Ehhhh is my new word, and updates

So lots of things have happened as of late, only a couple of which are even mildly interesting. I’d like to say first off that Jordan Weil rocks my socks. He’s the best, particularly because he’s really smart and is really down to earth. It sucks that he’s in Chicago, but he’s really going places and I think he’ll do great things. Tore is back in town. I missed him. He’s great. I also *just* found out that he has hacked off a foot of his hair (Kids With Cancer donation). It’s nice having him back in town as well, because smart people are not a dime a dozen – Not even a dime for one, more like ten bucks! I really enjoy Tore’s company, but alas, like every other person on the planet he is usually far away. What can you do, you know? Janelle came to the store the other night. She looks european. I guess it fits her. It was nice to see her again, as she is also smart. She seems a little more … mmm … arrogant? I don’t know how to describe it, but she just seems not as nice. Oh well, it was good to see her. I ran into Lilly, Amy Rice-Jones, Strecker, Anna Pruitt and Adrienne Tuck at Tony’s while I was drowning my sorrow. Adrienne is still a huge bitch but Lilly is nice as pie. Ahhh, Lilly. Right up there with Sammi :-D. [L=]Nick[/L] linked me in one of his posts, with a blurb. Makes sense, I guess. I must say that I am glad that, although I do have my own set of them, his girl issues far outweigh mine. And honestly, that is really good for me to hear from myself, because that means I’m not involved with all the bullshit that it definitely entails. However, I am not getting laid. I am unsure if he is either, though. It’s not a competition. Or is it? Regardless, girls are nice to have around, but I don’t think I *need* one like he does. Interesting. [b]Update[/b] – I’m really thinking about putting together a quick PHS registry so that it’s easy to find people’s contact info … thinking it’ll be handy come reunion time in … 6 1/2 years. Opinions?

2003-12-28 10:44:41 – WC
HS registry == good idea, in fact I should do one for my school. Hopefully word gets around about it! Hey what’d ya’ll get for christmas/Hanakuh/Kwanza/holiday presents? I think the best present I got was from rachael which was the Animatrix DVD, Matrix Reloaded, and a car charger for my ipod. My parents kinda sucked this year getting me 3 gifts I already owned! Ohh well.
2003-12-28 11:36:25 – realbighead
I got the new Optimus Prime. ph34r m3.
2003-12-28 20:37:49 – keener2u
Isn’t made for classmate registration?
2003-12-28 21:18:47 – rand0m
yea, it is, IF YOU WANT TO PAY FOR IT !
2003-12-28 21:19:24 – rand0m
wait, that’s a good idea. *schemes*
2003-12-29 02:15:16 – The Disco Nova
2003-12-29 19:03:35 – Dice
Jordan?!? He’s still alive? I know he went to University of Chicago, but I haven’t heard from him since High School. (Used to wrestle with him) Still a straight-up physics major? Sounds like he’s doing well. Have any contact information I could bum off ya?
2003-12-29 19:39:06 – rand0m
no, he’s dead.
2003-12-30 13:07:30 – ytcracker
FUCK YEA i didnt graduate though can i still come to the reunion
2003-12-30 22:50:24 – Dice
I have to admit, dead people are both cool and intelligent, since they rarely say anything stupid.
2003-12-30 23:30:57 – Netheus
I got a 4.0!!!! I got all A’s!!! This is the first time since middle school!! Maybe x-mas doesn’t suck so much ass!!! Yes, the registry is a great idea because you make things simple, and is over complicated and costs $$ Yay!!! 4.0!!!!
2003-12-31 17:52:09 – Master Ha-reed
4.0 – those would be nice – haven’t had one of those since high school. Although if you told me what courses you were taking I might be more impressed. I know some business majors that get 4.0’s a lot – but thats because their semesters are filled with "Computer Skills for Dummies" and "Math for Dummies" and other such nonsense.
2003-12-31 20:21:26 – Netheus
College Algebra (yes, I forgot), Art History, Western Civ, Yoga (yes, its the modern day bowling), and Philosophy. Anyway, Tore- I am getting drunk, its New Years, and fortunatley for you, I don’t have your current number- but god help you if ya get on aim!!!