Partay Notice

Party – Weber House – Saturday, 01/31 – 9pm
423 N. Weber – 719-201-1104 for details

The Party Spread

Other than that, I really don’t have anything. Cheers!

2004-01-27 05:52:16 – Betty
YAY! A party! So much fun!
2004-01-27 06:56:16 – Manny
Damnit!, I gotta miss another one of your kickin’ parties. Take pictures.
2004-01-27 09:30:36 – Netheus
yay!!! A party I can go to *&* drink at wooooo!!!!!!!!
2004-01-27 09:52:55 – BIGBROTHER
Yea haaw!!!! I would come but that is an awful long way to drive. Plus I have forgoten how to drive in snow. I see thee picture and I must comment that there dod not apears like der is enough d’ alcohole. Id that justes for one?
2004-01-27 11:14:20 – .
mmmmm ac-holic bevrages!!!! yummy too bad i cant go, meh ๐Ÿ™
2004-01-27 12:36:21 – Paulie
God….somethings just don’t change….they just become legal…
2004-01-27 13:11:00 – Manny
Damn straight. It’s all good till the cops show up. Or dad wants to meet you.
2004-01-27 17:41:35 – keener2u
W00t I can make 453 drinks with that spread. Would anyone like to try….each…
2004-01-27 22:35:45 – Paulie
Matt drop me an e-mail. Need to discuss some things with you about my getting back and of course Vegas…..
2004-01-27 23:07:17 – unknown
Hey I am comp issues so am unable to email you hope to fix soon yes I live here and I think that as long as you are honest it all works out.
2004-01-28 10:28:02 – rand0m
Just for clarification, ‘unknown’ said earlier that the friends w/ bennies thing is very workable. And I, being the smacktard that I am, composed an email saying that I didn’t agree and wondering if she lives here in the springs. There was also a sly wink that might have slipped into the email. ๐Ÿ˜‰
2004-01-28 11:20:10 – wc
rand0m: rofl party: i can’t come ๐Ÿ™ .. grr for living in denver.. grrr!!!
2004-01-29 15:26:23 – The Disco Nova
Randalll=p1//pz0r Is unknown coming to the party?
2004-01-29 21:20:05 – unknown
I just might not really sure yet I am a busy girl ๐Ÿ˜‰
2004-01-30 07:15:57 – T
So – weird thing happened while at work…I got incredibly bored and decided to take a quick break and do some surfing. Anyways, I came up on this site, and thought…hmmm, these names sound familiar. Small world, ey? Anyways, drop me a line. You got my email… -toufan
2004-01-30 09:17:23 – realbighead
I’d like to be the first to say OMFG.
2004-01-30 10:04:43 – rand0m
OMFG is that Toufan Rahimpour (sp?)!?!?!?
2004-01-30 10:11:01 – realbighead
is there any other kind of foutan that we’d know?
2004-01-30 11:35:05 – T
You got a point Randal – how many other Toufan’s do you all know…? Yes, yes it is TR. How y’all doin?! Who is realbighead?
2004-01-30 11:35:52 – T
And nice job with the spelling – you got it spot on.
2004-01-30 12:45:48 – rand0m
realbighead is Tore Eschliman (sorry to steal yer thunder, bro;-) ) So Touf, What’ve you been up to in the past several years?
2004-01-30 13:58:36 – T
Gee, the last few years have been hectic; Let’s see…After I dropped out of PHS back in ’99, I went to USC in Los Angeles for the next four years. Somewhere in the middle of those years, I managed to go to Australia for about six months. I graduated back in May ’03 with a BS in Aerospace Engr. I then got a job working for Northrop Grumman, Space Technology division. I now am based in Redondo Beach, CA, but am currently on a [6 month] business trip in Cocoa Beach, FL supporting DSP (Defense Support Program) launch operations. As I said, hectic. But, in all honesty, life is good. How have you folks been? All I have really heard is little bits here and there from when I last talked with Noelle. If any of you want to email me, that works too. You can just use the link on my name. Cheers, -TR
2004-01-30 14:54:53 – realbighead
steal my thunder? oh no, you ruined my dramatic moment. you bastard.
2004-01-30 19:18:58 – pinky
Dude, wierd. Hey FOUTAN!
2004-01-30 21:49:04 – T
who is pinky?
2004-01-30 22:51:03 – pinky
dude, it’s laura reinsch. hehehe. you sound like you’ve done something with your life. therefore, i despise you ๐Ÿ˜‰
2004-01-31 20:17:28 – Netheus
Tofu!!!! I haven’t seen you since the bus!!! (Christina Salisbury) and hey, James, how is zer0?
2004-01-31 20:53:38 – The Disco Nova
Sleeping. Come over and see her.
2004-02-02 09:05:11 – BB
holy cow! the patriots won. how did that happen? P.S. what about the chocolate malt-o-meal?
2004-02-02 12:49:56 – B.B.
Dear rand0m: Have you ever thought about all the kinds of SHIT there are? Some so closely resemble chocolate malt-o-meal that its not funny, kind of in that ‘hey I recognize that’ sort of way. Makes you go Hmmmmm…. This started me to think of all the other forms of SHIT in the world. I find there are several catagories ranging from the screaming ball smacker to the deceptivly innocent where did it go shit. Let me define. 1.) The ball smacker–The type of SHIT that gently taps your balls on the way out. 2.) The screaming ball smacker–The type of shit that whackes your balls on the wayout, usually combined with the explosive decompression of the bowl syndrom. Not only will your guts hurt afterward but your nuts are bruised too! 3.)The new Klingon shit equiped with a cloaking device SHIT–It used to just be that klingons were the hairy little bastards that needed several wipes to pull them from the orbit of your anus, but these new ones when wiped at only offer you a clean shit free wipe. Thus after you pull up your pants you still feel them and wonder if you really wiped them all out. 4.)The atomic bomb SHIT– Every body knows this one, the one where you shit so hard that you crack the porciline and render the whole bathroom uninhabitable for years to come. 5.)The holy SHIT–The kind of shit that makes you scream at the top of your lungs "HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!!!!!!!!!" 6.)The hurricane SHIT– The type of shit were you blow so much wind out of your ass that the water in the bowl starts to swerl even though you didn’t flush yet. 7.)The glad thats over SHIT– The type of turd that takes so much effort to shove out your ass that as you leave the bath room you wipe sweat from your brow and think "damn glad thats over." 8.)The exhaustion SHIT–same as seven except your too tired to even flush afterwards. 9.)The alien baby SHIT– This is where you give birth to a huge ass spliting black glowing turd of unnatural shape and smell. 10.)The commando SHIT– After you attend one of rand0ms drinking binge partys and consumed god knows what the next day you will have this shit. This is identified by the fact that it will hide under cover in your asshole, only momentarily sticking its head out. Then when the timing is just right it will fight it’s way out by blasting another hole in your ass. After the battle is over, you examine this turd and notice the difrent green, black and brown colors aid it in its attempts at camoflage it’s self. Also noted for its ability to valiantly resist all efforts to flush the bastard. 11.) The battle ship Bismark SHIT– This is a monsterouse turd with buoyant properties. This preditor of the shipping lanes will happily float in your bowl picking off other turds as it comes across them. Now when you try to flush this bugger is where you get a feel for it’s real power. It simply won’t go down! Eventualy you have to call in the royal plunger (excaliber) and try to punch holes in it below the water line. If this doesn’t work then you have to turn around and bomb and straff it into submission. If all else fails, do what the Brittish did. Leave it till the next day and when you next have to shit again, go in there and torpeado the fucker!! 12.)The little kid SHIT– Isn’t it amazing how you can go in a bathroom after a little kid and they don’t ever flush. And the turd sort of looks like an eggplant too?! 13.)The machine gun SHIT– This one is just a gut full of little pellets that blast out of your ass and hit the water with a stacatto poping noise. plopploploplploplop plopplop. 14.)The exorcist SHIT– "OH DEAR GOD IT HURTS, OH PLEASE FATHER, SAVE ME !!! OH FUCK IT’S COMING OUT SIDE WAYS!!" At this point your head will spin around and you will hurl pea soup. 15.)The mother SHIT–This is the end all deluxe, cadillack of all shits. This mother is so huge and so smelly that you think you are giving birth to a russian typhoon balistic missle submarine. You feel like you are going to release weapons of mass destruction on your toilet bowl and the smell is so rank that the paint peals off the walls. It is so bad that you actually will gag yourself before you can get out. DEATH is probably preferable to suffering one of these!!!
2004-02-02 15:00:17 – WC
HAHA random, but funny non-the-less.
2004-02-03 10:50:09 – JoeY
randal, when is ur next laundry post? yay for laundry
2004-02-03 21:28:57 – nice girl
the world is crazy and random. toufan’s name definitely came up less than a month ago when my sister and i were debating whether iranian men are hot. then again, our toufan data was based on fourteen-year-old toufan, so god only knows if it was accurate. i would like to take this time to examine my life and decide that i definitely fall somewhere in between people who accomplish a lot in the science world and people who spend hours analyzing their own poop. then again, i’m an english major. so i guess i spend hours analyzing other people’s shit.
2004-02-03 22:25:00 –
yay for alcohol!
2004-02-04 08:47:07 – Netheus
Sammi, I have to say that there are hot guys of every racial type. but above all, Johnny Depp is by far the hottest piece of ass out there, not only because he’s "cute," but because he’s smart too. Like q-ball off the wall for the side pocket win smart.
2004-02-04 13:17:09 –
Whoa – posting without a name works now? You been slacking off Randal?
2004-02-04 15:15:05 – rand0m
fixified – yay for sanity checking. I overlooked using just a space or an unreadable character … it checks those now too ๐Ÿ˜‰
2004-02-04 23:25:55 – Enigma
aww shit, no more mystery?
2004-02-06 13:56:06 – T
Iranian men are definitely hot. Nuff said. Who is nice girl aka prettysammi? Sorry that I keep asking about who everyone is, but not having talked to any of you for the past five or so years…

Little sump’n sump’n before I leave work

Ok, so I was off from HPI yesterday in observance of MLKJr day, so I got up at like 10am and went and bought a laundry basket. From Wal-Mart. This was a mistake, as Wal-Mart brand anything is of horribly low quality. This laundry basket does not have even 1/2 the strength of my existing laundry basket. But it was 4.53, and the dollar rules all, so I bought it anyway. It works okay. I need two baskets because of the unbelievable volume of dirty clothing I have amassed in 14 days. I bought the laundry basket so I could go to the Laund-Ro-Mat and do all my Laun-Dry. Well, I got there at like 12:59. Unloaded all my clothes, got everything ready to go, looked at my watch, 1:10pm. Start up the laundry (4 washers!), sit down, read my book. 5 minutes goes by and all of a sudden, 8 people show up to do their laundry. So they’re doing their thing, and then WHAMO 4 bums walk in to do their laundry. Dallas was among them. Remember Dallas? Wanted Mike’s g/f, Annie? Yea. So I’m sitting there, doing my laundry, trying to save my nose from their odiferousness. Eventually my 4 loads finished, and the people at the Laund-Ro-Mat were like wolverines on a fallen antelope carcass, if they have those down under, fighting scratching cursing to get to the washer. I then proceeded to take up 4 dryers. You may not know this, but at the average Laund-Ro-Mat there are approximately 2 washers to every dryer. In this case, 18 washers, 9 dryers. So the fact that I took up 4 washers was not a huge deal, despite the volume of people. However, I smiled in glee as I single-handedly took up nearly 50% of the dryers. You should have seen their faces as I loaded my stuff. Hahaha. Among one of them was this tall thing girl who had been rather good company so far. Everyone else was either a bum, who stayed away from me as I am a formidable twenty something yuppy who doesn’t like homelessness, or they were people who were unwilling to chat to pass the time. So I put in all my dryer stuff, and when I was done, I happily gave up my dryers to the nice young good-company girl. People were staring, mouths agape at this breach of first-come-first-servce. I, however, did not care. I hung around a bit, talked to the girl and at approximately 2:32, left. Notice that it is one hour and twenty two minutes this time, including chatting time. This is because I have refined my laundry-loading-unloading-drying skills and schedule. Jack is gone from HPI. This makes me sad, as the workload is heavier. Despite that, I feel a little better because (with regard to the network)I can basically do whatever I want, when I want. Despite *that*, it sucks to not have someone to bounce things off of. James has moved in. He’s a good roommate because he is clean. He likes to talk about his penis a lot, and tends to point at it very often and then quip “were you looking at my crotch!?” He also enjoys playing computer games, which is OK in my book. Did I mention that he’s clean? He has bad parts, though. One being his penis-loving, the other being his incessant nipple-grapping. I think that the second one is taken care of though, as I told him he’d “get a five-knuckle sandwhich if he did it again”. I no longer fear nipple-pain when near him. It is nice having a roommate who is normal. You hear that girls? All the ladies in the world? We no longer have a nutcase in the house. Sure we have a guy who may leer, a guy who may drool and a guy who may run away and hide, BUT IT IS SAFE NOW. GIRLS, PLEASE COME OVER. AGAIN, WE ARE NOT SCARY, NO TONY, IT IS NOW SAFE, COME OVER. I have nothing else to add, except this cool flash came from Craig – I got a 323.4, give it a whirl: [L=][/L]

2004-01-20 17:28:22 – The Disco Nova
Oh I will still grab your nipples. I just will expect to get punched in return.
2004-01-21 00:32:39 – Paulie
First off, did you get that girls name and number? C’mon man, what is the secondary fucntion of the laundromat?!?!?! TO HOOK UP! Glad that things are working out with James. If he’s up for Vegas, invite him along…. The more the merrier.
2004-01-21 03:58:12 – Girlie
…remind me not to look at archives. old smack is not something i need to be aware of. for the record (not that anyone’s gonna know what im talking about) I DIDNT SEE YOU GUYS! im not usually a bitch on purpose ๐Ÿ™‚
2004-01-21 07:57:00 – Manny
Randal, do you really see yourself as a yuppy? C’mon dude, you don’t even have any standard yuppie accoutrements, like a BMW, or other yuppified car, a Patek Phillipe watch, etc… Trust me, I’m familiar with the species and have dedicated myself to thier eradication. You are not a target.
2004-01-21 10:10:59 – BIG BROTHER
I like yuppies, I throw them out of my casino all night long. Plus yuppies have other wonderful traites. 1.) They squeek real loud when they get punched but aren’t rich enough to actualy call there lawyer even though they vehemously say they will. 2.) I like towing there cars. The look on their faces is priceless. Observation cameras in valet are nifty devices that allow you to record and play back that moment of wonder for repeated laughs. 3.) They will believe anything an officer will tell them. You can lead them around in circles for hours. This is fun right up to the point they are broke from passing to many slot machines. Then they are prime canidates for expulsion. Then they can try to find their car. I.E. #2. 4.) They keep the food/bev. supervisor in a job telling them they have had enough and are cut off. Thus the advent of angry yuppie syndrom. I.E. #1. Then they can try to find their car. 5.) Some times when the casino is feeling magnanimous, they will let these people have some of their money back in the form of a jack pot. This is good because in their small ritual of defiant celibration they end up giving most of said jack pot away to greedy staff anf officers in the form of tips. TIP, Noun.=Def./ The act where as a patron stupidly gives up even more money in the belief that they are acting hauty and will receive better service. In actuality they are just handing out free money. 6.) It is just plain fun to handcuff them. Expecialy the liqered up hotties! 6a.) Liquered up hotties are fun to observe (torture) in the lock up room. This can also be video taped for future laughs at friday night officer only partys. 7.)Yuppies are highly desposible. After you have had your fun with them and they are in a semi-liquified state, you simply dump them out he back door of the security area and call the sherrif and tell them that someone just got hit by a car and needs to be removed from casino property. Yo, Rando! whazzz up! watch out for the laundromat monster. They are very good at pretending to be a volumtous female who pretends to be interested in you. Really this is a trick to get you to lower your guard by using your natural copulatory instincts against you in an effort to gain entry to your house wherein they will rip you off blind! If you are lucky you will detect this ruse early before to much damage occures. If not then they may continue to leach off of you for years in the act of marriage. MARRIAGE, Noun=Def( The act wherein a male gives up all happyness in his life completly in the hopes of gaining intercouse maby once per decade.) BIG BROTHER.
2004-01-21 10:52:00 – CountJorganVonStrangle
omfglmfao that is funny as hell, i laugh at your laundromat stories of such funnyness!!! i love the flash too lol JoeY
2004-01-21 10:54:32 – Lance
2004-01-21 11:11:17 – realbighead
who invited the peanut gallery?
2004-01-21 11:53:18 – WC
HAHAHAHHA that is the funniest post I have read on your site in a long time! I say ‘keep up with the funny posts cuz funny posts GOOOD, depressing posts BAADD’ ok, now to read the comments ๐Ÿ™‚
2004-01-21 14:16:36 – Netheus
thats a cool game, specially when you hit the penguin in such a way that it lands head first in the snow!! Tee Hee!!!
2004-01-21 14:39:26 – WC
Quote of the net: [i][b]Luke 14:26[/b] says, "If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother…he cannot be my disciple." Pretty cool, huh? So, if you hate your parents, you are already halfway to becoming a True Christian™![/i] Remember Kids, you too can have a [l=]free ps2[/l] just for accepting jesus!
2004-01-22 11:37:59 – ytcracker
u goofs
2004-01-22 16:54:36 – Netheus
Luke also sez, "May the force be with you."
2004-01-23 13:39:36 – Froggie
just a side note- that post from big brother might have been funny as hell had someone been able to use the english language correctly. i’m still wondering what a "volumtous female" is. ๐Ÿ™‚
2004-01-23 13:43:26 – The Disco Nova
Wow randalll, your site is getting popular enough to attract anom coward trolls.
2004-01-23 14:25:15 – rand0m
As they say, The path to power is littered with stupid fucks getting in the way. ๐Ÿ˜‰
2004-01-24 15:01:17 – BIGBROTHER.
Dear other site browsers, I am sorry that my atempts at levity didn’t meet with your stringent aprooval. I am oonly tryinge too add sum fun to thee party. I’m also sorrry that I can’t spell as good like you. I are only trying to have funs wit my long lost bru’der. But it seems that he feels that I am a, how did he write it, a "stupid fuck". I’m sorry to have disturbed you. I guess if that is how you really feel about others maby you should re-examine your narrow little world. You know at one time I thought that beeing "COOL" with your friends was the most importaint thing too. Then I grew up and realized that beeing seen as cool didn’t realy mean jack shit. Soon all you little under age geeks will enter the real world and find out that beeing cool simply gets you eaten alive by the real movers and shakers. I get a real laugh out of people who think that they are smarter that everybody else. They think they are so superior just because they might use a computer a little better, or they might be all uppity because they can use big words because they so edumucated. That and a buck might get you a cup of coffee. So for all you superior genius types let me wipe that safe little smugness out by giving you a head start to what realy counts in life, not that selfish little fantasy land you think you live in. 1.) your only safe until the world finds you, so keep hiding. 2.) The only thing that realy counts is that you work hard. Pay your bills and stay on the good side of a jail cell. 3.) Family are about the only people you can count on. Even then the old saying nobody screws you like family. Plus the wonderful fact that everybody else will screw you raw if given half a chance. 4.) Make as much money as you can because there is always sombody out there trying to take it from you. The longer you dilute yourself the easier you make it for them. 5.) prepair for old age cause it’s coming for you. You might feel invincible now but that’s just what it wants you to think. Just wait till you turn at least 30 and cheese is no longer your friend. 6.) Not all self important computer nerds turn into Bill Gates. In my law enforcement profession I have personaly seen that most end up as stupid ass janitors in a basement some place eaking out barly enough resources to keep that computer of theres going. Sorry to say that is there only conection to the world that didn’t want them anyway because of their aditude. 7.) The only people that realy count are the normal average joes out there who even in the face of all that life throws at them find the strength of charicter to be kind to others, even if it "puts them out" a little. So I’m sorry to have butted in, you all can go back to sleep now. But let me remind you of one little thing first before you go, if you have an open site on the web you are offering a free invitation to anybody to look at it. Even though you have the right to say any snotty little thing you like, you don’t have the choice to keep others out. The web belongs to the world. Otherwise go back to passing secret notes to each other in the third grade. Nice to make your aquaintance Now I know what kind of person you have grown up to be and realize I don’t know you at all. Maby that might be a good thing. Good luck and good bye. P.S. the spelling mistakes are because I’m such a "stupid fuck" to use a spell checker.
2004-01-24 15:10:49 – BIGBROTHER
P.S.S. If Disco nova if we are all such a bunch of coward trolls and such, why don’t you start signing your real name. I signed mine. I only asumed a monicure like you just to play this game. Beside it’s more fun to put a name on a toilet wall than a website adress. The trolls.
2004-01-24 17:08:17 – randal
Wow, way to think the world revolves around you. "Stupid fucks" and "trolls" were referring to the totally worthless posts by CountJorganVonStrangle and Lance. Feel free to alienate yourself and not come back — your choice, not mine. As for the real world, I am pretty sure that we all have a firm grasp on it. For that matter, I don’t think anybody here is underage. And, for what it’s worth, generally the only people who have any animosity towards the bourgeoisie are those people who feel they cannot attain the same successes for whatever reason (which is usually a personal issue, not a god-given problem). Granted, the working Joe makes the world go round, but the smart guys who can "use a computer a little better" or who can "use big words because they so edumucated" get to decide how and why Joe does what he does. Having been Joe before, I’ll tell you that it’s for the birds. Label me as intellegentsia / uppity / geek / smug / "superior genius type" and I’ll probably thank you – because it means I’m not digging ditches.
2004-01-24 18:34:05 – The Disco Nova
I’m sorry, most of the people that post here know me. I am James, one of Randalls roommates. I was posting about froggie whining about your spelling, something that irritates me. I said she is an AC because she didn’t leave an email address for us to tell her how much we love her. I don’t have an issue with you. You should prolly apologize to Randalll. I don’t care if you apologize to me or not, but Randall is one of the vanishingly small group of family members of yours that is still rooting for you as I hear it.
2004-01-25 10:24:18 – Froggie
First of all, what makes you believe that I am a female? Second thing is that I don’t try and make myself sound smarter than I really am. If I wanted to read a poorly written essay, I would teach Jr high school.
2004-01-25 12:54:27 – WC
WHOA!! Such the honstility here. First this site barely gets two comment posts a week and now we get posts every so often hours. Heh. And now the posts are so hostile. Big Bro. You seem nice. Don’t take things so personally. Most of the posts here and posted half jokingly. I took me a while to learn that, and I nearly killed randal and aquantences on more than one occasion. So some/most of the posts are not aimed at you as they are the entire comment history. As for the spelling of words, we all make mistakes, just some of us spell better/faster (without a spell checker) because our jobs rely on it and others just because we are talented enough to do it. Randal, please please please finish the html writer for you site, cuz this sucks, i can’t read half the comments any more. Which is lame. And froggie, jesus, dood. wtf. Have respect for other peoples opinions, spelling, ideas, etc. If you don’t wanna read badly spelled posts or read ideas that you disagree with then don’t. Its simple as that. But don’t get pissed at the people who they belong too. And if were going to bash spelling, we might as well bash your improper use of the – … you should have used a : ๐Ÿ™‚
2004-01-25 14:40:16 – The Disco Nova
Randall had the idea that you were a red headed monster. He could of been wrong.
2004-01-25 21:26:06 – realbighead
I just have a well-developed hatred of long comments. Find your own blog, or master the fine art of the one-liner.
2004-01-26 00:36:40 – rand0m
HA! Says you in TWO LINES!
2004-01-26 00:44:34 – The Disco Nova
I’d like to name my own price for your big sweet ass.
2004-01-26 09:14:15 – Netheus
ass u mptions
2004-01-26 10:27:05 – Manny
Damn, where the love at?
2004-01-26 11:03:32 – Joey
. funnyt stuff man . more laundry more more!!
2004-01-26 15:32:20 – xxx
shut up joey.
2004-01-26 15:33:14 – xxx
sorry joey.
2004-01-26 16:06:05 – WC
rofl this place is great. ๐Ÿ™‚ .. randal news please ๐Ÿ™‚
2004-01-26 16:26:43 – BIGBROTHER
Dear site users, I apologize for what I said. Yes rand0m, you are still a computer geek. But I’m glad you are. Someone has to run this site. A small explanation is in order. I am operating from an isolated system and am not getting all the briefes in proper order. Sombody please tell the .Gov that they have suck ass computer systems. Why does everything have to come in batch file anyway? Anywho, on the day that I posted last I had a real bad day. At work we responded to a domestic disturbance and there was a fatality. I guess that just sort of had my hackles up. I’m guilty as the next person of getting things misinterpreted. You are all right, the wrong thing to do was to whip out the old machine gun and start sumarily popping melons. So in that order to those who deserved it I comment, "na na na na na." To those who didn’t deserve the lash I humbly beg your forgiveness. A special note to rand0m, your still a computer geek. No, seriusly I am really proud of the fact that your skills are formidible. I personaly don’t have great knowledge of computers and have gained what I have though trial and error. Sometimes I really wish that I had more time to get in more training. Most of what I use these infernal machines for are writing stupid reports and cross record searching peoples feloney records. I’m still glad that it has given me the chance to reach out and find you. Also, Nova I’m sorry. Your name wouldn’t come off the wall. I wrote it in indelable marker. I don’t have anything against the bougouiesie. I like that position fondly. Personaly I’m working on getting my limo company back in service as soon as possible. I find that lots of money is very usefull. Although I’m thinking of doing it only part time for a while. Good news along that line! I have a company that wants to fund me $$$$$$$$$$$$ to restart. The bummer part is that they want me to use said $$$$$$$$$$ to produce at least 5 more limos for there private use. This sucks for the simple fact that I will have to pay them back as well as give them lots of free service. Plus they want me to revitalize my casino contracts and hand them over to them. I smell a trap, like yea I get the money then they dump me and keep the contracts while I still have to pay them $$$$$$$. Also I have a question I hope someone has the answer too. Why does chocolate malt-o-meal turn into concrete when you leave it out but turns into an elastic polymer when left in the fridge? I have experimented with the water content and found this not to be a factor. Also It seems that the actual temperature gradiant is also a non issue. I wonder if this material has been duely noted by the engineering cirles of the world. I appears to have certain shape memory capabilities yet reliquifies when microwaved. But at the same time the high setting seems to cause a coagulating effect after the material has sponged up enough radiated energy. I think next I will try taking my short wave radio kit and seeing if bombarding it with a longer wavelength at a higher/lower output range will have a different effect? Question. Is this material still nutritious in this phase or does it reach a point of incompatability with human life through molecular reorganization. Hmm…lets feed the cat. BIGBROTHER
2004-01-26 16:29:34 – rand0m
I can’t believe you eat that shit after being tortured with it for years by mom. $.02 ๐Ÿ˜‰
2004-01-26 16:31:50 – BIGBROTHER
Oh SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The cat just barfed up a huge ass leuggy like thing, farted, passed out and died. Oh God, it just exploded!! Oh fuck, how am I going to hide this from my wife?!! Does anybody know a good taxidermist?
2004-01-26 16:37:56 – BIGBROTHER
I just reached a real catharsise. Does this mean that mom is/was really trying to feed us or was there a deeper motive, I.E. Cause us to barf up a leuggy like thing, fart, choke to death and then explode. (the explosion must be from the rapid rise of methane in the gastric system.) That sucks! That sucks almost as bad as all the times mom dragged us screaming for mercy to church. I’m definatly sure there are alterior motives there!.
2004-01-26 16:49:38 – BIGBROTHER
WHOOAAAA! Hey Rando, who is bimmerchick? Man you ain’t old enough to handle that! Hell, I’m not old enough to handle that! On second thought I would like to handle that! Unfortunatly my wife walked in the room just as I brought up that site and I am in trouble. Man you got to be carefull what you gallorize. There are small kids out there that are now stroking the monkey so hard that the friction is gonna’ cripple em’ for life. Now how do you feel knowing that you are responcible for thousands of penisless children with massive crotch burns! No, seriously, if you get a shot, take it. I don’t know anybody that said they wished they had popped less cherrys on there death bed.
2004-01-26 16:51:12 – BB
Oh double SHIT!!! She just found the cat.
2004-01-26 20:33:05 – pinky
::shout out to la reverend:: house plus kitten equals mitten even a dead exploded kitten
2004-01-26 21:56:13 – Netheus
mmmm….. mittens….. and suddenly all those condensing skills from Dr.K’s class mean something to me.
2004-01-27 06:59:31 – Girlie
no, the redheaded monster said nothing this time.
2004-01-27 09:32:51 – The Disco Nova
Then we have no idea who froggie is.
2004-02-04 16:55:13 – Serandipati
Interesting…may just have to stick around to see what your male brain spits out next.

more worthless blah blah blah

Ok, so 1:47am on a Thursday. WTF am I doing awake, you might be asking … hmm … actually, probably not. Regardless, I went and had a beer, then put my hax on James’ computer, and it didn’t work. POS Wal-Mart USB wireless adapter. So my brother came here and posted. That’s neat and super and all, but man, maybe I just don’t like family and whatnot, but family / personal issues should not be aired in public (unless it’s your personal website and you’re ranting about one particular thing). With that being said, Matt, please email me at Thnx. Okay, so there’s this theoretical situation. Say you sorta-hookup with a medium level friend, but then fear the inevitable “cling-on” effect, where they attempt to attach their lives to yours by adding too much … erm … feeling to the whole situation? WTF is a guy supposed to do!? Fucking hormones, always fucking everything up. I am glad that I do not have a strong case of the “Can’tkeepitinmypants” syndrome. I have also decided, thanks in part to Laura, to never have a solid, long term belief, as it will not only be challenged, but assaulted over and over. Honestly, it’s a lot easier to just be “open minded” and go with whatever is popular at the time, be it women’s rights, liberal social policy or what have you. WTFOMGBBQ, why is Randal spouting such heinous ideas you are obviously not asking. Well, I’ll tell you anyways: it’s because I don’t have the patience to debate that shit anymore. I might as well give in and go with the flow instead of building up animosity / aggression / irritation. Sure, it’s at the expense of personal opinion and such, but it sure makes political/religious/philosophical discussions easier. Day job is good. Jack is out on contract for several months, leaving me to handle the entire shebang on my own. I might ask for a raise. Dunno. The store is doing better after the Christmas break slump, but it’s not banking. We will probably need to do a good financial evaluation to see if this thing is ever going to work, or if we’re wasting our time. It’s nice owning a business; it’s would not be nice to own a drowning business. I think I saw Anna Pruitt at Pikes Perk. Of course she didn’t give me the time of today (what else would I expect? acknowledgement? HA!). It was definitely her, if she put on 30lbs since the last time I saw her. Jordan or somebody else, feel free to chime in. I did not spend time with Janelle while she was here. Shit. I actually wanted to, but it didn’t happen. She came over to the store and hung out with Tore, but I didn’t really talk to her. See previous posts RE: east-coast/european snobbery yada yada. I should have really made the effort. FUck me. With that, all I have to ask is … what if the hokey pokey really *is* what it’s all about?

2004-01-15 10:46:36 – a nice girl
i saw anna pruitt at pikes perk about a week ago. she definitely was very nice and gave me the time of day and we talked for a little while about how scared we are of graduating and facing the real world. i did not think she’d gained thirty pounds, but i probably wasn’t checking out her body as much as you were. then again, thirty pounds is enough that i probably would have noticed. she looked the same to me. by the way, weren’t you going to call me so that we could hang out one more time while i was home? so much for that theory; i leave tomorrow. i’ll miss you and i’ll see you some other time, i’m sure.
2004-01-15 11:23:47 – paulie
WTF man! No letter, no cards, no e-mail??????? Wassap man? How are things back home? Got that package that Chris sent out. Had one of Matt’s DVD home movies in it. The store looks neat. Looks like I may be home in Mid-March. Hope so, I am soooo sick of this shit. Well, get back to me sometime bro.
2004-01-15 12:05:09 – Netheus
saw Matt Blum at Comic Book store yesterday. Wants to know about DSL or some kind of fast connection, told him to get a hold of you randal. Comic book store dude died of Addisons Disease, so no new books ๐Ÿ™
2004-01-15 12:56:41 – Manny
Yo randal, I think I left my copy of the Economist’s "The world in 2004" in your store on Monday. Hope you guys still got it, that mag is the bomb. Also, this programming class in Boulder sucks. Coding sucks. Debugging sucks. Need one of James’ martinis… now.
2004-01-15 12:59:14 – rand0m
HAHA, scared of graduating and facing the "real world". The "real world" does exist! Thank God, I thought I’d been living in some netherlimbo. And I wasn’t checking her out, because this person was not fit. At all. Probably wasn’t her. If I’m not mistaken, I arranged the previous meet and was thinking this was your go. Unless, of course, I am only under the impression that I arranged the first meet. That sort thing happens a lot when you meet a great girl … let’s the guy have the satisfaction of being the ‘arranger’, but he’s actually not. At all. And that’s okay. [end ramble] Things back home are … shit, I wish I knew. I don’t go out or do anything really, just work, so I can’t give you a good estimate of how things really are (for others). For me though, I’m busy as shit. And Keen is in Boston-ia. w3rd. I spoke to Matt Blum yesterday, actually, gave him my $.02. And diseases = suck.
2004-01-15 13:03:16 – rand0m
I am told that there is no "The World in 2004" texts laying around at the store :-/ … maybe at the house? I’ll do a quick run through when I swing by there later. I would like a martini or five right know. feh.
2004-01-15 13:16:22 – Big Brother
Personaly there are two ways to solve most of lifes problems. One is my personal favorite. I have found that highexplosives tend to fix just about every problem thrown at a person. The second is money. If you heap enough money on a problem you may be able to achieve a desirable effect, if not maby your problem will smother to death. If all else fails resort to problem solver one. Big Brother.
2004-01-15 14:07:28 – The Disco Nova
You stole WTFOMGBBQ from you bastage.
2004-01-15 14:08:08 – The Disco Nova
Whoops, I just woke up, from me.
2004-01-15 14:29:37 – WC
WTF STFU OMG AHHH!!! OK So don’t tell me to RTFM but WTF does WTFOMGBBQ – specifically BBQ mean?
2004-01-15 14:33:04 – The Disco Nova
You’d have to be a planetside forum troller to understand the reference. Rand0m = HAXXXX0000RRRRRRCAAAMMMPPPPZZZZZZ000RRRRRR
2004-01-15 14:38:35 – rand0m
It means barbecue. OMFGROFLMAOPMPWTFSTFUBBQ! Also, YAY for paychecks.
2004-01-15 16:00:37 – Manny
Randal, e-mail me your phone number, my fucking visor just dumped on me. Die handspring!
2004-01-15 16:57:26 – The Disco Nova
2004-01-15 19:25:13 – Master Ha-reed
Someone else here likes the Economist. Shit yeah. This same person also goes to Boulder and is taking a programming class. Weird. What class is it Manny? Randal, I hope you don’t actually believe what you’re saying about you going with the flow. That’s the most worthless argument I’ve ever heard for capitulating to what ever is popular on any given topic. Fuck what’s popular. Please, please retract what you said and I will not have to ask for your testicles in a jar. Paulie, hope things are at least somewhat safe over there. Also hoping Rummy gets you guys back home for some amount of time in the very near future. Will make sure kick the shit out of anyone who vents out their frustration over the war on our men and women overseas (which by the way, was the absolute worst thing about the fucking hippies during the Vietnam era).
2004-01-16 09:32:12 – Manny
The Economist is the wep of choice for anyone who wants to expand his knowledge of the world outside of the borders of the ol’ US of A. As for knowledge, Randal, by being so fluid with your opinions you really are not learning more, or enhancing your capacity to learn more. If you don’t beleive in anything, you can’t be prepared to be surprised when new some contrary fact comes into your realm of experience. So stick to yo’ guns, bro… if you’re wrong, you’ll know it.
2004-01-16 10:49:57 – paulie
Actually I’m on the safest base in Iraq. Of course, we’re in the middle of FUCKING NO WHERE…..!
2004-01-16 11:09:54 – Manny
YAY! for safety. middle_of_nowhere=this->sucks(ass)
2004-01-16 12:41:16 – Master Ha-reed
OK – using pointers in everyday language means you’re spending too much time in front of a computer screen. What class are you taking at CU?
2004-01-16 12:52:36 – Manny
Right. I’m taking an IDL programming class over at RSI, as evidenced by the object method call which could be applied to lot’s o’ things. fi: crzy_chcks tps.reports pay<findmin(standard_of_living), you know…
2004-01-16 13:30:55 – rand0m
Jared, are you sure you’re a compsci student? That is not a pointer, but an object->method() call. Also, "pay<findmin(standard_of_living)" is hilarious :-D. As for the whole opinion thing, I’m kidding. Sort of. I’ve decided that there is no point in even attempting to defend my oh-so-closed-minded, conservative, harsh, hate-filled opinions when they come under attack from someone who is equally bent on the left side of the spectrum. Hence, I may have an opinion, but if you ask me, I don’t.
2004-01-16 14:24:36 – Master Ha-reed
"this" is a pointer. I may be a shitty programmer, but I’m pretty sure that "this" refers to the object making the method call. That is what I was referring to. But to answer your question, I’m still not sure. Get back to me in a year.
2004-01-16 14:42:33 – Manny
Thank god I am a physicist by day, philosopher by night, and at no time a geek. (sorry guys). Actually, I think I geek out sometimes, but only in that first level of the house of death kind of way. Nothing like y’all bruce lee vs. karim abdul jabbar, "my kung fu is the best" kind of way. Yo Randal, I’ll probably drop by the store for a while before Chris’ going away. Also, I think I forgot some of my dirty clothes in matt’s room.
2004-01-16 15:20:03 – rand0m
the ‘this’ is a caller-object reference; AFAIK, pointers generally happen only when manipulating resources directly, such as disk/file or memory.
2004-01-16 15:42:51 – Master Ha-reed
Then I guess I was taught a somewhat looser definition of pointer, as in my understanding you can substitute "pointer" for "reference" in most cases.
2004-01-16 15:53:08 – realbighead
the use of "object->method()" (in C++, at least) was used to collapse a pointer… literal object references used "object.method()" instead of the "->". That’s decade-old knowledge, though, so things may be less specific nowadays.
2004-01-16 15:53:35 – WC
uhh you guys have it really fucked up an pointer is for refrencing memory to a virtual variable. IE you can have two variable refrencing the same data. This happens a lot in C PHP as randal put it is correct, however (Randal you can correct me on this) i don’t think a ‘this’ occurs in php since php isn’t OOP (yet). and middle_of_nowhere=this->sucks(ass) would throw an invalide varible/memory error. You can’t refrence this w/o an object refrencing it. IE you’d have to say object.this or object(this) to use ‘this’ correctly. so the correct way would be middle_of_nowhere(this)->sucks(ass) ๐Ÿ˜‰
2004-01-16 16:03:48 – Manny
1) This shit works in IDL 2) Mercy… please…
2004-01-16 16:06:45 – rand0m
Reference is not a pointer, they are distinctly different with different purposes. A reference is used exactly as I said – to assign to variables to the same data. A pointer is used to address a device resource index, such as a particular memory bit or to a file handle. You use pointers to do things like bitshifting, memory stuffing/padding, direct memory management, binary file manipulation. You use references to manipulate in-program data directly, instead of manipulating a copy … normal variable passing=softlink, reference=hardlink. jesus christ I’m a dork.
2004-01-16 17:40:15 – The Disco Nova
You all lose.
2004-01-16 23:24:57 – WC
Happy 420 post ๐Ÿ™‚ ok i’m kinda drunk cuz i keep on hitting the backspace key and this took me like 30 secs post rofllmaololwtfbbq hehehe
2004-01-17 15:33:55 – Unknown
So a theoretical answer to your theoretical question. Maybe SHE just wanted to have some fun and she did. And wants nothing other then friendship with a few benefits. Or no benefits, whatever : )
2004-01-17 15:59:33 – rand0m
w3rd to friends with benefits. Too bad that is nearly impossible, what with girls being emotional creatures — girls may say they’re "just friends with benefits" but give it another 20 minutes and next thing they’re looking for marriage. *mmm, friends w/ bennies*
2004-01-17 22:56:03 – paulie
Is that really such a bad thing?????
2004-01-18 10:50:04 – realbighead
marriage? at 21? yes, that is really such a bad thing.
2004-01-18 15:49:50 – Unknown
If you both agree to be friends with benifits, and one person starts to have feelings, be it good or bad, then you just stop. Be honest. End of story.
2004-01-19 11:08:16 – paulie
Hey man! Still up for Vegas when I get home? We are told our block leave is from 14 Apr-15 May or some such. Could you or Matt start looking for package deals for somewhere around that time? I’d say shoot for April….. Get back to me.
2004-01-19 18:43:01 – Netheus
started back to class today. Biology… ick.. Saw Crystal Ybarra last night, it was her birthday, and she was alone and fighting with her bf. Shitty birthday. Other than that, a little fatlistic, but I think it suits her. It was good to see her. And anyone remember little gay Dustin? He’s in my film class.
2004-01-19 18:49:58 – keener2u
Paulie, awesome I will be in vegas already for work. Will look into extending my stay with vacation! ๐Ÿ™‚
2004-01-20 11:08:49 – GangGa-StA
2004-01-20 11:38:13 – rand0m
2004-01-20 11:54:27 – wc
_ohh my_
2004-01-21 09:34:36 – BIG BROTHER
Oh my! look at the size of his entry! I feel small.
2004-01-21 10:50:20 – WhIcH i haD OnE
2006-04-04 13:58:49 – ass
<a href=>lyrics</a>
2006-04-04 13:59:16 – asdasd

Xmas, NYE, Kelly/James, Clothes, Sammi

Okay, so this is the Inaugral post of 2004, so it’s going to be a doozy. Ha! Had you thinking that it would be worthwhile there for a second, didn’t I? Ahh, yes, now proceed onto the comments like a good reader. So … I totally missed XMas in the last post. I got a lot of clothes from my sister, and some really nice pillows from the folks, as well as some more hand-made socks from my Oma. mmm, socks. I also got some of the candy orange slice thingies that I like so much. Yay for traditions! So, New Years Eve. We had a [L=]lockin at the store[/L] which was superfull, and a ton of fun. We had a BringYerOwnComputer this time, which went really well. After that I sped like hell over to James’ place, where I walked in just in time for the countdown. Grabbed some champaigne, counted down, drank it, and then proceeded onto a Long-island Iced Tea and got LIT (get it? LOL) … then the best goddamn martini ever – sour apple. It was scrumptious. I fell in love with Kelly, which I’ll get to in a second, got drunk, then slept it off until 4am, when I went back to the store and worked till about 9:30. Then blessed sleep. Kelly. I met her at James’ NYE party, and she is apparently a friend of Emily’s. This is an issue, as Emily loathes me. (defaming statements about her here) She also necked with James, which he was very proud to point out, despite his total devotion to Emily. Which is an Issue. James is MovingIn RealSoonNow, and with him, he is bringing his passion for Emily, and with that, Emily herself. I do not know how that will go. All I know is that my chances with this Kelly are doomed, as Emily will undoubtedly put in a less-than-positive word for me. She didn’t even say “Hi” at the party. Sheesh, some people. However, Kelly did say Hi, and that was nice. As she is smart and hot. Oh, James is moving in. Cya Tony. Cheap Bastard. Keen is keeping this fucking reduckalous picture journal of his life at [L=][/L]. It’s hawt. I am thinking I’ll get a camera phone and do the same, as it is freakin awesome. I went to the Laund-Ro-Mat today to do some laundry, as our washer is still broken. Did I mention that earlier? (I can’t find it in the archives – it’s a good story, involving me giving a girl a ride home at 3am). But yes, it is broken. So yes, the laundromat. The laundromat is a very interesting place, especially at night. This was during the day though, and it took exactly one hour and 24 minutes to wash and dry three large loads of laundry for less than $5. This is the way to do laundry. I also read a lot in my book, which was good. I had lunch with SuperSammi on Friday, and it was everything I thought it would be. She is so mind-alteringly amazing. The food at the Ritz was good, as was my martini (sour apple, of course!), but the conversation was stunning. She’s really great. *hugs to sammi* [b]Update[/b] – I totally forgot to mention that Keen left for a while, but came back, then left again. In the meantime, I got to drive his car, which is nice. I think I’ll buy a car sometime. Whilst shuttling Keen to and from DIA, I met up with Craig and his g/f Rachael, had some Chipotle (best burritos, evar!). On the second trip, we all went to Old C’s and had a good time. Additionally, I watched James’ ferret over the holidays, and oddly, the ferret is not so bad. w0ot for friends!

2004-01-03 19:03:53 – WC
ohh i see how it is. nothing ๐Ÿ™ about the trip to denver. ๐Ÿ˜‰
2004-01-03 19:07:09 – rand0m
OooOoh, it’s on there now, oOooh, pwnage!
2004-01-03 19:08:59 – WC
hehe woo0t! for chipotle
2004-01-03 22:37:59 – The Disco Nova
Lol. I didn’t say that we were necking, I said that she stuck her tongue in my mouth when we were playing that game. Maybe she was simply getting into the game ๐Ÿ™‚ I should mention for those who weren’t at the party that the game called for her to kiss me . It’s a moot point, since I spent all night talking to her, and didn’t even think to ask for her number. She is still totally available ๐Ÿ™‚
2004-01-04 12:06:47 – WC
[L=]Drum Machine[/L]
2004-01-05 10:45:33 – Manny
I always miss your guy’s kick ass parties. Dammit. Watched HBO through the new year. Yes, sorry, I know. Will be in town next sunday though to crash on matts bed. I will be lit, btw.
2004-01-06 16:24:27 – Netheus
my sister is selling her ferret. Its an albino female. She’s cute.
2004-01-10 11:42:42 – Matthew M. Kohutek.
Dear Randy, I don"t Know if you are the right person that I am sending this to but if you are this is your big brother in the deep south. How the hell are you doing? A brief update on the last ten years… I got married, got divorced, got screwed over, got it back on track(Thanks to mom.) Went to school, became a cop, pissed off mom and dad, left. Started over got married again, started a company, failed, started again and succeded. Paid off me and Tam’s first limo for the new company last October. November came and our contracter supplier went belly up/bit the economic bone. (I hate cheep ass contractors.) Asked momndad for help, laughed in my face and pulled their sanctimonius crap again. They ended up causing my new company to fold and cost me 60,000$. (Thanks mom.) Thank god the equipment was paid for. Had to find work. Became a cop again, got pinned again three days ago. (Look out villans!) Hopfully Tam and I can save up enough mulla to start up by our selves again in a few months. So depressing when you throw away five years of work because of some other jack ass can’t pull their heads out. Jeeeezzzzz!! Found out there is another Kohutek transportation company in Kenner Loisiana. They spell their name Kohoutek. Hmm, food for thought. They run hundreds of those big busses across the south. Sure wish I could have teamed up with them before folding. (Thanks mom. Gonna make it a real effort to talk to you again, like when my son is thirty!) Sorry don’t mean to sound so negative, it’s only money. Lots and lots of money. Any who, hows Robert doing? Saw Marla where she came down here with Oma. Geeesh! Did she change. Sorry to hear that grand pa and grand ma passed away. I feel sorry for dad. I Know that had to be hard on him. Is he still smoking? Tell him I’m sorry if you get a chance. It’s good to talk to you Randle Ray, I’ll monitore this site a few times to see if you respond. C’Ya Matt K.
2004-01-10 15:48:41 – keener2u
Yeah good to see things are being posted and things are still alive over there. I am in New York City staying with a few buds of mine. BTW it’s really freaking cold here and I am staying in Queens and taking the metro into Manhattan. Hope the house has not turned inside out and exploded yet:) Good to see you are still alive:) see ya next sat!
2004-01-11 14:36:33 – The Disco Nova
I cleaned the bathroom. It was so good, Randall was speechless. If it ever gets that bad again, I will make you both clean it up at gunpoint with your tongues ๐Ÿ™‚
2004-01-11 19:23:46 – rand0m
Matt, Yep, this is the place, home of the one and only randal kohutek. And yes, James is the most awesome cleaner ever. Thanks James. Yay for clean. Yay for new roommate. Boo for boring!
2004-01-12 12:53:02 – Netheus
that was a pretty quick and depressing 10 year update. geez.
2004-01-12 13:56:32 – rand0m
No shit. I’ve learned that if I can’t think of something to say, I shouldn’t say anything. Hence the breif response ๐Ÿ˜‰
2004-01-12 14:21:15 – Matt K.
Yo’ Rando! Whats up? Tam and I just got back from the french quarter in New Orleans. Man it’s wild just for a sunday! We can’t wait to go to Mardi Gras this year. Let the drinking begin! Last year we so blasted that we ended up loosing one of the limos and ended up taking a cab back to the Lions for three days till the crowds left. That was the same day that Vinette (Neighbor) got hit in the head with a flying coconut. Oh well back at the house to nurse our aching heads. and Netheus, shut up. Some times life sucks and every body at some time gets to take a big ol’ bite of it. I’ll hand you the mustard when your time comes around. Matt K. Ps. where are you at rand0m?
2004-01-12 16:34:49 – keener2u
Matt K. that’s a good name ๐Ÿ˜‰
2004-01-12 18:00:52 – The Disco Nova
Far too many Matt K.’s, we should off a few of them.
2004-01-13 12:45:14 – WC
/me cleans and loads the mp5. Its open seasion on Matt K.’s in a few days.
2004-01-13 12:48:08 – rand0m
I’m still in Colorado Springs, except I live downtown. I should put up a photo-gallery-linkamajig.
2004-01-13 23:13:50 – Netheus
well Matt, in the last year, my mom has been in and out of jail for theft and drugs, my step-dad had a heart attack on New Years and has decided that this is a sign from above to drink more, 2 of my cousins have been in rehab, my grandma died, my step-uncle died, my little sister’s best friend who I used to baby sit hung herslf from a tree (at the ripe age of 13), my brother is in a foster home, my dad has gone from thinking that I am a crack whore to resolved pride in me going to college, back to thinking I am satan spawn, my step-mom keeps on filing for divorce only to stop at the last minute, and my brother’s father burnt my mom’s apartment down while she was in jail. My dad called all of my reletives and told them that I was married to a satan worshipper, and I didn’t get any financial aid for school, effectively forcing me to ask my mother-in-law for even more money, and my step-sister is trying to convince my sister (who is 14) that having a kid while you are in high school is a great idea. All I’m sayin’ is, you should talk to your little brother a bit more often than once a decade.
2004-01-14 11:20:22 – rand0m
yay for laundry!
2004-01-14 12:02:18 – Manny
Yo randal, chris wee is having his going away in the springs on friday, so can I crash on matt’s bed that night before going to the airport? Cool bro
2004-01-14 14:05:20 – rand0m
If matt’s not in it, absolutely … I think he gets back on Saturday, but I am unsure.
2004-01-14 17:58:40 – keener2u
won’t be back till Sat at 6 or 7pm *sighs* I wish I could be at Chris’ party. Say hi to him!
2004-01-15 10:39:58 – Manny
I’ll probably pass you in the airport. You are taking united back, right?
2004-01-15 13:02:37 – Matt K
Dear Netheus; Well sounds like you already got handed your mustard. Sorry to hear this though, somtimes people get so wrapped up in things that are happening to them that they have a hard time listening to other peoples plite. I apologise if I sounded sharp. After your list I would be lucky if I was still sain. If you ever need to talk I guess this is as good a place as any to vent. WC do you have a permit for that Mp5? I’m sure the A.T.F. would like to know. So Rand0m, netheus is right. I wished that I had kept up with you more as you were growing up, but I thought you were still at home. I didn’t think that mom and dad would be to receptive. There are still reasons that we don’t talk still that I can’t go into with you. I’m sorry that you had to loose a brother over it. We could have had some good times, instead I end up finding your website by accident. I’m glad I did though it’s kind of wierd having a brother thats almost a stranger. So whats been happening to you? when did you fly the coop and shuck off the yoke? Do you like being on your own? Are you in school? Got a girl? Hows life treating you? Request more info! The old guy: Matt K.
2004-02-11 15:18:44 – Hellbent Rob
Boy does this ever sound like a sappy reunion of sorts. I’m stunned that Matt would even give a shit about his little brothers, much less try to mend some bridges. Rand0m, give your bro, Rob a call any time on 2/13/04. Hey all Randy’s friends, give him hell until he does too.
2004-02-11 15:29:22 – Robert Kohutek
Oh, by the way, when you come from a holy-roller, more pious than thou family, sometimes it takes a decade to clear your head enough to even want to talk to the other victims/inmates.