voicestream job

So I had my testy thing at Voicestream wireless today. The chick, Meredith [who was attractive, w0ot!], sat me down in this little room with a computer and said to take the warm-up typing test, then do the real test, then answer the 12 windows user-skills questions as fast as I could. I said okay. Sat down, finished 3 paragraphs in the 3 minutes of the warm up — I didn’t feel so hot about that. I hit the button for the real typing test, and it was 5 minutes; I got right around 6 paragraphs done; I didn’t get to practice the last 3, so I had to do the last half pretty slowly … then the windows skill test came up. Click click click click and I was done. Meredith then came back in to check my scores …

She looked at the papers coming out of the printer and she was floored. She told me that I had the highest scores of any person she had ever seen. 93 words per minute typing, and 17 seconds to finish the skill test. WOW! I am stoked at the fact that I am just about guaranteed a job @ a minimum of $12/hr [goes up once experience is reviewed], but I’m even more super happy about typing 90+ words per minute. That is freaking crazy! It makes me feel good =) And so I am just about guaranteed a job … with paid training!


Update: so yea, I went and saw tomb raider … with Angelina “Got Tit?” Jo Lee …. it was good. then i went to get gas and found out somzoesne vandalized my truck and put some of cemenet in my gas cap, so i can’t put any gas in. so i was bummmmmed about that, and then over here at tore’s house, i wasjn all sad, and then we decided to drink, and it’s coool, cuz i’m drunka sa a funking skunk it’s coool as hell hahahahahahaa. like, i just ook a shot and im’ so fucked up. i can’t ucking typea dnd i’m laughing so hardhahaha it’s cool. why is this so funny i don’t know but i am luahging my ass fof hahahhahaahaha, rock one ~~~~ g’night eveyrone

update #2 I have just been informated tat angelina’s last niame is spelt “jolie” hahahahaha, notoleseee~ !hhahahaa

2001-06-15 17:39:03 – bastard
congrats mi amigo!
2001-06-16 13:37:30 – Sinster
/me forwards update #1 and Update #2 to VoiceStream Wireless for review. j/k Hope you had a great night. ๐Ÿ˜‰
2001-06-16 13:38:19 – Xeon
the link on your webpage to my site don’t work ๐Ÿ™

today and rambling thoughts

Today was the most boring day I’ve had in a long time. Work consisted of me playing starcraft and thinking up things to do. If VoiceStream offers me $13 or more tomorrow, my term at HPI is done.

I was thinking about this today … what about gay people and gym showers? I mean, gay men get to go into the men’s shower room and view the cornucopia of manhood that abounds there. But they can’t quite go into the women’s locker room — I can imagine the looks the girls would give at a buck-naked guy waltzing into the showers. Never really thought about it, but gay guys have it made — chicks dig them, sex is, afaik, usually random and non-committal, and they get to go into the men’s locker room! they have everything going for them [except that ostracizing thing]. whack, huh?

I’m thinkin i’m gonna go party friday night … unless something else comes up that is better. Interview @ 3:30pm tomorrow, I need by beauty sleep — night-night!

2001-06-15 04:02:10 – god
i swear to god, you need to stop talking about things you know nothing about and also need to realize that stereotypes don’t contribute to anything. but, then again, it seems like most people like to talk about things they know nothing about…but i digress. anyway, are you partying? where? yeah. i need booze [alcoholism in the works, baby]. i need my three hours of sleep now. work is going to suck tomorrow. never go to the church, it sucks…the end.
2001-06-15 09:30:34 – Laura
spring spree is on saturday! woo! that’s not something for you to do tonight, but it gives you some plans for the day tomorrow ๐Ÿ™‚ anyway…what are you doing tonight? wurd. you peeps have to check the mad hairdo.
2001-06-15 10:07:59 – omg
Finally! Someone made a funny spoof… http://www.adcritic.com/content/ricochet-al-gore.html
2001-06-15 11:10:42 – Laura
dude, i approve of that. "the miracle of wood" lmao.
2001-06-15 11:37:17 – rand0m
did I stereotype anything that hasn’t been proved 5000 times? [sarcasm] and I like talking about things I know nothing about — it makes me feel special, important and all knowing.[/sarcasm] oh, and I don’t know if you’re invited. sawwy.
2001-06-15 12:34:36 – Laura
proven by who? the people who make godhatesfags.com? yeah, they’re awesome. i think i know more straight people having random non-commital sex, which is kinda sad. i mean, i suppose straight people an just label it as a gay male problem and keep acting irresponsibly, but that’s just my take on it. [brat mode on] and damnit, i want to be invited because i fucking rule and love inviting myself to things ๐Ÿ™‚ [brat mode off]. nah, i wasn’t aware it was a private affair (sorry). anyway, i’m bored, what are people doing tonight besides exclusive high class parties in the broadmoor with expensive brandy and cranberry juice? damn. work sucks.
2001-06-15 15:32:36 – Conservative White Hetero Male #J-116
Randal is right about those damn ass rangers. They are all philandering animals that ought to be lynched by my KKK Grand Wizard. Fucking fags all are in interior design and hang out with tons of beautiful women in this platonic atmosphere. I can’t ever get that, women don’t like me as much because I am always trying to violate one orifice or another. There is scads of evidence to support these statements as well. Such as this lovely pamphlet "How Faggots Killed Jesus and other tales of Homo-erotic agenda." Gotta go now, skeet shooting is about to start. Rape the planet brothers!!
2001-06-15 17:42:51 – bastard
come on people, fags didn’t keel our savior lord jesus h. christ… everyone knows it was the jewwwwwwws (drag out the word to emphasize southern accent) and on another note, i regret to inform our followers, er, believers, er, good christian brothers that jimmy wienergobble, our homosexual recruiter-converter, was caught once again being influenced by the devil in a gay bar… times like these are trying. okay, now who wants to pony up for my new ministry corvette… gotta drive fast when you’re talking to god, otherwise he moves on to another state… god loves you all, byeeeee

random musings

Have you ever noticed how when it’s really hot out an ominous, oppressive heavy silence falls on everything? Saw that the other day at lunch: cars go by silently, people look to be moving through the air like it’s syrup, everything is muffled. Really quite intriguing.

Put together a working format for randominc.com — please check out the two possible layouts: randominc.com/new.html and randominc.com/new2.html Let me know what you think — yes, they are similar, but still noticably different.

What is up with people in general? I feel like I don’t have a clue about much anymore … seem to be getting a *lot* less outgoing as the days of this week go by. wtf, huh? I’ll look into that tonight while I’m relaxing. Oh, and I have no nic for my laptop until friday or saturday. [sigh] take care …

2001-06-13 22:57:20 – the crimson avenger
i like the first one. i don’t like the beige. maybe if you used a shade of lighter blue, or a light green, or something (i would use pink, but that’s me). i re dyed my hair, hence the nickname returns…is anyone up for tracks tomorrow night, maybe? let me know. you have to not a problem with gay people and have to dress cool. or, if you dig techno, then you could stay in the non rainbow room…yeah.
2001-06-14 00:26:00 – realbighead
It really depends on what you wanna put on there. If you just wanna look "edgy" and aren’t going to have content, the second makes sense. If you actually want to say something on the main page, I’d go with the first. Oh, and you do TCP/IP, SQL, and ASP… if we’re still using those in 2100, I’ll be surprised. Plus, your slogan is kinda lame. Not to be ridiculously harsh… it just seems like the kinda thing that crashed when the Internet bubble popped, which doesn’t give your new company good karma. Thought I’d point all that out.
2001-06-14 10:32:47 – laura
yeah, i agree with tore. then again, why are having randominc? yeah. i’m lost
2001-06-14 19:25:24 – meh
update your webcam pic
2001-06-14 22:58:25 – nell
i don’t know which one you should use, but if you use new.html, don’t have the black strip on the bottom extend all the way across. either have them both cut off, or neither of them cut off.

tuesday … again already?

it’s tuesday, another lame day of the week. i have had a pretty blah day, very not-invigorating, and a little depressing. i didn’t sleep really well last night. that sucked. i wish i knew so much more than i do about everything. [sigh]

i haven’t ate a single thing today. i am starting to feel tired. i wonder if eating small amounts of food in combonation with being more active will make me shed some un-needed pounds.

registered randominc.com/net/org today — i think this site will move to randominc.org sometime, not sure when, though. i’ll put up a redirect, and eventually put up a business page at randominc.com. maybe a mailserver, so all you chitlins can have nifty email addresses. next on the docket: office with broadband =)

i’m off to go rot the night away trying to waste time. i think i might make the business site.

As I came down from that particular bluff, tears still streaming down my face, i realized that i am not randal, nor any past incarnation of him. i am changed, for better or worse. i am, however, still fully incapable of understanding those things that are most important to me. after cursing god, this earth and myself, i feel a little purged, cleansed … but still slashed and bloody.

the road home was long; i hope i sleep like a newborn. i wish even more that i awake with such carefree innocence.

2001-06-12 05:38:44 – Siaokh
http://www.spireusa.com Check it…. Hella schweet bags… i’m sure you’ve already checked it… but just to let you know again… and hey… i like these 3 dots … -Tim
2001-06-12 08:02:30 – tony
"Yeah. I was just sitting here drinking my coffee, eating my muffin, playin’ the incident in my head, when I had what alcoholics refer to as a "moment of clarity." " – Jules, Pulp Fiction

it’s sunday, and mom’s home ..

so yea, i’m layin there in bed this morning, after being out till early this morning, and my mom comes in at 8:30 in the fucking morning and wakes me up to say “hi” and to tell me that I need to go to church. i was irritated as hell. already.

ditched church, which was cool — fixed the comments deal on my site, went to the mall and checked out bags for my laptop, which by the way, is super-awesome to have. Got a Mocha-Chip blizzard from Dairy Queen, which was really good. Came home, took a nap, woke up, felt horny, did the one-handed dance and then proceeded to do nothing but post in the anandtech forums and talk to people on aim. Oh, I also set up a semi-public ftp server … and that’s about it.

On the docket for tomorrow:
1. wake up … i hate this part
2. get ready for work … i hate this part too
3. work … that’s three in a row. coincidence?
4. meet up with Sam after work … that will be good
5. leave sam, realize how lamely desperate and horny I am
6. go home, masturbate furiously until 1am
7. pass out in hopes of a better tuesday.

Sounds like fun — ready, set, go!

Update: I made is so that now I can use double quotes “””” and I can use ( and ) without the db wigging out. smilies here I come =)

2001-06-11 10:11:10 – Xeon
Whois Sam?
2001-06-11 11:20:37 – rand0m
Samantha Garrett … girl from high school who is great … probably gonna have oreos and milk.
2001-06-11 11:51:27 – bastard
THIS DAY SUCKS!!!! "asdlf"
2001-06-11 11:52:50 – Siaokh
Mmmmmmm… oreos and milk, what an innocent snack. Will you be taking a walk to the school playground to swing on the swings? he he he. Didnt your mother tell you that doing the 1 handed tango will cause you to go "blind? On your "People" page you should do something where there is a picture… make our viewing experience that much better. Also your website doesnt seem to cooperate with Mozilla .9.1 too well… *shrug* it’s still beta, so i dunno. -Tim
2001-06-11 12:52:28 – Laura
tell sammi i say hey. and, you’ve exhausted the masturbation topic. no one wants to know…well, no one but tony. ๐Ÿ™‚
2001-06-11 13:08:19 – rand0m
Well, you don’t have to read about it if you don’t want to … and I’m not blind yet … heh … =) As for the people page, I’ll need some pictures if I am to put them in there … and It looks okay to me in mozilla .91 — just downloaded it to try it out. I’m posting with it right now, and every page on my site looks how it’s supposed to.
2001-06-11 13:35:39 – bastard
woo hoo, big surprise that laura is dishing out comments like the above mentioned… wonder what that does to the psyche of a heterosexual girl when she prefers to hang out with homosexual people… oh wait, I know, it makes her think everyone is homosexual. or maybe that’s because she doesn’t have a heterosexual partner. don’t talk it, if you can’t handle it.
2001-06-11 14:02:02 – Laura
honey, talk about not being bale to handle something. i could care less about your opinion because it’s all bullshit, just like everything else that comes out of your mouth, tony. *and* i don’t think you’re gay, don’t flatter yourself. you’re one to talk about not having a heterosexual partner. if i lowered my standards to your level, i could have a boyfriend right now, but unfortunately, i don’t go for losers like you. i’m sorry if that hurts your fragile ego. in fact, i have a potential one in the works who is about 50 times better than you in everyway. and, i don’t have to stoop so low as to get phone numbers of people 4 years younger than me. but i want to clarify something, all knowing tony; i happen to have made friends with some gay males. i have far more heterosexual friends of both sexes. also, why shouldn’t i hang out with people who are fun and wonderful and aren’t out to get laid every four seconds? also, the fact that i’m around attractive men is not a bad thing, at all, ever. so, if you wanted me to dish it out, there it is. and i can say a lot more, if you want.
2001-06-11 14:32:43 – bastard
Hi. My name is Tony, and I’m like completely attracted to liberal stoner chicks who put out for liqour and drugs. If you are between the ages of 14 and 18 and would like to have a wild time, call me at 531-3464.
2001-06-11 14:49:31 – Laura
I think that comment was directed at me, but really, i’m not a stoner and i don’t put out for intoxicants…oh, btw, thanks for backing down. i win. if any of you placed bets, they may be collected now. ๐Ÿ™‚
2001-06-11 15:04:14 – bastard
Hi, my name is Tony and I haven’t been having luck finding the younger girlfriend (14-18 yrs. old). So I am broadening my horizons. If you are a liberal woman who likes to hang out at gay clubs and believes that Gore should have won the presidency, waste no time in calling me at 630-1999. TA TA!!!
2001-06-11 15:09:08 – Laura
hey, good job at trying to make me look stupid. it’s not working. i’m actually perfectly happy with all those things…damn. looks like today just isn’t for you. poor baby. and no phone call either. shit.
2001-06-11 15:36:59 – bastard
"…and aren’t out to get laid every four seconds" Blaine Edwards: Can you believe that some people think just because a gay man goes into a gay nightclub, that he is looking for sex!!!Antoine Marywether: I KNOW!!! I would much rather just hang out with these freaky straight girls that seem to flock to us. I’m not really attracted to them, but I love the attention they bring to our social group. Blaine: Oh give it up girlfriend, you know I just want to put my samsonite in your trunk! Antoine: OH BLAINE!!!
2001-06-11 15:40:29 – bastard
2001-06-11 15:50:59 – Laura
yeah, unfortuantely, all my gay male friends aren’t out to get laid, or are in relationships…hmmm…i guess that takes away the stereotype that gay men are more promiscuous, eh? and, i go to gay clubs to hang out with my gay friends and dance with them, so they actually do want to hang out with me, but please, keep talking about things you know nothing about, i enjoy it. damn.
2001-06-11 15:59:12 – Laura
it’s good to know mcveigh is dead. i mean, he had a painless death, unlike the hundreds of people who were blown up and crushed to death, probably living for a while before bleeding to death. <sigh> There, i changed the subject entirely.
2001-06-11 16:04:24 – RealBigHead
Wow. That’s a pretty retarded pack of comments. I think you guys need something better to do than posting on Randal’s comment page. Like heaving your retarded asses bodily over a cliff. Just a suggestion, peace out as always
2001-06-11 16:10:48 – bastard
Treason. This, when real, merits the highest punishment. – Thomas Jefferson
2001-06-11 16:13:07 – Laura
tore, if you had a job, you’d have nothing better to do either. and, is being painlessly put to death really the highest punishment? not in his case, i don’t think.
2001-06-11 16:53:39 – rand0m
I’m gonna agree with tore … you guys are stupid. i must agree that it *is* unusual for a girl to have a ton of gay guy friends. and it *is* very tempting to make jokes about it, simply because it’s really easy. tore, though, wishes he could hang out with all lesbians … hrmm … maybe he’s on to something?
2001-06-11 19:03:42 – realbighead
what’s this about lesbians?
2001-06-11 19:54:17 – Xeon
Lesbians + heterosexual men + sex + intoxicants = crazy fun night =0
2001-06-11 19:55:18 – Lesbains
sounds fun Xeon … name the place and time ๐Ÿ˜‰
2001-06-12 01:46:10 – Laura
yeah, you’re all stupid. do you all define your friends as straight and hang out with them only because of that? no, so shutup. damn…you all need to get the fuck out of this city, or your mindsets, or something. jesus h. christ.
2001-06-12 13:53:16 – Xeon
Just for the record… I have <b><i>MANY</b></i> friends that are girls back in Denver that actually prefer to hang out with gay guys rather than straight guys for the following reasons a) they could care less if a girl walks by and she is really hot b) they know how to have fun … or at least the know how to entertain women c) they are WAY more comfortable around girls then we will ever be d) they are more in touch with their femanine side e) they check out other men with their girlfriends f) they know how to shop g) they dress better than us. How do I know this you may ask? Well 5 guys in my band were flaming gay (including my drummaster) and one of my old co-workers at AMC was extremely gay (comfortable to the point that he french kissed his boyfriend in front of the other employees after work). So all you ppl who are flaming Laura for hanging out with gay guys LAY THE FUCK OFF!
2001-06-12 14:13:31 – fix_your_page
hey xeon, fix your page, none of the buttons work
2001-06-12 16:31:25 – Moe Lester
Jesus Christ, who the fuck cares! You guys need to get the fuck outside and quit lurking some guys my kitty page. Random quit wasting my internet’s bandwidth, you’re fucking it up for everyone. Get some fuckin jobs… and if you’re at one now, quit screwing over your place of business and get some work done!

Avs!!! + night

Went and watched the Colorado Avalanche stomp all over the New Jersey Devils in game 7 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, making them the best in the NHL. Tore, Laura, myself and a little later Tony had a great time watching the game at Old Chicago — Go Avs!

The game ended and we met up with Janelle over at Josh ‘n John’s … the ice cream was good. Saw Lily, Amy, Keith, Adrian and Ryan over there, as per usual, which was cool. It was good to see janelle for more than 5 minutes. We had a good time, then everyone split, and Laura and I chilled for a while at the park.

About 1:30 Laura gets ready to go out to Hide ‘n Seek [club]. I walk her to her car, and she has a flat. And her spare is toast. hrmm … So I gave her a ride over there. No one else showed up, so at 2:40 am I gave her a ride home. I’m here now at home around 3:35 … that’s a lot of driving. Earlier today I was thinking about how much I enjoy a good drive, but I really don’t like driving around shuttling people. hrmm … oh well, it was good.

And that’s been my day. Oh, my mom is home. ‘Ungh!’ does not describe how I feel about that. I want her to stay not-at-home. More thoughts tomorrow … ‘night

2001-06-10 13:14:48 – tony
When you go to get the tire replaced, dismiss discount tire. Forking salesmen. Bastards. Ruthless deviants. "I’m getting better. No you’re not, you’ll be stone dead in a moment." I feel better and only occasionally have coughing fits.
2001-06-10 15:55:12 – Comments
i c your comment page works again! hoooooraww
2001-06-10 21:13:47 – Laura
next time, i’ll try to make sure that there’s someone other than you around when i might have a flat so you don’t have to shuttle me. i mean, you offered, but i should have refused and spent the night at the park…ugh.
2001-06-10 23:55:56 – rand0m
yea … here’s my reply: wtf?
2001-06-11 19:56:31 – xeon
whoa that is harsh


Man, today has been dull. I heard and saw that a bunch of people went to phs graduation … that’s pretty cool. I have spent my day lounging around at work figuring out how to turn Database information into printable labels. not going to well.

As for tonight, i have no plans. as for tomorrow, i have no plans, although i think my mom comes home soon [suck!] — I really wouldn’t mind if I didn’t see her for another year or two. [gets back on track …] Yes, avalanche game, possibly over @ Tony’s place, starts at 6. Call either tony or I for details.

*rand0m goes back to doing almost nothing. breathing a little, blinking occasionally. that’s about it. someone should set something up tonight so rand0m won’t be so bored.

Update: The people page is now in the database and super-administratable — look for a plethora of updates soon.

specialness and today

Well, today it 06-07-2001. Inspired by fondly recollected memories, this is a rather sentimental day to me, for personal reasons of which I will not divulge.

Make the best of today because, well, there won’t ever be another one like it.

2001-06-08 11:36:08 – Siaokh
Uhm… 06-07-01…. just another day for me. I make the best of every day. If you try to live in the past, you wont see what is happening right front of you today.
2001-06-08 12:12:21 – Forgotten Vet
D-Day was yesterday you f00l!!!
2001-06-08 12:15:54 – Xeon`Friday
Damn today is friday… that means that its the weekend which means that I am not going to Denver since I don’t have a job… suggestions?
2001-06-08 12:21:21 – Laura
yeah, craig, you should throw a party…i think that you would have fun at that party, especially if you invited people. hehe. you could buy the new weezer CD. you could also smoke a bowl. you could eat green aggs and ham. D-Day was yesterday? look at me care. i mean, geez, i think we should get that holiday off work, then i would care. ๐Ÿ™‚ what is everyone else up to tonight? does anyone wanna go catch the avs game tomorrow night? i know you do. it is game 7, after all. (GO AVS!) and, i bet i can guess why yestersay was sentimental for randal, but, well, eww. heh.
2001-06-08 12:30:42 – Xeon
what this "buying" activity you speak of? Why not just download the CD for a "evaluation period" and burn it to disk.
2001-06-08 12:48:21 – bastard
ROCK ON!!! I’m HIT 4000
2001-06-08 12:50:18 – Laura
because you like the band and want to support them. i mean, i would steal bands CDs who I only kinda like. Besides, the weezer CD is the coolest shade of green ever, and you can’t reproduce that. and it’s not like you can buy anything anyway, you have no job. ๐Ÿ˜›
2001-06-08 12:58:43 – bastard
You need two people for grocery cart smashing which works like this. The passenger holds onto the buggy with an arm through a car window while the driver of the car accelerates the vehicle to about 30-40 miles per hour. When the correct path to a target is established the driver will hit the brakes while the passenger releases the shopping cart which will continue on at 30-40 miles an hour (which is extremely fast for a shopping cart). It is amazing how far in the air these shopping carts fly when they hit a concrete parking stub or a curb. Some carts have back parts that will open and seemingly hover in the air before crashing down. It is important to only use the metal ones and not the new cheap plastic jobs because they bust apart.
2001-06-08 13:03:54 – your mom
yeah, shopping cart busting is even cooler with my BBC in Randal’s ass. and even cooler than that if there’s someone in the cart when you release it. maybe that’s what craig can do this weekend; ride in shopping carts.
2001-06-08 13:06:00 – The Burnz
Goddamn it Tony, who gives a shit about shopping carts unless you are trying to convince us to do it. Besides, that is shit from jackass- The Worst Show Ever so for the love of Mary get some taste before you open your mouth. And craig, you should buy the Weezer CD, those bastards really ate it on Pinkerton, a little love for the boyz would be good for you.
2001-06-08 13:11:12 – Laura
the new CD is actually pretty good. not as good as the blue album, but i don’t think anything could be. it’s worth purchasing in a store. see, that’s the problem with you computer nerds. you don’t have social interaction because you can do everything on your computer. go to a CD store and get tans! ๐Ÿ™‚

jobs and misc

Welp, I went ahead and hounded some places about employment. Contact Tek Systems, a hiring firm, went and had an interview. They’ll see what they can bring up, but the lady said the best entry-level position for minimal-experience people is cable modem installers for Adelpha. She said they make $14-15/hr to start. Wow.

I also went and applied @ VoiceStream Wireless … they are paying ~ $12/hr to start, with zero experience. Requirements: English. Windows 95. 20+ WPM typing. yea, easy what? If I want that job, it’s definitely mine. At more than $12/hr too … it’s far away, but worth it.

Gonna go call Gateway and MCI again right now.

Miscellaneous nifty thing: open up aim, and start talking to someone. type a couple words, then hit control+backspace, and watch a word get deleted. Handy as hell, I’m tellin ya [grin]

So yea, I’m watching ‘Art of War’ over at the pad, and this racoon tries to break into Tim’s room. It was hilarious … it was just up on the roof chillin. hehehehe … on another note, played b-ball w/ tore and tony, and just about killed myself; it feels good to be tired, though. ‘night

2001-06-06 22:20:35 – Janelle
hey randy – you do know that the idiot boyfriend of Carrie’s (who came to our party during spring break and who thought he was hot shit w/ computers) is a modem installer guy for Adelphia. Not to turn you off to the job, just thought i’d let you know… ๐Ÿ™‚
2001-06-06 22:34:06 – bastard
HUH? I thought he was alright. Especially since he got carrie off drugs, but maybe you have a different perspective about those things. ADELPHIA!!! ADELPHIA!!! ADELPHIA!!! oh, btw, that crystal, senorita es mui caliente
2001-06-07 00:45:37 – rand0m
yes, I know that matt works for adelphia. I also know that just because one of the employees for a particular position is a complete mental retard who needs to be slapped doesn’t mean that the position is bad. I wouldn’t mind … I would bet it’s a shorter commute than Voicestream.
2001-06-07 06:14:32 – Janelle
he was all right. we just argued and argued about everything. it was mostly funny, though. and like i said, randal (with a a smile if you’d notice), dont let it turn you off to the job. and tony – who is crystal? did you mean carrie, or is this more of your random stuff, like it was some chick from last night? anyway, i’ve never seen a raccoon. still. *sigh*
2001-06-07 08:52:13 – bastard
owwww my f&&king knee
2001-06-07 09:54:45 – Laura
yeah, so, i wish i was not in college at the moment because i could be making as much money as my parents (more than my father at the moment) and be here, so that jeff fucking foster would be cool with *dating* me. that is, and i talked to him, the *only* thing that’s making him have apprehensions (is that the right word?) about it. i mean, at least we’d have fun for three months, even if we do break it off, assuming it even lasts that long, which it probably won’t because the average length of my relationships is 3/16 of a day. damnit damnit damnit. but his mind isn’t decided on that, and i get to talk to him about it again, so you should all give me advice. and although this has nothing to do with adlephia or whatever, i’m pissed (disappointed and sad). ๐Ÿ™
2001-06-07 10:51:14 – bastard
relationships and friendships are the same… do not lie, do not fight, and do not lie owwww my f&&king knee
2001-06-07 10:54:58 – Laura
yeah, friendships are relationships, but usually not romantic relationships unless things are going really bad, or going really good. and, in this case, it’s going really good. we’re both attracted to each other, etc. so i don’t see what the fuck the deal is! ahhh! i need to find the few words that will convince him that it’s a good idea, and they have yet to pop into my head <sigh>
2001-06-07 10:58:37 – Siaokh
*sigh* Contracting agencies have got to be one of the most lucrative enterprises there are. You find people people, and you find jobs. You match people up with the jobs, charge the companies an exorbitant ammount for these employees, give the employees about half of what you are charging…. Jeeze… I need to start one of these companies. As you can tell…. I have some issues with contracting / temp agencies. Getting $14-15/hr to start is hella good. But you have to find out what their turnout rate is, and if there is any room for raises/bonuses/promotions. I’m not sure… i’d be somewhat concerned of going to someones house (that you dont know), and fucking with a computer that isnt yours…. *shrug* i guess i’m just an odd duck. Silly raccoon… i have no clue why it was trying to get into my room. But after i took my shower this morning… there were like 10 squirrels running around the house and on the roof… i think i scared the hell out of some of them. Oh well, they’re just brown squirrels ๐Ÿ˜‰ -Tim
2001-06-07 15:19:51 – Xeon
Have you checked monster or dice lately? I am there right now and a TON of jobs opened up today and yesterday … a lot of them at compaq but like half of them are really suck jobs (i.e. ITo specialist I type jobs)
2001-06-07 15:53:44 – Xeon
damn I just noticed that rand0m’s website is becoming more popular than mine… hrm /me advertises more muHAHAHHA
2001-06-07 16:21:16 – rand0m
I don’t think that my site is more popular, per se, but rather that I have consistently new content that keeps people coming back. Personal opinions for craig: 1]redo graphics or redo site design. 2] post more often about interesting things. 3] become uber-leet. and there you have it, 3 steps to website godliness.
2001-06-07 16:29:29 – bastard
on the website design, don’t forget… porn always attracts. take for example the following link: http://furnitureporn.com/office1.html
2001-06-07 19:36:51 – Siaokh
Awww man…. i really didnt need to see that! Well… maybe i did, but i’m gonna stick with my first story. Sick-sick people… Not quite as good as the plug sex though *you know what i’m talking about* -Tim
2001-06-08 10:50:10 – people
randal, you are often an ass. who cares what craig does with his site. it is his site.
2001-06-08 10:52:53 – anonymous_person_NOT_hiding_behind_fake_name
randal, I think tony makes fun of tore too often… but on the whole, I really like tony as a friend, he is smart and funny, oh, and he is very sexy… oh, and another thing, I DO NOT SMOKE TOO MUCH POT!!!