they’re gone

and I’m here! It’s so great! Wow. Anywho, today’s post will not involve w*rk. Went to two parties last night with craig, tony, and laura. that was crazy. then we went back to craig’s place where I proceeded to slam a couple shots of bacardi 151. i was feelin’ pretty good shortly. we went back to the parties, then the cops showed up! I’ve never had the police show up to a party I was attending before. I saw Emily Pope there! That was really cool — she said ‘let’s get together this weekend.’ … I think a bunch of us just might do that … So we stumbled back to craig’s, where craig and laura proceeded to smoke up. I was like ‘… ungh’ So I took another swig of bacardi, and we started this movie called ‘Kids’ which sucked. It was awful … it was about teenagers fucking, and deflowering girls and drugs and blah blah. It was very course, and I didn’t enjoy it. Passed out on craig’s couch, and woke up at 8:40 … wore the same clothes I wore yesterday. nobody was there when I woke up — tony had gone home earlier, and the other two people were happily snoozing away … that was funny to see [grin]. Looked around for a shirt and saw someone in ray’s bed; I didn’t know who he was, though, so I left. that’s that.

And here I am, getting ready to go back over to craig’s to eat and do god knows what. I hear tore is coming back at the end of the month. that will be cool. I hope he’s not a thc freak … hey tore, if you read this, post a comment and let everyone know when yer comin back, and if you’re a pothead [hehe]. chOwIn!

2001-05-18 04:11:33 – Laura
I thought the movie was good, we should have watched trainspotting though. and seeing the other two people asleep isn’t that funny, i don’t get why it is. i swear, i knew i was back in the springs when 20 minutes after i do something, everyone knows about it. guh. and smoking up is fun, you shouldn’t be so fucking closed minded about it. 😛 grrrrness
2001-05-18 09:07:04 – rand0m
By funny, I didn’t mean funny haha, I mean funny as in weird as hell. I can’t help that you and craig wanted to get it on … nor can i really help that I think drugs are one of the stupidest things around. And I swear to god, if someone tells me that I’m close minded or judgemental again, I’m going to fucking punch them. You have opinions, great. I have mine, too, so back the fuck off.
2001-05-18 11:44:30 – laura
I am a hag. Pummel me with stones.
2001-05-19 05:09:19 – Laura
I am going to have to agree with myself on that one…or not.