and why the trip didn’t work.

Okay … since I’m lazy as shit, I’m going to just post what happened via this aim conversation I had. Names changed to protect the innocent [or not]. … … prepare to laugh at me for being a dumbass.
rand0m:so I’m driving down to Santa Fe
anonymous:um hum
rand0m:and I’m just outside of Aguilar
rand0m:when all of a sudden the honda’s engine catches on fire
rand0m:so I was like “oh shit!”
anonymous:on fire?!?
rand0m:so I slammed on the brakes
rand0m:but was losing control of the car ….
rand0m:so I popped open the door and jumped out.
rand0m:which was okay for me
rand0m:problem is, the honda kept going, and sailed right off a bridge.
rand0m:onto the road beneath … :-/
rand0m:where this chick in like a buick [not sure on this] hit it.
rand0m:so … she wrecked her shit with my already-wrecked shit
rand0m:and I went down there [down the embankment] and made sure she was okay and blah blah blah
rand0m:then the cops showed up
rand0m:of course
anonymous:oh my god!!!!
anonymous:that’s a bit serious
rand0m:so the cops are like “well son, you’re fucked”
rand0m:so I go in for questioning, and the cop writes me this fat ticket
anonymous:and you technically weren’t in the car at the time…

2001-11-24 09:42:01 – realbighead
I knew I shoulda picked up the police scanner to find you… anyways, dude, don’t worry about it, it’s chill. My dad needed an excuse to get out of the house anyways, what with my mom’s dinner-preparation-insanity. And I was back here before 7, so I wasn’t even really late. Oh yeah, and good luckwith court and stuff… hope there’s no hard time involved…gimme a call if you’re bored today for any reason (this includes everyone), cuz I go back tomorrow.
2001-11-24 19:38:26 – laughing-n-NY
Just to share in the family joy of torturing you…..Ha ha ha ha ha. God, I am soooo very glad that I am not the only fuck-up. I can just see the disapproval from the ‘rents, and do you smell smoke from rapid wild-fire-like spread of this new "gossip" to the family? Ha ha ha ha. Also…I ask….why where you heading there anyways? Gina does burn a decent turk. Oh, I suggest moving. Far, far, far away.
2001-11-24 20:19:34 – The Disco X
So when is your sister visiting Randall? I like her already.
2001-11-24 21:43:48 – red5
OK, you scared the shit outa me. Anyway, "moving downtown" Does that mean downtown Denver or Downtown Colo Sprngs, cause if its Denver, Fuck yeah! We can get drunk together all of the time, OR im looking for a place, so we could live together, but you don’t like me all that much, so n/m. Sorry bout all the shit dood…The judge will be nice…Im sure……um….
2001-11-25 03:15:34 – rand0m
… sadly enough, my sister is right :: the news has already spread half-way around the globe, and everyone already knows and blah blah blah. But … ya know, I just don’t care. I was heading to Santa Fe to pick up Tore and bring him back to the springs so he could have Thanksgiving with his family [he lives here in co.springs, goes to school in santa fe]. As for moving … it’s a possibility. And sorry mark … I’m probably staying in the springs – denver is waaay to big to live in without a car. and I’m doubting any judge-niceness. :-/
2001-11-25 13:08:31 – tony
my last run in with judge boba fett went like this…. judge fett: three tickets in one year! how do you explain this? dumas (that’s me, pronounced, dumb-ass): i got caught?!?
2001-11-25 15:02:23 – realbighead
ooh, what a surprise, Tony’s rehashing other peoples’ bad jokes as his own. And it’s only Judge B. Fett… no one knows whether he is actually an intergalactic bounty hunter. Besides, all he does is read out loud whatever the legal counsel wrote… And while we’re at it, what does your sister have against Turks… admittedly, they’re a-rabs, but jeez, is burning really the answer?
2001-11-26 01:10:36 – tony
hey tore, go fuck yourself