hahahaha, old times

Okay, so it’s monday, you know, so I thought I’d update some stuff. There’s now a search feature on the left, comment dates are now perma-links, and a new mp3 of the week, as well as new updates in goals/plans. Also, the US only hit Afghanistan with 50 missiles this time around … we hit Iraq with over 2,000 missiles the first time around. All tacticle, no real big boys yet, either.

For all you slobbering men, here’s a page of hotttties — not done up models, just hot normal chicks. w3rd.

Here’s a post from a couple months back … I was quite amused when I read it.
On another note, I was thinking about Gila monsters today. What exactly do those guys do? Sit on rocks all day? Just sit there, sunning themselves, occasionally flicking their tongue … I can see it now … “Sonny, I’ve been sitting here for 20 years waiting for one of those Hooo – maaans to but their unbooted foot right in front of me. And let me tell you, as soon as it happens, I’m going to bite him.” At least they have some nice coloring.

2001-10-08 16:52:23 – tonyronybanana-nana-bo-no-ni-fi… okay, i shup up
:-) I’m back from one more sickening flight without dying in a fiery ball of flames much like madonna overdosing at a gay tequila bar. Yeah, in answer to your question, where DO I come up with this shit. Don’t know .krowemoh ym hsinif ot emiT. (Just finished a book on the NSA, puzzle pallace, go figure) (Also, I’m not the only one that writes backwards, just look on the track list for the latest RHCP album – emit remmus) (Bastards just didn’t want to be compared to sublime’s summer time, yes, that’s what it means, summer time) Okay, I can’t put off computer science homework anymore. DAMN!!!
2001-10-08 19:03:32 – Burnz
Thanks rand0m, just what I needed was a couple dozen pictorial reasons to hate my life and remind me of all the finer things I don’t have. Next put up tons of medical insurance forms to torture my sick ass. Going to go do the curling up and dying thing now, cheers!
2001-10-08 19:16:37 – rand0m
I’m glad I could be the one to brighten up your already somber day. I’m so good at that πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ **Newsflash** Gateway sucks.

so lame, so long

Went out late last night with Laura and sat at Old Chicago and just talked for a couple hours. It was really weird … zero pretense, just straight up how things are. No covering up of anything, no tender topics, just good conversation. It was good. I am glad I had the opportunity to do it again [for once]. Indeed, she is not a nut case, but she does wear too much pink. πŸ˜‰

Went to church with my mom this morning. That was lame. I also realized that she either A) has problems or B) does not talk to people at all. It’s a 25 minute drive to where we went, and she yammered on and on the whole way, and I replied with maybe 6 words the whole way. Four of which were in one sentence. So she just talked and talked and talked, and I wanted to ask her if she ever shuts up, but I didn’t. Too nice to do that to my mom. Anywho, church was blah, and then on the way home, we heard the news on the radio —

CNN — U.S. attacks Afghanistan. The United States and Britain launched attacks on at least three cities in Afghanistan on Sunday in retaliation for the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington on September 11, President Bush said. I am glad that action is being taken, and am relieved in the knowledge that it is with the utmost confidence that the United Nations strikes at the Taliban.

2001-10-07 13:58:12 – Xeon
nnnnoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo..[breath] …ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo we can’t be at war [sigh] lame
2001-10-07 15:22:20 – Burnz
I just had to register for the selective service. It made me wish I was back in the institution so they couldn’t take me out to fight and die. I ain’t real worried about it though. Weezels!!
2001-10-08 03:15:19 – Laura
yay! i’m off the nut case list! on that note, me and some friends are going to protest the protesters because they’re fucking stupid. racist war my ass.
2001-10-08 05:16:04 – realbighead
I’m gonna demand that we at least fight fair; if we’re gonna use stealth bombers on a country that never evolved far past the stone age, at least we could just drop full payloads of sharp rocks instead of high explosives or something. I mean, shit, do we really need more than 2 bombers to wreck the entire country anyways? Silly bush.
2001-10-08 08:27:32 – Burnz
Ha, now there is an idea I like. We have to fight by their terms. Throwing stones, waving sticks, starving. Maybe find a tyranical boot to live under whilst the war is upon us. Have one of our kids beaten to death by religious fanatics sometime in the early stages of the conflict just to make it all level. Extra note, any of you use the Mame emulator? I be having a little difficulty with the bizizernatch.
2001-10-08 10:51:55 – FJ
Change your MP3 of the week, whore.
2001-10-08 10:52:24 – rand0m
yea yea … I’m looking one up right now.

s-a t-u-r d-a-y night!

Yea, so I tried to jazz up my saturday night by making the post title up there kind of match the song that goes just like that. Indeed, this saturday night is suck. I slept forever today … till like 4:45pm. Woke up, called around to see what people are doing … and of course, there is nothing. Tony is out of town, James is going clubbing, and craig & co are all baked out of their minds. This makes for not-so-much-fun for me on a saturday night. I think I’ll just stay home. Maybe. I might go somewhere. Don’t know where. Maybe I’ll smoke a cigarrette. Maybe I’ll jump off a tall building.

Haven’t quit Gateway, and I have resolved not to. I really need the money. I went through my financial status again, and although I have paid off the $2k to the bank, and paid off the $1.2k to the Stafford Loan people, I still have ~$650 of credit cards running about as well as ~$1.5k to my parents. Plus, I want to prepay my semester at wherever I go. So .. I still need about $5k before the end of the year. So, unless I turn up the heat on web design, or HPI lands a massive contract, I will stick with Gateway. Even though I hate it. I can’t afford to quit.

I’m just tired of so much, and so sick of so much. It’s weird … in high school, the faster things went the happier I was. Now, things go fast like once every 3 weeks. And that’s a lot to handle. You know what’s sick? I wish I had more personal time so I could have things move faster because I like the ‘go’ mentality a lot. It fits me. My life right now does not. :-/

2001-10-06 22:32:09 – Burnz
*Raises Glass* Here’s to everyone with shitty weekends and lives that jump between crawling along and sudden spurts of stress. *Drains Glass, and Keg, and then gets into the Nyquil.*
2001-10-07 02:10:13 – The Disco Nova
grrrrrrrrrrrr Just got back from my "clubbing" You know what? I would of rathe spent the night bS’ing with randcall like I did tyhur night, It’s much more entertaineing. Wow, drunk women want to take me homke. Clubs are so fun. Grrr where is the perfecxt woman I dream of. I ahd one once, but I did SOMETHING< Istill dont’ know what, I did to screew that one up. Randalk, nect time you call, me to do something, remoinds me of thius post, I will prolly listen to you. And fuck spell checxk, I ‘m drunk damnit. And iut’s hards to typ ein a a black light. . .
2001-10-07 03:07:17 – rand0m
wow Burnz, be proud — you’re rapidly decending into alcoholism! πŸ˜‰ And Disco … what’s the problem with drunk women wanting to get planked by you? less booze, my friends … and please don’t listen to me. Although I may come across as wisdom-filled and smart [yea right], I’m not. Indeed … good women are hard to come by. And then you lose them, and wonder ‘wtf did I do?’ for the next hella long time. :-( Then [hopefully], you find another and move on. That usually takes a long time though, and is much easier said than done. :-/ From now on, please disregard everything I say. I suck.
2001-10-07 11:39:15 – The Disco Nova
Sheez, I get depressing when I’m drunk.

denvah, reflections

Okay, so I told Gateway that I was “sick” *cough*cough* and took the night off from work. I had originally intended to just quit, but instead I went up and saw Steve in Denver. It was really good to spend time with him πŸ˜€ I fixed his DSL, we ate at Macaroni Grill, and he kicked my ass at Madden 2002. Quite an enjoyable time.

On the way home, I did some more reflection, and realized that, indeed, the whole meeting with the ex was not a waste. Waste is a bad word. Pointless? Mostly. Worthless? Kinda — she does have breasts, so it wasn’t all bad. Would I meet her again today with the same circumstances if I had the opportunity? Nope. Feels weird to say that. Sure, she’s still a nice girl, and even though I care and often think about how she’s doing, it’s very much removed — I care, but not enough to the point where I want to get involved. Even though I do want to be involved, it’s not going to happen. huh …. I digress …

Do you guys like multiple short posts or one long, *updated* post? Also thinking about moving it to a news “Day” basis, instead of individual posts. I hope everything goes well, Tony — everyone have a good day.

** Update ** I am actually feeling ill. My nose is running live a sive and I have a massive headache. Kind of tough to keep staring at computer screens. I wonder if that has anything do with it — I look at monitors for like 16 hours a day. ugh. Update #2 I called in sick to Gateway again [hAHahAhaha] … if anyone wants to do anything lemme know … I’m up for a light engagement …

2001-10-04 03:40:26 – Burnz
I think my vote is long updated posts, better for comments, that way there is less risk of having to look at the previous post in case you missed a major turning point in the conversation. (Not that these bits of tripe have too many major turning points, but….shut up.) And I might be coming back the weekend after next, would I be able to drum up a party out of that, preferrably with enough rum to float a yacht? Tentative plans, lemme know there rand0m.
2001-10-04 07:14:50 – The Disco Nova
Trust me Randall, it’s better to not see herr at all. You start thinking about what could of been, and start waxing nostalgic, and then you start to get depressed. Worst of all, you remember all the good things about her and none of the things that made you wanna pull your hair out.
2001-10-04 10:20:18 – realbighead
let’s just get enough tequila to float a mexican, cuz my ass is gonna be in town too (the 13th and 14th, right?) and I hate rum. Vile, vile stuff.
2001-10-04 10:21:57 – realbighead
oh yeah, and breasts don’t qualify as a reason to spend time with someone… if you don’t have a better reason than staring at boobies, go rent a porn and get some booze instead. Much better for everyone involved (except the midget in the porn, but hey, midgets are just humor devices anyways).
2001-10-04 10:50:32 – The Disco Nova
If you jsut want boobies I’ll talk to crystal when she gets back and I’ll see if she’ll put out for you. She does like nice guys, so you’ll have to drop the bitter act for a little while.
2001-10-04 11:21:15 – rand0m
what bitter act? I’m not bitter normally; just a little put off about the whole ‘let’s get together and try to be friends’ thing … seriously, I’m a nice guy … ask just about anyone who knows me πŸ˜€ Everyone has their ups and downs … I’m just on the way up to my next plateu of goodness.
2001-10-04 11:47:50 – Siaokh
Wow… congratulations on 200 posts! I prefer 1 large post with maybe an update or two. Gives us so much more to talk about rather than little posts *shrug*. And if you just want to see breasts, walk around a local highschool omg… Those girls didnt look like that when i was in there. (yes we’re all allowed to look… just not touch). -Tim
2001-10-04 12:34:33 – rand0m
yea … went to lunch with Jack [co-worker] today, 11:30-12:20ish, and OMG … the highschool girls are <i>fine</i>. Look, no touch [sigh] …
2001-10-04 13:19:54 – CaptnSpectacular
Did we ever find out why your little webcam dosent work. Whats the deal randal? this is turning into a second rate website if you ask me. πŸ˜‰
2001-10-04 14:06:08 – rand0m
Hey, watch what line you’re crossing their, buddy! The webcam is kind of whack because I don’t have the spare CPU cycles to run it — on a p2-450, it takes 45% cpu time to do the auto-capturing. Which is fucked up. If I had a machine that I could dedicate to the cam, I would make it work … but I don’t, and I can’t sacrifice productivity for the cam. sorry :-/
2001-10-04 19:30:09 – Master Ha-reed
Hey Randal, Do you know of a way for IIS to display the 404 page instead of a CGI Error page when someone types in a non-existent php page (for instance http://www.rand0m.org/non_existent.php)? I got kind of the same thing this summer while working two computer-related jobs. I spent 1/2 of my time during most days staring at a computer screen and got some massive headaches. Interchanging ibproufen and acetimenophen (Tylenol) helps, but I wouldn’t recommend it doing too often. long updated posts r better
2001-10-04 23:51:49 – Laura
these dudes from the madonna concert snuck in their digital camera (up their ass maybe?) hehe, and now i have pictures from the fucking concert and i’m way to excited, and i know none of you care. tore, randal, matt (if you’re in town) are free to come up to boulder and party next weekend, and hot ass college girls are much better than fine ass high school girls (and you can touch the ones in college). did that just come out of mouth? riiight. i’m going to go get some walgreens…awww yeah. also, i like the site the way it is, but it’s like randal to decide things need to be improved…
2001-10-06 01:24:08 – The Disco Nova
And once again I find myself drunk and depressed about a woman. I think I’m gonna become gay, just so I can stay away from women. On a positive note, I finally got to see the geekpad. Nice people, interesting decor. Would’nt mind going back/
2003-08-17 09:34:58 – rand0m
test < dsf > test <hr>

w0ot and another blah day

Came home to find my docking station waiting for me! WOOoooOoOOo! I’m posting from it right now … it’s shweeet. πŸ˜€

Don’t have much planned for the day ahead … I have a slight sniffle and an aching for p0ontang. Seriously, ever since that night, I’ve been a goddamn hornball. Oh well … [heads off to south nevada] Aren’t you going to KY, Bastard? Any idea when you’ll be back? Any word on the job? Anything else interesting happening to anyone else? Hrmm … apparently not …

This just in from Burnz’ site … [posted w/o permission]:
Randal – Another one of those people that I don’t know all that well. Always good for a chat discussion, always trying to bail out my software destroying ass. Someone who I totally disagree with politically but otherwise haven’t found too much ground that wasn’t similar. He also has been mangled by the tines of his relationship. A nearly year long gala that seemed to the casual observer to be nothing more than 364 days of having some bitch’s foot crammed in his mouth to force feed him his pride. A big time tech head that is friendly and naturally ordained to salesmanship. A closer, a people person. All that bullshit that Ben Afflek said in “Bounce”. He’s a goofy bastard, but doesn’t do anything to harm anyone.

He’s also got this hilarious conversation between him and a friend about this chick who’s really loose … extremely funny. Made me laugh till I cried at work tonight πŸ˜€

**Update** … Met up today with Janelle for some ice cream. Almost want to say it was a waste of time. I sat there, listening to her talk, which was nice, looking at her fine-ass body, which was nice also, and enjoyed the ice cream. Was anything of *any* value said or done, though? Nope. At least she was thoughtful enough to spare me the agony of hearing about her current boy-toys and her subsequent confusion. Good time, kinda … worthless. Maybe it’s just because it’s fucking wednesday, and wednesdays always suck ass. I just might quit Gateway today, too. Dunno about that, though. another update — just called in ‘sick’ to gateway … a night off — woOoOoOooo … i think i’ll see steve in denver. 964-4504, peepz!

2001-10-03 03:41:59 – Burnz
Damn it, you go there and didn’t post anything about that tiny ass story. If I had feelings they would be hurt. Input, need input. No disassemble number 5.
2001-10-03 08:01:52 – rand0m
oops … I guess I’ll read it this morning sometime and let you know … … … [fights desire to link burnz’ page] … well yea, off to work.
2001-10-03 10:08:20 – rand0m
kk burnz, YGEM [you got e-mail!] … I fully advise everyone to hit up his site … <a href=’http://home.earthlink.net/~burn53′>http://home.earthlink.net/~burn53</a> … sure, it’s not the spiffiest looking site around, but the content is just downright awesome. It’s better than this shitty site. hrmm … [thinks about that] … [some more] … [sigh]
2001-10-03 11:48:11 – Xeon
FUCK YOU BURNZ! Am I not good enough to be on your page? /me removes burnz from new top secret people page.
2001-10-03 14:36:05 – The Disco Nova
well randall, if your not going to denver tonight, I’m going to LQ. I just bought a new tongue ring that glows under blacklights. It looks pretty sweet, and I wanna try it out there.
2001-10-03 15:43:05 – Burnz
I can’t make things pretty, I just don’t know how. Thank you for the analysis of the story, I am hanging on to it for the point of looking over and revamping/ editing. Just to let you know, all the stories will eventually intertwine. And craig, I don’t know you for shit, I know Tore better than you and he isn’t on there is he? Good lord. And naturally I used my favorite URL forewarding service so http://www.burnz.ipfox.com will also get you to the promised land. Thanks for the plug and the props rand0m.
2001-10-03 19:12:07 – tony
Chilling out in the comp sci lounge finishing my homework before I have to leave tomorrow. Kind of wierd going to the airport tomorrow, some things different, like, can’t take my razer in my toiletries bag. Also have to be careful not to bring on "Anarchists Cookbook". Gone thursday to sunday in the land of bourbon and barbeque, and derby horses. Got a rental car, like an impala or some shit. Got my own hotel room. This means I don’t have to have my parents drive me around and I don’t have to stay at the house. Take note on this strategy kids! Also, mike lee makes some unfunny jokes sometimes. Like, it’s not funny to say, "Hey tony, I slipped some acid in your drink, ha ha". Or maybe I’m just not that kind of a humorous person-like-say.
2001-10-03 21:41:24 – Burnz
Mike can make funny jokes? Now that would be something to see.
2001-10-04 00:15:24 – tony
This just in….. ————– chicks rule!!! that and puppies! and cookies and milk! and miller high life!!!
2001-10-04 01:23:36 – Laura
tony, you made me hungry…fuck you. miller high life sucks. also, i am in town for the next four days, if you all want to take me out to eat, that would be awesome…if not, let me know what’s up anyway.

whack shit

Okay, so I had this whack nightmare last night. Even though Janelle and I aren’t good friends or anything really, this was still oddly disturbing. I had a dream where she was dating this dude [who had a nickname of some sort, but I forgot what], and it turns out that his name is Nathan Brown. I don’t know a Nathan Brown in real life, but in real life, I *DO* know a Pat McDavid, which is exactly what Nathan Brown looked like. So apparently, Nathan [Pat] and Janelle have been dating for a long time and blah blah blah and are getting married. I woke up in a cold sweat wondering “what the fuck is going on!?” weird, huh?

Dirk Hancock, a co-worker @ Gateway, who is also Dirk Kirklin from the KILO radio station, tells me that “whack” is way outdated and that I shouldn’t say it. He said that ‘w3rd’ is okay, though … he gives me a lot of shit for ‘whack’ πŸ˜‰ He’s a funny guy.

And on one more note, my manager was talking to me about an issue when Craig IMs me and the window pops up. My manager went mostly-ballistic at the fact that I had Java AIM open … dunno what I’ll do about that. Quit? Not a bad idea …

2001-10-02 14:10:37 – Siaokh
FP! On a more serious note, your work should lighten up on extra activites that you’re doing on the internet. It gets really boring just talking to winy bitchy customers. I chat on irc and aim, and surf… and even that isnt entertaining enough. Too bad you cant bring in your laptop and work on that or something. Atleast you didnt have a dream about people eating babies dude…. and no dont ask. -Tim
2001-10-02 15:27:03 – The Disco Nova
anyone gonna be off by 7 pm? I’m going skating again tonight
2001-10-02 15:54:20 – Laura
Hey kids, So, I come home Wednesday night for fall break…Let me know if you all are doing anything exciting. Also, let me know if anyone wants to pick me up, with the whole divorce thing, i don’t really have a car…suck. Randal, fuck your boss and yes, ‘whack’ is out. Also, you dissed Weezer…fuck you. the end.
2001-10-02 15:58:42 – rand0m
Nope … not off by 7 … until I quit. I’m not doing anything exciting tomorrow night except for working … and slow down; your parents are getting divorced? :-/ I didn’t diss weezer, he just has a high voice in parts of the song πŸ˜‰
2001-10-02 16:11:48 – tony
You would think that with no more job security and a calculus 2 test in … T-25 Minutes that I would be more nervous. Oddly, that is not the case. To tell you the truth studying for this test has exercised my mind the most it has been exercised in almost 2 – 1/2 years. It feels good, but also bad, because what does that mean I’ve been doing for the past years… Then it dawns on me. We as human beings relegate most of our intense concentration to mundane shit, if at all. I need to get back into playing chess… Haven’t felt this good in years. Wierdness abounds… stay tuned!
2001-10-02 17:13:47 – The Disco Nova
well randall, me and dave are prolly gonna do the "Looking around downtown for a club that has more than 4 people in it" thing. So if your going to pikes perk tonight, we’ll prolly drop by there.
2001-10-02 17:19:48 – rand0m
I don’t get off until 12:30, but I’d be glad to meet up with you for a bit. [keeps considering quitting gateway]
2001-10-02 20:41:51 – Burnz
Goddamn it Craig, you are going to make Randal lose hit shitty job, what is fucking wrong with you? And don’t quit, abuse all the rules and get fired, then they are on the hook for unemployment. (unless that is a 90 days thing, in which case, quit.)
2001-10-03 01:17:15 – bastard
now see here 00Burnz, the deal on unemployment is 6 months, but you can’t have another job during that time… which means randal would be inelligble… (grape juice and vodka, mmm mmm good)
2001-10-03 03:28:03 – Burnz
I never applied for unemployment, so I didn’t know, thank you for the information. Cran-Apple and vodka, I win.
2001-10-03 06:52:08 – The Disco Nova
mmmmmm, southern comfort, amaretto, and coke.
2001-10-03 11:43:47 – Xeon
hey, I know that i get in trouble being on AIM unless on break, i advise the rest of you in nazi call center enviroments to do the same. That way you impress them when the network dies, everyone is all freaking out and you walk over and plug the switch for you network node back in and things sing in harmony once again.
2001-10-03 11:44:25 – Xeon
2001-10-03 12:04:26 – rand0m
PHP doesn’t have a response.redirect … that’s an ASP-specific whoring of an abusive VB script … it’s a 100% hack … however, using the nifty, built in header() function I can do a redirect … I’ll put that in later today … as well as build a search engine, an archive thing, the other 15 pages and everything else that I haven’t, and probably won’t, do for a while.