EGC News, Highlights of my day.

So some news about the store. EverLAN’s biggest competitor, Surf ‘n Play, decided to close it’s doors after … 7? years in business. Their timing couldn’t be any better. I think we’re going to see a HUGE surge in business. Shit, I might even get a paycheck. :-0 We had a birthday party at the store tonight. It went really well, and reaffirmed my belief that I don’t like kids. I mean, if they’re in trouble, or need help, or are going to hit by a car, sure, I’ll jump in. But when it comes to anything else, they’re just loud and crazy. And they run a lot. I don’t like it when chitlins are running around my store. They scare me. I have two great things today. The first one is quite snazzy and involves FedEx. Goddamn I love FedEx. They’re so … great. Eveybody loves FedEx. Not everybody loves UPS — they’re good and all — but when it comes to feeling great about getting a delivery, you can’t touch FedEx. econd, I made a casserole. No, that’s not all I did. I stayed in on a Saturday night and made a casserole. Last weekend’s wildness was more than enough for a little bit … I would have gone and done some stuff if some people hadn’t flaked out (*glare*), but you know, I’m kind of glad they did. There’s nothing like staying in, doing some good cooking and making the house feel like home. James says I’m domesticated, and I don’t mind it one bit.

2005-03-06 02:24:33 – The Disco Nova
They didn’t actually flake out, since I only asked them like an hour beforehand. But that is because they never answer the phone.
2005-03-06 04:51:40 – Craigalito
I got a flattop haircut today. I haven’t had one of these in like 9 years. It rocks, I scared Ian for once. Rachael coudn’t stop touching the top of my head. Glad to hear about your store Randal. Wo000. Anyway why am I up at 5 am? Who knows? I haven’t gone to bed yet. But I did take a 3 hour nap at 11pm. Ok bye now. P.S. Fedex is a great company unless your writing a consumer to the fedex webservice. From what I understand from my co-worker that is almost worse than pounding nails through your dick.
2005-03-06 16:05:13 – rand0m
"pounding nails through your dick" That sounds incredibly painful. I don’t like even considering such a situation. On that note, how the hell do people get Prince Alberts?
2005-03-11 00:09:16 – jrdn
surf and play was not all that great either… comps were pretty weak. I love egc, that why I help out all the time there… if egc doesnt get off the ground now, then people are honestly missing out.