Some new things in life and some same-o same-o

Last night, Keen and I went over to the Citadel Mall and picked up my pre-purchased copy of Soul Calibur II. Man, what an incredible game. It’s a *really* good second version of an outstanding game, and has taken over my life. We played until 4am this morning, when I passed out. Then I got a call from Qwest & ICG at 8am about the issues I wrote about in the previous post. I was on the phone until about 10:30am, organizing and scheduling and yada yada. That sucked, but at least the issue is mostly resolved now. So I’m coming home from work today, and all of a sudden at like 5:03pm, God decides to move the Mediterannean Sea to Colorado Springs. It was raining really hard. I had to stop at the Perk to not get soaked … I was there till like, what, 6:30? It just didn’t stop raining. Rain rain rain. You know what happens when it rains? It gets cold. So here I sit on the couch at home, wearing a sweatshirt while under a blanket. It feels good. When things start getting cold, I’m pretty pleased, particularly because my fall/winter wardrobe is 5x better than my summer one. So tonight I’m sitting on the couch (see above paragraph), and someone knocks on the door. I get Tony to answer it, and in stroles Betsy! I had thought she was gone for good, having ran off to LA and all. But no, she’s back, and she came over *here* to chill out. Obviously this is because none of her other CC friends are in town yet, but that is immaterial. She’s really smart and fun to hang out with, but wants to be “one of the boys” … dunno bout that. Betsy = w3rd.

2003-08-27 23:52:18 – Whitney
i agree whole heartedly about the winter wardrobe ๐Ÿ˜‰ i just love how cute i look
2003-08-28 02:11:56 – WC
I just love how cute I look in your wardrobe … err . . . uhh, did I just say that out loud?
2003-08-28 02:19:48 – The Disco Nova
We need to go paintballing next week.
2003-08-29 14:34:38 – tony
Anyone interested in biking up barr trail tomorrow?
2003-08-31 20:35:29 – Netheus
My computer is twitching, and I am writing this from work. Does anyone have the kind heart to make me a Windows XP home version Startup disk? If not, I loose everything, and I’m screwed, I think. I’m in a 3 million dollar house babysitting. The house. Man. So not motivated to do anything ever again.

Yea, feeling a little weird.

I don’t know why, but I’m just feeling weird today. Like, not weird “oh my god I’m growing a tail” weird, just … a little off. My pool playing was off last night. Started out good, but I just couldn’t hold it together. Finally got really irritated at like 10pm and called it quits. That might have been a precursor to today? I was supposed to meet Qwest out in Falcon today at noon to discuss our T1 and it’s lack of being buried. So I showed up, but Qwest did not. I’m fucking pissed. Not only did they waste my time, they wasted my coworker’s time as well. Fuckers. I’m done dealing with Qwest. I wish they would just burn in hell. ICG is a nice, friendly company … but Qwest. Man. They should sell out to someone who doesn’t fucking suck. I’ve got it now, about how I feel. I feel like I’m in the doghouse, even though I don’t have a girlfriend. How the fuck does that happen? Maybe I’m trying to fake like somebody likes me. Heh. Maybe it has something to do with how I continually fuck things up. God that sucks. Store is slow. No good news, only more near-showstoppers. FUCKING A. And fuck you all for not commenting on the last post. Blah blah blah, I want more content, blah blah blah. STFU.

2003-08-26 16:15:01 – tony
Sounds like you’ve got a case of the mondays! I’m busy working on the site and forum for the uccs club. But i’m gonna try to swing in a triple play and scan in pics from randal’s birthday party, latest house party, and jumps and drops from durango nationals.
2003-08-26 23:53:51 – Siaokh
That seriously sucks dude… but you KNOW that qworst sucks… so it shouldnt be anything surprising. In your contract with qwest does it say anything about your cable being burried? If so, cancel the contract and sue them into oblivion for not holding up their end. ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s the American way! Post up some pics of the store man… i’m way curious as to how everything is coming together. For the Grand Opening at the CompUSSR out here… they were giving away SHITTONS of stuff… Laptops, Desktops, Scanners, Cameras, etc, etc. Maybe you should incorporate some sort of giveaways for your store. I got a free 128meg thumb-drive. This thing absolutly ROCKS. it’s like the new floppy! (josie&pussycats, eat your heart out). I was playing with one of the ipods on display too… omg, those things are super l33t… the psudo-jog-dial things is so sweet. Concerning not commenting on your last post, i think you pretty much closed up any open holes which could be commented upon. Sorry, but it’s true. -Tim
2003-08-27 19:13:53 – fourdegrees
Wow, that sounded like a fun day. Sorry for not reading/commenting, but I just started school so life is quite hectic. Not to mention I just moved into a new apartment and have a girlfriend that I am (as of late) not in the doghouse with… Don’t worry Randal, even thought we’re not always interactive, we still love you. /ego petting

Sick weekend, Recent activity

So we threw a party on Friday night. It was fun, but I expected more people to show up. We had this great big, humongous 15 gallon plastic we picked up at Wal-Mart for like $4.39. Into this huge bucket, we poured 1.25 Gallons of Everclear, ~12 gallons of water, 20 bottles of fruit juice concentrate and about 10 pounds of chopped up fruit – apples, pineapples, bananas, strawberries, watermelon and oranges; a glorious batch of jungle juice. Oh, and we had a quarter keg of Beehive from Bristol brwerey. I guess I’m just a serious wheat beer fan. All in all, it was a shitload of alcohol, and we ended up with about 8 gallons of juice and 8-10 gallons of beer. Tons of alcohol left. We’ll have pictures of this thing up hopefully tomorrow or Tuesday — as soon as pictures get scanned in. [b]Update 09/08/03[/b] – Pictures are here – [L=]End of Summer 2k3[/L] So the next day, after about 4 1/2 hours of sleep, I woke up at like 11am. That’s a good time to wake up. Unfortunately, I was still really tipsy … and the hungover struck me right in the middle of the afternoon. So I was hurting pretty bad and didn’t want to do anything. Drank a beer, took some aspirin, and chilled out until we went over to this other party. Tony got their first, and took the jungle juice with him … Keen, James and I showed up later and had a decent enough time. All the people seemed like they were 16-19, so it was a little awkward because we didn’t know anybody and everybody was *way* younger than us. So that was okay, but we left around 2am (after they finished off this *HUGE* blunt) and got a good night’s sleep. I went out and got coffee with Janelle on Tuesday night. It was pretty fun. I feel pretty bad because I did a lot of talking, and when I go out 1-on-1 I really am looking to just be interested in what my company has to say instead of stealing the limelight — although I usually do that in groups, being selfish/loud/overbearing does not fly when on a personal outing. She is of course doing absolutely super in every way. She’s going to Rome for her fall quarter, speaks a bunch of languages, is totally in love with her pre-Randal boyfriend, Derek, has had a great summer, school is great, blah blah blah blah blah. I’m glad that she’s doing really well. I stuck my foot in my mouth a couple times … I’m good at that. And of course, I rambled on a lot. During the course of talking about me, I realized that, wow, I have done near nothing with my life for going on 3 years now! Woo! :-/ I also realized that I am a very stressed out, sleep-deprived, snippy, tense person. And that is why I do a lot of beer + pool — gotta chill out somehow. I also realized, after the meet up, that although I’m still totally in love with her, and by her, I mean who she is now, not who she was, she’s not the same girl I dated. Speaking of girls, I found out from James that Emily [L=]still has me blocked[/L] on AIM. I honestly can’t fathom why, but I’ve been blocked for going on 7 months. I was thinking it might have something to do with Burnz pulling his stupid stunt and putting his pride before our friendship, but I spoke to James about it a little and he says that she said that it’s because we just “don’t get along.” I really don’t understand this, because Emily is a super girl and don’t really have much of anything negative to say about her. hmmm. The store is going to explode very soon. We have the money in the bank, and are going to be ordering everything this week. I am about to be a *really* busy guy.

2003-08-25 21:18:34 – WC
Yah! This weekend was awesome. That was some awsome jungle juice. Sorry Tony that I couldn’t stay around for Chipotle. I had a girl waiting for me to get back. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I really did have a lot of fun guys. I look forward to the next party and the store opening. I’ll try to make it down the weekend after next (I would go next weekend but its my Dad’s birthday). *** I miss the Springs [sigh] *** Tomarrow I finish my CSP App. Yay! Then to turn that in and cross my fingers.

Ahhhh, drunkeness

Reminders for me to post about when not towtally tarashed: Becky Called. W0o. Wetn and got drunk with keen. W0o. Wrote a long thing sor work. Wooo. Ran into Danny, he’s getting married! Cybercafe? Other misc things like matres and family and serious hangu on exfgf. ROGER DOGGDRE! [b]Update[/b] – 08/16/03 @ 9:28pm – I’m glad that I at least put something down last night so I can kind of go off that … it’ll jog the memory, you know? I spoke to Becky on Thursday night. That was enjoyable. Turns out that she joined the Navy and just got out bootcamp on Tuesday. I can’t believe it. Of all branches, the Navy? That is sucky. She is doing very well, though — came out of boot camp at the top of her class and has been promoted twice. It was really nice talking to her again … what with the Oklahoma accent and the good natured thing going on. She says she’ll visit Colorado Springs before she goes to her first duty station at Corpus Christi, TX. I hope I get to see her. I wrote a paper for HPI about our Email, our current setup, an analysis of it, and how to fix it. You can find html and pdf versions here: [L=][/L]. I went out to Phantom Canyon last night with Keen and got really drunk. And totally whipped at pool. God I sucked at pool last night. Generally, I’m a rather good pool player (humble, aren’t I?) but last night he just took me to town. Anyway, their beer is really good, their tables are really good (the one we had was newly felted), and their cues are straight. So that was fun. While I was there, of all people Danny Smith walks up. I sort of knew his name was Dan, but I wasn’t sure, so I called Tore and he gave me the hookup on his name. Thanks Tore! Anyway, he tells me that he is getting married on Sunday to his highschool sweetheart, Kristen Doherty (sp?). I find that absolutely astonishing. I’m not even *close* to getting married, and here is one of my highschool pals tying the knot. Wowsah. The cybercafe is progressing. Take a look at a demo of our splash page: [L=][/L] … and then please give me your opinion on which of these we should use for our front sign (I like the very bottom left one): [L=][/L] Things are going, slowly yes, but they are going. Supposed to have more money this week, so things should gear up very quickly. I moved my old mattress and box springs out to a friend of my parent’s last night. That was enjoyable because we got free food. Yay! I also got my cell phone bill – $39 in extra charges on top of the $39.99 plan. Boo! I am totally hung up on Janelle. I caught a glimpse of her on Friday [Actually, it was Wednesday. my bad.] night and got the shakes. The panic strike, if you will. What the fuck, you know? I am supposed to meet her for coffee on Tuesday at 7pm … will I pussy out and cancel? Who knows.

2003-08-16 10:45:43 – realbighead
it’s Danny Smith. sorry, that didn’t click till this morning when I sobered up. I mean, uh… nevermind that.
2003-08-16 22:08:58 – WC
wo0!! First Update Post! Hey Randal, I know people from my High School who already are married and have kids. Creepy ehh? I like your Splash page. Anyway. I went to a Colorado State Patrol Open House today and turned in an preliminary applicant paper and got the "Cadet Applicant Package" I don’t know if I wanna work for the CSP or not. <pros> There is a lot of honor involved with the job. Good Pay Good Benifits Good Job Job Security </Pros> <Cons> Can’t be a big g33k Affraid of Parents "I told you so" attitude Moving? to other parts of the state – leaving Rachael here in Denver. -Once trusted a girl, [u]trying[/u] to trust a different one. Don’t know if I can handle that. Affraid of hazards on the job. Can’t be a g33k – did I already say that? Hidden Fears I can’t express Can’t make fun of ‘Cops’ In General </Cons> I don’t know. Any Ideas? Ohh yeah I am thinking about getting my website launched soon. Spent about 4 hours today doing backend work and layout design. Looking pretty cool!
2003-08-17 00:10:36 – Master Ha-reed
Re: your signs – make sure you pick one that says "Gaming Center" (my fav is the on the lower left corner) – even your hardcore geeks will be wondering wtf is "EverLan" if they’ve never been to an EverLAN party before.
2003-08-17 01:45:07 – pinky
so, that makes it kristin and david, kristin and danny, christina and troy, noelle and matt, jenna and whoever she married last week, erinlee and adam, helene and her man, tabitha and her dude. what the fuck what the fuck. i need to go off an get engaged. apparently, i’m behind in the times. let me know if you got an invite because i would like to take them a card or something…jesus fucking christ.
2003-08-17 01:49:19 – pinky
oh, and, i like the bottom left one as well. the picture on the splash page makes the store look like a run down shack. i suggest photoshop to fix it up, or just find some other graphic.
2003-08-17 02:10:06 – rand0m
The building pictured and the people pictured are both ganked from … we’ll replace them as soon as we take pictures of our store and of two people in suits.
2003-08-17 12:06:08 – The Disco Nova`
Good paper, well thought out and written. But unless your bosses are way different from what I’ve seen in the tech field, they won’t have the balls to tell all those people they have to move.
2003-08-17 12:45:28 – Netheus
Umm… I desperatley need help with my computer. Somebody, anybody, please help!! I will buy dinner and drinks for whoever can fix it. Sushi, even.
2003-08-17 13:12:52 – rand0m has only 74 mailboxes on it … even if we don’t get rid of, the gateway machine should drop those emails destined for non-existant mailboxes as they are invariably spam and should get hit by the content filter.
2003-08-22 10:11:30 – tony
Oh my fucking head, bad idea to go out drinking with randal’s friends from Fountain… barf… ohhh.
2003-08-22 10:49:27 – rand0m
Actually, Dave Wagel is a friend from highschool, not from Fountain. Alcoholic.
2003-08-22 13:50:26 – Rev.
Last time I talked to Dave, he said he and Kristen were divorced or getting divorced. But that was earlier this year.
2003-08-22 15:51:25 – tony
Bingo indeed sir. Bingo indeed.
2003-08-22 18:12:09 – tony
Bad news, our DJ who was coming down from Denver is at a family emegerncy and can’t come. Anybody know someone who wants to DJ a party tonight, call me or randal.
2003-08-22 23:59:33 – nice girl
dammit. after driving 24 hours roundtrip to colorado for jenna’s wedding last two weeks ago, i placed a strict ban on any of my childhood friends getting married until i’m done with college because i never want to make that drive in one weekend again. i guess danny didn’t get the memo. not like i’m invited. i guess he felt the need to balance out seeing me every day for years upon years by not seeing me ever in three years. i miss him. furthermore, i’m disgruntled enough that i know people who are getting married; you bet your ass i’m not old enough to know people who are getting divorced. shit. i’ll stop ranting now.
2003-08-23 00:31:55 – WC
I am think I ‘m drunk. es I think I am drunk cuz tony is ouch is taking my pictuire. That really hurt. Manny and I are really fucking wasted. REALLY wested. I think I can type pretty ewll but I dunno. I know I am making mistakes. I already read slashdor. I feel g33ky. Like too geeky. shit i gotta fread slashdot at a party rofl. K i need more jungle juice. laterzzzz wo0o0o0!!!
2003-08-23 03:18:00 – The diswco Noas
grat vart y avndaralIabre fun, grawee4t party.
2003-08-23 03:18:00 – The diswco Noas
grat vart y avndaralIabre fun, grawee4t party.
2003-08-23 09:47:28 – The Disco Nova
OMG I’m never touching bug juice again, that stuff is harsh.

OMG, Crazy friday night, Tony, Fight, Hospital, wow.

Okay, before I get started, the moral of the story is “always use the bathroom when your body says you need to go.” So Tony, Keen and I decide to go out last night and have some beers and play some pool. The best venue for this shiz is over at Phantom Canyon – great beer and good, cheap pool tables. So after like waiting an hour and a half, we finally got a table and started playing. And getting trashed. It was good. Nikki showed up, that was nice. Around 1:30am, we decide to head home. So we’re walking up tejon at early AM, and we see these three girls. We’re like “WHOA, three girls.” We have just enough liquid courage to talk to them, so we cross the street as planned and happen to be waiting with them at the light. We fire up a conversation, and it is good. We make it to just north of bijou and tejon (west side of acacia park), and we’re chatting away having a good time. One of their other friends shows up, so we’re standing around talking. One of the girls, Kelly, complains that she wants to go home, but has no way to contact her ride — I offer her my cell phone, and she steps away for a minute to make the call. So we’re talking to the other three girls, having a good time, and they decide they’re all ready to go. I get my cell phone back, and the Kelly girl says that her ride will be here in a minute. So the three girls go off to Tony’s or wherever, and Tony, Keen and I are standing around keeping this girl company until her ride shows. All of a sudden I have to pee really bad, so I go running off into Acacia park to pee on a tree. Luckily, they have port-o-lets on the east side of the bandstand, so I use one. I come out of the bathroom and come running back to the guys only to see, from about 40 yards away, some dude just up and cold-clock Tony, who sort of staggers and is stunned, then turn and rabbit punch Keen, who crumples to the ground. Then this random guy just turns and saunters away. I get over there, take a look at Keen, who had fallen down to make sure he’s okay, then turn to see Tony on his cell phone already talking to 911, covered in blood. I turn and flag down a passing police officer, who gets out of his truck and asks what’s going on — I say “My two buddies just got punched by that guy!” So the cop goes over to talk to the random dude, and sees the random dude push the Kelly girl down! Cop instantly hits a run, cuffs the dude and throws him in the police vehicle, while Kelly starts sobbing. So then, just like always, we get a fire truck to show up. And then we get like 6 more police cars to show up. And goddman a fire truck holds a lot of firemen. So we’re getting interviewed and Tony’s getting checked out, making sure he’s okay. The cops totally cross examine Matt and I’s story, then interview Tony, and of course all of our stories match up. The random dude’s buddy is apologizing the whole time, and was actually being pretty cool. Gladly, the punk bitch motherfucker was in the cop car the whole time. So the CSFD determines that Tony’s lip is fucked up, and sends us all (in a cab) to the emergency room. We get there, get checked in and all, and find out that Tony’s tooth went straight through his lip. I got to enjoy watching him and Keen get checked out by the nice people at Memorial hospital, and fill out sickening amounts of paperwork. I also got to see them squirt saline solution *through* Tony’s torn lip! We met a nice police officer-ess (?) named Shannon, who we determined we’d meet up with at Tony’s (the bar) some time and have a beer. We left the hospital and walked home, Matt with a bruised up face and Tony with three stitches and a guaranteed scar. Apparently the random dude was dating the Kelly chick, and gave the story that Matt and Keen, of all people, were trying to tear her clothes off and rape her (LOL) and that he was protecting her. Turns out the guy, Sal Alvarez (I think???) is a recent Air Force Academy graduate and that he is now facing two charges of 3rd degree aggravated assault — low level misdemeanors ๐Ÿ™ … he actually got in more trouble for pushing Kelly than for decking Tony and Keen. Amazingly, Tony didn’t kill the little fucker … luckily I came out unscathed … if he had punched me, it would have been all out war – we all know my no-back-down attitude; ask tony about his episode with punching me ๐Ÿ˜‰ So all of that totally brings to bear the moral of the story: when you gotta go pee, go pee, because you just might avoid some psychotic asshole punching you, getting interviewed by the police and enjoying a trip to the emergency room.

2003-08-09 11:12:10 – The Disco Nova
You would think they would give him something more than 3rd for all the damage to tony’s lip.
2003-08-09 13:54:50 – Joe
Yeah, I could see this happenning….I mean, Tony getting punched and then dazed, Matt just falling, and Randall running to the scene arm out, palms up going "WHAT THE HELL!?!" Great Story Rand0m. Just one thing. How many Firemen are in a fire truck? and where the hell do they all sit?
2003-08-09 19:45:18 – amanda
that was horrible… what an asshole to do that to you guys and that girl… i’m glad you guys were there to protect her… hero’s man.. you guys are hero’s… ( ok sobby but true)
2003-08-09 21:18:37 – Chester
Aren’t you guys just magnet for all sorts of wackos. I guess it worked out though, at least Tony didn’t get thrown in jail or something for going BJJ on the motherfucker. Stay out of trouble you crazy kids.
2003-08-09 23:01:53 – M
I was almost glad that your a world-class pisser and weren’t bashed up….until I read the PPSI comment. You deserve a groin crunch for that.
2003-08-09 23:32:56 – tony
So we are heading to Buena Vista tomorrow to go river rafting through Browns Canyon. We will stop at the donut mill in Woodland Park to get some biscuits and gravy. And I will continue to hurt in the jaw. Dang
2003-08-10 23:00:35 – tony
wow, what a day this turned out to be, started off kind of rocky, but ended all through the day flipping excellent drove out and made a stop at the donut mill in woodland park, 2 blueberry strudels, full order biscuits and gravy, 1 donut got to river runners, the best rafting place in buena vista, and with ‘jason lee’ as our guide, and 4 strangers, me, matt, and valerie floated down the arkansas river into browns canyon for a half-day trip that was amazing, beautiful, fun a mile down, jason told us to try to the splash-o-matic, so we all 8 crammed as far into the back of the raft as possible and paddled as hard as possible into a rock. we got huge vertical and everyone but me fell into the water. splash, o, matic. headed down a bit further to a 25-foot cliff where half the people jumped, including matt and val, the other half including me, went off a 15 foot cliff. what a rush. the rapids were awesome, nice at 650 cfs. we tried hard to surf into an eddy but no luck. got back to the van and headed out, what a great time, and we took a waterproof camera with us, so scanning them in. got back and stopped at buena vista’s local pizza place, all got stromboli and stuffed. headed back and stopped at wilkerson pass for a half hour to watch the lightning storms off in the valley and then drove on to manitou springs. tasted the mineral waters and took 2 bottles for home, and then stopped at the penny arcade for a bit. got some of the arcade b&w pictures. those were funny as hell. what a day….
2003-08-11 10:32:24 – WC
oOf! Sounds like you guys had a blast this weekend. -With a near WWIII on Friday -Excellant rafting on Sunday Always with the good times ๐Ÿ˜‰
2003-08-12 14:49:44 – tony
Photo & Letter CD for Paulie ——————————– I’m going to start putting together a cd of photos to send to Paulie. It will have some photos from randal’s 21st birthday, past parties, our recent rafting trip, and other stuff. If any of you want to contribute, email details to me or randal.

How to dump a girl, and wow, Friday.

Man, today is Friday. It has already been nothing short of good. I went and got my 21 year old license because my previous license actually expired August 5th. Oops. The picture isn’t too bad — I did shave off the goatee for it. I can’t believe I’ll have this peice of plastic for 10 years. Wow. I was interviewed by the Colorado Springs Independent and, despite their rampant misspelling of my name and creative license they used with my words, they put me in their latest issue – [L=][/L] Keen bought a new car yesterday. It’s a 2003 Hyundai Tiburon … normally I’m a total anti Hyundai person, but as of 2002, they’re rated equal to Honda on initial quality … I think the best thing about his new purchase is the warranty — 5yr/60k bumper to bumper, 10yr/100k drivetrain. He’ll never, ever have to worry about his car breaking down. Man, what I’d give to not have to worry about my pos dying on me and for a hot new sports coupe. Okay, so this has been nagging me. I know a person who is dating this girl. Let’s call him [b]M[/b]ichael and her [b]W[/b]hitney. Michael has been seeing Whitney for a while, and all of a sudden, Michael is no longer interested. Whitney is madly in love with Michael. Instead of Michael doing the right thing and telling Whitney “hey, I don’t like you anymore, sod off”, Michael has been steadily ignoring her, sort of. Not even a good, total ice wall of ignoring, just a soft, sort of patronizing wall of ignoring. This has led Whitney on and on and on, to the point of near mental breakdown … Michael knows all this, yet still does not have the nuts to tell Whitney that it’s over. I think Michael needs a good kick in the rear, but I’m not going to give it to him.

2003-08-08 12:10:12 – Master Ha-reed
So how does one pronounce "Kohuetk"?
2003-08-08 13:24:06 – The Disco Nova
I will, from now on, be calling Rand0m "Randy Ray". When’s the next partay?
2003-08-08 13:57:18 – rand0m
you can call me randy, you can call me randal ray, but "randy ray" is just painful on the ears. and … soon? ask tony and [b]M[/b]att.
2003-08-08 14:25:23 – The Disco Nova
Sigh, another Tony Sausage fest? I’ll make jello shots
2003-08-08 15:39:06 – Master Ha-reed
Reeeallll subtle there Mr. Kohuetk I vote that Kohuetk replaces Randalll
2003-08-08 15:41:55 – tony
Michael shouldn’t break up with Whitney by email, that is the gayest form of communication for personal issues I can think of. Anyone that would break up with a girlfriend by email is retarde… oops
2003-08-08 21:02:25 – Chester
Tony’s right, email breakups suck. As for me, I prefer the "Let’s move to another state and vanish without a trace method" As for Michael, for a beer and a shot, I’ll kick his ass for you.
2003-08-08 22:13:48 – WC
PARRRTY AT RANDY RAY KOHUETK’s HOUZZOUSE!!! wo0t wo0t!! Hmm, damn it I don’t think Rachael can come unless there is a freak miracle where she gets it off work. But I’ll be there wo00o!!! ^w THIS!
2003-08-09 13:02:35 – Whitney
hahaha oh god i hate my life, oh and btw i already had the mental breakdown and i am now moving on, theres plenty of fish in the sea, and i have a bucketful right here….lol whitney….thats good….

Oh man, a Monday.

I woke up at 7:00am to the sound of my cell phone receiving a page, notifying me that our secondary DNS/Mail server had rebooted. It was angelo rebooting it, no biggie. Saw matt get up to take a shower, and then I went downstairs and started up some coffee. Man, I felt good. Like, wow, refreshed, got enough sleep, everything’s good. And that’s been my day in general. Sure, there have been some downsides, like work. All of it. The whole day so far. But you know, it is a Monday. I brought my webcam to work and turned it on … so there is a new pic in there. w0ot. I’ll probably have it on most days. I want to buy a digital camera, but I cannot find a cheap one that doesn’t suck. And I’m not going to spend $500 for a good one. I saw Jackie … *searching brain for last name … failure* … Janelle’s good friend, over at the Perk while I was getting a mocha for lunch. It was nice seeing her, but she came down the stairs and my heart started pounding and I got all fidgety and man, I was freaking out, in fear that Janelle was up there too. Man, I still don’t know how I get all shook up over her. Jesus, that was years ago. Like, YEARS ago. No other girl has done that to me, and I find this whole thing very odd. To think I get clammed up at the *possibility* … man, I suck … I realized today, while looking at my webcam picture, that I now look like every other twenty-something who’s trying too hard: short, spikey haircut, goatee, sunglasses … ahh, I just love conforming. Oh, and I spoke to the Independent person again to tell her what I do for a living. Neato. [b]Update[/b] – 10:10pm – I just finished watching the DVD of the movie “They” … and omg was it scarey. *whew* if you’re in for a good fright, go get it. Now I’m gonna go watch a comedy with Kevin Spacey, “Swimming with the Sharks”

2003-08-04 16:36:15 – The Disco Nova
You don’t suck, I get the same way with certain women.
2003-08-04 16:37:40 – rand0m
wow, talk about johnny on the spot there with the reply … I hadn’t even gotten to read my own post and there’s already a comment ๐Ÿ˜€ And man, the whole thing just freaks me out … I have no control, you know? palms sweaty, hands shaking, sweat on forehead … no control there. zero. and that, friends, sucks.
2003-08-04 17:14:38 – WC
[b]Quote:[/b] [i]I realized today, while looking at my webcam picture, that I now look like every other twenty-something who’s trying too hard: short, spikey haircut, goatee, sunglasses … ahh, I just love conforming[/i] hmm, you just described just every teen to early twenties person I know. However I don’t think we are all conforming to that look. Mostly because the look is very easy to keep up and in some case, like mine, our girlfriends like the look. In fact racheal gets mad at me when I shave off my goatee once a month. Heh.
2003-08-04 22:39:25 – Master Ha-reed
Quinones is Jackie’s last name. I paid about $300 for a Canon PowerShot A40 about a year and a half ago. I’ve been pretty pleased with it. You should be able to find it in the $200 range by now.
2003-08-04 23:52:30 – Mr Mountains
Hey, WC, speak for yourself. My hair has been anti-spikey since day one, or at least as soon as it grew in. In fact, I’ve had the same hair cut since kindergarden. I wear jean shorts and T-shirts from goodwill. My brother takes it yet a step farther, with Elton John shirts, a T shirt that reads "still perfect after 30" another that readys "world’s best grandma" and once wore a burlap sack to school, and sported possibly the biggest red head mullet the world will ever know. And come to think of it, most of my pals look very…unique. Maybe you need to meet some new people.
2003-08-05 10:24:27 – WC
Mountains: Nah I am happy with my friends who are also very unique. I also wear thirft clothing. Why? Because if you don’t you aren’t taking advantage of one of the biggest advantages of living in the US. CHEAP CLOTHING! wo0! Also whether you like it or not, statistically, there is someone out there who have similar traits to you. It works in genetics, and odds are that the style that you are known for can be found elsewhere. If not in the US than in other parts of the world. Besides, I like the way I look and you are no person to even suggest who my friends are. I don’t make you decisions and you shouldn’t force decisions onto other people unless both you and them got inebriated together. ๐Ÿ˜‰ To each their supposed own.
2003-08-05 10:36:31 – tony
It’s sad, I hadn’t bought a new pair of jeans in 3-4 years up until a month ago. Still wearing sneakers that are 8 years old. I’m actually looking for a good pair of XC shoes to get, I hear Reebok is good, or montrail.
2003-08-05 14:51:08 – Mr Mountains
Tony, I recomend Reeboks and those adiprene cushion things. They really kick ass. Like running on air, literally. WC, I merely implied that if all of your friends look alike, then maybe your friend pool was not diverse enough. Now your friends are diverse all of a sudden. Fine. However, if you feel that your image (assuming than people have to have an image at all) is too similar to others, then the fact that you actually think that means you probably do have a problem…however, if your girlfriend likes it, then fuck it, keep the look. What else matters anyways? I’d wear nothing but pink lace if girls thought it was hot. (Or what I mean is, girls could give me an excuse to wear pink lace if they liked it. Pink lace rocks…)
2003-08-05 14:52:54 – Mr Mountains
Correction on that adiprene thing. Adiprene is adidas, but its those air cushions they make for Reebok that are good. Can’t recall the name right now….damn it, that’s going to bug me for the rest of the day.
2003-08-05 16:55:32 – Netheus
Right, as someone who fell for a "style," wear what you wanna wear. But I am a girl, and they make more clothing for us than they do for you. More choice. Plus, we can wear your boy clothes without retribution. Boys have little selection, and are given a hard time for wearing girl clothes (although, in many cases, it makes them look MUCH better- See Perry Farrell, Dave Navaro, Robert Smith, and David Bowie). i mena, there are only so many things you can do with a basic t-shirt and jeans/ Khakis. Poor Boys…..
2003-08-05 20:51:07 – pinky
so, i move to amend the above post to insert "white, male" after the word "other" and before the word "twenty-something". all i need is a second…hehe.
2003-08-06 12:01:53 – WC
MERRELL! Merrell is the shoe you should check out. These things are awsome. Comfortable, good walking shoe, sticky rubber for running, quiet, light, laceless, suede leather, black. That is what I wear I love them. Although not so great for rock climbing they are however a good hiking shoe. …And Tony why didn’t you call me when you were in Denver. Ben said that he was the only friend you had in Denver. meh. BTW you should check out his new place that he moved into. Ian, Racheal, and I help him move in 2 days ago – the day you left.
2003-08-06 12:18:38 – tony
Hey craig, what’s your phone number? Don’t you live with your parents up in north west denver?
2003-08-06 13:20:26 – Master Ha-reed
I heartily agree with Craig. Merrell’s are the shiznit.
2003-08-06 17:54:59 – Mr Mountains
What in the heck is a Merrell? Why have I never heard of one before?
2003-08-06 19:02:15 – Netheus
The raver children say that a "Merrell" is some form of saturday morning Japanese anime.
2003-08-06 22:12:21 – Master Ha-reed
[I[What in the heck is a Merrell? Why have I never heard of one before?[/I] Because you are a deprived child Drew [L=]Linkage[/L]
2003-08-06 23:00:05 – realbighead
wireless from my new 12" PowerBook. I am happy.
2003-08-07 15:36:39 – amanda
I can’t believe you just saw "They" it was pretty scary… its a good date movie… And the thing with getting shook up over a girl, that could mean something else, something good, you should persue that feeling… its ok, and its also ok to tell her, she won’t step on you, or she shouldn’t. Its ok…
2003-08-07 15:36:43 – amanda
I can’t believe you just saw "They" it was pretty scary… its a good date movie… And the thing with getting shook up over a girl, that could mean something else, something good, you should persue that feeling… its ok, and its also ok to tell her, she won’t step on you, or she shouldn’t. Its ok…
2003-08-07 18:38:51 – Mr Mountains
I can’t believe you just saw "They" it was pretty scary… its a good date movie… And the thing with getting shook up over a girl, that could mean something else, something good, you should persue that feeling… its ok, and its also ok to tell her, she won’t step on you, or she shouldn’t. Its ok…
2003-08-07 19:51:44 – rand0m
umm, we ended pretty messily … if you peruse the archives or search for janelle, you’ll be able to see some of my feelings. search for "ice queen" in particular . heh. I still think she’s the cat’s pajamas, but honestly, I don’t know her the current janelle — just the janelle that I used to like a long time ago.

OKay, anothe rdurnken update

Goddam I do a lot of these runkden updates. I should stop. LOL. OKay, so I’m tottally trashed, but that’s opkay, because manny is CHESTER TEH HSICLD MOLESTER LOL cuz he’s hitting an 18 y/o and h’es 27. meh. that’s i feunny. Also, matt owes me a pitcher of beer, cuz he thought Tony would be home, but he’s not, so free ptitcher becasue of a bet for me! w0ot! On another note, Anna @ SAM’S, the world’s smallest bar, has humongous breasts — more worthy of acclaim than Sammi’s …. although Sammi is better overall. w0ot again1 Other than that, I have to say that Tony’s hires on the shittest bands evear. Goddamn they suck. In fact, we left Tony’s to go to 15C …. where we consumed sick amounts of staright liquor (in the form of martinisi) … the sour apple martini = scrumptious. Wow, i spelled that right. Also, Matt’s UberGEEK shirt got me the hookup with these two hotties. which was good. But the bitch with the scar tattoo spinal fusion thing … fuck her, what a huge B. Giving me the figner after I durnkenely asked her what the scar was from. her friend was cool, but she was a B, or so Keen tells me. F taht. I think I’ll talk to janelle tomorrow, as mentinoed tomorrw, err yestserday. DON’T YOU WISH YOU ERWER 21!? WOO BOOEZ UPDATE OKAy it’s liek 3;a00ma or so, and I have totoallly powned matt at both Soul Clibur and MOrtlak Comabat 2. Dealdy alliacne. MK is normally his game, but noOoO, lost at that. Soul calibure went wel for me — 5 to 1 …. good times. powned. W0ot. I feel like I have not give the lats post enough credit for its’ … ummm. not drunkenns. so please go comment there, insetad of on this wildly incoherendt post. Thanks foryou time, RNADLA> UPDATE #@ Okay, so we went over to 7-11 on a lark, and foundo ut athat Canaan, a 7-11 employee, also dleivers pizza, dnd has done so for over a year. He has never been ofered pot iin exchange for his pizza. Evar. That is whack. I think that pot + pizza should be a new currency. ALso, I bought a GOATORAGDE, in hipes that the ELCTOTRLYTES will make me not hungover. Oh, and some chedar and sour cream chips. I like thise. mmmm, chips. That is all.

2003-08-03 13:35:28 – tony
Well fucking woop-de-doo, randal is the master of the outrageously hilarious drunken updates and shoule… fuck it, i respect randal’s drunken updates too much to even comment on them… i’ll be like tyler hamilton shaking lance armstrongs hand and just bow while lance walks off im up in denver, spent the night on the town in lodo, definitely coming to check that place out more… it reminded me a lot of mardi gras, especially with the people pissing on street corners in public… definitely not my scene though, on account of no mountain biking i upgraded from beginner class to sport class over the weekend and i got 3rd place at Steamboat Springs in the downhill and beat the series leader… fuck yeah!
2003-08-04 00:07:19 – pinky
i like goatarade. baaa.
2003-08-04 12:20:37 – wVC
2003-08-07 15:51:06 – Steve

meh, no idea what to type. Haircut, goatee?

It’s 1:10am on a Saturday morning, and I spent my Friday night on the couch asleep because of the terrible mediocrity of my day. I don’t even know why, but I always feel wore out — and my days are generally pretty activity-less. I work, I walk around downtown, I come home, putz around for a couple hours, then sleep. Maybe it is the lack of activity. Or my diet. I got a haircut Wednesday night. It looks pretty good. At the advice of a girl who knows what she is talking about I am going to wait a few days to let this here haircut grow out a little before I go to the DMV to get my flashy new drivers license. Until then, I will continue to get stares and odd looks from the one in four doormen who actually card me. *realizes that I would have never gotten carded before …. sigh* I have been sporting a goatee for a while now. I keep it pretty trimmed, and I think it looks pretty good. I took Mike’s advice and made it less wide at the chin; that was a mistake, because now my face looks a little out of proportion I think I’ll let this grow out for a few days (just like the haircut) and see where it takes me — I’ll post a pic of me sometime soon. I think I’ll shave it off before the drivers license photo, though. I got interviewed by the Independent today. I was on my way to work, and this young lady comes up to me and asks me if I read the Indy. I’m like “well, of course, every twenty-something should.” She then proceeded to ask me a set of 5 questions about the indy — how long I’ve been reading, what I like about it, what I dislike about it, my favorite feature and my all time favorite article. I answered with “wow, 6 or 7 years now”, “the fact that it’s exactly not the Gazette”, “the fact that it sometimes does some serious liberal agenda pushing”, “the Reader’s Opinions section”, and “I have absolutely no idea — too many good ones to keep track of.” Those are the short versions of the long-winded, intellectually high-minded answers I gave her. She took my picture, though, haircut and goatee unprepared. I’ll have to keep my eye out for myself in the next Indy. I just had a moral dilemma about writing “young lady” or “young black lady” at the beginning of that last paragraph. It does not matter if she is a black, white, brown or yellow, so I decided to write “young lady” instead of defining her. I am sure that almost all of you thought of a white person when you read that, if you thought of a person at all. This strikes me as odd: am I a bigot if I were to have put in the single word “black”, am I witholding the truth if I leave it ambiguous? That is a tough call. I almost feel like I am censoring myself here, which is a crime. With that, I would like to say that, based on slurs alone, I love and hate all kikes, nips, dykes, niggers, chinks, fags, slopeheads, japs, spics, towelheads, wops, canucks, honkies, fobs, flips, and gooks equally. *I would like to note that it is sad that I knew all of those off the top of my head. Heh. [b]Update[/b]- 9:30am 08/02 – I had the oddest dream last night. For some reason, I was at Rum Bay, and of all people, I saw Janelle. This makes no sense because she is not 21. Regardless, we chatted for a long time. Even in dream-time it was a good 45 minutes, which means at least 6 hours in real time. Then, we finished chatting, and it was over, just *poof*. It was all very well and good, and immensely satisfying, which is the odd part. I think I might look her up and actually talk to her before she heads back to Chicago. [b]Update #2[/b]- 10:30am 08/02 – Somebody had asked about the store in the previous post, so I thought I’d answer some questions. First off, we’re still getting there, there is motion. The internal build out is all done — walls are painted, things are hung up, network is mostly ready to go. We are at the big-spending phase, where we buy all the PCs, desks, and other expensive goodies. There is hesitation here because it’s a lot of fucking money — everybody believes in the business plan and the store and that it will work, but the risk is still there. We are no longer aiming for August 8th; it is unattainable. Instead, we are aiming for Aug 29, which is right before Palmer HS starts school (I think). Feel free to check out the store – 324 N. Nevada.

2003-08-02 07:23:49 – Netheus
Actually Randal- consider the demographic layout. There is a disproportionately hight number of white white people in the Springs. Now, if you said you were in New Orleans, I would have assumed she was black. If you were in CA, I would have assumed she was hispanic, and if you were in China, I would have thought she was Chinese. Most people assume gender based on the majority of the population in the area concerned. Its one of those things where PC people can shove it up their ass. *Waits to see what Laura sez*
2003-08-02 11:02:02 – Siaokh
*shrug* you never know what those liberals are gonna do when you suggest shoving something up their anus… Anyways, sounds good about the store randal… Everything seems to be coming together quite nicely. I wish i could help out, or even see it. but that doesnt appear to be in the cards right now. Is there a store website up and about yet? -Tim *Punch*
2003-08-02 18:13:29 – Netheus
D-11 starts 8-19.
2003-08-02 21:10:03 – rand0m
Oh shit, really?
2003-08-03 06:33:58 – Netheus
As far as I know, yes, and I also have jury duty that day ๐Ÿ™‚
2003-08-03 14:37:37 – Master Ha-reed
Did she have frizzy hair? Kind of like Roseanne Roseannadana if you’ve ever seen classic SNL? She fits the profile of a former PHS student.