and why it’s a good weekend

okay … wow, you know what? I start a lot of posts with either “so” or “okay” … right, onto business. Okay, friday night … did … I don’t know. Oh, that’s right, I stayed at home and posted on my website [duh]. Okay, so fast forward to saturday. Saturday was good. I spent the day with Steve [from Denver]. We went and saw Spy Game, which is a good movie, and then went over to his place and watched Firebirds :: a helicopter version of Top Gun.

So then I went downtown, and met up with Tore. And lo and behold, who was there!? Annie! Yup, that short little adorable blonde-haired blue eyed gal was at the perk. So Tore and Annie and I chilled downtown, and I finally got up the nuts to call up Emily and have her come look at Tore’s sexy body. And she did! We checked out that new coffee shop [next to Tequila’s], it was decent. Saw Laura and Matt [oakenfold-tix guy] in there too, which was cool. I got tooled when Janelle called my cell phone to talk to Tore … you know, she’s a great girl, but come on. Mad Gay. So, then after the coffee thing, Tore went home, and we [Emily, Annie, Laura, Matt & I] all went up to the Garden of the Gods Village Inn. Had a good time, and Laura got free pie! Score! We all left around … 2am? Drove Annie to her place up by the Chapel Hills Mall [which is a really, really nice place], and then got to enjoy a drive with Emily back to her place 😀 Dropped her off and headed home.

Woke up bright and early at 9am today, after a whopping 6 hours of sleep. Promptly ditched church and met up with Steve [yup, Denver Steve] and had a simply wonderful afternoon. Drank some coffee, talked a lot, chilled at my office [where I strutted my phat computer skillz ;-)], then went and got some amazing food over at The Ritz. It hit me again that Steve is not only a really, really great guy to be around, but he is also one of those valuable quality people.

While I’m thinking about it, I think I’ll put up some older articles, and maybe put in the archives section. Also, look for an updated sidebar, including the mp3otw, as well as maybe some other nifty stuff. Oh! And one last thing :: if anyone knows any kickass traffic lawyers, hook me up — I spent like 4 hours going through every possible loophole I could find, and only came up with a few small things. Hope everyone’s week is off at a good clip, starting sunday night 😀

2001-11-26 01:11:10 – tony
hey randal, thanks for calling saturday, not go fuck yourself
2001-11-26 01:22:48 – rand0m
now now, sweetums. we all know the following: tony + tore = not a good time I value seeing Tore a lot because I don’t see him very often at all. I see you often. Consequently, I don’t mind if I don’t see you for a day. Besides, don’t we have a date for saturday? *kisses*
2001-11-26 02:19:21 – The Disco X
man, jumping on me wasn’t exciting enough to mention?
2001-11-26 04:08:42 – Burnz
Tony, it would help if you didn’t suck. Sucking = no one calls you. Randal…you jumped on Disco? *shakes head in shame*. You coud do better man. I mean we all saw it coming but….Disco? Why not Hix? He is into that. Hell is had a whole fucking room dedicated to that. I like homosexuals that I doubt I will ever meet. Gay burning time!!!!!!!!
2001-11-26 11:45:13 – kurty
Randal, give Dan Kay a call, (719) 635-3611. He should be able to help you with your ticket trouble. I’m going to be giving him a call about my 98 MPH in a 65 MPH here pretty soon (thank goodness my snow-tires were keeping me below 100 MPH that day).
2001-11-26 23:38:19 – Laura
the hottest boy in my dorm is now asleep in my bed…of only rape was legal…hehe. also, randal, the oakenfold concert is tomorrow night (tuesday), so that means you need to go to denver tomorrow. also, i suggest someone else drive because you don’t want to have wasted all that ticket money when you get arrested.