Hey, cOOooOol!

Alrighty, so I went out the past few nights with people. Once with Matt, Tore and Janelle, then with Tore, and then with Tore and Matt. Let me tell you, it’s much better to do nothing with some people than to do nothing by yourself. I am going to miss Matt; he’s moving to fort collins on wednesday. What the hell am I going to do without someone to make me laugh like a schoolgirl at the most innocuous thing? [sniff sniff] We’re all going to miss you. Except the guy from Cylence.org. He hates you.

I finally got my review from The Weblog Review. Get this, they review web-logs, and then post what they think! I was fully anticipating a shitty score [they rate 1-5 :: expecting a 2]. I surprised myself — my lack of moving to the new website layout [here] and the oh-so-fresh-and-funny content garnered me a whopping 4!!! I’m pretty stoked about that. Stoked enough, in fact, to post something new for once in like 4 days! WooOOOOOooo!

I’m sittin at home tonight, eating hot pockets and swilling coke [and other misc substances]. What’s everyone else up to? And more importantly, will you buy me a car? Seriously, I am considering selling my truck. First off, it’d get me out of debt. I could drive the honda … I’m thinking this may be why my parents were getting it fixed up. Or they might just be fixing it to sell it. Either way, yes, I am probably going to be looking for a new low-cost, low-maintenance, high-reliability, low-insurance car. Suggestions?

2001-08-12 19:58:31 – Burnz
1st: What is this innocuous bullshit? I am sure that you meant brilliant, clever, and dripping with a satirical wit that is lost on the average person. 2nd: The guy from Cylence.org hates me eh? I don’t think I know him, but odds are he is just madly jealous of not only my looks, but natural prowess as a lover (mojo) or my significant talents as a writer. 3rd: Got a migraine from the computer today, so probably a night downtown with some cigarettes and lots of walking. 4th: Toyota Corolla certainly has my vote for long running, econimical, low-maintenance vehicle. The Saturn people would disagree, but if they did I would glare at them menacingly. 5th: God, what a long fucking comment this is….
2001-08-12 19:59:47 – Burnz
Nice spelling of economical there slick, you really hit that one. A regular JD Salinger. And another post, time to get out of the house.
2001-08-12 20:21:27 – bastard
fuck you all
2001-08-12 20:32:31 – rand0m
i don’t even want to know where that came from. anybody know anyone who wants a nice truck? 12k on new engine, new tranny, new clutch, dying paint job and rough-bed? it’s extremely well cared for and will run for another 80-90k miles no problem. 17mpg city, 22mpg highway.
2001-08-12 22:15:47 – Ha-reed
The only reason you should buy a Saturn is if you want to get rammed by ppl on the Interstate when you try to pull off the on-ramp. Those things are fucking gutless. On a related note, I think our friend Ryan Cross finally got to the "mailto" section in his HTML for Dummies book, the link on his so-called "site" actually goes somewhere now.
2001-08-13 00:18:05 – bastard
in reference to my earlier statement, while tequila may look nice, and taste nice at first, it is like a woman in need of pregancy, who does not tell you that you are about to fucked royally… ala siaokh
2001-08-13 02:26:29 – Laura
you didn’t come to old chicago tonight…you suck. and, the spark.com has the gay test now…funny that. also, i wouldn’t say your car is nice…ok. bye
2001-08-13 05:08:59 – realbighead
a) your new layout looks horrid in Mac IE 5. And, this program being superior, it is obviously the one you should tailor your site to. Screenies available upon request. b) Adam is now a fatty fat. (Inside joke.) c) I need to go to bed earlier. d) I’m gonna be parked in the Perk for several hours a day until I go to school, cuz I’ve forgotten all my greek and geometry; if any of you desire my presence (and I know you do), chances are I’ll be there, so drop by. e) hey randal, my parents are looking into selling my car. it fits all your criteria, and beats the fuck out of your gas mileage. We’ll have to discuss sometime. Peace out, all.
2001-08-13 09:33:52 – Laura
ADAM IS A FATTY FAT! hehe. yeah, randal, we ran into the ever so wonderful and fabulous erinlee and adam last night. erinlee isn’t as much of a shamu, but adam put on tons of weight…and he looked like shit (unshaven, wierd colorful shorts and FAT). tis a shame. i was kinda hoping you would show up before they left because we know how much erinlee loves you. OK…hehe.
2001-08-13 13:19:23 – Xeon
I feel left out?!!! You never even mention me or Tony on who you went out with. Damn my memory is better than yours! Tore: The reason why the page looks so shitty for you is the obviouse. You <u>USE</u> a MAC! Figure It OUT!
2001-08-13 14:22:01 – The Disco Nova
Tore, do you use one of those girly macs that are like neon pink? just wondering. It’s okay, as long as your are secure enough in your sexuality to use it and still feel like a man. Wuss
2001-08-13 14:29:11 – Laura
no, it is i with the ruby red mac [grin]. tore has a cube, or something…whatever. i don’t know. you all have to see my hair! damnit! yeah, but no. i’m tired.
2001-08-13 14:31:06 – Burnz
Now I hate to be the MAC defender, as many times as I have called them Macintrashes and what not, but Tore does use a G4, which I am sure you all know was banned for export because it is considered a "super computer" so all us little PC users should just genuflect to the superior machine that Macintosh produces (between making the Lime-Green-To-Match-You-Nail-Polish-Intoshes).
2001-08-13 15:03:06 – The Disco Nova
I use a pentium III 1.0 ghz with 512 mb of ram, is that a super computer?
2001-08-13 16:11:05 – Burnz
Nope, sorry. But if it helps any, I still think you have a big dick.
2001-08-13 16:25:46 – Laura
it’s not a super computer because it still sucks because you prolly spent too much on it…hahahahaha. biatch.
2001-08-13 16:44:06 – The Disco Nova
nope, I have an average dick. But that’s what a tongue is for
2001-08-13 17:56:52 – rand0m
can I get you to take some screenshots and send them to rand0m@hpi.net? thanks 🙂
2001-08-13 18:58:33 – The Disco Nova
why do you want screenshots of my dick?