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Okay, so yesterday was actually not as bad as I made it out to be. Gateway isn’t horrible. It’s just not super-great. Also, I saw people last night! It was good — met up with James, Tore and Dave and went and chilled downtown. Next friday, though, I probably won’t do anything; everyone is leaving sometime this next week to go back to school. :-(

Spent lunch yesterday talking to Janelle — that, surprisingly, went much better than I expected. Got out of work early, headed downtown and slaved away at fixing all the shit that Jef and Henry @ HPI broke during the day. [just got another one in the e-mail … sigh]. Then I went over to the perk and waited for people to populate my social life. I’ll tell you, when this is the case, the same things seem to occur: meet at perk, get food at downtown place, go home. Yea, kinda boring. Anywho, we were mean to Laura & co, and they tracked us down just so they could snub us. We laughed. It was hilarious watching her try to hookup with these guys playing pool … dunno if she knew them, but her obvious attempt at making us feel like crap failed miserably. We just looked at this other hot girl and her panties. yummmm, panties. [thinks about writing an article regarding panties] … so yea … um … [trys to stop thinking of panties] … I need a woman :-(

And now it’s today. Came home, read a bit, fell asleep until 11am ( !!! ) and have done nothing since besides redo the top banner and change link colors. Anybody doing anything tonight? Or rather, anybody out there who doesn’t abhore me and who doesn’t want to succumb to the perk-food cycle desire to do something tonight? Maybe bowling? I could throw a party? please?

Update: link — pornolized

New #2 the above “i need a woman” combined with “please?” makes it look like I am a complete wimp. This is not the case. I am lacking good social interaction. I will get used to it; everyone leaves for college this week, so I’ll be spending weekends alone. I am seriously considering swearing off girls for a while. It seems like I meet them when I’m not looking, so I’ll give that a go again. Sure is a lot on my mind about who I am and where I’m going, and it’s not real pretty … I’m planning on rearranging my life to get back on track … seems like a never-ending process, no?

2001-08-18 16:52:26 – Xeon
The is always fun stuff at the pad! =)
2001-08-18 17:09:33 – rand0m
yea, but does it suck? and does it involve drugs? if either, no.
2001-08-18 19:09:34 – bastard
randal, i would invite you along on stuff i do all the time only, you never do the same fucker
2001-08-18 19:11:48 – rand0m
I can’t help that you live at a place I will not call. Plus, you are surrounded by ‘cool’ and ‘hip’ friends; undoubtedly you are always busy partying and what not.
2001-08-18 19:55:51 – Laura
Hey randal, we actually didn’t want to track you down…it was between denny’s and old chicago, so we decided to go to old chicago. and, we didn’t try to snub you, we did snub you. it’s no use trying to think i spent my time walking around downtown to find you. also, as for picking up those hot, nice, intelligent boys last night…we’re going out with them again tonight. i suppose it worked then. and what did you get out of looking at some panties? no phone numbers, no dates…hrmmm…just goes to show. and we weren’t trying to make you feel like crap. jocelyn went to bum a cigarette, happened to be from some cool people, and i went over to talk to her, and we ended up hanging out with them. i believe it was you who walked by to go to the bathroom and then turned around, looked, and rolled your eyes. i think it’s you who was pissed and obsessed with us. we forgot about you. eh, anyway. and, i’m sure you’re going to get a woman by hanging out with boys all the time. it just shows how many women want to hang out with you to everyone else. :-)
2001-08-18 21:00:23 – rand0m
I turned around to look through the glass at the chick at the table across from where i was walking …
2001-08-18 23:21:13 – realbighead
cuz she was showing panties. (to complete randal’s sentence) Surprisingly enough, I don’t feel like shit that I didn’t compel some random female last night to go out with me again… in fact, I feel my normal warm-and-fuzzy feeling (partly cuz I am exhausted… just got back from Denver, where I was hangin’ with family all day) Oh, and randal, I do use mac ie 5.0. And I have now tracked down the error in your code: <font style=’font:7pt verdana;color:white;font-weight:700;’>::</font> <font class=’main-top’>last night, today, page</font> you close the font tag that would leave the titles white… dunno bout this "class" tag, cuz I don’t do that much css, but the style tag is closed after the colons, which appear as white in my browser, but before the title, which is black. So, I’d bet if you left that font tag open or added the "style" parameter here that made it white, it would function properly. Same thing for the time/date tags, which don’t appear and which are styled "text-decoration:none;". Ya, so take that, all you mac-haters, it was a code bug! peace out, suckahs
2001-08-18 23:29:17 – realbighead
Thoughts on this: First off, knock out embedded code in your comments if you could… the only person using it is craig, and he only looks dumber when he uses it… so for his sake, and so that i can send you code snippets more easily… maybe add UBB tags so people can still do links… you’ll hafta check some other bb code for help there, though. Secondly, I think I discovered a while ago that macIE5.0 only applies the most recent font style tag, even when there is no conflict between attributes. Thus, those font tags you put around the title and time/date knock out the white text attribute, leaving them invisible. Yup, them’s my thoughts for the night.
2001-08-18 23:54:28 – The Disco Nova
Do you guys wanna know what goes through my mind when yall are talking like this? Kill Eat Skronk Not in any particular order
2001-08-19 02:46:02 – Laura
Tore, I was talking to Randal. Anyway, I had an awesome night tonight. It was great :-) I’m so stoked.
2001-08-19 13:20:14 – The Disco Nova
Movie tonight anyone?
2001-08-19 13:29:34 – rand0m
what movie? when?
2001-08-19 16:02:36 – bastard
Wednesday night i’m gonna go see jay and silent bob strike back. Turn them frowns upside down.
2001-08-19 22:27:29 – The Disco Nova
Good news Randall, I trying to set you up with Crystal, and I’ve actually gotten permission to give you her phone number. It will be forthcoming when I find it.
2001-08-19 23:27:31 – bastard
yeah, just don’t tell her that her pu55y smells badlike burnz did… she sucks anyway, pretty good actually i hear
2001-08-20 06:06:09 – rand0m
bastard … one more time in none funk-i-nese?
2001-08-20 12:11:44 – Laura
hey, randal, you still alive? hey tony, how was your barbeque…and how are the new roomies. i hope they’re getting better…whateva’ and, i’d be up for going to see silent bob and jay because, well, they fucking rock…


Okay, so work was horrendous today, and I was going to post about it, and I was going to post about getting trashed at my house the other night in less than ten minutes and blah blah blah, but I don’t want to stay here any longer.

I have no plans tonight. If you don’t, hell, even if you do, and if it’s okay, I want to tag along. I don’t even really have to say anything, I’ll just be, you know, part of the “group”. It does not matter how late it is. Please. So yea, give me a ring on my cell … 964-4504 … i’ll be at the perk, waiting diligently.

2001-08-18 13:33:24 – realbighead
The titles are coming across as black text… so are the broken links on the left. Sadly, on a black page, this makes them somewhat invisible. Thought you’d like to know.
2001-08-18 14:01:07 – rand0m
have you tried it in a non-mac-ie browser? The symptoms you show profile a lack of digging style sheets in any way; all of the fonts / colors are style sheets here. I don’t know what version of IE you are using [4.0?], but macintosh IE 5.0 can be had right here: <a href=""></a>

new domain and nifty layout

Okay, my website has moved to the amazingly simple to remember To go along with it, I merged the concept design, which is PHP based, with the existing one to form what you see here — a cross of the two, built on PHP.

the old site is available at

don’t worry, the comments work :-)

Update: I fixed the netscape navigator 4.7x bug, but it’s still missing a lot of the niftiness of IE 4+ — if you are still running Netscape anything v4.xx, you should be shot. Get a decent browser:: mozilla 0.9.3, navigator 6.1 or internet explorer 5.5.

2001-08-16 23:59:10 – rand0m
I don’t know how this looks on a mac or in browsers other than internet explorer 5.01 … if everyone could chime in with browser brand, version and OS and approval or not, that would be nifty … thanks!
2001-08-17 00:20:37 – bastard
i am sofa king drunk,,,, ha ha ha ha ie6.0 winxp rc2 angie, i want you, i love you
2001-08-17 06:08:31 – Xeon
IE 5.50.422 NT 4.0 SP 5 looks great to me. Tore and Laura may have problems though but that isn’t your fault… I’ll check out what it looks like in winXP rc2 when I get home…. TODAY IS THE LAST DAY OF TRAININ’!
2001-08-17 07:15:06 – realbighead
Actually, the new site looks fine now that the DNS issues are all resolved… I’d like to complement Randal on the new layout, esp. the fact that you can see the damn comments while you write one, and that it looks cool as hell. Gotta work on that whole broken issue, though. BTW, spiteful random insulting of mac users is not showing the love; besides, seriously, how can anything look bad on a mac when you see it through a haze of semi-transparent fruit colors? it’s like rose-colored lenses, except it’s Blue Dalmatian-colored lenses (anyone else watched the iMac product line lately? yeah… that’s unforgivable). Anyways, my 2 cents is that the site looks great.
2001-08-17 09:45:21 – bastard
site looks great i was so drunk last night that i think i hit a little kid with a baseball bat i am so hungover, but hey, it’s friday, yayyyy
2001-08-17 10:44:26 – Siaokh
Well… in NS4.7 it looks like shite *damn 4.7 in Mozilla 0.9.3 it looks good and in IE 5.5 SP2 it looks good Went to the club lastnight with Kira, Nina, Jen, Scott, Dewey and Robert Tons of fun, i’ve never been to a club before. The only downside is that i have about as much dancing rhythm as a stick, oh well. Afterwards we went to scotts and deweys, drank some… and went out to the school playground. -Tim
2001-08-17 10:45:55 – bastard
don’t forget to bring a towel tim when you go to the playground you can sweat and sweat can get in your eyes.. so always take an extra towel in your duffel bag you wanna get high?
2001-08-17 10:48:27 – Towlie
Hey rand0m, you wanna get high?
2001-08-17 11:06:26 – Laura
I like the new site, although, it’d be cooler if the blue at the top matched anything in the content…i dig color coordination. (unless it’s transparent blue dalmation color coordination, that merely requires a rifle and randal’s mom). maybe a gray bar up top, or make the little bars, and maybe links, blue…my two cents. yeah, craig, don’t dis the macs, ph0o|. i can take you (with my eyes closed while wasted)… tim, what club did you go to? i’d have to say that tracks in denver is just fabulously fun. i went there last night, and had a blast :-) and gay guys can dance (especially in little tight pants with no shirts on [grin])!
2001-08-17 11:07:41 – Laura again
or you could do the top bar thingy turquoise….yeah. although, turquoise is about the ugliest color ever.
2001-08-17 11:22:35 – bastard
ooohhhh mannnn i have no idea what’s going on you wanna get highhhhh?
2001-08-17 12:16:54 – killer job opp
Princeton is hiring for this killer job opp:::::: Contract Length: 6 Months Start Date: ASAP In Area Code: 719 WEB DEVELOPER Looking for a Web Developer who knows HTML and ASP. This individual will create the following functionality, among others: – Provide ability for members to sign up for membership – Provide ability for members to renew their membership – Provide conference registration and payment capabilities – Provide ability to quickly place ads on the conference web pages for exhibitors/vendors – Provide receipt journals that can be input to the general ledger – Utilize internet security to protect credit card transactions This individual will also be responsible for gathering data that can be used for the assessment/recommendations of how the internet site can be more robust and do overall strategies.
2001-08-17 12:28:33 – rand0m
blue thing at the top? There is a purple bar, with which the links will match … turquoise is right out. sorry πŸ˜‰ where is that job opportunity at!? please! please please please!
2001-08-17 13:03:14 – Siaokh
Laura, We went to Mardi Gras. It was kind of small… but i’m not one to judge i’ve never been to a place like that before. When we got back to scotts and deweys, kermit (greg) was talking about you. He said he wanted to see you again :) Hopefully i can go to rave on the… err Weekend of E up in denver. One of my friends was supposed to get me a ticket… we’ll see. -Tim
2001-08-17 13:15:48 – Xeon
I was gonna go to work … but then I got <a href="" target="_blank">high</a>
2001-08-17 13:34:15 – Laura
oh, it looks like navy blue…and then the "rand0m" graphic background isn’t the same color (and i’m on IE 5 at work), and it looks blue. and i’m not color blind because well, i’m a girl, and it’s quite impossible. your links are turquoise, right? that’s what i be seeing….and the links don’t match the bar at the top…right-o. and, oh yeah, kermit…i thought i totally blew him off. i’m leaving in a week anyway, so he prolly won’t see me again. besides, if i recall, boys never want to see me again, so he must be gay, or a girl…haha. no, i’m joking…don’t tell him i said that. i’m going to go buy my nsync watch that makes noise now…woooo!
2001-08-17 13:40:03 – rand0m
what’s odd is that the top ‘rand0m’ part and the purple bar are the exact same code that was used on the <a href="">previous site</a> … does that have the whack colors too? might be the number of colors you are running on your monitor. also, the links are not the right color yet — i’ll fix that tonight.
2001-08-17 13:49:28 – Laura
yeah, it looks messed up on your other site too. i’ll change my screen settings after i get through this stupid bullshit work stuff…but i think it looks messed up on my PC at home, though. and i think i have different screen setting on that one. whateva’
2001-08-17 14:11:12 – Xeon
I think the link colors work good for the site… btw my ‘static content’ just became dynamic
2001-08-17 14:13:56 – Xeon
Quad post fun!
2001-08-17 14:14:02 – Xeon
Quad post fun!
2001-08-17 14:14:08 – Xeon
Quad post fun!
2001-08-17 14:14:15 – Xeon
Quad post fun!
2001-08-17 14:18:10 – Laura
i’d like to point out that the fact craig approves of the turquoise links proves he’s a straight male…
2001-08-17 14:34:32 – bastard
[:]ever thought about reversing the order of the comments? [:]princeton information systems is name of company hiring, found on hotjobs [:]don’t forget to bring a towel
2001-08-17 14:46:56 – rand0m
I thought about reversing the comments, but i’m not going to. if i implement userid / passwords, then I’ll setup paging and customization of comments, of news, of everything.
2001-08-17 15:46:54 – Xeon
IF YOU VIEW THE WEBSITE ON A <u>WORKING</u> COMPUTER THE LINKS ARE NOT TURQUIOS! .. its more of a purple-blue typ color
2001-08-17 15:58:50 – Laura
like i said, retard, i’m on my computer at work, which is not a mac, and they’re turquoise. in fact, my mac would prolly have them the right color. so shut the fuck up. are you on a mac looking to see the right color? no. so how would you know? stupid.
2001-08-17 16:11:24 – Laura
it was indeed my color settings, but only because this is about the worst computer ever, besides whatever craig has because craig suxxors.
2001-08-17 16:21:38 – The Disco Nova
I think yall need to stop and think about how much yall are whining about the freakin color scheme.
2001-08-17 16:36:57 – bastard
bad news… Creamfields in vegas which was slated to have crystal-method and fatboy-slim has been cancelled… and i have no money to go to rave on the rocks this just means i’ll have to make it up by buying the casio color wrist watch

and it’s goin …

So here I sit, at 11:26pm on a wednesday night, contemplating everything. The last post has 70+ comments. The only reason I can come up for this is that everyone rags on everyone, and no one is ever wrong, and bicker and bitch and blah blah blah. You know what the worst part is? When confronted with each other in real life, that’s how it is. There is little camaraderie and less harmony; how the fuck do people keep up any kind of relationship in this atmosphere? They don’t. It’s all just bullshit, and it sucks.

Everyone is going away. Hit me tonight, finally, that within 10 days, there will be exactly four people in the springs who I would venture to call ‘friend.’ Of those four, most aren’t even really friends; just people I think I know. Let me tell you, it’s going to suck. I am thinking that I will either throw myself at my job[s] or take up reading. or running. or some goddamn thing to keep my mind off of the deficit of interesting, mature and intelligent people my age. that will only be after a few weeks of zero social interaction.

I threw a party last night. i don’t remember anything besides drinking town two tall glasses of rum and talking to laura’s friends on aim. I hope everyone had a good time. oh yea … uh, where’s the rum? wouldn’t mind if it’s gone, just would like to know if I should look around for the bottle before the ‘rents come home. Gateway sucks. Job @ HPI is good but doesn’t pay. Truck … dunno, but it’s being sold soon. The lawn is not healthy anymore :: parents won’t be too happy. i have no paper plates, either. i am tired.

‘All the things that I used to know have gone out the window’ … apt.

***UPDATE***: … it is NOT ‘most aren’t even really friends’ — it is ‘none are even really friends’ … and paper towels work for in leiu of paper plates in a pinch. what a life saver.

2001-08-16 00:42:27 – Laura
I believe the rum is in the freezer, but almost gone (maybe a shot or two left?). also, i thought the whole ragging on each other thing was just joking, but i would have to agree that it gets old and boring and lacks any importance or meaning. then again, in public, i don’t have much reason to be nice to you, considering you get all bitchy around me, and apparently, i’m the only person that puts you in that mood. so, i first apologize to everyone who found your mood annoying yesterday because i was there, and also to you, since you were being an elitest bastard and almost made me cry because you were being such a dick…yeah.
2001-08-16 05:48:08 – Xeon
Call-Center jobs suck …. unless you are persuing another job in the meantime or trying to get hired for <a href="" target="_blank">Wide Open West</a>. Just a quick question… am I part of that "none are even really friends"?
2001-08-16 09:40:13 – rand0m
that’s not much rum. :-( … and laura, don’t be nice to me. I don’t like you. You don’t like me. As for me being an elitist bastard, jesus, look in the mirror. And I almost made you cry by being such a dick. umm … okay, when you were being a super bitch I said out loud "what a bitch" and everyone nodded their heads … if I am being a dick, and how I acted was considered being so, then more power to dicks. craig :: yes. i know of you, but I don’t know you … tough to explain.
2001-08-16 10:50:57 – bastard
Listen up kiddies, I’m about to impart some mature intelligent wisdom. Normally I don’t do this because I feel it is wasted on particular stubborn jackasses. So, before you call me an elitist pencil prick hear me out. The people that you meet in life are not always meant to be good friends that you may keep in touch with over the years. Most people you associate with through the years serve some purpose and are destined to move on. As for parties: Had a swinging shindig over at my pad last night, Jean is babysitting his sisters while his parents are away, so a couple of friends and some girls I didn’t know came over and we had a blast. Heard from a lot of people that my room is a pimp pad with class. On that note, I think I agree with randal about people you know not necessarily being friends. Of all of the people from tuesday night, I would be hard pressed that any of them consider me a friend… not that I care. After living in dallas where I knew hundreds of people, and knowing only a few good friends, it’s not like this pettyness is new to me. I hope that some of you that actually read this heard something worthwhile. If you thought I’m acting elitist, then go fuck a donkey you donkeyfuckers :)
2001-08-16 11:13:01 – Laura
ok, then, randal…let’s think of this situation…i hang out around you, you call me a lesbian, i don’t enjoy it, you call me a bitch because i don’t go along with it…happens, oh, all the time. also, yeah, when you took two people i want to hang out with (matt and tore) and keep them away from me, i wanted to kick your ass, but i didn’t. and, seriously, i don’t think tony or james, or tore, or matt really think i’m such a bitch, i just think that you keep telling them that. also, you were the bitchy one the other night, so don’t even start. in fact, i didn’t say one word to you, but somehow, you started the whole calling me a lesbian thing…hmmm…i’ve told you before that i don’t like that and you shouldn’t do it and you proceed to. so, because i wasn’t super nice to you, like you just told me not to be, you got all bitchy. i think that’s a double standard. oh, and…i don’t not like you, you just don’t like me, and it’s merely because you can’t get over yourself.
2001-08-16 18:41:26 – rand0m
if you will recall, it was not me who started the whole lesbian thing. In fact, it had started long before I even showed up. Their names are James and Dave. duh. Hording Tore and Matt? wtf? When was the last time you called up matt and asked to do something with him? I don’t know, but can only venture to guess that it was … never? Can’t get over myself? I am not going to try and think this one out — how do I get over myself? I am perfectly at ease with me; I don’t suck. Getting over other people, sure that can be rough, but getting over myself? I would have to take a hiatus from my body to do that. I would think that a person would think about what they write, instead of spewing off complete bs in an attempt to be right. I say what’s true, not what’s right. tough.
2001-08-16 18:48:26 – Laura
oooh. so profound. and no, i’ve never called up matt because i don’t have his phone number, but when he is around, i actually enjoy being around him, and wanted to hang out with him, but you kept them over at the perk…. and, with the whole lesbian thing, point is, you joined right the fuck in. and, james was the one who started it and a promptly told him to shutup, but i do remember you bringing it back up. and contrary to your belief, you do suck…and you can’t get over yourself, because well, you think you’re too damn cool…haha. and, i do call up tore, why didn’t you mention that? oh that’s right, it didn’t go well with your arguments. damn, dude, fuck off.
2001-08-16 18:50:10 – Laura
oh, and, you spout of what’s stupid fucking bullshit, not what’s true…once again proving you can’t get over yourself.
2001-08-17 06:45:19 – The Disco Nova
hmm, maybe you and laura should have sex randall, a good grunge fuck should work out most of the aggression yall have towards each other. And it would prove that laura isn’t a lesbian muhahahahahaha
2001-08-17 06:45:31 – The Disco Nova
hmm, maybe you and laura should have sex randall, a good grunge fuck should work out most of the aggression yall have towards each other. And it would prove that laura isn’t a lesbian muhahahahahaha
2001-08-17 07:17:30 – realbighead
hmm, maybe you and laura should have sex randall, a good grunge fuck should work out most of the aggression yall have towards each other. And it would prove that laura isn’t a lesbian muhahahahahaha Just to continue and expand upon the double-post fun (Nova, you retard). Oh yeah, and to drive you all batshit insane by adding a comment that has no content, forcing you all to waste time clicking the link.
2001-08-17 08:56:20 – rand0m
I’ll admit it … I clicked the link. Then I read the semi-triple post and thought "god, what fuckup hit ‘add my comment’ three times!?" … then I saw it was james. hrmm … that explains a lot. and semi-been there, done that.

job nuevo

I started out today at Gateway. Man, that place is a hoot. There are a whopping 9 people in my training class — that’s why there is no night training, way too few people. Anywho, I am the youngest person there by 4 years; there is a guy who used to work at a computer store who is 21. Everyone else is in their mid-late twenties, a chick who’s like 35 and an ex-army dude who’s gotta be pushing 40. I feel kind of bad about it. Why? Because the job is *WAY* too easy. It is not technically challenging at all. I mean *at all*. I expected this though, so I’m not bummed. Just feels a little awkward showing up these older people; all the written exams, the forms, the typing tests, I smoke everyone. And I get it all right. every time. Sure, that means I’m super-duper, but it’s kind of … man … I don’t know how to say it. The thought of not going back tomorrow has flitted across my mind, but I really need the money; I think I’ll be able to stomach training and even some real work — I am going to try my damndest to get onto one of the special teams: escalated support, e-mail support, the IT group [which is done by lockheed-martin], or even move to denver and get a job with the internal support department there. Dunno, but I really don’t want to be a support flunky for long.

Oh yea, i got ~ $1,100 today. That’s nice; bank balance sky-rockets to $1,396 and summarily crashes [after bills] down to sub $700. Let me tell you, that part sucks. And I still have lots of bills to pay. Oh well, that’s the breaks. Anyone want to buy a truck and get me a high-tech high-paying job? That requires little experience?

2001-08-13 18:43:44 – realbighead
I’m gonna continue the thread here, cuz even though you all are dorky enough to memorize comment #’s and instantly click whenever one of them gets larger (I’ve done it too, no need to freak out), it’s just more damn convenient. Anyways, screenshots won’t be forthcoming… there are simply too many issues for me to catalogue them and send good example shots for all of them. You’ll have to come over sometime so you can figure it out. Oh, and if all you mac-haters wanna go toe-to-toe on a graphical rendering issue (which this is) with a mac, I’d like to see you try. Even you, you long-tongued gigahertz cocksucker. Oh, and craig: he didn’t mention being out with you because he’s trying to forget it. Be nice and let his selective memory shield him from the unhappiness. Peace out, all
2001-08-13 18:44:53 – realbighead
Oh, and randal, you need to make some comment-editing shizzat so that I can go back and fix stupid grammatical errors like starting 2 paragraphs in a row with "oh, and" (3 now). That’s all.
2001-08-13 18:50:24 – rand0m
I would put in comment editing features, but then I’d also have to force a login-to-post thing, which I don’t really want to do. because i’m lazy.
2001-08-13 19:01:42 – Burnz
Giving up the ol’ box tonight, so I am just posting because I still can. *Sniff* It is going to be 2 – 3 days before I can attack a geek or insult Tony’s randomness or (at this point Burnz weeped like an unconsolable woman and made all of us fucking sick as shit.)
2001-08-13 20:36:34 – Xeon
Why don’t you just implement an ip or a mask checking feature on your website that stamps the comment with an ip. Set that mark as a cookie on the client computer and then you wouldn’t need to implement a log-in because the cookie would be a per-session cookie lifetime.
2001-08-13 20:37:38 – Xeon
err yah… durgs are bad mmmkay
2001-08-13 21:45:07 – The Disco Nova
well to throw my earlier tirade against piercing out, I just got my tongue pierced…
2001-08-14 09:40:22 – bastard
ha ha disco, say goodbye to your gums, "goodbye gums" oh, and tore, if you want to see some REAL graphics processing capability ask the people at Pixar or ILM what they use, mmmm kayy… or these people: <A HREF="">Graphic Supercomputer Usage</A>
2001-08-14 10:29:32 – rand0m
hahahaa, man, the filters here at gateway won’t let me hit that link. doh! … I hope the IT guys don’t come over here and come down on me. that would suck. And everyone, we’re doing something tonight, although I don’t what it is right now.
2001-08-14 10:35:02 – Laura
also, james, say goodbye tooth enamel and taste buds. ah well. did it hurt? is your tongue all swolen gross? did you know you have to wait few months before you can get anyone elses bodily fluids on it? that means you have to stop making out with randal. hehe.
2001-08-14 10:43:58 – Laura
randal’s house is empty…i say we go there. but it’s too far, so maybe something downtown…this is, of course, assuming i’m invited…whateva’ :) i’m not going to plan it, though, because that always happens.
2001-08-14 11:19:37 – The Disco Nova
well, I’m going to LQ tonight if anyone wants to go. Then I’m gonna get a bottle of jack to "clean" my piercing, yea that’s it. It’s kinda swollen, I’m slurring a little, but not too bad. And actually I could go down on you right now if you’d like laura, but it’s a little sore, and besides, you couldn’t handle it.
2001-08-14 11:25:10 – Laura
yeah, you could go down on me right now, but why would i wish that fate upon anyone, especially myself? haha.
2001-08-14 11:31:40 – Xeon
Sucks that Apple Platforms aren’t that sexy! ….Did I just say that out-loud?
2001-08-14 11:36:07 – Laura
yeah, it’s too bad that mac users are actually capable of sex with people…just goes to show :-)
2001-08-14 11:45:00 – Xeon
too bad most Mac users are pedophiles
2001-08-14 11:47:17 – Laura
OK, if you found pictures of mac users having sex with children, that just means you’re a freak…at least have some evidence behind your claims, stupid. i don’t know any pedophile mac users, well, tore may eventually become one, but not yet.
2001-08-14 11:50:25 – Xeon
my point exactly
2001-08-14 11:50:50 – Xeon
do you just sit and watch this page laura?
2001-08-14 12:07:06 – rand0m
yea, she’s obviously an addict. Oh, I have to drop my truck off tonight for repair … someone has to give me a ride home. please? :-) what a day, eh?
2001-08-14 12:22:28 – Xeon
click <a href="" target="_blank">here</a> to GET ON AIM Randal!
2001-08-14 12:24:20 – The Disco Nova
Wow, the pink haired chick is on a roll today.
2001-08-14 12:29:18 – bastard
Okay, seriously, stop talking about pink hair and piercings… I’ve already had to change my diapers 6 TIMES!!!!
2001-08-14 12:30:54 – xeon
but that wasn’t because we were talking about peircings …
2001-08-14 12:50:25 – Laura
i’m on a roll? yes. and yeah, i’m addicted to randal’s site. and tony, you make no sense. ah!
2001-08-14 12:55:01 – Xeon
god work sucks
2001-08-14 12:55:38 – Xeon
just makeing post number 27 … nothing to see here .. move along….
2001-08-14 12:59:49 – bastard
At 1Pm a lady is coming to my work so I can mentor her for four hours on how I do my job as a system administrator / web developer. I’m just a little nervous. Especially since I’ve spent the last 6 hours cleaning poon and warez off my computer. Jooyyyyyyyyyy!!!!
2001-08-14 13:01:03 – rand0m
HAhahahahahAHahaha, I get to be talked at by the IT guys who are flying around like vultures here. They’re like fucking demons, looking over your shoulder breathing fire, ready to breath fire on yer ass. i’m scared. [sniff sniff]
2001-08-14 13:37:47 – Xeon
y? You didn’t violate any Network Security … right? /me hides from IT ppl
2001-08-14 13:38:38 – Xeon
wait… if you are at Gateway.. then who is running HPI? …not that project manager i hope…
2001-08-14 14:01:02 – Laura
so, randal, what are we doing tonight?
2001-08-14 14:08:49 – rand0m
well, who is running HPI… umm … old man Jef and henry. who doesn’t speak english. so yes, HPI, as we speak, is dying a slow death. as for what’s happening tonight, I do not know; I probably won’t have a car unless someone gives me a ride to my house first — I am dropping off my truck to have the clutch fixed.
2001-08-14 14:20:33 – The Disco Nova
I say we go to LQ tonight, if ya wanna go randall, then I’ll pick ya up. Btw, has anyone heard from emily? she told me she was getting back on friday, and I haven’t heard from her.
2001-08-14 15:25:13 – rand0m
why don’t you call her and see what’s up? Also, I don’t need a ride around town; I need a ride to my house and back; as soon as I drop my truck off, I have no car, except for the one at home.
2001-08-14 15:26:04 – Laura
Carolyn and I are going to go to LQ, we think, as long as there’s lots of people going, or just some people. so, call up your homies and have them come, and we’ll all be happy like your mom.
2001-08-14 15:27:00 – Laura
technically, you would only need a ride to your house, which i could give you if i wasn’t working…hehe
2001-08-14 15:33:28 – rand0m
well, yea, I could just get a ride to my house, but then I’d be dependent on a ride all night, which is sucky but is okay, I guess. LaserQuest works for me; I’ll be downtown all night — cell phone ready and armed. I’m out of here in 28 minutes! WOOoOoOoo! I have to be home kind of early though; by 12:00am — gotta wake up and six and I didn’t sleep much last night.
2001-08-14 18:08:17 – Burnz
I am sick and tired of you fucking faggots and your body holes. Just find members of the opposite gender and stop with the clam digging / cock fighting sexual stylings.
2001-08-14 19:21:41 – realbighead
Okay, you losers with no lives who are awake during the day (sheesh, where do you get off like that) are too addicted to a damn comments page. Sheesh. Anyways, for future reference, both ILM and Pixar do ALL of their proofing and preprocessing on Mac workstations. While the final renders are all done on super-godlike-industrial-strength Sun boxes, anything that could reasonably be done by a desktop box is done by Macs at both companies. And Dreamworks (another big animation house) does almost all of their work on Macintoshes as well. So, yet again, due to the fact that (unlike Craig) I argue from an informed position and not from the deep dark caverns of my ass (as Craig does from his), I win. And also, LQ sucks and you’re all stupid junkies. So ha. Peace out, all. P.S. Mike’s the pedo, not me, and since he uses a Dell box (meaning Windows most probably, and definitely not a mac), that must mean that everyone here besides me (and the pink-haired chick) likes to screw kiddies. You’re all perverts.
2001-08-14 23:49:19 – realbighead
I am living proof of the need for an edit option. All above references to Craig should include "and tony". Because technically, I was arguing with a point tony made. Don’t remove craig from the statements, though, cuz you can never go wrong insulting craig. That’s all.
2001-08-15 06:15:51 – Xeon
Well I just know that randals page apears correct for me and not you and your mac. Or are you just too lame to figure that out. BTW windowsXP ownz all of your asses- where else can you remotley get to your desktop in full 32-bit color <u>and</u> stream music back to the client machine? (just thought I’d through that in). Ohh yeah one other thing. Tore: Die.
2001-08-15 06:18:01 – Follow Up:
And if you are smart enough to KNOW wtf you are typing and check your posts before you hit the little submit button (yes it does not click itself) randal wouldn’t need to write a edit feature for you lame asses.
2001-08-15 06:19:38 – Regarding You
Yes i did mean to type "for you lame asses." and not "for your lame asses." That was intentional.
2001-08-15 09:27:12 – realbighead
blah blah blah, in case you hadn’t noticed, very few of my posts have grammatical errors of the same level as yours. It’s largely a style issue; anyone with writing skill (the paramount example being off the boards for a while, sadly) would confirm in a heartbeat that style usually requires some rewriting, so that it doesn’t come out in a pile of blunt random crap (which just screams "craig"). And I’ve never had to write 3 separate comments to say 1 thing. 2’s my record. Congrats, I guess you had to beat me somewhere.
2001-08-15 09:29:34 – The Disco Nova
2001-08-15 09:39:19 – bastard
Got to give it up, uh uh uh, i get more booty! Tore, i honestly didn’t know that softimage ran on a macintosh. That is, until I looked it up and it only runs on win2k, NT, IRIX (SGI). Have you used a 3d modeling package? Because, if you had, then you would know that end to end, the wireframe to prep is done in the modeling software. So in conclusion, stop posting inane bullshit that you gleaned from a comments page by searching in google with the query: Why on god’s earth would they use an apple at pixar. Hell, the only reason they even have apples at pixar is because Steve Jobs has a vested interest in the company. Do you know who Steve Jobs is Tore, hmmmm…. oh yeah, he like, invented the apple. And you’re making shit up about ILM, they use SGI in the same way, end-to-end. End of discussion. Do not post any more bullshit without actual factual proof, which is probably difficult with your ‘liberal’ arts background.
2001-08-15 09:48:41 – bastard
In reference to the benefits of using a Macintosh, why does it seem to me that the underlying Operating System running Apples, OS X, is based on UNIX. It seems that way because it is based on UNIX. The closer that Apple moves towards standards based software, the close Apple comes to extinction. They realized this when they pulled the plug on their hardware licensing to third parties. Remember that, when other companies could actually make Apple computers, a la Intel? And why was Apple so intent on stopping the Aqua interface from being copied as skins for other operating systems. Obviously, they are losing their proprietary role in system architecture.
2001-08-15 10:08:04 – rand0m
apple is dying … let them do it … :-) and man, this is a lot of comments — go me!
2001-08-15 10:29:00 – Laura
in reference to tore’s comment about halfway up the page, i don’t think i’m a LQ junkie, considering i haven’t been there in more than a year. i went to have fun. hmmm…foreign concept. and mac blah blah windows blah blah. whatever…it’s all a matter of preference.
2001-08-15 10:35:29 – Xeon
Good points Tony. Also Tore just for you I found <a href="" target="_blank">this</a> Seems that Titnic (yes the REALLY old movie with that snot nosed DiCaprio) was not made on a mac… huh… funny how it was made on a PC and it looked so lifelike eh? And I made 3 posts all with different content. 1 of those posts were to protect me from the "Craig you spelled ‘your wrong" So go fsck me ohh wait you don’t fucking know what that means cuz you use a lame non-command line based OS
2001-08-15 10:43:05 – Xeon
… yes I do have a command line… yes my computer is able to run *nix based system w/o modding the kernel in anyway or fixing part of the OS to run on Mac hardware (so don’t throw that Linux on PP shitzat out)…and I am still better than you!
2001-08-15 11:11:23 – Laura
oh my god, no one cares!
2001-08-15 11:28:26 – Xeon
correction… YOU (= no one) don’t care
2001-08-15 11:40:57 – nell
*raises hand not so shyly* not true. i don’t care either. haven’t been here in a while, and i come, and this is what i see. god. it’s like a bunch of guys standing around arguing about whose car is better, except you’re all a bunch of big dorks, so you argue about whose computer is better instead. really, does it make you feel that great to prove someone else wrong – especially since they are still not going to believe (or at least admit) that they are wrong even if you do try to prove it? stupid
2001-08-15 12:05:52 – rand0m
then don’t read it, or do something better. and don’t let us ‘dorks’ have at it. calm down.
2001-08-15 12:13:39 – bastard
Wooot… One of the SysAdmins in my company down in florida is sending me all 4 transcender cd’s needed to pass Win2k MCSE Accelerated Exam, for free too. That’s saving me 400$. It will be sad without tore and matt in colorado springs. Life isn’t the same without matt and his enduring wit, or tore and his invincible foot/sandal/snowshoes. We must all live on, no matter how much it hurts. sob sob sob
2001-08-15 12:15:53 – Laura
i think janelle makes a valid point, personally. why don’t you all just have a pissing contest and get it over with. or maybe you can all see who has the bigger penis, and get over it. i guess the cooler the computer, the smaller the penis, which means i have the biggest! wooo! and..i had fun last night, although, i’m tired now. and interstate traffic was backed up like a mofo from the fountain exit…why is that, randal?
2001-08-15 12:26:26 – rand0m
might be because of all the construction going on — the city’s repaving i25. and my computer sucks ass too … hrmm
2001-08-15 13:10:57 – Xeon
/me pees on Bastard…. hey I know of a [Techno] DJ by the name of Transcender. But I don’t think that is the same thing you are talking about.
2001-08-15 13:15:44 – bastard
Kimball Collins at Club Vinyl tomorrow night.
2001-08-15 13:16:03 – bastard
errr, friday night
2001-08-15 13:19:04 – valid_insults
Well, you crossed the line, that’s for sure. I’ve been insulted before, but until today, I’d never been attacked with such appalling accuracy. I cannot believe you had the gall to unleash that torrent of utterly valid criticisms. Vicious, founded attacks like yours cut deeper than any knife. I’ve had some low-down snakes spit their venom at me before, but they were usually such overdone and unwarranted insults that no one could take them seriously. But you, sir! How dare you look me in the eye and see through me to the deeply flawed person I actually am, let alone sling your poisoned barbs with such precision? So I tell lies. Okay, you got me. But is that any reason to call me "a dirty liar"? If that’s what you think of me–and you should–at least have the decency not to rub my face in the awful truth of it all. Just call me a liar, then storm out and slam the door. For the love of God, don’t point out two contradictory statements I made and then ask me, in front of everybody, to somehow reconcile them. That kind of smear tactic gives me no chance to avoid being justly branded a liar. I really thought you were above that. And my weight! The way you ripped into my weight! I mean, I’ve heard untoward quips about my slightly above-average girth before, but they usually take the form of grade-school-caliber "wide load" jokes that are so exaggerated that they barely draw blood. You, on the other hand, deftly and realistically characterized my body type as "pear-shaped" and suggested that I lose "30 to 35 pounds." Furthermore, you only brought up my weight to point out my hypocrisy in judging others by their looks. You didn’t cop any attitude that being fat is automatically bad, as I invariably do; you simply pointed out my double-standard, exposing me for the obese, hypocritical little toad that I am. But the capper on the jug, the slight I shall never forget to my dying day, was when you called me immature, painting me as "an emotional infant incapable of interacting with others in a deep or meaningful way." Again, drawing on what you have actually observed rather than ad hominem attacks, you used my patterns of behavior to draw a cohesive portrait of a needy, self-centered man forever wallowing in his own tiny universe of grudges and misplaced blame. You have destroyed–and impressed–me with your masterful insight into my psyche. I mean, my God. Anyone can insult a person, but you tore me apart with an informed, well-reasoned line of argument! You sliced me to helpless ribbons, the English language your scalpel! Could I really have angered you that greatly? I’m just glad my wife and children weren’t here to see my considerable faults laid bare. How could you, sir? Why would you want to do such a thing? I know why. I bet it’s because you fuck donkeys or something, you big donkey-fucker.
2001-08-15 13:24:20 – Xeon
<img src=""><img src=""><img src=""><img src=""><img src=""><img src="">hahahahaAHAhahaAHAHahaHAHAHaHaHa<img src="">
2001-08-15 14:04:12 – Laura
wow…65 comments…maybe time for a new post? not like i would know. :-)
2001-08-15 14:12:16 – Xeon
Well, if you ran a website you <u>would</u> know now huh?
2001-08-15 14:30:55 – Laura
maybe i do have a website…and what crawled up your third grade ass and died?
2001-08-15 15:20:28 – Xeon
you don’t maintain it though…. with cool news stuff ……
2001-08-15 15:36:52 – The Disco Nova
Um, Laura, Janelle, this is a site by the geeks, of the geeks, and for the geeks. If you aren’t a geek, then just play along or don’t read it, that’s what I do. And we all know who has the biggest gun in LQ
2001-08-15 15:46:35 – yeah
FGBG For Geeks – By Geeks
2001-08-15 16:30:07 – Laura
me has biggest gun in LQ!!! [duh]
2001-08-15 16:38:44 – The Disco Nova
Well then take my gun out of your mouth before you choke on it.
2001-08-15 16:43:47 – Laura
i’ve never heard of anyone choking on a toothpick…
2001-08-15 17:14:48 – The Disco Nova
it will feel bigger when I stick it in your ass.
2001-08-15 17:15:22 – The Disco Nova
love ya laura :p

Hey, cOOooOol!

Alrighty, so I went out the past few nights with people. Once with Matt, Tore and Janelle, then with Tore, and then with Tore and Matt. Let me tell you, it’s much better to do nothing with some people than to do nothing by yourself. I am going to miss Matt; he’s moving to fort collins on wednesday. What the hell am I going to do without someone to make me laugh like a schoolgirl at the most innocuous thing? [sniff sniff] We’re all going to miss you. Except the guy from He hates you.

I finally got my review from The Weblog Review. Get this, they review web-logs, and then post what they think! I was fully anticipating a shitty score [they rate 1-5 :: expecting a 2]. I surprised myself — my lack of moving to the new website layout [here] and the oh-so-fresh-and-funny content garnered me a whopping 4!!! I’m pretty stoked about that. Stoked enough, in fact, to post something new for once in like 4 days! WooOOOOOooo!

I’m sittin at home tonight, eating hot pockets and swilling coke [and other misc substances]. What’s everyone else up to? And more importantly, will you buy me a car? Seriously, I am considering selling my truck. First off, it’d get me out of debt. I could drive the honda … I’m thinking this may be why my parents were getting it fixed up. Or they might just be fixing it to sell it. Either way, yes, I am probably going to be looking for a new low-cost, low-maintenance, high-reliability, low-insurance car. Suggestions?

2001-08-12 19:58:31 – Burnz
1st: What is this innocuous bullshit? I am sure that you meant brilliant, clever, and dripping with a satirical wit that is lost on the average person. 2nd: The guy from hates me eh? I don’t think I know him, but odds are he is just madly jealous of not only my looks, but natural prowess as a lover (mojo) or my significant talents as a writer. 3rd: Got a migraine from the computer today, so probably a night downtown with some cigarettes and lots of walking. 4th: Toyota Corolla certainly has my vote for long running, econimical, low-maintenance vehicle. The Saturn people would disagree, but if they did I would glare at them menacingly. 5th: God, what a long fucking comment this is….
2001-08-12 19:59:47 – Burnz
Nice spelling of economical there slick, you really hit that one. A regular JD Salinger. And another post, time to get out of the house.
2001-08-12 20:21:27 – bastard
fuck you all
2001-08-12 20:32:31 – rand0m
i don’t even want to know where that came from. anybody know anyone who wants a nice truck? 12k on new engine, new tranny, new clutch, dying paint job and rough-bed? it’s extremely well cared for and will run for another 80-90k miles no problem. 17mpg city, 22mpg highway.
2001-08-12 22:15:47 – Ha-reed
The only reason you should buy a Saturn is if you want to get rammed by ppl on the Interstate when you try to pull off the on-ramp. Those things are fucking gutless. On a related note, I think our friend Ryan Cross finally got to the "mailto" section in his HTML for Dummies book, the link on his so-called "site" actually goes somewhere now.
2001-08-13 00:18:05 – bastard
in reference to my earlier statement, while tequila may look nice, and taste nice at first, it is like a woman in need of pregancy, who does not tell you that you are about to fucked royally… ala siaokh
2001-08-13 02:26:29 – Laura
you didn’t come to old chicago tonight…you suck. and, the has the gay test now…funny that. also, i wouldn’t say your car is nice…ok. bye
2001-08-13 05:08:59 – realbighead
a) your new layout looks horrid in Mac IE 5. And, this program being superior, it is obviously the one you should tailor your site to. Screenies available upon request. b) Adam is now a fatty fat. (Inside joke.) c) I need to go to bed earlier. d) I’m gonna be parked in the Perk for several hours a day until I go to school, cuz I’ve forgotten all my greek and geometry; if any of you desire my presence (and I know you do), chances are I’ll be there, so drop by. e) hey randal, my parents are looking into selling my car. it fits all your criteria, and beats the fuck out of your gas mileage. We’ll have to discuss sometime. Peace out, all.
2001-08-13 09:33:52 – Laura
ADAM IS A FATTY FAT! hehe. yeah, randal, we ran into the ever so wonderful and fabulous erinlee and adam last night. erinlee isn’t as much of a shamu, but adam put on tons of weight…and he looked like shit (unshaven, wierd colorful shorts and FAT). tis a shame. i was kinda hoping you would show up before they left because we know how much erinlee loves you. OK…hehe.
2001-08-13 13:19:23 – Xeon
I feel left out?!!! You never even mention me or Tony on who you went out with. Damn my memory is better than yours! Tore: The reason why the page looks so shitty for you is the obviouse. You <u>USE</u> a MAC! Figure It OUT!
2001-08-13 14:22:01 – The Disco Nova
Tore, do you use one of those girly macs that are like neon pink? just wondering. It’s okay, as long as your are secure enough in your sexuality to use it and still feel like a man. Wuss
2001-08-13 14:29:11 – Laura
no, it is i with the ruby red mac [grin]. tore has a cube, or something…whatever. i don’t know. you all have to see my hair! damnit! yeah, but no. i’m tired.
2001-08-13 14:31:06 – Burnz
Now I hate to be the MAC defender, as many times as I have called them Macintrashes and what not, but Tore does use a G4, which I am sure you all know was banned for export because it is considered a "super computer" so all us little PC users should just genuflect to the superior machine that Macintosh produces (between making the Lime-Green-To-Match-You-Nail-Polish-Intoshes).
2001-08-13 15:03:06 – The Disco Nova
I use a pentium III 1.0 ghz with 512 mb of ram, is that a super computer?
2001-08-13 16:11:05 – Burnz
Nope, sorry. But if it helps any, I still think you have a big dick.
2001-08-13 16:25:46 – Laura
it’s not a super computer because it still sucks because you prolly spent too much on it…hahahahaha. biatch.
2001-08-13 16:44:06 – The Disco Nova
nope, I have an average dick. But that’s what a tongue is for
2001-08-13 17:56:52 – rand0m
can I get you to take some screenshots and send them to thanks :-)
2001-08-13 18:58:33 – The Disco Nova
why do you want screenshots of my dick?

yea, this is bullshit

Okay, so I’m surfing the web today looking for some parts to fix up a our toasted database server. I check the phone book and find pc brokers. I figured a computer store would have a website. Huh. Check this out:

pc broker’s website website

It says the site was last updated on 7/20/2001. I called PC Brokers and the website has only been up since the 18th. My website has been around for almost 2 months now. I did some poking around on their site and found out that the top, where it says PC Brokers is dir.php. Now, why the fuck would anyone make a php file to show static text? *Obviously* it’s the fact that they are new to PHP, and are just trying it out. I also gathered that the author’s name is Ryan L Cross and he runs his “business” out of his place at 115 W Rockrimmon Blvd, #213. So, Cylence Web Design sucks ass — the link on their homepage doesn’t work, they can’t code for shit and they gank web designs. Valid case or am I just paranoid — we’ll see how my e-mail to him goes πŸ˜‰

2001-08-08 19:49:08 – security_consultant
I’m curious, how did you verify that it’s Ryan L Cross? Also, how do you know, you didn’t gank your website design from some other poorless hap. Anyway, pc brokers prices lick dog ass. On that note, enjoy a doobie snack.
2001-08-08 20:34:13 – Burnz
rand0m, brutha, I love you, you know that. But oh my fucking god you really should *not* be getting all jazzed up about comp fags and their PHP. Don’t forget there are trees and things outside. And grass, and rain you like rain.
2001-08-08 21:22:13 – bastard
<A HREF=""> Watch this and you shall see, that a jeep will soon be purchased by Anthony! </A> Disclaimer: This is not porn!
2001-08-08 22:10:56 – The Disco Nova
as the only non geek that reads this page, I think you should go to his house, and kick his ass
2001-08-08 23:55:50 – realbighead
First, a nerdly comment, secondly, a still-nerdly-yet-pertinent comment. First off, had you bothered to look at the source code at all, you would notice that he is solid frames, with crappy learned-HTML-from-a-book meta tags. You, on the other hand, use scripts and tables. I’d imagine that it’s quite a difficult translation to make, esp. if he’s so incompetent as to outright gank your website. So, in short, your e-mail’s gonna flop and you’re a paranoid tard. Gawd. Secondly: Matt, what’s yer damn number and when will you next be in the springs, cuz I’m out for coffee damn near every night, and your ass needs to drop by sometime (partly so that I look less desparate). To reiterate: randal, you’re dumb. matt, gimme a call. The rest of you: lick my damn balls. Unless you’re female and attractive. Then we have better uses for your mouth. < serious face> < serious face> < bursts into laughter> < guffawing so hard he falls out of chair> < gets jumped by feminazi gang and beaten to death> < is damned to an eternity of reading Ayn Rand> Peace out, everyone.
2001-08-08 23:57:13 – m3 = m4d 1337
your site sucks, it fucked up all my carefully formatted text… I hate you!!!!!! sux, news at 11. k thx.
2001-08-09 00:57:54 – Burnz
1st: I am certainly not a geek and I read this site so lick rand0m’s ballz, they need it. 2nd: Did you mean me Matt? If so then I will be in the springs tomorrow. If you meant another Matt, lick your own ballz. 3rd: Jeep=Cars for straight guys=They wouldn’t let Tony buy one!
2001-08-09 01:01:34 – Burnz
4th: 687-6981 is my number. But don’t give it to the bitches, they just call me for sex or preposals of marriage, and frankly I am sick of it.
2001-08-09 12:02:26 – The Disco Noca
randall, got a proposal for you, call 591-5009 ext 1601 asap
2001-08-09 17:04:10 – bastard
matt is just pms-ing because tony refuses to give raw dog to the brotha… from what i hear, he will certainly be getting a lot of that in fort collins!
2001-08-09 21:52:53 – Anthony Jerome Anzelmo
I volunteer to write a blog. Something that people won’t expect from me. Not that I care to surprise the adolescent cessant minds of the readers mind you. But then, I digress.
2001-08-09 22:01:03 – The Disco Nova
whats a blog?
2001-08-10 00:15:19 – rand0m
blog == weblog == web log == … it’s an online chronicle. There are a few listed on the right hand side under ‘blogs’; that is outdated however, and should be updated [cough] … I was thinking that when I do the layout switch I’ll have someone do a guest-blog sort of thing, just to keep things even fresher :-)
2001-08-10 01:45:14 – Laura
heheheehe. today has rocked. my eyebrow has a hole in it, my hair is bright fucking pink, and i got my new pink hi tops…hahaha. ok, you’ll all have to see me before i/you go away. but i’m lazy and seldom home, so email me or give me a call…593-7675…
2001-08-10 08:55:46 – The Disco Nova
your leaving?
2001-08-10 10:45:27 – bastard
they be some fine ho’s up at mardi gras they be willing and tony be fulfilling
2001-08-10 12:41:02 – rand0m
Disco — laura is going to college. I wouldn’t mind seeing her before she left, but I might mind seeing super-hot-pink hair and shoes and associated peircings. hrm. Tony, you are such a stud! You go fulfillin, bruthah!
2001-08-10 13:38:13 – bastard
piercings are sexy, pink hair is sexy
2001-08-10 15:44:14 – The Disco Nova
tongue piercings are the only cool ones. Pink hair might be a little wierd, laura, can you wear a wig when I give you your goodbye skronk?
2001-08-10 15:54:35 – bastard
women can have other piercings that can be VERY sexy
2001-08-10 16:57:46 – rand0m
HAHahahahahHAHahahahhAHaha, he said ‘skronk’ HAhahhhahaahahahaHAHhaa
2001-08-10 18:01:47 – The Disco Nova
Let me start at the top Eyebrow piercing: what’s the points in that? Septum: you wanna look like a bull? Nostril: um ewwww Ear: I’m rather neutral on this one Lip:okay, so you give better blowjobs Nipple: cool until you go to grab some boobage in the middle of skronking, and you tug too hard… Belly Button: Had a bad experience, kept pulling on my stomach hair, felt wierd Hood: pulled on my pubes, even worse Clit: a. I like to have to use SOME effort to get a girl off, most girls with these you can just blow on em… b. Feels wierd, and my dick is the only foreign object that belongs down thar.. If I missed any, don’t tell me, I don’t want to know
2004-06-15 15:58:07 – Ryan L Cross
Yes, that has been a looong time ago (as is obvious by the dates on this post). You were correct in one thing, I was VERY new to PHP. Months into my learning. What you are wrong about was the idea that the page was ripped off from someone else’s site. If you were refering to the purple pages, the site was completely from scratch. If you saw something else, it most likely was updated with my meta information still on the document. The link in your post ( was dead and the link to PC Brokers lead to a completely different design than what I put together all those years ago. Would be interested in what the actual issue was since the over all complaint made no sense without seeing what the pages looked like at the time this post was writen.

wowsah, it works!

Okay, so finally works right. If anyone wants to be cool and go there and order this $.18 item on a credit card to test it, that would be nifty — there’s even free shipping! Let me know if you do.

So, I finally got that done, which is quite the relief. Other than that not much is going on; tony moved into his new place not too long ago, so I might go by there sometime to check it out. Don’t know if I’ll stop, mind you; JP, Jean and co live there, and I have zero desire to associate with them … other than that, I’m supposed to start @ gateway on monday, which is cool. I can’t think of anything else right now, besides maybe what to do tonight — I have no plans. Thought I’d mow the lawn and wash some clothes.

2001-08-07 22:34:33 – Laura
yeah, that website is not up and running…suck! i think you messed up somewhere…anyway…
2001-08-08 00:03:32 – The Disco Nova
sigh, I’m depressed. Anyone know where I can get a real girlfriend instead of this endless parade of one and two night stands?
2001-08-08 00:27:36 – Burnz
You are complaining about 1 and 2 night stands? You want a steady leashmaster that can only be truly controlled by swinging a floor lamp menacingly? I do not think I am following you…I must be lost.
2001-08-08 02:29:10 – Laura
yeah, randal, i was wet *and* naked because i was in the shower. you’re a pervert. hehe
2001-08-08 04:06:06 – nell
something else off topic just so janelle can complain (again) to several people at one time: it is 4 a.m. (really 5 to me cuz i come from chicago) and i just got home. our 10:15 flight out of chicago was delayed until 12:45. and then i had to drive home from DIA (where we got in at 2 colorado time, 3 chicago time). didn’t something like this happen like two weeks ago to me? i’m very depressed. first i am going to shower, then sleep, then cry for days. anyway, to somewhat relate this… uhh… i feel like associating w/ people sometime soon. πŸ˜‰ good night.
2001-08-08 07:38:07 – The Disco Nova
for some reason I always feel like that right after one of my one night stands, no clue why
2001-08-08 08:28:03 – The Disco Nova
and laura, where the hell did that come from?
2001-08-08 08:59:43 – bastard
Today is one of those days where yours falsely listens to his classic rock songs of love and devotion <Tony’s feeling lonely>: Mammas and the Pappas – California Dreaming Led Zeppelin – Going to California America – Ventura Highway CSN&Y – Wooden Ships etc…. any other good recommendations?
2001-08-08 09:55:26 – Burnz
*sigh*. What a weepy type group you all sound like on this post. I would almost rather we go back to Laura and Disco jumping all up in the others’ ass. And I would like to see you little piggys before I move my happy ass, which means soon kids, preferrably with some fermented beverage, but if I have to listen to you sober then I will. And Tony, just drop your new number to me here rather than trying to call me.
2001-08-08 10:27:25 – bastard
2821206 or 2B0C56 for the uber-geek
2001-08-08 10:36:52 – rand0m
hey … yea, probably gonna have a bruhaha at my place this weekend … sorry to hear about the shitty flying experience, nell — at least mine was good πŸ˜‰ Oh yea, the links above don’t work because we had our primary server smoke it’s motherboard last night; I was there until late. The database machine is now the case for the dead primary machine, and we have no db, and the above links want db, but there is none, so tough. I’ll be resolving that today. bastard, seriously, lay off the nerd-ness. Sure, this sight is ran by a complete fucking geek, but at least it doesn’t show [much].
2001-08-08 11:31:27 – bastard
so yeah, anyway, you are all invited over to the new casa de college-students! houseparty labor day weekend!!!
2001-08-08 14:05:37 – The Disco Nova
well, if anyone wants to come skating with me tonight (I’m trying to get un-fat) then call 573-5756 before 7:30, I’m going to BosaNova
2001-08-08 17:43:27 – bastard
OH SHIT!!! AK1200 is in denver tomorrow night, 6$ cover. I am definitely going up there and gonna try to get craig to go to. Fuck rave on the rocks and that 50$ bullshit!!!
2001-08-08 17:48:19 – The Disco Nova
okay, I’ll bite, what is AK1200 and why is it worth 6$ and a drive to denver?
2001-08-08 17:50:10 – bastard
AK1200 is the best DJ, IMO Drum and bass, massive sound and 44$ cheaper than rave on the rocks

and it’s friday — fly time!

Okay, so I’m in to work about 15 minutes ago — that would make it right around 10:45 :: 15 minutes early! What am I thinking. I seriously should not be so prompt.

I am leaving for Utah here in a about 3.25 hours. Gotta run up to some health place and take a ‘urinalysis’ … i.e. piss in a cup so I can hand a container of hot pee to some flunky chick. Because that’s how it always works. There is almost *never* a man doing the nurse job, which is kind of frightening, but a little reassuring. Seriously, would you want to have your urine handled by some gruff marine war-veteran guy, or a sweet, cute, nursey type? I just like the skirts. πŸ˜‰

Okay, so I’m all packed and ready to go, and realized that for the first time [almost ever] I have *2* bags to take with me on the flight. I have a bag with a pair of pants and 2 shirts, 2 undershirts, 2 pairs of boxers some socks and a TON of my parents’ mail. They asked me to drag it along — and drag it along is what I have to do. I have about 30 pounds of mail in my bag. It’s volumnous, it’s gigantic, it’s an insane amount of crappy little light-weight white envelopes. Oh, and my spiffy new Laptop Bag. I should have a picture of it up as soon as I get the film from my super-shoddy came-free-in-the-mail-from-kendall-motor-oil-inc. camera. w3rd.

And on that note, have a nice day. πŸ˜€

2001-08-03 16:51:49 – Siaokh
What kind of laptop bag did you get? Best laptop bags in the WORLD… well maybe not, but they’re hella good. Have fun on your trip man, Safe Journeys. -Tim
2001-08-04 23:29:11 – rand0m
actually, I got a really nice Eddie Bauer bag [on sale, woOOo!] and snagged a computer ‘condom’ from CompUSA — it’s a neoprene-like holder that slips around the laptop so I can stick it in just about any bag. And the bag I have is really nice. I like the combo a lot.