sluggin & lameness

I am a complete slug today. I haven’t really done anything. Not true. Steve came by, and we sat and talked for a long time. It was good. Other than that, I put underlining on the post titles. Oh, and I read this very interesting interview with President Bushs’s Technical Advisor:

Update: Sat around and watched tv tonight. Summary: cbs sucks. news sucks. x-files is creepy. Other than that, Tony called and asked to have some access to my machine, which is @ craig’s place. I blew him off in a harsh manner. Bad move by me, because I’m sure he’s thinking I’m a dick [what’s new?]. There are no accounts made on that machine for general purpose; if he wanted in, he’d had to have had admin access, and I’m not about to do that without being on hand to watch and afterwords change passwords. It’s just too damn risky. Call me paranoid, but I *really* don’t like to have other people on my box. Especially when they don’t ask. In the morning: Fallout With Tony, Nuclear Winter in Russia, and a special interview with the popular candy, Mr. ‘Atomic’ Warhead.

2001-05-21 02:32:26 – Laura
OK, so, not to make your day look any more boring, but I got Madonna tickets to LA this morning because the Las VEgas tickets got sold out yesterday before other cities even got a chance to buy them! I think everyone should know. and, Randal, tell Craig I’ve called his ass and he’s never there, and if there is voicemail or whatever, it’s not picking up. yeah. the x-files is creepy, but you have to tell me what scully’s baby was.
2001-05-21 11:33:04 – rand0m
The Scully’s baby show is on wednesday night, I believe, as is the series finally for StarTrek: Voyager … the x-files I watched was about lycantheropy. it was good. … and good about the tickets … and i don’t know about craig. call his cell.
2001-05-22 03:16:07 – The Disco Nova
Why would George Bush need a Tech advisor? Sorry, couldn’t resist
2001-05-23 00:23:43 – Laura
Nova likes goat sex! :-)

misc and rafting

Went to tony’s poker game last night, and lost my $10. Had a really good time while I was there, though. The guys there are in their late 30s and they were really fun to hang around with. After that, I swung by tore’s place, which is conveniently right up the street from tony’s, and talked to him for a while. It was cool — he is back in town for the summer, 100%. I am glad, because he’s really cool [ 3 of 8! ]. That was good.

Woke up this morning, got ready and headed to craig’s place so he, tony, janelle and I could go rafting. I showed up, and tony called and said he’d be there in 20, and craig had just woke up. So around 10:40, we made our way out to buena vista and went rafting. Aside: Once I got into the wetsuit, it hit me that i need to lose some weight. will get right on that. We went rafting and had an absolutely fabulous time — it was a little nippy, but the suits and the exertion kept us in good spirits. We had fun, and I am glad that I went: thanks tony!

On the map for tonight: nothing! Blissful nothing! Might go and lan with tony and craig; don’t know for sure, though. Might go catch a flick. Might just stay home. who knows.

Update: I completely forgot to tell about the saga of the crappy ford taurus! On the way back in to woodland park, this white ford taurus [plate 289-EFK] is riding us hard, passes us illegally, drives all crazy like, rides other people and is just being an ass. So we call the police and tell them about it; on the way into the springs, we see the bitch-taurus pulled over by these two cops. We pull in behind the police, and they tell us that they lady driving was on a revoked license — she’s in deep shit! They also told us what to do to file a complaint. it was cool. It made us all feel like we’re doing our part to be upstanding citizens of the community [grin].

site updates

I set up the main news page, which you’re seeing now, to only show news for the current month. This should considerably speed up the page download. Next to the comments link, you’ll notice a new ‘news id’ link; that is a permanent link to this particular post. Every post I’ve made, post-databasing, has a News ID. Using the Archives page you can get news for a particular month, for a particular day, and for a particular News ID. Give a whirl — it’s really sweet!

2001-05-19 13:58:47 – Laura
Ticketmaster fucking blows, so we didn’t get tickets to Madonna. Do any of you people have hookups? grrrrr

just thinking

I’m sittin here at work, and I’ve had [1] phone call since I got here at 9:15. It’s been a slooooow day. And consequently, I got to do some thinking … [fade to black]

It seems like I am only called closed-minded by people who have proble … who are liberated. I gave this some thought, and came to conclude that ‘normal’ people, who are just joe-average and aren’t luny in any way, never call me close-minded or even give the intonation that they are thinking that. This brings me to think that in fact, I am *not* close minded; instead, there are a few people who’s deviancy makes it seem like ‘normal’ people are close-minded. This makes sense.

Another thing … why do people get all pissed off about people knowing about something they are/were doing? I think that’s the whole point — if your peers know what’s going on and do not approve, and supposing you care about what your peers think, you would hopefully be persuaded to change your actions. If someone is ashamed or venomous about their actions, maybe they shouldn’t be participating in such things.

No, I’m not blameless — but I try really hard to only do things and only associate with people that I am not afraid to have everyone know about. I have nothing to hide, and I am not ashamed of what I do. are you?

2001-05-18 17:03:52 – ..
nothing to hide? are you proud of who you are? and how you make others feel? apparently not<br><font style="font: 8pt tahoma; color: green;">no name attached? Afraid to stand behind what you say?</font>
2001-05-18 17:58:04 – rand0m
i only have a couple personal things to hide … yes … and sure.
2001-05-18 19:20:51 – The Burnz
I think you are a bit hard on the chemical users. You once said to me "Different Strokes for different folks". I don’t think Mike or I or Craig or anyone else is asking you to love it, just accept that part. You can quote to me all day statistics of drug risks, and there are many. However I don’t know that you should disparage someone’s use and subsequent mental dependency on a chemical when you haven’t tried it, and thus can’t really comprehend the life changing "Plugging in" that it can do to you. You haven’t seen the cusp of psychic orgasm in the way in acid guru has. Don’t mean to preach, just feel a need to defend my people. And you’re knocking it without trying it. But that is just my ‘opinion’. Goodnight America, there are aussies that need my hot American mad chowder…Yummy down.
2001-05-19 05:06:12 – Laura
hrmm…thinking…not like most of this post was directed at me or anything. Oh yeah. I don’t want everyone to know what the fuck I’m doing. I think it’s my own damn business. Besides the fact Jocelyn found out and got her feelings hurt even though I wasn’t aware that she wants to fuck Craig. Oh, and about my peers, who cares? I’m not one to change my mind just because of what people say to me. I mean, do you really think I’m going to take all of your advice (libertarian, misoginyst jerk)? HELL NO! You always bitch about drama and shit, yet, you’re the one who chooses to make a big deal out of stuff like pot smoking and what have you. I also know that you’re not opposed to the idea of messing around or whatever, so don’t even start that bullshit. And who are you to tell me I’m ashamed of what I do? I think there’s a difference between regretting something and wanting privacy. It’s also good to see that you live your life by other’s expectations of reality. That’s stupid lemming bullshit if I ever heard it. I think you would be one of the last people to condemn individuals rights, I mean, you being a hardcore libertarian, or whatever you call yourself. You’re so contradictory. Also, are you saying I have problems? I would like to point out that I don’t. In fact, I would say that I have a lot less problems than your ass. Why do you say I have problems? because i think differently than you. oh damn, there’s that whole closed-minded thing again. maybe i have problems because i dyed my hair pink, or am paying too much to see madonna. well, i call that individuality, but, apparently, i’m just so fucked up. give me a fucking break. by the way, alcohol is a drug too. some people wouldn’t approve of you drinking, either.
2001-05-19 14:15:36 – Tore
Oh, these grounds are so damn ripe for a liberal arts student, it hurts me not to say anything … … mental…control…failing… … dammit! it’s in my eye! ah, it burns! Oh, and I’m back in town, btw. My sister has problems telling the difference between "tore’s coming home tomorrow" and "tore’s coming home at the end of May", so despite random misinformation you may receive to the contrary, I am indeed in the Springs. Peace out, suckahs.


i’m in a really odd funk right now. went out with the guys tonight, sans janelle [she’s in an apathetic funk]. didn’t do much. went downtown, got some joe, looked at girls, argued and bitched at each other. then we got the idea that we should all bring our computers to the pad and play starcraft or counter-strike all night. Well, I got home, and nixed that idea; had to weigh A] no sleep, work, games, hauling computer, gas VS B] sleep, gas, effort. [B] won out handily. I did not go to the pad.

So mike completely jumped on my back about being ‘judgemental’. And he’s right. I am judgemental: I think it is wrong and stupid for people to do acid. I also think it’s wrong and stupid to do ecstacy. I also think it’s wrong and stupid to do both at the same time. I think it is the wrongest and stupidest to do any of those three things with any sort of consistency. The fact that mike has turned into a drug user and has no qualms about it is extremely disconcerting. It is his life, though, and he can fuck it up how he chooses — let it be known that I, and most of the planet, believe that his decisions are not benefiting anyone, except maybe his dealer. My *opinion* is: stop drugs, get a haircut, lose the ‘chain wallet’ thing. Don’t like my opinions? well, they are my opinions, so they can’t be wrong.

I can’t wait to go rafting on saturday; i’ve never been, and I think it will be a good time. I will also re-do some of the asp for this site today, so the news download isn’t so horrendous [i.e. month parsing!] I hear that Tore comes back at the end of May — r0ck! Hope everyone has a fantabulistic friday.

2001-05-18 17:06:01 – mike
"well, they are my opinions, so they can’t be wrong. " … LOLOLOLOLOL… have you learned nothing from your past? hee hee
2001-05-18 18:00:10 – rand0m
they are opinions — opinions cannot be wrong. mind explaining how an opinion can be wrong?
2001-05-19 05:12:20 – Laura 😛
how are opinions wrong? well, when they’re spoken by people who really have little idea of what they’re talking about, i guess that that would make them wrong. You know, I think that the whole world should be white, so I like to kill people who aren’t, but since that’s my opinion, it’s not wrong, damnit.

they’re gone

and I’m here! It’s so great! Wow. Anywho, today’s post will not involve w*rk. Went to two parties last night with craig, tony, and laura. that was crazy. then we went back to craig’s place where I proceeded to slam a couple shots of bacardi 151. i was feelin’ pretty good shortly. we went back to the parties, then the cops showed up! I’ve never had the police show up to a party I was attending before. I saw Emily Pope there! That was really cool — she said ‘let’s get together this weekend.’ … I think a bunch of us just might do that … So we stumbled back to craig’s, where craig and laura proceeded to smoke up. I was like ‘… ungh’ So I took another swig of bacardi, and we started this movie called ‘Kids’ which sucked. It was awful … it was about teenagers fucking, and deflowering girls and drugs and blah blah. It was very course, and I didn’t enjoy it. Passed out on craig’s couch, and woke up at 8:40 … wore the same clothes I wore yesterday. nobody was there when I woke up — tony had gone home earlier, and the other two people were happily snoozing away … that was funny to see [grin]. Looked around for a shirt and saw someone in ray’s bed; I didn’t know who he was, though, so I left. that’s that.

And here I am, getting ready to go back over to craig’s to eat and do god knows what. I hear tore is coming back at the end of the month. that will be cool. I hope he’s not a thc freak … hey tore, if you read this, post a comment and let everyone know when yer comin back, and if you’re a pothead [hehe]. chOwIn!

2001-05-18 04:11:33 – Laura
I thought the movie was good, we should have watched trainspotting though. and seeing the other two people asleep isn’t that funny, i don’t get why it is. i swear, i knew i was back in the springs when 20 minutes after i do something, everyone knows about it. guh. and smoking up is fun, you shouldn’t be so fucking closed minded about it. 😛 grrrrness
2001-05-18 09:07:04 – rand0m
By funny, I didn’t mean funny haha, I mean funny as in weird as hell. I can’t help that you and craig wanted to get it on … nor can i really help that I think drugs are one of the stupidest things around. And I swear to god, if someone tells me that I’m close minded or judgemental again, I’m going to fucking punch them. You have opinions, great. I have mine, too, so back the fuck off.
2001-05-18 11:44:30 – laura
I am a hag. Pummel me with stones.
2001-05-19 05:09:19 – Laura
I am going to have to agree with myself on that one…or not.

note to self

do not post at 3am. at this particular time, I am tired to the point that I don’t remember what happened durring my day today at all today. i know that I had some computer parts fail on me, or not fail, but just not work in general, and I know that the wireless is not fixed at work.

my parents leave tonight @ 5pm for 10 days. i am glad. /me falls over from exhaustion


welp, it’s sunday. hrm … another day. funny that. didn’t go to church, as usual. stopped by the mall and said hi to janelle, then did nothing for a while, then came home. here I am. sitting. doing nothing. it’s quite nice.

tony says that everyone is going river rafting next saturday … that’s cool. sounds like fun — i will go. other than that, I don’t have a whole lot to say. so i won’t.

new quote:
‘I love deadlines. I love the whooshing sound they make as they fly by’ – Douglas Adams 1952-2001

btw, douglas adams, author of Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy tragically died at age 49 of a heart attack 2 days ago.

funny link of the day:

2001-05-14 11:13:04 – Laura
you should have a party.

holy hell

it’s a saturday, and it’s 2:27pm, and I still doing absolutely nothing. I decided to wear shorts today — I’m thinking that’s what spawned this lack of doing things; my ghastly white legs have shamed me into not going out. Hrm. I wonder if there is anything going on … if there is, I sure don’t know about it. All I know is that I am at home on a nice day like this. I’d go for a walk, but ungh, my neighborhood sucks, and walking alone sucks. I think I’ll get in my pimpin’ mobile and cruise. we’ll see.

burnt out

after this past week, I am completely burnt out. The work shit just doesn’t end; dial-up and dsl went down on monday, and on thursday wireless went down. it is awful juggling 2-3 really important things at once. it is a drain also, because people are still expecting other things to be done, and there just isn’t enough time. fuck me with a broomstick.

i don’t remember if I did anything on thursday night. seriously. tonight, however, i went out with janelle & tony to monument valley park and played frisbee. craig showed up after a while. we had fun. tony almost lost his wallet; went to his work and found it there [whew!]. then we went over to the geekpad, which consists of a 3 floor victorian filled with hormonal-hard-up young males and the smelly haze generated by pot. i think craig will fit in there, though i fear he will tire of the people much like he did @ uccs.

my parents leave early on the 16th [thursday]; my dad returns on the night of the 26th [saturday]. that’s 10 whole days to myself. it makes me feel free. makes me feel pressured to throw a party — i don’t know if i will. oh well. I have no plans this weekend, except to ditch church. /me tries to think of something to do …

happy note today:

Old Share Balance: $510.70
Share Deposit: $449.75
New Share Balance: