Some new things in life and some same-o same-o

Last night, Keen and I went over to the Citadel Mall and picked up my pre-purchased copy of Soul Calibur II. Man, what an incredible game. It’s a *really* good second version of an outstanding game, and has taken over my life. We played until 4am this morning, when I passed out. Then I got a call from Qwest & ICG at 8am about the issues I wrote about in the previous post. I was on the phone until about 10:30am, organizing and scheduling and yada yada. That sucked, but at least the issue is mostly resolved now. So I’m coming home from work today, and all of a sudden at like 5:03pm, God decides to move the Mediterannean Sea to Colorado Springs. It was raining really hard. I had to stop at the Perk to not get soaked … I was there till like, what, 6:30? It just didn’t stop raining. Rain rain rain. You know what happens when it rains? It gets cold. So here I sit on the couch at home, wearing a sweatshirt while under a blanket. It feels good. When things start getting cold, I’m pretty pleased, particularly because my fall/winter wardrobe is 5x better than my summer one. So tonight I’m sitting on the couch (see above paragraph), and someone knocks on the door. I get Tony to answer it, and in stroles Betsy! I had thought she was gone for good, having ran off to LA and all. But no, she’s back, and she came over *here* to chill out. Obviously this is because none of her other CC friends are in town yet, but that is immaterial. She’s really smart and fun to hang out with, but wants to be “one of the boys” … dunno bout that. Betsy = w3rd.

2003-08-27 23:52:18 – Whitney
i agree whole heartedly about the winter wardrobe 😉 i just love how cute i look
2003-08-28 02:11:56 – WC
I just love how cute I look in your wardrobe … err . . . uhh, did I just say that out loud?
2003-08-28 02:19:48 – The Disco Nova
We need to go paintballing next week.
2003-08-29 14:34:38 – tony
Anyone interested in biking up barr trail tomorrow?
2003-08-31 20:35:29 – Netheus
My computer is twitching, and I am writing this from work. Does anyone have the kind heart to make me a Windows XP home version Startup disk? If not, I loose everything, and I’m screwed, I think. I’m in a 3 million dollar house babysitting. The house. Man. So not motivated to do anything ever again.