don’t really remember much about it. Umm … There are more logos put in under the Logo Contest — I’ll tell you, there are some talented people out there on the net.

Plans for tonight — Monty Python and the Holy Grail is playing at Tinseltown as the midnight movie; I am fully intending on going, so if you’d like to come too, hit up my cell ๐Ÿ™‚

2002-02-27 01:09:35 – asdfasfd

wednesday. and stuff. titles suck.

yummm, Cold pizza in the morning … scrumptious.

Update: I bought books this morning. Total Damage: $327.68 And three of the four purchased books were used. I feel violated. :-/.

Update: There are more logos in the Logo Contest check them out! On an aside, a little voting thing for those would be pretty cool. [looks into this]

2002-01-16 09:19:13 – realbighead
wurd up to that. oh, and nova: FIRST POST!!!!!!!1!!!11!111 rtooflelol
2002-01-16 18:41:26 – mc17
yess… voting. good. and your php ass could do it rather simply… no?
2002-01-16 21:44:51 – rand0m
yup. don’t we all know that I’m god *cough* when it comes to computers?
2002-01-16 22:55:02 – Burnz
Nova, 4 in. You are the post bitch this time. Bend over.
2002-01-16 23:36:31 – tony
Now see, the logos, this is too fucking easy, cuz, i’m sure as hell not submitting one. You see, what’s easy is, they are all shite, pure fucking shite! dude, you want a logo, just write HPI in some fucking font. that’s it. modern… progressive… whatever the fuck that, and i hate my roommates, well, a few of them, okay, jp cuz he keeps leaving meat in the god damned kitchen fucking sink and john, that kike cunt doesn’t know what’s coming
2002-01-16 23:59:33 – rand0m
hahaha, "kike" … I haven’t heard that word in forever.
2002-01-17 15:43:40 – t
actually the new logo by andy cho looks good
2002-01-17 17:17:52 – Laura
i really only like mark’s…the other one’s look like a bunch computer nerd 17-25 years olds put them together. oh, wait…..damn. and there’s one by OC that looks good, but i don’t know what it was.
2002-01-17 19:05:11 – rand0m
I was talking to Mark and I said the *exact same thing* I was like … man, I like yours mark. And that OC guy’s logo, with the blue and yellow … those are both good. I’m just glad to get a slew of quality submissions ๐Ÿ™‚
2002-01-17 19:10:43 – mark
aww….shucks. You guys…
2002-01-17 20:11:59 – t
well, marc’s logo is okay, only it looks like a blatant ripoff of the HP (hewlett packard) logo and oc’s first one also looks like a blatant ripoff
2002-01-17 22:57:05 – t
all right, i stand corrected mark’s logo IS NOT a blatant ripoff of HP’s logo, and that logo would be my second choice ( maybe a different color scheme though )
2002-01-17 22:58:21 – realbighead
actually, oc’s first logo (I believe) is quite similar to the Gazette’s logo. So not merely is it derivative, but it’s derivative of modern societal evil. Again, haven’t seen the gazette in a while, so I’m not totally sure, but if it’s not that, it’s another newspaper-type thing.
2002-01-18 00:01:54 – Mr. Sugar
Hey, I take offense to the logo’s all being shit! :). I worked hard on those. Hopefully my new ones will be up soon. They are more simplistic.
2002-01-18 00:09:46 – rand0m
[holds a sign that says "mat" on it up to chest, lays down on floor] yea yea yea … I’m uploading them now ๐Ÿ˜‰
2002-01-18 00:11:01 – rand0m
oof, I just looked at them, and they’re too big right now — I’d resize and upload, but I have no photoshop on my laptop: they’ll have to wait till mornin’
2002-01-18 02:23:16 – mark a.k.a. Red5
Thanks tony. I actually did think to myself that it looked similar, but then i realized that of course it did, you cant have lower case hpi and lower case hp not look the same… could, but..whatever. Thanks for saying that tho, it was bothering me all night ๐Ÿ˜‰ AND HERE is the logo that randal wont put up because hes a pussy, however i think it is my best work yet.
2002-01-18 14:45:50 – Master Ha-reed
Excellent… who wouldn’t want an ISP that would scare the fuck out of them??
2002-01-18 15:21:11 – Mickey
2002-01-18 20:27:17 – realbighead
dance dance revolution has proven that I am the un-whitest suckah around. Though I have yet to conquer the mighty "AzN kANdY kID" mode, I am still a god among pasty white nerdly men. And yes, we’re using the pad controller that makes you look retarded while playing.
2002-01-18 21:24:11 – some kid
i want an isp that scares the fuck outa me.

Logo News, and misc. cool stuff

Okay, the Logo Contest now has it’s own page – hopefully I’ll get a whole slew of submissions so that I won’t get “wow, your cards look cheap” anymore. Again, it’s $50, so make one and send it in ๐Ÿ™‚

In other news, I had a review thing-a-ding this morning, and it went really well. The company officers love me and are striving to make sure that I stay around. I’m stoked. Not only did I get to voice my opinion and whatnot, I got more stock! wOo! Also, get this – a while ago, we ditched the leases on a couple servers because we were paying waaay too much for them; it turns out that on one of the servers, the leasing company has no record of the server. There’s a damn fine chance that we’ll get another server back for a whopping $1.00! That’ll be handy as hell. Also! Tony is working at Emergent now for sure. That’s pretty cool – being unemployed sucks cock. [jabs steve with finger]

Update: Thought I’d give an update on school … Economics looks to be an easy class, which is good ๐Ÿ™‚ … Poli.Sci is taught by a staunch leftwinger who, oddly enough, spouts libertarian idealogy continuously – that’ll be great fun – and my Speech class is taught by this dude who’s really dramatic. That’ll be a fun class, especially with all the theatre chicks who are in there ๐Ÿ˜› I’ll have some more juice after my Business class tonight.

2002-01-15 15:24:19 – Disco X
if anyone is going to the concert at the underground tonight, I’ll be there as a bouncer.
2002-01-15 16:05:30 – rand0m
concert? Who’s playing? I bet they suck. At least you could let me in free… that’s cool.
2002-01-15 16:52:20 – Laura
aren’t the dead kennedys (reformed without jello) playing? or was that some other night. i suggest you don’t go randal, as the skinheads will kick your fucking ass whether there’s bouncers or not…. ๐Ÿ™‚
2002-01-15 16:58:10 – Disco X
It is the dead kennedy’s, and there are 14 bouncers, and I won’t let them hurt you randall ๐Ÿ™‚ Alternatively, you could have Laura scare them away. Dave is gonna be a bouncer too.
2002-01-15 17:57:10 – TEH REEL AOLMAN
2002-01-15 23:57:29 – Laura
yeah, and i’m so sure that 14 overweight middle aged bouncers can stop a bunch of skinheads, even if they are ex-military. those fuckers suck. i hope you didn’t get killed, james, but actually that’s a lie…mwuhahahahaha

Ahhh, a brand new time

Today starts a brand new week. And not only a brand new week, a brand new time in my life. I start school again today – I’m stoked! w0o! Here come the parties! The chicks! The sex! The wild insane craziness that is broadly associated with frolicking college students who are mind-hazingly intoxicated! WOO, I can’t wait!

In other news, I am eating some Chinese food. It is Damn Good, and I thoroughly recommend that you get some from Tokyo Teryaki. Ahh, scrumptious. Oh, right, back to the post. I was going to say something in here somewhere of some importance. I think I forgot. No, right, it’s Monday – that means that the sidebar is updated over there … notice the lack of an mp3otw … if you would e-mail me one it just might end up being selected.

OH RIGHT! Now I know what I was going to say. I was looking at my business card today [which, btw, now says “Systems” and not “Network” right before administrator], and I realized that the HPI logo not only looks like clip-art, but it also just sucks. Because of this, I am asking the many, many faithful people who continuously hit my page via the “internet” to design some phat-ass graphic logo that involves “HPI” or “High Plains Internet” — we’re offering up a fatty award of at least $50 if your logo gets chosen! Send Me Your Logo!

** Note: I get nothing out of this. The $50 is the minimum amount awarded to the winner if their logo is chosen. No particular color scheme required.

Update: Class was good! Met a cool guy named Micah who’s a developer at SoftCom … and a bunch of nice girls ๐Ÿ˜› Oh, and I saw Lauren Blomgren today … here’s an AIM snippet describing it:

rand0m: OH MY GOD!
rand0m: I almost forgot
rand0m: I saw Lauren Blomgren today
rand0m: it was hilarious
pearly8067: why?
rand0m: well, see, I’m walking with jack, and it’s the first day of class
rand0m: so I look pretty good
rand0m: and here comes lauren
rand0m: I could see the water puddles shaking
rand0m: so I looked around for a t-rex, but saw none
rand0m: and then I looked up the street, and Lauren!
pearly8067: yeah, has she gained weight? lol
rand0m: I was like “whoa, is that lauren!?”
rand0m: I couldn’t tell from 50 yards, seriously.
rand0m: she got closer, and I was like “whoa, lauren!”
rand0m: so I cross the street, and mid street, I slow down and say “Hi Lauren, how are you?”
rand0m: and she gives me the glare, you know,the glare, and says “Hi” quite icely
pearly8067: bitch!
rand0m: I burst out laughing
rand0m: mid street, right in her face
rand0m: I just started rolling
pearly8067: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

2002-01-15 01:26:16 – Disco X
Did I not tell you that she had gained weight? Prolly all those mood altering drugs she takes
2002-01-15 03:48:51 – Red5
Whens the deadline for the logo bro?
2002-01-15 04:55:01 – Burnz
My recommendation is Mick Jagger’s "Visions of Paradise" or Social Distortion’s "Ball and Chain". And mood altering drugs do not make you gain weight if you get one to fuck you up and one to counteract the physical side effects. For severe weight gain I use Tweek. You’ll be digesting bone matter in two weeks. For more tips read Burnz "Drug Pyramids and JESUS FUCKING CHRIST LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THAT NEON FROG!!!". And I refuse to use your little send me one link. Fight the power!
2002-01-15 09:10:02 – rand0m
The deadline for the logo is the next company-wide business meeting, which, afaik, is on February 5th, 2002. Yea, she put on some pounds – if anyone, I’d know her face instantly, and I didn’t, because she looks different. Kinda weird, you know? And dammit matt, you’re supposed to send me the mp3 directly or at least point me directly to where I can get it – I ain’t going on any fuckin adventure-hunt for mp3s … hehe, yer funny ๐Ÿ˜€

oof, school, and yea!

Went out the other night with Tore, Matt and Laura … had a good time [Laura wasn’t bitchy, really ;-)] … finished the night off at Denny’s, and woke up the next morning with the urge to puke. So I did. For an hour. Solid. It was terrible … haven’t ate anything in almost over 35 hours now, but I have drank a lot of Celestial Seasoning’s “Raspberry Zinger” tea. It’s good stuff – I encourage you to try some.

Finalized my school schedule yesterday … it’s not that much school, imo — I’m thinking I’ll add a web-based class onto this schedule, simply because I think it shouldn’t pose much of a problem. My current scheduled semester:

Business 115 – Tuesday & Thursday – 5:20pm–6:35pm
Microeconomics 201 – Tuesday & Thursday – 2:00pm–3:15pm
Political Science 111 – Monday – 6:45–9:30pm [!!]
Speech 115 – Monday & Wednesday – 5:20pm–6:35pm

Except for monday, it’s a pretty light load … monday is 4 hours of class, pretty much solid, which kinda sucks. Ahhh well.

And some good news: met up with Corey Anderson, HPI’s supposed account manager, and went and landed a web development & hosting deal with a house-selling place. It’s not a big thing by any stretch, but it is new business. My golden tongue came into use multiple times and saved our bacon [especially when it came to us being there at 10:30 instead of 10]. No word on the RedTag Office Supplies e-commerce $9k thing though; the last contract we sent was “here’s what we’re offering – if you don’t like it, then shove it.” To be honest, I’ll be pleased if they do take it and pleased if we don’t do it.

Oh, and it’s confirmed, it is indeed a gray hair. There’s a couple of them on that side, actually — I guess the ticket, school and work are taking their stress toll, eh?

Update: I am doing nothing tonight … yup, it’s Friday, but I have to help the parents move tomorrow morning [which means trekking to Denver] … Everybody is leaving for college soon, if they haven’t already left. I feel kinda bad about not doing anything tonight :: those of us who are in town definitely have to do something tomorrow.

Update #2: At a recommendation from Janelle, I rented Wonder Boys last night. Alas, there is no TV/VCR in the house to watch it on. Fuck me.

2002-01-11 13:16:26 – Disco X
Where are you going Randall? I’m starting classes monday at Pikes Peak
2002-01-11 13:32:29 – rand0m
I’m starting those classes at PPCC at the downtown campus … I work downtown, and it’s less than 2 blocks there … and yea, the semester starts on the 14th – which campus and what classes are you signed up for?
2002-01-11 17:50:42 – Siaokh
Spy spy spy little randal. Worry about things like this and youll get more grey hairs! -Tim
2002-01-12 02:22:45 – Red5
Wonderboys is without a doubt a great movie. However, I just recieved the "Boondock Saints" DVD and it is quite possibly a better film ๐Ÿ˜‰
2002-01-12 05:44:35 – Burnz
Film recos is it? Vertigo. You won’t regret the slow movement. And Wonder Boys has the best line about writing ever. "You don’t teach a writer anything, you tell them to find a voice."
2002-01-12 10:27:55 – Laura
you should all go see gosford park…it’s hilarious and was fucking awesome, but you have to go up to denver to catch it….but the guy at the theatre we went to let us in for free because we didn’t have cash. ๐Ÿ™‚
2002-01-12 13:37:43 – tony
Course Schedule: Calculus III CompSci II English II Physics I Assembly Programming Engineering Problem Solving Some other stupid math class
2002-01-13 13:21:59 – rand0m
wow tony, that’s a lot of class — not only is it going to cost a pretty penny [what, 20+ credits?], are you going to have time to do that + a job?
2002-01-13 20:04:13 – t
Once school gets going I’ll probably drop 1 or 2 classes if I’m still getting 20+ hours from this part time job.
2002-01-13 20:28:03 – Disco X
Disco X > Rand0m + Hobbitmo
2002-01-13 20:56:58 – rand0m
Sorry Disco, not everybody can afford, time-wise, to take more than 16 or so credits without having to worry about where their income is coming from; your situation is *not* typical by any stretch, so don’t think you’re hot shit or anything. Hell, in high school, it was 30+ hours a week … I doubt you’re doin that ๐Ÿ˜‰
2002-01-13 22:14:11 – t
whoa, whoa, what’s all this bitching aout? what’s the deal disco, you gonna ride unemployment and take 21 hours?
2002-01-13 22:28:25 – Disco X
Actually I’m just taking 14 hours at the moment. As for money tony, I have my Army College Fund money to ride off of. And Disco > Rand0m dowes’t refer to school, that’s just in general ๐Ÿ™‚
2002-01-14 03:57:10 – Laura
so, garrett isn’t here…he got his stuff and went back to tucson and i can’t stand it. i’m going to sleep now. fuck you all.

And a night before the day.

Tonight is the eve of my treck to Trinidad. I’m going down there tomorrow morning [around 5am] to attend court, scheduled for 8:30am. It’s about a 2 hour drive, so leaving at ~5:30 should get me there with plenty of time to spare. I’m a little down at the prospect of driving for 4+ hours tomorrow, and missing work, and missing time to pick the rest of my classes, but hey, life’s a bitch.

I’m not depressed that I’m [probably] going to lose my license … I am almost thinking “it’s about fucking time,” but not quite, because, well, [duh], I’m not out to fuck myself. I am a little tired, though … just beat about the whole thing. I’m just so exhausted and whipped on so many fronts. You know what I want? I want to go to school, go to work, make enough money to do both comfortably, and enjoy a meager social life in there. That’s it. I’m not asking much, but it seems like it’s not something that is easily attainable for me.

Such is life. If you’re awake at 5:30am, call my cell — I’ll answer! [that’s the earliest I’ve been awake in months] I will put the news up here as soon as a I get a chance tomorrow. Wish me luck ๐Ÿ™‚

Update: Well, I’m back, and I gotta say that it was not the best-spent 7 hours of my life. Got down there at 7:45 … had to waste a while, so I tried to find a coffee shop – there are none in Trinidad. In fact, Trinidad downright sucks. Go to court, wait until 10am [scheduled for 8:30am] for the judge to show up … then I get scheduled for a pre-trial conference on 01/28 @ 2:30pm. I went down and filled out the forms for a public defender to show up there in my stead; no way am I driving another 5 fucking hours for a 20 minute deal … the waiting continues.

2002-01-09 01:36:02 – t
dude, i’ll be awake at 5:30 am but maybe i should give you a hour head start, maybe at 4:30 am… I know you may be asleep cuz it’s 1:30 am and all, but if you don’t want me to call you at 4:30, you know, just let me know. btw, anyone seen that harvey keitel movie "bad lieutenant" that movie is disturbing, kind of like "kids", only, yeah, actually, it’s like kids
2002-01-09 04:18:12 – Laura
how do you drive back from trinidad with no license? or do you have to wait for a letter in the mail? also, that supergreg dude needs some fucking eyebrow wax, and shit. he looks like charlie chaplain remade into one of those low budget teenage flicks, or ben affleck in the royal tennebaums (sp?)…riiiight
2002-01-09 23:11:40 – t
this is a funny link:
2002-01-10 02:36:52 – realbighead
hey randal, fix your site code so obnoxious long addies like what t just posted don’t fuck up the size of the comment box. kthxbye.

Damn, a lot

I have quite a bit of stuff I could post about, and some of it is even mildly interesting … I think I’ll just do a quick rundown of recent events.

Okay, New Years … that rocked! That’s about all I can say about that. Umm… what else. Everything is kind of a blur … oh yea, went out with Tore and Laura and got coffee and did something one night, and had some really good conversation. Although Laura comes across as spiteful and mean to me, I enjoy her company – and Tore is the man, although sometimes I think he’s kind of a weeny [see new years]. Went out with Tony and saw “Royal Tenenbaum” – that was quite a hilarious movie, and I recommend it to everyone. Then we met up with Laura, and that was pretty good, too. Met up with Janelle last night, and get this – I actually enjoyed myself: she is not this pinnacle of perfection, and I think I realize now that it’s okay to let things just go their way, you know?

Three other things of note – First off, Emily is not back, and won’t be for a while yet. That sucks. Secondly, putting a leather jacket in a bag with baking soda in an attempt to remove the smoke/coffee smell from it does not work. All I got out of it is a jacket that is covered in baking soda. I put it in the dryer with some dryer sheets, though, and that seemed to help a lot. [writes this down in little book of ideas]. And Thirdly, Samantha Garrett rocks. Still. Not only is she blindingly intelligent and fun and witty and humorous and all — she has a knockout body, to boot! <3 Sammi! Milestone Update: Okay, a couple things have happened with the site that are noteworthy. First off, this is post #250 from the databased new-tech site. That’s a lot, and it makes me giddy. Secondly, if you look at the little counter thingy, it is above 20,000 now … 20,000 hits is quite a bit – even if 75% of those come from my cadre of trained monkeys I keep at work. On a not-site related note, that fucking database that I’ve been busting my ass on is finally taken care of 100%, and is in use as we speak. Go me!

Update: I did the unthinkable as well, today. Yup, I went and emptied my 14.2GB Recycle Bin. It took a few minutes to delete my 200,000+ files … however, with 49% HD fragmentation, it’s taking my 40GB HD a while to finish it’s defrag run. To the tune of 3 hours. oof.

2002-01-07 15:19:14 – Burnz
You did the baking soda thing wrong.
2002-01-07 15:37:13 – rand0m
well thank you mr. smarty pants. Why don’t you explain things a little better next time than "bag + baking soda + coat = no smell." … sheesh … I found out that dryer sheets and a dryer work real fast and work well, though. You might try that next time it crosses your mind. ๐Ÿ˜‰
2002-01-07 21:14:24 – tony
what… the… fuck… IS THIS!!!! I can’t fucking believe it. I’m seeing recommendations by RANDAL for techno music on MP3OTW… AND THEY’RE GOOD!
2002-01-07 22:19:54 – AOLMAN
Post 9/11 Advertising Campaigns ———————————————————– 11. In Trojans We Thrust! 10. Keep America rolling – ZigZag. 9. If you change the channel then the terrorists have already won. So keep your eye on CBS. 8. At least we’re safer than Afghanistan – Detroit Chamber of Commerce. 7. Reach out and touch someone without the dangers of flying! – AT & T 6. Come back and discover that we’re Indian not Arab – 7-11 5. Not all white powder is bad – Sugar Farmers of America 4. Osama got you down? Try Prozac. 3. Kill yourself before the terrorists do – Phillip Morris. 2. God Bless America, Buy Kleenex! 1. Flying it’s still safer than driving, hunting, smoking, unprotected intercourse! – American Airlines.
2002-01-07 23:21:26 – rand0m
Tony, have you been living under a rock for the past 6 months? Did I not see Orbital live? How about Sasha & Digweed? Oakenfold, anyone? How about the previous techno mp3s-otw? sheesh … And wow, AOLMAN has almost caught up to Tony with his incredible ability to shoot wildly off topic at the drop of a hat. Congrats. I think.
2002-01-08 00:49:18 – Hugh Jazz
2002-01-08 02:30:07 – Laura
spiteful and mean, yet still loveable. could anything be better? and randal, i though we discussed this ๐Ÿ™‚ peace
2002-01-08 03:50:57 – AOLMAN
I am sorry. I am a fag0rz.
2002-01-08 03:58:58 – Burnz
First off, I figured you would understand the baking soda. Obviously I overestimated you. Secondly, Samantha Garrett? Wouldn’t you like to tell more? Interested parties are wet and ready like a virgin on prom night minus the date-rape possibilities when the lying whore changes her little teenage mind. Bitches.
2002-01-08 14:35:09 – AOLMAN
2002-01-08 14:37:43 – rand0m
I’m sorry that I’m such a dumbo when it comes to cooking products and their extended uses. Samantha Garrett is this girl who went to PHS with me … she’s extremely smart, fine as hell, cynical enough and very nice. I like her … hell, I told her she had a nice rack freshman year – how could I not like her? I think she tolerates me, but I think she’s great ๐Ÿ˜€
2002-01-08 14:41:26 – Super Greg
2002-01-08 14:46:12 – Siaokh
Randal! you fixed the left text fields in mozilla… YAY! What was the issue?
2002-01-08 14:53:12 – rand0m
Super Greg. What. The. Fuck. And I don’t know – Tore was ranting about how things started to work on his mac … and now Mozilla makes it right … I don’t know – I didn’t change a single thing.
2002-01-08 20:34:50 – realbighead
why do I keep feeling so vindicated in my hatred for die auslander?