Ahhhh, drunkeness

Reminders for me to post about when not towtally tarashed: Becky Called. W0o. Wetn and got drunk with keen. W0o. Wrote a long thing sor work. Wooo. Ran into Danny, he’s getting married! Cybercafe? Other misc things like matres and family and serious hangu on exfgf. ROGER DOGGDRE! [b]Update[/b] – 08/16/03 @ 9:28pm – I’m glad that I at least put something down last night so I can kind of go off that … it’ll jog the memory, you know? I spoke to Becky on Thursday night. That was enjoyable. Turns out that she joined the Navy and just got out bootcamp on Tuesday. I can’t believe it. Of all branches, the Navy? That is sucky. She is doing very well, though — came out of boot camp at the top of her class and has been promoted twice. It was really nice talking to her again … what with the Oklahoma accent and the good natured thing going on. She says she’ll visit Colorado Springs before she goes to her first duty station at Corpus Christi, TX. I hope I get to see her. I wrote a paper for HPI about our Email, our current setup, an analysis of it, and how to fix it. You can find html and pdf versions here: [L=http://www.hpi.net/whitepapers/]http://www.hpi.net/whitepapers/[/L]. I went out to Phantom Canyon last night with Keen and got really drunk. And totally whipped at pool. God I sucked at pool last night. Generally, I’m a rather good pool player (humble, aren’t I?) but last night he just took me to town. Anyway, their beer is really good, their tables are really good (the one we had was newly felted), and their cues are straight. So that was fun. While I was there, of all people Danny Smith walks up. I sort of knew his name was Dan, but I wasn’t sure, so I called Tore and he gave me the hookup on his name. Thanks Tore! Anyway, he tells me that he is getting married on Sunday to his highschool sweetheart, Kristen Doherty (sp?). I find that absolutely astonishing. I’m not even *close* to getting married, and here is one of my highschool pals tying the knot. Wowsah. The cybercafe is progressing. Take a look at a demo of our splash page: [L=http://rand0m.org/temp/everlanfront.html]http://rand0m.org/temp/everlanfront.html[/L] … and then please give me your opinion on which of these we should use for our front sign (I like the very bottom left one): [L=http://weberstreet.net/images/sign.html]http://weberstreet.net/images/sign.html[/L] Things are going, slowly yes, but they are going. Supposed to have more money this week, so things should gear up very quickly. I moved my old mattress and box springs out to a friend of my parent’s last night. That was enjoyable because we got free food. Yay! I also got my cell phone bill – $39 in extra charges on top of the $39.99 plan. Boo! I am totally hung up on Janelle. I caught a glimpse of her on Friday [Actually, it was Wednesday. my bad.] night and got the shakes. The panic strike, if you will. What the fuck, you know? I am supposed to meet her for coffee on Tuesday at 7pm … will I pussy out and cancel? Who knows.

2003-08-16 10:45:43 – realbighead
it’s Danny Smith. sorry, that didn’t click till this morning when I sobered up. I mean, uh… nevermind that.
2003-08-16 22:08:58 – WC
wo0!! First Update Post! Hey Randal, I know people from my High School who already are married and have kids. Creepy ehh? I like your Splash page. Anyway. I went to a Colorado State Patrol Open House today and turned in an preliminary applicant paper and got the "Cadet Applicant Package" I don’t know if I wanna work for the CSP or not. <pros> There is a lot of honor involved with the job. Good Pay Good Benifits Good Job Job Security </Pros> <Cons> Can’t be a big g33k Affraid of Parents "I told you so" attitude Moving? to other parts of the state – leaving Rachael here in Denver. -Once trusted a girl, [u]trying[/u] to trust a different one. Don’t know if I can handle that. Affraid of hazards on the job. Can’t be a g33k – did I already say that? Hidden Fears I can’t express Can’t make fun of ‘Cops’ In General </Cons> I don’t know. Any Ideas? Ohh yeah I am thinking about getting my website launched soon. Spent about 4 hours today doing backend work and layout design. Looking pretty cool!
2003-08-17 00:10:36 – Master Ha-reed
Re: your signs – make sure you pick one that says "Gaming Center" (my fav is the on the lower left corner) – even your hardcore geeks will be wondering wtf is "EverLan" if they’ve never been to an EverLAN party before.
2003-08-17 01:45:07 – pinky
so, that makes it kristin and david, kristin and danny, christina and troy, noelle and matt, jenna and whoever she married last week, erinlee and adam, helene and her man, tabitha and her dude. what the fuck what the fuck. i need to go off an get engaged. apparently, i’m behind in the times. let me know if you got an invite because i would like to take them a card or something…jesus fucking christ.
2003-08-17 01:49:19 – pinky
oh, and, i like the bottom left one as well. the picture on the splash page makes the store look like a run down shack. i suggest photoshop to fix it up, or just find some other graphic.
2003-08-17 02:10:06 – rand0m
The building pictured and the people pictured are both ganked from images.google.com … we’ll replace them as soon as we take pictures of our store and of two people in suits.
2003-08-17 12:06:08 – The Disco Nova`
Good paper, well thought out and written. But unless your bosses are way different from what I’ve seen in the tech field, they won’t have the balls to tell all those market1.com people they have to move.
2003-08-17 12:45:28 – Netheus
Umm… I desperatley need help with my computer. Somebody, anybody, please help!! I will buy dinner and drinks for whoever can fix it. Sushi, even.
2003-08-17 13:12:52 – rand0m
market1.com has only 74 mailboxes on it … even if we don’t get rid of market1.com, the gateway machine should drop those emails destined for non-existant mailboxes as they are invariably spam and should get hit by the content filter.
2003-08-22 10:11:30 – tony
Oh my fucking head, bad idea to go out drinking with randal’s friends from Fountain… barf… ohhh.
2003-08-22 10:49:27 – rand0m
Actually, Dave Wagel is a friend from highschool, not from Fountain. Alcoholic.
2003-08-22 13:50:26 – Rev.
Last time I talked to Dave, he said he and Kristen were divorced or getting divorced. But that was earlier this year.
2003-08-22 15:51:25 – tony
Bingo indeed sir. Bingo indeed.
2003-08-22 18:12:09 – tony
Bad news, our DJ who was coming down from Denver is at a family emegerncy and can’t come. Anybody know someone who wants to DJ a party tonight, call me or randal.
2003-08-22 23:59:33 – nice girl
dammit. after driving 24 hours roundtrip to colorado for jenna’s wedding last two weeks ago, i placed a strict ban on any of my childhood friends getting married until i’m done with college because i never want to make that drive in one weekend again. i guess danny didn’t get the memo. not like i’m invited. i guess he felt the need to balance out seeing me every day for years upon years by not seeing me ever in three years. i miss him. furthermore, i’m disgruntled enough that i know people who are getting married; you bet your ass i’m not old enough to know people who are getting divorced. shit. i’ll stop ranting now.
2003-08-23 00:31:55 – WC
I am think I ‘m drunk. es I think I am drunk cuz tony is ouch is taking my pictuire. That really hurt. Manny and I are really fucking wasted. REALLY wested. I think I can type pretty ewll but I dunno. I know I am making mistakes. I already read slashdor. I feel g33ky. Like too geeky. shit i gotta fread slashdot at a party rofl. K i need more jungle juice. laterzzzz wo0o0o0!!!
2003-08-23 03:18:00 – The diswco Noas
grat vart y avndaralIabre fun, grawee4t party.
2003-08-23 03:18:00 – The diswco Noas
grat vart y avndaralIabre fun, grawee4t party.
2003-08-23 09:47:28 – The Disco Nova
OMG I’m never touching bug juice again, that stuff is harsh.