WBC To be at PHS on Friday

I don’t know if any of you folks know, but the Westboro Baptist Church (owners of godhatesfags.com) will be at our very own Palmer High School on Friday morning at 7:15am ([L=http://www.godhatesfags.com/fliers/Picket_Information.html]WBC Picket Information[/L] – [L=http://www.godhatesamerica.com/ghfmir/fliers/jan2005/Week_708_1-13-2005.pdf]PDF Flyer[/L]). They will be here in the Springs to protest the Gay Straight Alliance (GSA). The GSA is a Palmer High School club that aims to promote a safe environment for all kids. PHS/D11 administration decided to not allow it as an official club, barring them from using District facilities. The GSA folks went to the ACLU, who filed a lawsuit with the US District Court of Colorado about it ([L=http://www.aclu-co.org/docket/200315/200315_description.htm]ACLU Docket/Suit[/L]). Now, I am not one to love or hate gay folks. I do not approve of homosexuality personally. Despite that, the strong civil libertarian in me says that the GSA group should be afforded the same rights and opportunities as any other club. I know for a fact that multiple Christian groups exist, despite the offense to athiests / satanists / whathaveyou. The fact that the District has barred the GSA from becoming a recognized organization is clearly an injustice — prejudice, suppression and favoritism at it’s finest.

2005-03-09 02:07:03 – The Disco Nova
2005-03-10 07:10:43 – keener2u
FYI, A little birdie tells me that police were practicing with riot gear down at South Circle Maintenance yard. Putting ultra-conservative in a liberal area next to CC is going to be interesting.
2005-03-10 13:35:55 – Netheus
I’m going to be there. www.uccs.edu/~ssj
2005-03-11 00:07:27 – jrdn
WBC is a bunch of fucking dicks… im not for or against gays… i dont care… people like WBC need to die…
2005-03-11 12:46:14 – Master Ha-reed
It looks like from your pics that the WBC was severely outnumbered, which is really promising for the Springs. Then again it was at the most activist high school, maybe results would have been different at say Liberty or Doherty?