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Okay, so I told Gateway that I was “sick” *cough*cough* and took the night off from work. I had originally intended to just quit, but instead I went up and saw Steve in Denver. It was really good to spend time with him 😀 I fixed his DSL, we ate at Macaroni Grill, and he kicked my ass at Madden 2002. Quite an enjoyable time.

On the way home, I did some more reflection, and realized that, indeed, the whole meeting with the ex was not a waste. Waste is a bad word. Pointless? Mostly. Worthless? Kinda — she does have breasts, so it wasn’t all bad. Would I meet her again today with the same circumstances if I had the opportunity? Nope. Feels weird to say that. Sure, she’s still a nice girl, and even though I care and often think about how she’s doing, it’s very much removed — I care, but not enough to the point where I want to get involved. Even though I do want to be involved, it’s not going to happen. huh …. I digress …

Do you guys like multiple short posts or one long, *updated* post? Also thinking about moving it to a news “Day” basis, instead of individual posts. I hope everything goes well, Tony — everyone have a good day.

** Update ** I am actually feeling ill. My nose is running live a sive and I have a massive headache. Kind of tough to keep staring at computer screens. I wonder if that has anything do with it — I look at monitors for like 16 hours a day. ugh. Update #2 I called in sick to Gateway again [hAHahAhaha] … if anyone wants to do anything lemme know … I’m up for a light engagement …

2001-10-04 03:40:26 – Burnz
I think my vote is long updated posts, better for comments, that way there is less risk of having to look at the previous post in case you missed a major turning point in the conversation. (Not that these bits of tripe have too many major turning points, but….shut up.) And I might be coming back the weekend after next, would I be able to drum up a party out of that, preferrably with enough rum to float a yacht? Tentative plans, lemme know there rand0m.
2001-10-04 07:14:50 – The Disco Nova
Trust me Randall, it’s better to not see herr at all. You start thinking about what could of been, and start waxing nostalgic, and then you start to get depressed. Worst of all, you remember all the good things about her and none of the things that made you wanna pull your hair out.
2001-10-04 10:20:18 – realbighead
let’s just get enough tequila to float a mexican, cuz my ass is gonna be in town too (the 13th and 14th, right?) and I hate rum. Vile, vile stuff.
2001-10-04 10:21:57 – realbighead
oh yeah, and breasts don’t qualify as a reason to spend time with someone… if you don’t have a better reason than staring at boobies, go rent a porn and get some booze instead. Much better for everyone involved (except the midget in the porn, but hey, midgets are just humor devices anyways).
2001-10-04 10:50:32 – The Disco Nova
If you jsut want boobies I’ll talk to crystal when she gets back and I’ll see if she’ll put out for you. She does like nice guys, so you’ll have to drop the bitter act for a little while.
2001-10-04 11:21:15 – rand0m
what bitter act? I’m not bitter normally; just a little put off about the whole ‘let’s get together and try to be friends’ thing … seriously, I’m a nice guy … ask just about anyone who knows me 😀 Everyone has their ups and downs … I’m just on the way up to my next plateu of goodness.
2001-10-04 11:47:50 – Siaokh
Wow… congratulations on 200 posts! I prefer 1 large post with maybe an update or two. Gives us so much more to talk about rather than little posts *shrug*. And if you just want to see breasts, walk around a local highschool omg… Those girls didnt look like that when i was in there. (yes we’re all allowed to look… just not touch). -Tim
2001-10-04 12:34:33 – rand0m
yea … went to lunch with Jack [co-worker] today, 11:30-12:20ish, and OMG … the highschool girls are <i>fine</i>. Look, no touch [sigh] …
2001-10-04 13:19:54 – CaptnSpectacular
Did we ever find out why your little webcam dosent work. Whats the deal randal? this is turning into a second rate website if you ask me. 😉
2001-10-04 14:06:08 – rand0m
Hey, watch what line you’re crossing their, buddy! The webcam is kind of whack because I don’t have the spare CPU cycles to run it — on a p2-450, it takes 45% cpu time to do the auto-capturing. Which is fucked up. If I had a machine that I could dedicate to the cam, I would make it work … but I don’t, and I can’t sacrifice productivity for the cam. sorry :-/
2001-10-04 19:30:09 – Master Ha-reed
Hey Randal, Do you know of a way for IIS to display the 404 page instead of a CGI Error page when someone types in a non-existent php page (for instance I got kind of the same thing this summer while working two computer-related jobs. I spent 1/2 of my time during most days staring at a computer screen and got some massive headaches. Interchanging ibproufen and acetimenophen (Tylenol) helps, but I wouldn’t recommend it doing too often. long updated posts r better
2001-10-04 23:51:49 – Laura
these dudes from the madonna concert snuck in their digital camera (up their ass maybe?) hehe, and now i have pictures from the fucking concert and i’m way to excited, and i know none of you care. tore, randal, matt (if you’re in town) are free to come up to boulder and party next weekend, and hot ass college girls are much better than fine ass high school girls (and you can touch the ones in college). did that just come out of mouth? riiight. i’m going to go get some walgreens…awww yeah. also, i like the site the way it is, but it’s like randal to decide things need to be improved…
2001-10-06 01:24:08 – The Disco Nova
And once again I find myself drunk and depressed about a woman. I think I’m gonna become gay, just so I can stay away from women. On a positive note, I finally got to see the geekpad. Nice people, interesting decor. Would’nt mind going back/
2003-08-17 09:34:58 – rand0m
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