Timin …

I had a broken watch. Yep, my $120 hunk of metal made by Kenneth Cole had a dead battery. Had one for a good 3 days, too, throwing off my timing, making me go screeching around the house like I was 3 hours late, made me miss a meeting, you know, all that stuff that happens when you have no idea what time it is. Well, I showed that little bugger today. Went out and got a battery at Wal-Mart. They asked how much the watch cost … I replied honestly, and they said they could not put the battery in for me. Too expensive for them to cover if they break it. Grrr. Got to work, after eating a yummy $.99 McDonalds sausage something or other, and put in the new battery. And that’s when the wrastlin started. See, watches have these things called “battery covers”. It’s the plate on the back, and it’s made of metal. And woowee is it a feisty little creature. After a heinous amount of blood, sweat, aching muscles and sobbing, the 4 minute battle was over, and I lost. I finally broke down and had to take her down. Down to the jewelry shop, that is! HAHAHA, TEH MASTAR TRYUMFS! So that was my highlight of the morning. I’m waiting for something equally spiffy to happen later today. [b][u]Update[/u][/b] – quote of the day: [b][i]realbighead:[/i][/b] your massive nose prevents you from ever having arbitrary declaration power. [b][u]Update #2[/u][/b] – I went out with Christina and got some sukashay at Ichiban’s. mMmMmmmm, so good. We had a good time 🙂

2002-09-12 13:08:28 – Netheus
bitch slap. phuq this punch shit.
2002-09-12 14:52:15 – rand0m
Did I mention that I beat Tore in a match of wits? He crumbled once I used my patented Glacier Metaphor. Sucker.
2002-09-12 16:46:11 – Siaokh
Yeah… watch batteries are fickle little creatures. I’ve got a Citizen Promaster *BLING BLING* and the battery died… concerned about the water resistantivity, i took it to a watch shop in the mall and asked if they replaced the battery if i could still go swimming. They said no, and i said WTF. I then checked the Citizen website for a LISCENSED AUTHORIZED REPAIR FACILITY… There was one in dallas, so i shipped it off to this dude and he’s like "$40, and you can keep the water resistantivity." I had spent like $250 on it, and it looks pretty nice… analog/digital/chronograph… so i shelled out the $40, and about 2 weeks later i got my watch. YAY. It’s a conspiracy i tell you. On a more plesant note; Punch. No classes tomorrow, but i get the pleasure of working all weekend. Trouble will nodoubtedly find it’s way into my weekend, so we’ll see what happens. -Tim
2002-09-12 17:31:30 – pinky
i bet you can still arbitrarily declare war on iraq, like i did.
2002-09-12 23:11:25 – realbighead
still obsessed with those petty delusions, I see. like Napoleon, but more retarded. and way the hell bigger. fatty.
2002-09-12 23:39:42 – rand0m
shove some more pie into your face, it’ll make you feel good again. fag.
2002-09-12 23:55:08 – tony
2002-09-13 07:15:11 – realbighead
eat a bowl of dick, fatty mcfatass.
2002-09-15 01:42:06 – MightyQuynh
Dude This is the qwest guy again! Hope everything is working good with your line…havent heard from u in a while. i suppose thats good. dont know where else to leave ya a message. anyways look forward still to meeting ya sometime. later Bud Q
2002-09-15 02:44:57 – pinky
my night in boulder was great. the fact all of you didn’t come up sucks, because i was looking forward to it. we had a good time and you suck…hehe. seriously, i miss most of you, so come see me. :-*
2002-09-15 08:53:35 – Netheus
Hmm… arbitrairily (sp) declaring war on various places…. hmmm… than I declare war on Texas, and I know that we can all agree to the terms and conditions of the contract. If they can’t defend themselves, then they get sold off to Mexico for a plate full of yummy enchiladas, a hat dance, and Charo wiggling her big tits in tore’s face. Not to mention, this would also nullify assface Bush from being the president, since Texas was sold off. But he shouldn’t be anyway, if only for the fact that TX is a republic, and not a real state.
2002-09-15 11:14:43 – Master Ha-reed
Heh – Yep, no where in the Constitution does it say that joint resolutions of Congress are an acceptable way for admitting a state into the Union….. *wonders why there havent been any anti-Bush political scholars bringing this up*
2002-09-15 18:41:17 – Siaokh
*hears the sound of many guns being cocked* For some reason, i think the state of Texas would put up more of a fight than Colorado. So… By your delcaring War on Texas… Colorado would be sold to Canada for 2 looneys and a keg of beer. Punch. -Tim
2002-09-15 19:16:00 – pinky
you seem to have forgotten that CU is in colorado and we’re all a bunch of psycho drunk rioters, so as much as you texans want to cock your gins, we’ll set your shit on fire and then proceed to flip over anything non flammable. also, everyone else in the US likes colorado, most don’t like texas, so the whole US has got our backs, and we could have all the other states vote texas back out of the union, if we so chose. no one has thought of this yet either. now i’ve arbitrarily declared war on idaho because we don’t need them either. but actually, i do like potatos…
2002-09-15 22:26:43 – Siaokh
You only like fermented potatoes, and fried ones. Also, When texas joined the union there was some clause someplace where it could be split into 5 "normal" sized states… *shrug* random trivia. Also, Texas has had it’s own good sized riots… namely the couple of times the Cowboys have won the superbowl. Speaking of the cowboys, i saw Deon Sanders in my store the other day. Punchey punch. -Tim
2002-09-16 00:10:24 – pinky
we riot after our sports teams win too, and not just my sports team in boulder. and we still win because texas sucks. also i do like fermented potatos, not a big fan of fried potatos…mashed potatos, though, that’s where the shit’s at. punchey punch yourself in the assey ass.
2002-09-16 06:07:17 – The Disco Nova
I wonder which of you has the cojones to say all this to a Texan?
2002-09-16 07:33:54 – Netheus
TR likes it here in CO now that he has moved out of the shitte hole that is Texas. And he agrees with me, mostly. And he’s the biggest Texan I know. And Mexico would be sooo much happier with Texas than we are. So the Mexicans would be helping us to, and they are a people waiting to explode anyway. So CO: Crazy college psychos, entire country, crazy New Yorkers, and Repressed Mexicans. TX: Fat asses with guns. And I mean FAT. You will run out of amunition sometime, porker.
2002-09-17 04:58:05 – Disco Nova
Yes, but Texas has spies in every state. In CO I hear thier spy is about 6’3", 240 pounds, and has a bad temper. Kinda good looking though. A sexy bitch even.
2002-09-17 08:13:10 – realbighead
actually, I’m not a spy for Texas. Thanks for the compliments, though.
2002-09-17 10:47:13 – pinky
AHAHHHHAHAAAHAHA….tore, i want to have your babies. thank you and have a good night.