job nuevo

I started out today at Gateway. Man, that place is a hoot. There are a whopping 9 people in my training class — that’s why there is no night training, way too few people. Anywho, I am the youngest person there by 4 years; there is a guy who used to work at a computer store who is 21. Everyone else is in their mid-late twenties, a chick who’s like 35 and an ex-army dude who’s gotta be pushing 40. I feel kind of bad about it. Why? Because the job is *WAY* too easy. It is not technically challenging at all. I mean *at all*. I expected this though, so I’m not bummed. Just feels a little awkward showing up these older people; all the written exams, the forms, the typing tests, I smoke everyone. And I get it all right. every time. Sure, that means I’m super-duper, but it’s kind of … man … I don’t know how to say it. The thought of not going back tomorrow has flitted across my mind, but I really need the money; I think I’ll be able to stomach training and even some real work — I am going to try my damndest to get onto one of the special teams: escalated support, e-mail support, the IT group [which is done by lockheed-martin], or even move to denver and get a job with the internal support department there. Dunno, but I really don’t want to be a support flunky for long.

Oh yea, i got ~ $1,100 today. That’s nice; bank balance sky-rockets to $1,396 and summarily crashes [after bills] down to sub $700. Let me tell you, that part sucks. And I still have lots of bills to pay. Oh well, that’s the breaks. Anyone want to buy a truck and get me a high-tech high-paying job? That requires little experience?

2001-08-13 18:43:44 – realbighead
I’m gonna continue the thread here, cuz even though you all are dorky enough to memorize comment #’s and instantly click whenever one of them gets larger (I’ve done it too, no need to freak out), it’s just more damn convenient. Anyways, screenshots won’t be forthcoming… there are simply too many issues for me to catalogue them and send good example shots for all of them. You’ll have to come over sometime so you can figure it out. Oh, and if all you mac-haters wanna go toe-to-toe on a graphical rendering issue (which this is) with a mac, I’d like to see you try. Even you, you long-tongued gigahertz cocksucker. Oh, and craig: he didn’t mention being out with you because he’s trying to forget it. Be nice and let his selective memory shield him from the unhappiness. Peace out, all
2001-08-13 18:44:53 – realbighead
Oh, and randal, you need to make some comment-editing shizzat so that I can go back and fix stupid grammatical errors like starting 2 paragraphs in a row with "oh, and" (3 now). That’s all.
2001-08-13 18:50:24 – rand0m
I would put in comment editing features, but then I’d also have to force a login-to-post thing, which I don’t really want to do. because i’m lazy.
2001-08-13 19:01:42 – Burnz
Giving up the ol’ box tonight, so I am just posting because I still can. *Sniff* It is going to be 2 – 3 days before I can attack a geek or insult Tony’s randomness or (at this point Burnz weeped like an unconsolable woman and made all of us fucking sick as shit.)
2001-08-13 20:36:34 – Xeon
Why don’t you just implement an ip or a mask checking feature on your website that stamps the comment with an ip. Set that mark as a cookie on the client computer and then you wouldn’t need to implement a log-in because the cookie would be a per-session cookie lifetime.
2001-08-13 20:37:38 – Xeon
err yah… durgs are bad mmmkay
2001-08-13 21:45:07 – The Disco Nova
well to throw my earlier tirade against piercing out, I just got my tongue pierced…
2001-08-14 09:40:22 – bastard
ha ha disco, say goodbye to your gums, "goodbye gums" oh, and tore, if you want to see some REAL graphics processing capability ask the people at Pixar or ILM what they use, mmmm kayy… or these people: <A HREF="">Graphic Supercomputer Usage</A>
2001-08-14 10:29:32 – rand0m
hahahaa, man, the filters here at gateway won’t let me hit that link. doh! … I hope the IT guys don’t come over here and come down on me. that would suck. And everyone, we’re doing something tonight, although I don’t what it is right now.
2001-08-14 10:35:02 – Laura
also, james, say goodbye tooth enamel and taste buds. ah well. did it hurt? is your tongue all swolen gross? did you know you have to wait few months before you can get anyone elses bodily fluids on it? that means you have to stop making out with randal. hehe.
2001-08-14 10:43:58 – Laura
randal’s house is empty…i say we go there. but it’s too far, so maybe something downtown…this is, of course, assuming i’m invited…whateva’ 🙂 i’m not going to plan it, though, because that always happens.
2001-08-14 11:19:37 – The Disco Nova
well, I’m going to LQ tonight if anyone wants to go. Then I’m gonna get a bottle of jack to "clean" my piercing, yea that’s it. It’s kinda swollen, I’m slurring a little, but not too bad. And actually I could go down on you right now if you’d like laura, but it’s a little sore, and besides, you couldn’t handle it.
2001-08-14 11:25:10 – Laura
yeah, you could go down on me right now, but why would i wish that fate upon anyone, especially myself? haha.
2001-08-14 11:31:40 – Xeon
Sucks that Apple Platforms aren’t that sexy! ….Did I just say that out-loud?
2001-08-14 11:36:07 – Laura
yeah, it’s too bad that mac users are actually capable of sex with people…just goes to show 🙂
2001-08-14 11:45:00 – Xeon
too bad most Mac users are pedophiles
2001-08-14 11:47:17 – Laura
OK, if you found pictures of mac users having sex with children, that just means you’re a freak…at least have some evidence behind your claims, stupid. i don’t know any pedophile mac users, well, tore may eventually become one, but not yet.
2001-08-14 11:50:25 – Xeon
my point exactly
2001-08-14 11:50:50 – Xeon
do you just sit and watch this page laura?
2001-08-14 12:07:06 – rand0m
yea, she’s obviously an addict. Oh, I have to drop my truck off tonight for repair … someone has to give me a ride home. please? 🙂 what a day, eh?
2001-08-14 12:22:28 – Xeon
click <a href="" target="_blank">here</a> to GET ON AIM Randal!
2001-08-14 12:24:20 – The Disco Nova
Wow, the pink haired chick is on a roll today.
2001-08-14 12:29:18 – bastard
Okay, seriously, stop talking about pink hair and piercings… I’ve already had to change my diapers 6 TIMES!!!!
2001-08-14 12:30:54 – xeon
but that wasn’t because we were talking about peircings …
2001-08-14 12:50:25 – Laura
i’m on a roll? yes. and yeah, i’m addicted to randal’s site. and tony, you make no sense. ah!
2001-08-14 12:55:01 – Xeon
god work sucks
2001-08-14 12:55:38 – Xeon
just makeing post number 27 … nothing to see here .. move along….
2001-08-14 12:59:49 – bastard
At 1Pm a lady is coming to my work so I can mentor her for four hours on how I do my job as a system administrator / web developer. I’m just a little nervous. Especially since I’ve spent the last 6 hours cleaning poon and warez off my computer. Jooyyyyyyyyyy!!!!
2001-08-14 13:01:03 – rand0m
HAhahahahahAHahaha, I get to be talked at by the IT guys who are flying around like vultures here. They’re like fucking demons, looking over your shoulder breathing fire, ready to breath fire on yer ass. i’m scared. [sniff sniff]
2001-08-14 13:37:47 – Xeon
y? You didn’t violate any Network Security … right? /me hides from IT ppl
2001-08-14 13:38:38 – Xeon
wait… if you are at Gateway.. then who is running HPI? …not that project manager i hope…
2001-08-14 14:01:02 – Laura
so, randal, what are we doing tonight?
2001-08-14 14:08:49 – rand0m
well, who is running HPI… umm … old man Jef and henry. who doesn’t speak english. so yes, HPI, as we speak, is dying a slow death. as for what’s happening tonight, I do not know; I probably won’t have a car unless someone gives me a ride to my house first — I am dropping off my truck to have the clutch fixed.
2001-08-14 14:20:33 – The Disco Nova
I say we go to LQ tonight, if ya wanna go randall, then I’ll pick ya up. Btw, has anyone heard from emily? she told me she was getting back on friday, and I haven’t heard from her.
2001-08-14 15:25:13 – rand0m
why don’t you call her and see what’s up? Also, I don’t need a ride around town; I need a ride to my house and back; as soon as I drop my truck off, I have no car, except for the one at home.
2001-08-14 15:26:04 – Laura
Carolyn and I are going to go to LQ, we think, as long as there’s lots of people going, or just some people. so, call up your homies and have them come, and we’ll all be happy like your mom.
2001-08-14 15:27:00 – Laura
technically, you would only need a ride to your house, which i could give you if i wasn’t working…hehe
2001-08-14 15:33:28 – rand0m
well, yea, I could just get a ride to my house, but then I’d be dependent on a ride all night, which is sucky but is okay, I guess. LaserQuest works for me; I’ll be downtown all night — cell phone ready and armed. I’m out of here in 28 minutes! WOOoOoOoo! I have to be home kind of early though; by 12:00am — gotta wake up and six and I didn’t sleep much last night.
2001-08-14 18:08:17 – Burnz
I am sick and tired of you fucking faggots and your body holes. Just find members of the opposite gender and stop with the clam digging / cock fighting sexual stylings.
2001-08-14 19:21:41 – realbighead
Okay, you losers with no lives who are awake during the day (sheesh, where do you get off like that) are too addicted to a damn comments page. Sheesh. Anyways, for future reference, both ILM and Pixar do ALL of their proofing and preprocessing on Mac workstations. While the final renders are all done on super-godlike-industrial-strength Sun boxes, anything that could reasonably be done by a desktop box is done by Macs at both companies. And Dreamworks (another big animation house) does almost all of their work on Macintoshes as well. So, yet again, due to the fact that (unlike Craig) I argue from an informed position and not from the deep dark caverns of my ass (as Craig does from his), I win. And also, LQ sucks and you’re all stupid junkies. So ha. Peace out, all. P.S. Mike’s the pedo, not me, and since he uses a Dell box (meaning Windows most probably, and definitely not a mac), that must mean that everyone here besides me (and the pink-haired chick) likes to screw kiddies. You’re all perverts.
2001-08-14 23:49:19 – realbighead
I am living proof of the need for an edit option. All above references to Craig should include "and tony". Because technically, I was arguing with a point tony made. Don’t remove craig from the statements, though, cuz you can never go wrong insulting craig. That’s all.
2001-08-15 06:15:51 – Xeon
Well I just know that randals page apears correct for me and not you and your mac. Or are you just too lame to figure that out. BTW windowsXP ownz all of your asses- where else can you remotley get to your desktop in full 32-bit color <u>and</u> stream music back to the client machine? (just thought I’d through that in). Ohh yeah one other thing. Tore: Die.
2001-08-15 06:18:01 – Follow Up:
And if you are smart enough to KNOW wtf you are typing and check your posts before you hit the little submit button (yes it does not click itself) randal wouldn’t need to write a edit feature for you lame asses.
2001-08-15 06:19:38 – Regarding You
Yes i did mean to type "for you lame asses." and not "for your lame asses." That was intentional.
2001-08-15 09:27:12 – realbighead
blah blah blah, in case you hadn’t noticed, very few of my posts have grammatical errors of the same level as yours. It’s largely a style issue; anyone with writing skill (the paramount example being off the boards for a while, sadly) would confirm in a heartbeat that style usually requires some rewriting, so that it doesn’t come out in a pile of blunt random crap (which just screams "craig"). And I’ve never had to write 3 separate comments to say 1 thing. 2’s my record. Congrats, I guess you had to beat me somewhere.
2001-08-15 09:29:34 – The Disco Nova
2001-08-15 09:39:19 – bastard
Got to give it up, uh uh uh, i get more booty! Tore, i honestly didn’t know that softimage ran on a macintosh. That is, until I looked it up and it only runs on win2k, NT, IRIX (SGI). Have you used a 3d modeling package? Because, if you had, then you would know that end to end, the wireframe to prep is done in the modeling software. So in conclusion, stop posting inane bullshit that you gleaned from a comments page by searching in google with the query: Why on god’s earth would they use an apple at pixar. Hell, the only reason they even have apples at pixar is because Steve Jobs has a vested interest in the company. Do you know who Steve Jobs is Tore, hmmmm…. oh yeah, he like, invented the apple. And you’re making shit up about ILM, they use SGI in the same way, end-to-end. End of discussion. Do not post any more bullshit without actual factual proof, which is probably difficult with your ‘liberal’ arts background.
2001-08-15 09:48:41 – bastard
In reference to the benefits of using a Macintosh, why does it seem to me that the underlying Operating System running Apples, OS X, is based on UNIX. It seems that way because it is based on UNIX. The closer that Apple moves towards standards based software, the close Apple comes to extinction. They realized this when they pulled the plug on their hardware licensing to third parties. Remember that, when other companies could actually make Apple computers, a la Intel? And why was Apple so intent on stopping the Aqua interface from being copied as skins for other operating systems. Obviously, they are losing their proprietary role in system architecture.
2001-08-15 10:08:04 – rand0m
apple is dying … let them do it … 🙂 and man, this is a lot of comments — go me!
2001-08-15 10:29:00 – Laura
in reference to tore’s comment about halfway up the page, i don’t think i’m a LQ junkie, considering i haven’t been there in more than a year. i went to have fun. hmmm…foreign concept. and mac blah blah windows blah blah. whatever…it’s all a matter of preference.
2001-08-15 10:35:29 – Xeon
Good points Tony. Also Tore just for you I found <a href="" target="_blank">this</a> Seems that Titnic (yes the REALLY old movie with that snot nosed DiCaprio) was not made on a mac… huh… funny how it was made on a PC and it looked so lifelike eh? And I made 3 posts all with different content. 1 of those posts were to protect me from the "Craig you spelled ‘your wrong" So go fsck me ohh wait you don’t fucking know what that means cuz you use a lame non-command line based OS
2001-08-15 10:43:05 – Xeon
… yes I do have a command line… yes my computer is able to run *nix based system w/o modding the kernel in anyway or fixing part of the OS to run on Mac hardware (so don’t throw that Linux on PP shitzat out)…and I am still better than you!
2001-08-15 11:11:23 – Laura
oh my god, no one cares!
2001-08-15 11:28:26 – Xeon
correction… YOU (= no one) don’t care
2001-08-15 11:40:57 – nell
*raises hand not so shyly* not true. i don’t care either. haven’t been here in a while, and i come, and this is what i see. god. it’s like a bunch of guys standing around arguing about whose car is better, except you’re all a bunch of big dorks, so you argue about whose computer is better instead. really, does it make you feel that great to prove someone else wrong – especially since they are still not going to believe (or at least admit) that they are wrong even if you do try to prove it? stupid
2001-08-15 12:05:52 – rand0m
then don’t read it, or do something better. and don’t let us ‘dorks’ have at it. calm down.
2001-08-15 12:13:39 – bastard
Wooot… One of the SysAdmins in my company down in florida is sending me all 4 transcender cd’s needed to pass Win2k MCSE Accelerated Exam, for free too. That’s saving me 400$. It will be sad without tore and matt in colorado springs. Life isn’t the same without matt and his enduring wit, or tore and his invincible foot/sandal/snowshoes. We must all live on, no matter how much it hurts. sob sob sob
2001-08-15 12:15:53 – Laura
i think janelle makes a valid point, personally. why don’t you all just have a pissing contest and get it over with. or maybe you can all see who has the bigger penis, and get over it. i guess the cooler the computer, the smaller the penis, which means i have the biggest! wooo! and..i had fun last night, although, i’m tired now. and interstate traffic was backed up like a mofo from the fountain exit…why is that, randal?
2001-08-15 12:26:26 – rand0m
might be because of all the construction going on — the city’s repaving i25. and my computer sucks ass too … hrmm
2001-08-15 13:10:57 – Xeon
/me pees on Bastard…. hey I know of a [Techno] DJ by the name of Transcender. But I don’t think that is the same thing you are talking about.
2001-08-15 13:15:44 – bastard
Kimball Collins at Club Vinyl tomorrow night.
2001-08-15 13:16:03 – bastard
errr, friday night
2001-08-15 13:19:04 – valid_insults
Well, you crossed the line, that’s for sure. I’ve been insulted before, but until today, I’d never been attacked with such appalling accuracy. I cannot believe you had the gall to unleash that torrent of utterly valid criticisms. Vicious, founded attacks like yours cut deeper than any knife. I’ve had some low-down snakes spit their venom at me before, but they were usually such overdone and unwarranted insults that no one could take them seriously. But you, sir! How dare you look me in the eye and see through me to the deeply flawed person I actually am, let alone sling your poisoned barbs with such precision? So I tell lies. Okay, you got me. But is that any reason to call me "a dirty liar"? If that’s what you think of me–and you should–at least have the decency not to rub my face in the awful truth of it all. Just call me a liar, then storm out and slam the door. For the love of God, don’t point out two contradictory statements I made and then ask me, in front of everybody, to somehow reconcile them. That kind of smear tactic gives me no chance to avoid being justly branded a liar. I really thought you were above that. And my weight! The way you ripped into my weight! I mean, I’ve heard untoward quips about my slightly above-average girth before, but they usually take the form of grade-school-caliber "wide load" jokes that are so exaggerated that they barely draw blood. You, on the other hand, deftly and realistically characterized my body type as "pear-shaped" and suggested that I lose "30 to 35 pounds." Furthermore, you only brought up my weight to point out my hypocrisy in judging others by their looks. You didn’t cop any attitude that being fat is automatically bad, as I invariably do; you simply pointed out my double-standard, exposing me for the obese, hypocritical little toad that I am. But the capper on the jug, the slight I shall never forget to my dying day, was when you called me immature, painting me as "an emotional infant incapable of interacting with others in a deep or meaningful way." Again, drawing on what you have actually observed rather than ad hominem attacks, you used my patterns of behavior to draw a cohesive portrait of a needy, self-centered man forever wallowing in his own tiny universe of grudges and misplaced blame. You have destroyed–and impressed–me with your masterful insight into my psyche. I mean, my God. Anyone can insult a person, but you tore me apart with an informed, well-reasoned line of argument! You sliced me to helpless ribbons, the English language your scalpel! Could I really have angered you that greatly? I’m just glad my wife and children weren’t here to see my considerable faults laid bare. How could you, sir? Why would you want to do such a thing? I know why. I bet it’s because you fuck donkeys or something, you big donkey-fucker.
2001-08-15 13:24:20 – Xeon
<img src=""><img src=""><img src=""><img src=""><img src=""><img src="">hahahahaAHAhahaAHAHahaHAHAHaHaHa<img src="">
2001-08-15 14:04:12 – Laura
wow…65 comments…maybe time for a new post? not like i would know. 🙂
2001-08-15 14:12:16 – Xeon
Well, if you ran a website you <u>would</u> know now huh?
2001-08-15 14:30:55 – Laura
maybe i do have a website…and what crawled up your third grade ass and died?
2001-08-15 15:20:28 – Xeon
you don’t maintain it though…. with cool news stuff ……
2001-08-15 15:36:52 – The Disco Nova
Um, Laura, Janelle, this is a site by the geeks, of the geeks, and for the geeks. If you aren’t a geek, then just play along or don’t read it, that’s what I do. And we all know who has the biggest gun in LQ
2001-08-15 15:46:35 – yeah
FGBG For Geeks – By Geeks
2001-08-15 16:30:07 – Laura
me has biggest gun in LQ!!! [duh]
2001-08-15 16:38:44 – The Disco Nova
Well then take my gun out of your mouth before you choke on it.
2001-08-15 16:43:47 – Laura
i’ve never heard of anyone choking on a toothpick…
2001-08-15 17:14:48 – The Disco Nova
it will feel bigger when I stick it in your ass.
2001-08-15 17:15:22 – The Disco Nova
love ya laura :p