movie, concert and more!

Sooo … I can’t believe I did it, but I went out last night and saw “Harry Potter and the Sorceror’s Stone” … Laura invited me along [thanks laura!] and since I had nada else to do, I went. I am glad I did … it was a pretty good move, though I don’t know if it was worth my $8. Janelle and all of her friends were there, and I spoke to her for a minute; it isn’t so hot that the heartache returns so quickly [sigh]. She looks fantastic, if a little worn/tired, and was pretty nice … heh, I wonder what she thought of me and my lame-attempt at facial hair combined with a my monstrous mouth. Huh. … makes me wonder what anyone thinks of it 😛

On the menu today is … maybe go get some grub from not at home, chill downtown for a while, and then attend the Sasha & Digweed concert with Tony and Mike. If you’re interested, you should most definitely come; I hear it’s gonna rock.

2001-11-17 15:51:55 – realbighead
hey randal, wanna implement checking on the e-mail addy so that we don’t get as much immense retardation as in that last thread? Anyone who wants to hang out while I’m in the springs, gimme a call sometime between Wednesday night and Sunday morning; I’ll probably go insane if I have too much family time, so please try to help me escape. Oh, and randal, shoot me an e-mail or IM if you want my number down here (or directions). Wurd, b’s.
2001-11-17 20:59:36 – Laura
tore, i’m hanging out with you sometime…that’s a fucking order.
2001-11-18 01:59:04 – GrooveMan
Man.. I just got back from seeing Harry Potter. I loved it… it was so good. The movie rocked… and so did the book. So go see and read this great Story!! God, I can wait for Lord of the Rings 😉
2001-11-18 02:31:12 – The Disco X
hey Randall! Blow me! Tore: low me Craig: blow me Burnz :blow me. Liqqqqqid night, : you’d enjoy that too much emily,blow me Laura, get you nastyu lips away. tony: nblow me tiwice tim:L blow yourself. mike, get off the blow this message brought to you by the hearthrrob, gettin james drunk since 01 2001.
2001-11-18 11:58:52 – Burnz
/me considers coming down Wednesday. Should I bother….?
2002-08-05 12:37:58 – CaptnSpectacular
Are you gonna know if i post a message from a post this long ago? Randal SUCKS!