i’m in a really odd funk right now. went out with the guys tonight, sans janelle [she’s in an apathetic funk]. didn’t do much. went downtown, got some joe, looked at girls, argued and bitched at each other. then we got the idea that we should all bring our computers to the pad and play starcraft or counter-strike all night. Well, I got home, and nixed that idea; had to weigh A] no sleep, work, games, hauling computer, gas VS B] sleep, gas, effort. [B] won out handily. I did not go to the pad.

So mike completely jumped on my back about being ‘judgemental’. And he’s right. I am judgemental: I think it is wrong and stupid for people to do acid. I also think it’s wrong and stupid to do ecstacy. I also think it’s wrong and stupid to do both at the same time. I think it is the wrongest and stupidest to do any of those three things with any sort of consistency. The fact that mike has turned into a drug user and has no qualms about it is extremely disconcerting. It is his life, though, and he can fuck it up how he chooses — let it be known that I, and most of the planet, believe that his decisions are not benefiting anyone, except maybe his dealer. My *opinion* is: stop drugs, get a haircut, lose the ‘chain wallet’ thing. Don’t like my opinions? well, they are my opinions, so they can’t be wrong.

I can’t wait to go rafting on saturday; i’ve never been, and I think it will be a good time. I will also re-do some of the asp for this site today, so the news download isn’t so horrendous [i.e. month parsing!] I hear that Tore comes back at the end of May — r0ck! Hope everyone has a fantabulistic friday.

2001-05-18 17:06:01 – mike
"well, they are my opinions, so they can’t be wrong. " … LOLOLOLOLOL… have you learned nothing from your past? hee hee
2001-05-18 18:00:10 – rand0m
they are opinions — opinions cannot be wrong. mind explaining how an opinion can be wrong?
2001-05-19 05:12:20 – Laura 😛
how are opinions wrong? well, when they’re spoken by people who really have little idea of what they’re talking about, i guess that that would make them wrong. You know, I think that the whole world should be white, so I like to kill people who aren’t, but since that’s my opinion, it’s not wrong, damnit.