Interesting work things and I’m sick

Today there was a press release in the Gazette talking about my company being bought by another company … yahoo links follow: [L=]USURF Amer Signs Letter To Buy High Plains Internet[/L] [L=]USURF America Signs Letter of Intent to Acquire High Plains Internet[/L] Maybe I’ll get a bigger paycheck. *crosses fingers* In other news, I woke up sick.That really, really pisses me off. I *HATE* being sick … it’s right up there with how much I hate wind. So, somebody got me sick, because I do not randomly get sick. I think it was either Melissa or Tony. I’m going to blame Tony, simply because he is an easy target. Tony, why did you get me sick? *sigh* I took like 500x my daily alotment of vitamin C in hopes of my sickness not developing into full-blown illness. At least he’s going to bring home some NyQuil. mmmmmm … *miserable feelings here* I think that when I finally get of my truck, or if I keep it, or whatever, I’ll get an early 90s Jeep Cherokee. Not one of the Grand Cherokees, nor the Cherokee Wagon, but the [L=]Cherokee Sport or Cherokee Country[/L]. I don’t know why, but I like them. Especially with 31″ tires and a mild suspension lift. Yummy. [b]Update[/b] – It’s 12:09pm, and it is the first time I have taken an afternoon off from a day I am supposed to work in like 8 months. The reason for me not attending to my oh-so-rigorous duties? I’m sick. All out sick, I mean: headache, blurry vision, fever, sore throat, hurting mouth, sore all over. I’m in bad shape, and I am at home. *sigh*

2002-09-24 23:11:55 – Burnz
Those cherokee sports are nice to drive, especially if you get the manual transmission. Less money also for the fixing. And I bet it was Melissa, she is a disease factory, more bugs on her than a vietnamese prostitute. Viva la 1st post!
2002-09-24 23:15:55 – Disco Nova
I hate to be the devils advocatew here, but did anyone tell you personally that the company is being bought? Sometimes it’s a bad sign when they don’t
2002-09-25 07:43:40 – realbighead
I’m guessing he’s linking to news stories about it instead of saying anything because either a) he’s lazy, or b) he’s NDA’d on the whole matter, the latter option suggesting that he had indeed heard about it. And now that you’re considering buying an SUV, randal, how long can you honestly have before you’re late for your kids’ soccer practice? eh, mr. middle-aged-at-20?
2002-09-25 11:02:36 – Netheus
SUV’s suck. Get a Nissan truck. they so rock. Elmo will be back in town on Saturday!! WoooHOOO!!
2002-09-25 11:41:30 – tony
My personal favorite Off-road like truck is the 70s early 80s Toyota Land Cruiser, NOW THAT with 31" tires and lift kit gives me a fuzzy warm feeling
2002-09-25 12:12:23 – Burnz
Could be worse mr. realbig, could be pre-adolescent-at-20 like all you crazy virgins out there in Mexi-wastelands. And get a man’s off-road vehicle: 77 Chevrolet truck with bench seats, a rusted body, bad transmission, and an 8-track….don’t forget to request a box of bullets be put in the glove compartment by the dealer.
2002-09-25 18:36:43 – Siaokh
I’m glad no one suggested one of those god awfull H2’s… I’ve seen a few of them driving around the streets around here… and they’re UGLY. A brick on wheels. I drive a volvo, and that’s a brick, but this… DAMN it’s a cinderblock or something. *bleh* I’d have to say that an SUV is definately not where it’s at. Go with a european vehicle… an Audi or a VW or SAAB (although the saab might spend much of it’s time in the shop). Woo audi. Vroom Punch. -Tim
2002-09-25 22:06:46 – pinky
AUDI!!!!!!!!!! woooooo!!!!!! i hate my life.
2002-09-25 23:10:35 – Disco Nova
Buick Riviera is da bomb. The perfect compromise between luxury and sportiness. You could prolly pick up a 98 or 99 for what you would pay for that SUV, my 97 is valued at 19k.
2002-09-26 00:54:31 – rand0m
Ummmm, the cherokee mentioned above retails for less than $5k; a far cry from the large price tag associated with any late model riviera. And about it being a soccer-mom car, well yea, but what do you have to say about me hauling your punk ass around all the time? Seriously, if it weren’t for this grown up, responsible person that we call Randal, where would you go for your wild entertainment / go to guy / party fiend / drunk-ass carry-home person? Not to me, I can tell you that! So why not facilitate my duties with a vehicle a little more useful than my truck? Ahhh, fuck it … why don’t I go just handily get a job paying $75k+ a year, buy a supra and be a man’s man. Oh, right, because that still wouldn’t appease the oh-so-tolerant Tore. *cough*
2002-09-26 01:17:17 – Disco Nova
You guys aren’t about to break into one of your slap fights over ann rand are you?
2002-09-26 01:30:23 – Netheus
I am sick too. It’s Tony’s fault. He’s a bio-terrorist. He’s gotten us all sick. Fucker.
2002-09-26 03:58:08 – Disco Nova
I have been sick for a week and a half. I blame it on my pets shedding.
2002-09-26 08:34:29 – realbighead
well, now that you mention it… Rand Rand Rand! *slap* and I’d be more tolerant if the vast majority of stuff didn’t suck.
2002-09-26 09:58:18 – Netheus
Tore’s not biased, he hates everything equally.
2002-09-26 10:03:30 – tony
Well, since I’m the fucking bio sickness spreader, let me give you the skinny on the cold I had. Pretty sure I got it saturday from Melissa’s enchiladas that she brought over. Yeah, Melissa was deathly sick. And now it’s Thursday and I’m fully healed with only a little bit of a stuffy nose. Never had headaches, never had to miss class or work, shit, worst it got was a bad cough. So watch out for whoever got randal sick, that is some bad shit. He was still asleep at 9 when i left this morning.
2002-09-27 08:28:38 – Netheus
The Vitamin Hippie gave me this EchinOsha stuff, and it works like cough syrup, only it doesn’t taste as bad, and it doesn’t end up making your throat hurt more, and you can mixit with tea without destroying it, because, oh yeah, it’s not a fucking chemical. Now I go off to work, where my bosses will most likely acost me with more vitamins. I hate being sick.
2002-09-27 12:33:09 – Burnz
Melissa brought enchiladas and nobody fucking told me!?!?!?! Well thanks a lot. *adds names to his mailbombing list*. Punkass bitches. And a Jeep isn’t a soccer mom car.
2002-09-29 04:27:17 – The Disco Nova
Fuck your being sick, we want new content. Has anyone tried Earth and Beyond yet? I’m prolly gonna pick it up on Monday.
2002-09-29 11:06:15 – Siaokh
E&B is pretty hot, i participated in the beta… Pretty fun game. I’d go out and pick it up to play it, but i’m all out of money, and cant afford to pay them whatever a month to play. Oh well… Probabl better that digital crack not be in my life. Punch. -Tim