and it’s goin …

So here I sit, at 11:26pm on a wednesday night, contemplating everything. The last post has 70+ comments. The only reason I can come up for this is that everyone rags on everyone, and no one is ever wrong, and bicker and bitch and blah blah blah. You know what the worst part is? When confronted with each other in real life, that’s how it is. There is little camaraderie and less harmony; how the fuck do people keep up any kind of relationship in this atmosphere? They don’t. It’s all just bullshit, and it sucks.

Everyone is going away. Hit me tonight, finally, that within 10 days, there will be exactly four people in the springs who I would venture to call ‘friend.’ Of those four, most aren’t even really friends; just people I think I know. Let me tell you, it’s going to suck. I am thinking that I will either throw myself at my job[s] or take up reading. or running. or some goddamn thing to keep my mind off of the deficit of interesting, mature and intelligent people my age. that will only be after a few weeks of zero social interaction.

I threw a party last night. i don’t remember anything besides drinking town two tall glasses of rum and talking to laura’s friends on aim. I hope everyone had a good time. oh yea … uh, where’s the rum? wouldn’t mind if it’s gone, just would like to know if I should look around for the bottle before the ‘rents come home. Gateway sucks. Job @ HPI is good but doesn’t pay. Truck … dunno, but it’s being sold soon. The lawn is not healthy anymore :: parents won’t be too happy. i have no paper plates, either. i am tired.

‘All the things that I used to know have gone out the window’ … apt.

***UPDATE***: … it is NOT ‘most aren’t even really friends’ — it is ‘none are even really friends’ … and paper towels work for in leiu of paper plates in a pinch. what a life saver.

2001-08-16 00:42:27 – Laura
I believe the rum is in the freezer, but almost gone (maybe a shot or two left?). also, i thought the whole ragging on each other thing was just joking, but i would have to agree that it gets old and boring and lacks any importance or meaning. then again, in public, i don’t have much reason to be nice to you, considering you get all bitchy around me, and apparently, i’m the only person that puts you in that mood. so, i first apologize to everyone who found your mood annoying yesterday because i was there, and also to you, since you were being an elitest bastard and almost made me cry because you were being such a dick…yeah.
2001-08-16 05:48:08 – Xeon
Call-Center jobs suck …. unless you are persuing another job in the meantime or trying to get hired for <a href="" target="_blank">Wide Open West</a>. Just a quick question… am I part of that "none are even really friends"?
2001-08-16 09:40:13 – rand0m
that’s not much rum. 🙁 … and laura, don’t be nice to me. I don’t like you. You don’t like me. As for me being an elitist bastard, jesus, look in the mirror. And I almost made you cry by being such a dick. umm … okay, when you were being a super bitch I said out loud "what a bitch" and everyone nodded their heads … if I am being a dick, and how I acted was considered being so, then more power to dicks. craig :: yes. i know of you, but I don’t know you … tough to explain.
2001-08-16 10:50:57 – bastard
Listen up kiddies, I’m about to impart some mature intelligent wisdom. Normally I don’t do this because I feel it is wasted on particular stubborn jackasses. So, before you call me an elitist pencil prick hear me out. The people that you meet in life are not always meant to be good friends that you may keep in touch with over the years. Most people you associate with through the years serve some purpose and are destined to move on. As for parties: Had a swinging shindig over at my pad last night, Jean is babysitting his sisters while his parents are away, so a couple of friends and some girls I didn’t know came over and we had a blast. Heard from a lot of people that my room is a pimp pad with class. On that note, I think I agree with randal about people you know not necessarily being friends. Of all of the people from tuesday night, I would be hard pressed that any of them consider me a friend… not that I care. After living in dallas where I knew hundreds of people, and knowing only a few good friends, it’s not like this pettyness is new to me. I hope that some of you that actually read this heard something worthwhile. If you thought I’m acting elitist, then go fuck a donkey you donkeyfuckers 🙂
2001-08-16 11:13:01 – Laura
ok, then, randal…let’s think of this situation…i hang out around you, you call me a lesbian, i don’t enjoy it, you call me a bitch because i don’t go along with it…happens, oh, all the time. also, yeah, when you took two people i want to hang out with (matt and tore) and keep them away from me, i wanted to kick your ass, but i didn’t. and, seriously, i don’t think tony or james, or tore, or matt really think i’m such a bitch, i just think that you keep telling them that. also, you were the bitchy one the other night, so don’t even start. in fact, i didn’t say one word to you, but somehow, you started the whole calling me a lesbian thing…hmmm…i’ve told you before that i don’t like that and you shouldn’t do it and you proceed to. so, because i wasn’t super nice to you, like you just told me not to be, you got all bitchy. i think that’s a double standard. oh, and…i don’t not like you, you just don’t like me, and it’s merely because you can’t get over yourself.
2001-08-16 18:41:26 – rand0m
if you will recall, it was not me who started the whole lesbian thing. In fact, it had started long before I even showed up. Their names are James and Dave. duh. Hording Tore and Matt? wtf? When was the last time you called up matt and asked to do something with him? I don’t know, but can only venture to guess that it was … never? Can’t get over myself? I am not going to try and think this one out — how do I get over myself? I am perfectly at ease with me; I don’t suck. Getting over other people, sure that can be rough, but getting over myself? I would have to take a hiatus from my body to do that. I would think that a person would think about what they write, instead of spewing off complete bs in an attempt to be right. I say what’s true, not what’s right. tough.
2001-08-16 18:48:26 – Laura
oooh. so profound. and no, i’ve never called up matt because i don’t have his phone number, but when he is around, i actually enjoy being around him, and wanted to hang out with him, but you kept them over at the perk…. and, with the whole lesbian thing, point is, you joined right the fuck in. and, james was the one who started it and a promptly told him to shutup, but i do remember you bringing it back up. and contrary to your belief, you do suck…and you can’t get over yourself, because well, you think you’re too damn cool…haha. and, i do call up tore, why didn’t you mention that? oh that’s right, it didn’t go well with your arguments. damn, dude, fuck off.
2001-08-16 18:50:10 – Laura
oh, and, you spout of what’s stupid fucking bullshit, not what’s true…once again proving you can’t get over yourself.
2001-08-17 06:45:19 – The Disco Nova
hmm, maybe you and laura should have sex randall, a good grunge fuck should work out most of the aggression yall have towards each other. And it would prove that laura isn’t a lesbian muhahahahahaha
2001-08-17 06:45:31 – The Disco Nova
hmm, maybe you and laura should have sex randall, a good grunge fuck should work out most of the aggression yall have towards each other. And it would prove that laura isn’t a lesbian muhahahahahaha
2001-08-17 07:17:30 – realbighead
hmm, maybe you and laura should have sex randall, a good grunge fuck should work out most of the aggression yall have towards each other. And it would prove that laura isn’t a lesbian muhahahahahaha Just to continue and expand upon the double-post fun (Nova, you retard). Oh yeah, and to drive you all batshit insane by adding a comment that has no content, forcing you all to waste time clicking the link.
2001-08-17 08:56:20 – rand0m
I’ll admit it … I clicked the link. Then I read the semi-triple post and thought "god, what fuckup hit ‘add my comment’ three times!?" … then I saw it was james. hrmm … that explains a lot. and semi-been there, done that.