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Okay, so I’m sitting here on my bed at 12:40am getting ready to post on my website, and I’ve realized that I can remember only a few of the vastly exciting and interesting things that I was going to post. I don’t know if it’s my lifestyle, my diet, my schedule or just the way in which this black-smoke puffing brain of mine works, but for the life of me I can’t remember most of the cool things. And there are a lot. Like A LOT. I think I’ll start a list. I got a call from Jordan Weil today. He left me a voicemail, which I did not receive until late in the night, and I have thus not called him back. He says he’ll be in the springs tomorrow (!?). Why in the *fuck* he would call *me*, I have zero idea. Not even a smidgeon. I must call him and schedule time to see him. Somehow. Ahh, Jordan … maybe we’ll get a beer. Hey, I’m free Saturday night … that’s actually a great idea. This work week has been brutal. Not brutal in how much labor has been exacted from my body, but the total opposite. I feel like I’ve been fighting to just keep my head above water – not but surely not making any progress towards land. It is wearisome and maddening. I think I’ll make some goals and attempt to accomplish them next week. I think it’s the lack of accomplishment that’s getting me down. The same lack of accomplishment persists at the store. Maybe it’s the weather. It’s been a week of getting by, which is very bad for my fledgling baby. We’re having a big lockin 12/20 – [L=http://cos.everlan.com]http://cos.everlan.com[/L] I spoke to Matt Byrne after he apparently freaked out Emily. He seems much less crazed. In school, has a job, yada yada. However, he went nuts on me and told me “shut the hell up” and I told him to grow up and the conversation ended. Only mildly related, Emily unblocked me, saying that she no longer has the energy to continue her bitterness. My response: “WTF? Why with the bitterness?” I’m a pretty nice guy and I (selectively?) recall only being peaches and cream to her since we met forever ago. hmm … Janelle came home from Italy 2.5 days ago and is apparently still unpacking. Must schedule time for seeing her as well. Entirely unrelated, there is news brewing at home. More about that as it develops. Also, Yay for having frozen pipes! I was talking to Sammi tonight (have to put in something about Sammi in ever post, it seems), and mentioned Jordan and the perplexing “call randal” scenario and we have this little banter: >>> [b]rand0m:[/b] now why in the hell he’d call me I have no idea. <<< [b]Sammi:[/b] because you are the colorado springs constant >>> [b]rand0m:[/b] that is sad. >>> [b]rand0m:[/b] 🙁 >>> [b]rand0m:[/b] nice, sure. >>> [b]rand0m:[/b] but sad. oy. <<< [b]Sammi:[/b] it's nice for the rest of us. coming home and feel out of touch with everyone in colorado springs? get in touch with randal. he'll know what's up. sorry if it makes you feel... i don't know? what's sad about it? >>> [b]rand0m:[/b] makes me feel like the small town guy who never goes anywhere with life. which is … well, depressing for one, but it’s totally the opposite of what I [i]want[/i] to be. *Shudders* ——————– Decided to look at some numbers and found these interesting stats. Since 1/1/2003 12:47:24 AM (Thinking I cleared the logs?): 310,783 hits to http://rand0m.org/images/bimmer 148,974 hits to normal rand0m.org pages. In those 345 days, that averages out to: Just think, every 3 minutes, 24/7, someone reads rand0m.org. But Softcore Porn generates more than twice that. Super.

2003-12-12 08:13:47 – Neth
The last time I saw Jordan, we were in Chicago after mysteriously managing to leave on the same Greyhound bus to Chicago. That was a good trip, primarily because we knew each other, and didn’t have to go the entire way without anybody to talk to. Man. It’d be cool to see him. Anyway, I am going to the Return of the King on midnite tween tuesday and wednesday, at the cinemark out east. Any one else up for it? It’s 3:20 BEFORE the previews.
2003-12-12 16:00:47 – The DIsco Nova
Lol, Colorado Springs is not a small town.
2003-12-12 18:07:20 – Master Ha-reed
Its got much more of a small town feel to it – due to the culture and values of the majority that live there. Contrast this with somewhere like Boulder – which even if it was 50 more miles away from Denver would still have that "we’re Boulder – watch us be hip white environmentalist yuppies. yeah baby", which in fairness, is still better than "we’re Colorado Springs – watch us be unhip white mostly Christian yuppies. praise Jesus."
2003-12-12 20:53:17 – Evil Bad Man
I shudder to think of the walmart hit count… I have a pirate ship.
2003-12-12 20:58:37 – pinky
2003-12-13 12:46:55 – The Disco Nova
Hail Satan!
2003-12-13 14:28:56 – Master Ha-reed
You know Randal, the gaming for "A’s" promotion might come back to bite you in the ass. The percentage of gamers who are also nerds is pretty high. Then again, if it nets you just one regular customer it might be worth it.
2003-12-13 14:47:01 – rand0m
That is not the primary reason we are doing it – it’s mostly an attempt to please the PHS administration.
2003-12-13 17:10:05 – Master Ha-reed
Then wouldnt it be smarter to do Renaissance card shit? That also gets you free advertising in places.
2003-12-13 17:24:31 – WC
I am so glad Boulder has a *ton* of pot in it. ‘cuz I live close and ‘moke is "yay!"
2003-12-13 18:08:34 – Master Ha-reed
Cheyenne Arapaho hall is supposedly on the Top 10 list of easiest places in the country to get pot according to High Times.
2003-12-13 19:13:11 – rand0m
We did look into that, and renaissance sponsorship happens in the summer (fall semester), and then again in mid-September (spring semester). Unfortunatley, we missed both of those and will have to wait until the 2004 fall semester before we can get in on it.