sluggin & lameness

I am a complete slug today. I haven’t really done anything. Not true. Steve came by, and we sat and talked for a long time. It was good. Other than that, I put underlining on the post titles. Oh, and I read this very interesting interview with President Bushs’s Technical Advisor:

Update: Sat around and watched tv tonight. Summary: cbs sucks. news sucks. x-files is creepy. Other than that, Tony called and asked to have some access to my machine, which is @ craig’s place. I blew him off in a harsh manner. Bad move by me, because I’m sure he’s thinking I’m a dick [what’s new?]. There are no accounts made on that machine for general purpose; if he wanted in, he’d had to have had admin access, and I’m not about to do that without being on hand to watch and afterwords change passwords. It’s just too damn risky. Call me paranoid, but I *really* don’t like to have other people on my box. Especially when they don’t ask. In the morning: Fallout With Tony, Nuclear Winter in Russia, and a special interview with the popular candy, Mr. ‘Atomic’ Warhead.

2001-05-21 02:32:26 – Laura
OK, so, not to make your day look any more boring, but I got Madonna tickets to LA this morning because the Las VEgas tickets got sold out yesterday before other cities even got a chance to buy them! I think everyone should know. and, Randal, tell Craig I’ve called his ass and he’s never there, and if there is voicemail or whatever, it’s not picking up. yeah. the x-files is creepy, but you have to tell me what scully’s baby was.
2001-05-21 11:33:04 – rand0m
The Scully’s baby show is on wednesday night, I believe, as is the series finally for StarTrek: Voyager … the x-files I watched was about lycantheropy. it was good. … and good about the tickets … and i don’t know about craig. call his cell.
2001-05-22 03:16:07 – The Disco Nova
Why would George Bush need a Tech advisor? Sorry, couldn’t resist
2001-05-23 00:23:43 – Laura
Nova likes goat sex! 🙂