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Yesterday was Saturday, and it was also the day that I attended my first rave. I can’t accurately describe to you how amazing it was. The non-stop rhythm combined with a sea of dancing people in a friendly, no stress, everyone-is-happy environment made it an event that I don’t think I will ever forget. I lost Tony pretty quickly once we got in (after waiting in the willcall line for an hour :-/). From there on out, it was me, the music and the crowd. I had a simply unbelievably good time. Carbon is this weekend, but I don’t think I’ll go; Oakenfold is in Denver on the 27th.

My body is just flat wore out … I feel like curling up and watching a video and doing nothing. I heard that it’s supposed to snow pretty hard tonight — that would definitely be cool. FYI, I don’t know exactly when we’re coming back :: I think wednesday afternoon / night is on the schedule. I hope everybody has a nice, relaxing, not intense sunday.

Update: Okay, so now that I’ve been awake a while and moved around, I have noticed a few things. 1) I’m mildly sore all over … not too bad. 2) I have a pounding headache. 3) I jacked my ankle somehow. It hurts like a motherfucker whenever I rotate it counter-clockwise. ouch. 4) My feet have a couple places that hurt :: this one’s obviously from the dancing, no biggie. Send your sympathy and love my way 🙂

2001-11-18 17:36:06 – Laura
do you have dyed hair now, lots of neon jewelry, and are addicted to ecstacy?
2001-11-18 18:34:19 – rand0m
Fortunately, none of the above :: I guess I’m not a very good raver, huh? It was really weird … lots of people would walk by me uttering single word questions, like "Pills?" or "Acid?" or "X?" … and there were a lot of places where a group of people would just sit down in the middle of the floor. Quite odd. Whatever floats your boat — I had a good time.
2001-11-18 20:06:52 – Burnz
Sounds like everyone is dry these days. /me sets to turning the whole of northern Colorado upside-down looking for drugs. And you get used to the huge sit-ins and people making out all over the place, handing you beads or glow-sticks or lollipops randomly. You will however never adjust to having glitter thrown on you, and if you can get the name of one of those dumb bitches that always gets it in my eye I would pay dearly for the information so that I can wait outside her home with a bat and no ball.
2001-11-18 22:40:19 – marla
rand, I have the hookup. this is an interesting cyber-world you’ve created. Stop making fun of the geekpad.
2001-11-19 01:13:17 – The Disco X
who is marla, and why should we listen to her? btw randall, I had fun on my birthday, you should of been there, even keith got laid.
2001-11-19 08:55:42 – rand0m
marla is my sister in new york … I didn’t think she read my page, but hey, what the hell 😉 As for your birthday … umm … I very seriously doubt that it was as good as the rave on saturday night. It was fucking crazy.
2001-11-19 09:30:51 – The Disco X
Getting Laid > Raving.
2001-11-19 10:00:18 – Burnz
HELLLLLLLLOOOOO marla. Do you have a enormous mouth also? And your mp3 OTW is old rand0m.
2001-11-19 12:03:54 – Laura
yo sista got the m4d hookup? shiiiiiitttttt….hehe. hello, randal’s sister. in the tradition of your mom, you should promptly believe that i am everything evil. proceed 🙂
2001-11-19 12:45:42 – rand0m
I updated the sidebar with a new mp3otw and some links and other nifty stuff. and laura … sadly enough, too true :: you and my sister would probably get along pretty well — you evil satan worshippers bent on the destruction of all that is good are all the same 😉
2001-11-19 14:20:43 – Laura
Shake that ass, Randal! Also, CU is going to kick Nebraska’s ass on Friday (knocks on wood).
2001-11-19 18:49:17 – dopey dawg
listen up children! all you that think cu will beat nebraska, raise your hands………………………………………………………………………… alright then! booya!
2001-11-19 20:35:54 – LadyM
Yep, I would agree that the yapper is equally if not larger than Rands. And yes, All of us "hellion’s" are hell-bent on destroying all morality, and then contemplating it while high. I must agree with the getting laid > rave. oh yea, never ever equate me with the monsterous mother. So, much info on you rand…you better keep me happy.
2001-11-19 21:18:04 – rand0m
yikes! [runs to the nearest corner and sits down moaning ‘nooo, nOooo!’]
2001-11-19 21:41:41 – The Disco X
Randall, is your sister good looking? And visiting soon? Please? I have a new tongue piercing I’m dying to try out.
2001-11-20 00:15:52 – Laura
dear god, james…i just threw up.
2001-11-20 04:18:47 – Burnz
Sounds like sis got all the good genes computer boy. And Disco, imagine a woman with a maw that is by her own admission as large if not larger than rand0m’s. It would be like dating a jack-o-lantern for fucks sake.
2001-11-20 07:14:29 – The Disco X
That’s a good thing, maybe she can take it all, laura always just chokes and throws up.
2001-11-20 10:33:55 – rand0m
you guys are some sick fucks.
2001-11-20 15:07:31 – The Disco X
2001-11-25 16:52:11 – randal
2001-11-25 16:53:17 – I AM A DUMBFUCK