new domain and nifty layout

Okay, my website has moved to the amazingly simple to remember To go along with it, I merged the concept design, which is PHP based, with the existing one to form what you see here — a cross of the two, built on PHP.

the old site is available at

don’t worry, the comments work 🙂

Update: I fixed the netscape navigator 4.7x bug, but it’s still missing a lot of the niftiness of IE 4+ — if you are still running Netscape anything v4.xx, you should be shot. Get a decent browser:: mozilla 0.9.3, navigator 6.1 or internet explorer 5.5.

2001-08-16 23:59:10 – rand0m
I don’t know how this looks on a mac or in browsers other than internet explorer 5.01 … if everyone could chime in with browser brand, version and OS and approval or not, that would be nifty … thanks!
2001-08-17 00:20:37 – bastard
i am sofa king drunk,,,, ha ha ha ha ie6.0 winxp rc2 angie, i want you, i love you
2001-08-17 06:08:31 – Xeon
IE 5.50.422 NT 4.0 SP 5 looks great to me. Tore and Laura may have problems though but that isn’t your fault… I’ll check out what it looks like in winXP rc2 when I get home…. TODAY IS THE LAST DAY OF TRAININ’!
2001-08-17 07:15:06 – realbighead
Actually, the new site looks fine now that the DNS issues are all resolved… I’d like to complement Randal on the new layout, esp. the fact that you can see the damn comments while you write one, and that it looks cool as hell. Gotta work on that whole broken issue, though. BTW, spiteful random insulting of mac users is not showing the love; besides, seriously, how can anything look bad on a mac when you see it through a haze of semi-transparent fruit colors? it’s like rose-colored lenses, except it’s Blue Dalmatian-colored lenses (anyone else watched the iMac product line lately? yeah… that’s unforgivable). Anyways, my 2 cents is that the site looks great.
2001-08-17 09:45:21 – bastard
site looks great i was so drunk last night that i think i hit a little kid with a baseball bat i am so hungover, but hey, it’s friday, yayyyy
2001-08-17 10:44:26 – Siaokh
Well… in NS4.7 it looks like shite *damn 4.7 in Mozilla 0.9.3 it looks good and in IE 5.5 SP2 it looks good Went to the club lastnight with Kira, Nina, Jen, Scott, Dewey and Robert Tons of fun, i’ve never been to a club before. The only downside is that i have about as much dancing rhythm as a stick, oh well. Afterwards we went to scotts and deweys, drank some… and went out to the school playground. -Tim
2001-08-17 10:45:55 – bastard
don’t forget to bring a towel tim when you go to the playground you can sweat and sweat can get in your eyes.. so always take an extra towel in your duffel bag you wanna get high?
2001-08-17 10:48:27 – Towlie
Hey rand0m, you wanna get high?
2001-08-17 11:06:26 – Laura
I like the new site, although, it’d be cooler if the blue at the top matched anything in the content…i dig color coordination. (unless it’s transparent blue dalmation color coordination, that merely requires a rifle and randal’s mom). maybe a gray bar up top, or make the little bars, and maybe links, blue…my two cents. yeah, craig, don’t dis the macs, ph0o|. i can take you (with my eyes closed while wasted)… tim, what club did you go to? i’d have to say that tracks in denver is just fabulously fun. i went there last night, and had a blast 🙂 and gay guys can dance (especially in little tight pants with no shirts on [grin])!
2001-08-17 11:07:41 – Laura again
or you could do the top bar thingy turquoise….yeah. although, turquoise is about the ugliest color ever.
2001-08-17 11:22:35 – bastard
ooohhhh mannnn i have no idea what’s going on you wanna get highhhhh?
2001-08-17 12:16:54 – killer job opp
Princeton is hiring for this killer job opp:::::: Contract Length: 6 Months Start Date: ASAP In Area Code: 719 WEB DEVELOPER Looking for a Web Developer who knows HTML and ASP. This individual will create the following functionality, among others: – Provide ability for members to sign up for membership – Provide ability for members to renew their membership – Provide conference registration and payment capabilities – Provide ability to quickly place ads on the conference web pages for exhibitors/vendors – Provide receipt journals that can be input to the general ledger – Utilize internet security to protect credit card transactions This individual will also be responsible for gathering data that can be used for the assessment/recommendations of how the internet site can be more robust and do overall strategies.
2001-08-17 12:28:33 – rand0m
blue thing at the top? There is a purple bar, with which the links will match … turquoise is right out. sorry 😉 where is that job opportunity at!? please! please please please!
2001-08-17 13:03:14 – Siaokh
Laura, We went to Mardi Gras. It was kind of small… but i’m not one to judge i’ve never been to a place like that before. When we got back to scotts and deweys, kermit (greg) was talking about you. He said he wanted to see you again 🙂 Hopefully i can go to rave on the… err Weekend of E up in denver. One of my friends was supposed to get me a ticket… we’ll see. -Tim
2001-08-17 13:15:48 – Xeon
I was gonna go to work … but then I got <a href="" target="_blank">high</a>
2001-08-17 13:34:15 – Laura
oh, it looks like navy blue…and then the "rand0m" graphic background isn’t the same color (and i’m on IE 5 at work), and it looks blue. and i’m not color blind because well, i’m a girl, and it’s quite impossible. your links are turquoise, right? that’s what i be seeing….and the links don’t match the bar at the top…right-o. and, oh yeah, kermit…i thought i totally blew him off. i’m leaving in a week anyway, so he prolly won’t see me again. besides, if i recall, boys never want to see me again, so he must be gay, or a girl…haha. no, i’m joking…don’t tell him i said that. i’m going to go buy my nsync watch that makes noise now…woooo!
2001-08-17 13:40:03 – rand0m
what’s odd is that the top ‘rand0m’ part and the purple bar are the exact same code that was used on the <a href="">previous site</a> … does that have the whack colors too? might be the number of colors you are running on your monitor. also, the links are not the right color yet — i’ll fix that tonight.
2001-08-17 13:49:28 – Laura
yeah, it looks messed up on your other site too. i’ll change my screen settings after i get through this stupid bullshit work stuff…but i think it looks messed up on my PC at home, though. and i think i have different screen setting on that one. whateva’
2001-08-17 14:11:12 – Xeon
I think the link colors work good for the site… btw my ‘static content’ just became dynamic
2001-08-17 14:13:56 – Xeon
Quad post fun!
2001-08-17 14:14:02 – Xeon
Quad post fun!
2001-08-17 14:14:08 – Xeon
Quad post fun!
2001-08-17 14:14:15 – Xeon
Quad post fun!
2001-08-17 14:18:10 – Laura
i’d like to point out that the fact craig approves of the turquoise links proves he’s a straight male…
2001-08-17 14:34:32 – bastard
[:]ever thought about reversing the order of the comments? [:]princeton information systems is name of company hiring, found on hotjobs [:]don’t forget to bring a towel
2001-08-17 14:46:56 – rand0m
I thought about reversing the comments, but i’m not going to. if i implement userid / passwords, then I’ll setup paging and customization of comments, of news, of everything.
2001-08-17 15:46:54 – Xeon
IF YOU VIEW THE WEBSITE ON A <u>WORKING</u> COMPUTER THE LINKS ARE NOT TURQUIOS! .. its more of a purple-blue typ color
2001-08-17 15:58:50 – Laura
like i said, retard, i’m on my computer at work, which is not a mac, and they’re turquoise. in fact, my mac would prolly have them the right color. so shut the fuck up. are you on a mac looking to see the right color? no. so how would you know? stupid.
2001-08-17 16:11:24 – Laura
it was indeed my color settings, but only because this is about the worst computer ever, besides whatever craig has because craig suxxors.
2001-08-17 16:21:38 – The Disco Nova
I think yall need to stop and think about how much yall are whining about the freakin color scheme.
2001-08-17 16:36:57 – bastard
bad news… Creamfields in vegas which was slated to have crystal-method and fatboy-slim has been cancelled… and i have no money to go to rave on the rocks this just means i’ll have to make it up by buying the casio color wrist watch