Jordan, Drinking, Crazy

Okay, so Jordan WEil is herein town and we diecided that we’d poick up hio and go out and do somet drinking. So I went over to his opalce where ‘s staying, “His uncle’s fplace!” and picked him up in my POS. Then we went over ot eht store and met up with Laura (Pinky), Amanday, Keen, NIck and .. me. So then we were there for a awihle and then we went over to tony’s bu i was totally full, so we left and decided tovo ogver to PHantom Canyon, wihic si the best bar in colorado springs. So we went over there and bought a piture of Hefe and of Demo Cream Beer. SO we drank that, then bought a couple more pitures of beer, mostly hefe. Actually aslll of htem were hefe. And so then JOrdan’s chicken was raw. which was bad. SO WE got tome Bar Chpis for FRE! It was great. And then we kept drinkng. And then it was time to leave, and Keen picked up the tab for all the fodo thre. And then we left! SO thwen we ent over to JACK WUINE’s! And it was awesome and all …. irish. We lined up a shitlaod of Irish Carbombs (Depth Charges in Ireland, due to IRA STUFf) and we all slammed them down. SO wthen we left and waent outisde to start walking hiome. So we’re stanidg there, burning a couple cigs and all of a dusden this HUGE BRAL breaks out. THese gfive dudes totally jumped on this one guy and fucked him hp. LIKE WOW> AN dthen they beat todwn his girlfriend!:? WTF :MATE! That was gottlaly whack. Keen bummed this guy a cigarret and was like “just sit aback and wathc the entertain ment”. SO tehen we walked home with a ta stop at the store tlet NICk use the bathroom! And tehen we went home, adne verybody is pretty drunk. GOOD sitmeS! YAY JOrdan! [b]Update @ 2:56p[/b] – I’m sober now, which helps greatly when typing and trying to not sound incoherent. I thought I’d take some time and tell everybody that Jordan Weil is the shit. Not only is good natured and generally very pleasant to be around, he is also wicked smart. It felt great to be around a lot of smart people last night. Oh, and he has just enough “I’m fucking with you” to keep everything fun. Honestly, I’m pretty surprised by all this because in HS he was (smart, yes) but didn’t seem to … friendly. A little more caustic, like there was a chip on his shoulder with a touch of arrogance. But now? Nothing like that at all. Just a great guy. Too bad he lives in Chicago or I’d have to recruit him into the social circle 🙂

2003-12-14 10:43:42 – Scuba
AHAHAHAHAHA so was this what you were talking about yesterday man? Ahhh shit that is some great shit i like how i could still understand what you wrote even though like 95% of your words were misspelled, btw you forgot to bring me the DC update :- o well i am going into the store today (sunday) so i cna finish my surveys, later
2003-12-14 11:43:38 – rand0m
mmmmm, back in the saddle.
2003-12-14 13:10:45 – nick
liquor is good…….carbombs were good…..especially the bottom…..and beer….beer is always good….. fucking kangaroos
2003-12-14 16:56:24 – The Disco Nova
Since when did you have a social circle? :-p
2003-12-14 21:46:42 – Netheus
Shouldna said anything about the circle…. now James is gonna want in.
2003-12-15 21:45:18 – Amanda
I haven’t had that much fun in a long time. Thanks boys….
2003-12-17 04:31:09 – Netheus
Return of the King…so…. great…. had to pee like a race horse for 2.5 hours, and there wasn’t a lull long enough to get up and go… quit blinking at about 1.75 hours into it… Gandalf kicks ass… Pippin kicks ass… Merry kicks ass… soo much ass kicking… ahhh…. must go again soooonnnn…. 12 (twelve) endings…12!!!!!!!!
2003-12-17 04:31:51 – Netheus
12 consecutive endings, not different ones at different showings.
2003-12-18 11:09:31 – WC
Yah i didn’t like the ending as a whole. I think if they didn’t do so many fade to blacks it would have been better.
2003-12-20 12:22:37 – WC
I need a chipotle burrrito! Someone please send me a chipotle burrito to me. Thanks!
2003-12-21 00:29:45 – Siaokh
2003-12-22 22:29:18 – Amanda
from drinking… to the social circle…. to the movie… hmmm….. ???
2003-12-22 23:03:47 – The Disco Nova
Speaking of social, is anyone besides amanda not coming to my place for new years?
2003-12-23 11:03:39 – WC
Me. I have a loft reserved, in downtown Denver, for rachael’s and I’s 1 year anniversary. Sorry Disco. I’m going to be all tied up!
2003-12-23 11:04:38 – WC
ok that is wierd. I posted EXACTLY 12 hours from your post and didn’t notice it until after the fact. SPPPOOOOKKKEEEEEYYYY
2003-12-23 11:56:23 – rand0m
"All Tied Up" eh? Can I come? *cough* 😉
2003-12-23 17:07:46 – The Disco Nova
Amanda can come to I suppose, but she doesn’t have to be tied up unless she really wants to be.
2003-12-26 20:11:52 – Amanda
Oooo… I get to be tied up?? Sounds like some fun… Am I still invited? And whats so bad about being tied up? Depends on who it is and what they are doing…. could be fun, could be dangerous… Just have to wait and see.
2003-12-26 23:41:47 – WC
Uhh hem, ok. Nobody is invited. Unless your name is Rachael and you live next door to Pomona High School.
2003-12-28 01:18:22 – The Disco Nova
I don’t kno what WC is talking about, but you areinvited to my party. Wear something slinky, we are doing martini’s/dressup.
2003-12-30 02:11:21 – Amanda
Somebody let me know whats going on…. if you don’t have my number, its not that hard to find it, ask somebody.
2003-12-30 13:40:44 – The Disco Nova
The number Randall has for you is disconnected. My cell number is 201-1104.