just thinking

I’m sittin here at work, and I’ve had [1] phone call since I got here at 9:15. It’s been a slooooow day. And consequently, I got to do some thinking … [fade to black]

It seems like I am only called closed-minded by people who have proble … who are liberated. I gave this some thought, and came to conclude that ‘normal’ people, who are just joe-average and aren’t luny in any way, never call me close-minded or even give the intonation that they are thinking that. This brings me to think that in fact, I am *not* close minded; instead, there are a few people who’s deviancy makes it seem like ‘normal’ people are close-minded. This makes sense.

Another thing … why do people get all pissed off about people knowing about something they are/were doing? I think that’s the whole point — if your peers know what’s going on and do not approve, and supposing you care about what your peers think, you would hopefully be persuaded to change your actions. If someone is ashamed or venomous about their actions, maybe they shouldn’t be participating in such things.

No, I’m not blameless — but I try really hard to only do things and only associate with people that I am not afraid to have everyone know about. I have nothing to hide, and I am not ashamed of what I do. are you?

2001-05-18 17:03:52 – ..
nothing to hide? are you proud of who you are? and how you make others feel? apparently not<br><font style="font: 8pt tahoma; color: green;">no name attached? Afraid to stand behind what you say?</font>
2001-05-18 17:58:04 – rand0m
i only have a couple personal things to hide … yes … and sure.
2001-05-18 19:20:51 – The Burnz
I think you are a bit hard on the chemical users. You once said to me "Different Strokes for different folks". I don’t think Mike or I or Craig or anyone else is asking you to love it, just accept that part. You can quote to me all day statistics of drug risks, and there are many. However I don’t know that you should disparage someone’s use and subsequent mental dependency on a chemical when you haven’t tried it, and thus can’t really comprehend the life changing "Plugging in" that it can do to you. You haven’t seen the cusp of psychic orgasm in the way in acid guru has. Don’t mean to preach, just feel a need to defend my people. And you’re knocking it without trying it. But that is just my ‘opinion’. Goodnight America, there are aussies that need my hot American mad chowder…Yummy down.
2001-05-19 05:06:12 – Laura
hrmm…thinking…not like most of this post was directed at me or anything. Oh yeah. I don’t want everyone to know what the fuck I’m doing. I think it’s my own damn business. Besides the fact Jocelyn found out and got her feelings hurt even though I wasn’t aware that she wants to fuck Craig. Oh, and about my peers, who cares? I’m not one to change my mind just because of what people say to me. I mean, do you really think I’m going to take all of your advice (libertarian, misoginyst jerk)? HELL NO! You always bitch about drama and shit, yet, you’re the one who chooses to make a big deal out of stuff like pot smoking and what have you. I also know that you’re not opposed to the idea of messing around or whatever, so don’t even start that bullshit. And who are you to tell me I’m ashamed of what I do? I think there’s a difference between regretting something and wanting privacy. It’s also good to see that you live your life by other’s expectations of reality. That’s stupid lemming bullshit if I ever heard it. I think you would be one of the last people to condemn individuals rights, I mean, you being a hardcore libertarian, or whatever you call yourself. You’re so contradictory. Also, are you saying I have problems? I would like to point out that I don’t. In fact, I would say that I have a lot less problems than your ass. Why do you say I have problems? because i think differently than you. oh damn, there’s that whole closed-minded thing again. maybe i have problems because i dyed my hair pink, or am paying too much to see madonna. well, i call that individuality, but, apparently, i’m just so fucked up. give me a fucking break. by the way, alcohol is a drug too. some people wouldn’t approve of you drinking, either.
2001-05-19 14:15:36 – Tore
Oh, these grounds are so damn ripe for a liberal arts student, it hurts me not to say anything … … mental…control…failing… … dammit! it’s in my eye! ah, it burns! Oh, and I’m back in town, btw. My sister has problems telling the difference between "tore’s coming home tomorrow" and "tore’s coming home at the end of May", so despite random misinformation you may receive to the contrary, I am indeed in the Springs. Peace out, suckahs.