whack shit

Okay, so I had this whack nightmare last night. Even though Janelle and I aren’t good friends or anything really, this was still oddly disturbing. I had a dream where she was dating this dude [who had a nickname of some sort, but I forgot what], and it turns out that his name is Nathan Brown. I don’t know a Nathan Brown in real life, but in real life, I *DO* know a Pat McDavid, which is exactly what Nathan Brown looked like. So apparently, Nathan [Pat] and Janelle have been dating for a long time and blah blah blah and are getting married. I woke up in a cold sweat wondering “what the fuck is going on!?” weird, huh?

Dirk Hancock, a co-worker @ Gateway, who is also Dirk Kirklin from the KILO radio station, tells me that “whack” is way outdated and that I shouldn’t say it. He said that ‘w3rd’ is okay, though … he gives me a lot of shit for ‘whack’ 😉 He’s a funny guy.

And on one more note, my manager was talking to me about an issue when Craig IMs me and the window pops up. My manager went mostly-ballistic at the fact that I had Java AIM open … dunno what I’ll do about that. Quit? Not a bad idea …

2001-10-02 14:10:37 – Siaokh
FP! On a more serious note, your work should lighten up on extra activites that you’re doing on the internet. It gets really boring just talking to winy bitchy customers. I chat on irc and aim, and surf… and even that isnt entertaining enough. Too bad you cant bring in your laptop and work on that or something. Atleast you didnt have a dream about people eating babies dude…. and no dont ask. -Tim
2001-10-02 15:27:03 – The Disco Nova
anyone gonna be off by 7 pm? I’m going skating again tonight
2001-10-02 15:54:20 – Laura
Hey kids, So, I come home Wednesday night for fall break…Let me know if you all are doing anything exciting. Also, let me know if anyone wants to pick me up, with the whole divorce thing, i don’t really have a car…suck. Randal, fuck your boss and yes, ‘whack’ is out. Also, you dissed Weezer…fuck you. the end.
2001-10-02 15:58:42 – rand0m
Nope … not off by 7 … until I quit. I’m not doing anything exciting tomorrow night except for working … and slow down; your parents are getting divorced? :-/ I didn’t diss weezer, he just has a high voice in parts of the song 😉
2001-10-02 16:11:48 – tony
You would think that with no more job security and a calculus 2 test in … T-25 Minutes that I would be more nervous. Oddly, that is not the case. To tell you the truth studying for this test has exercised my mind the most it has been exercised in almost 2 – 1/2 years. It feels good, but also bad, because what does that mean I’ve been doing for the past years… Then it dawns on me. We as human beings relegate most of our intense concentration to mundane shit, if at all. I need to get back into playing chess… Haven’t felt this good in years. Wierdness abounds… stay tuned!
2001-10-02 17:13:47 – The Disco Nova
well randall, me and dave are prolly gonna do the "Looking around downtown for a club that has more than 4 people in it" thing. So if your going to pikes perk tonight, we’ll prolly drop by there.
2001-10-02 17:19:48 – rand0m
I don’t get off until 12:30, but I’d be glad to meet up with you for a bit. [keeps considering quitting gateway]
2001-10-02 20:41:51 – Burnz
Goddamn it Craig, you are going to make Randal lose hit shitty job, what is fucking wrong with you? And don’t quit, abuse all the rules and get fired, then they are on the hook for unemployment. (unless that is a 90 days thing, in which case, quit.)
2001-10-03 01:17:15 – bastard
now see here 00Burnz, the deal on unemployment is 6 months, but you can’t have another job during that time… which means randal would be inelligble… (grape juice and vodka, mmm mmm good)
2001-10-03 03:28:03 – Burnz
I never applied for unemployment, so I didn’t know, thank you for the information. Cran-Apple and vodka, I win.
2001-10-03 06:52:08 – The Disco Nova
mmmmmm, southern comfort, amaretto, and coke.
2001-10-03 11:43:47 – Xeon
hey, I know that i get in trouble being on AIM unless on break, i advise the rest of you in nazi call center enviroments to do the same. That way you impress them when the network dies, everyone is all freaking out and you walk over and plug the switch for you network node back in and things sing in harmony once again.
2001-10-03 11:44:25 – Xeon
2001-10-03 12:04:26 – rand0m
PHP doesn’t have a response.redirect … that’s an ASP-specific whoring of an abusive VB script … it’s a 100% hack … however, using the nifty, built in header() function I can do a redirect … I’ll put that in later today … as well as build a search engine, an archive thing, the other 15 pages and everything else that I haven’t, and probably won’t, do for a while.