Thanksgiving, Family, Liquor

So today was Thanksgiving. I did absolutel nothing until about … oh … 11:30am, when I roused Keen, then he, I and Paulie headed to my Parents’ place to have TurkeyDay luvin. The food was good, the converastion was good, everything went really well. I’m pretty glad I got to see my Sis, and my Dad still rocks my socks, and everything went really well. Good Times. So then Keen and I got home and decided to go do a little *gulpgulp* if you know what i mean. SO we scoped out downtown while wearing our thanksgiving-attire-duds, and ended up at the Red Martini, nex tto RumBay. Lots of imbibing later, (three martinis!) I almost had enough liquid courage to speak to these two superhot, very tall, speaking some foreign language (german?), ladies, but eh, they left before the cougrage came to bare. So we finished our drinks and headed home. The REd Martini is expensive, at least on par with mm, wh’t it called with the blakc light. 15c! Yes. THey had some better tasting drinks, bu t I don’t think they are quite on par with 15c, but the environg ment is really good – gonna be a must-go-to for a while, especially because it invovles better than normal attire, meaning that very fewa skansk will make it in the door. Happy Late TUrkay Day everybody!

2004-11-28 01:09:48 – WC
Sounds like you had fun Randal! I managed to get up and going earlier than I do for work! I picked up Rachael and were back at my parents house (40min later) before 9am. Ate breakfast there, and kicked it with my parents while my Dad occupied me with computer questions and my mom talked Rachaels ear off. At about 3ish we went over to her house for some turkey love. It was great. ๐Ÿ™‚ After all that the whole gang went to go see "The Incredibles." In case you haven’t seen that movie yet, it is a "must see"! So that is how my turkey day went. Ok now back to more hl2. (I know I suck but I’m busy :-))
2004-11-29 13:23:59 – GrooveMan
I clicked on your ADs Randy… Thats few cents just for you, Now go buy yourself something nice ๐Ÿ˜› World of Warcraft Rox
2004-11-29 14:57:52 – Netheus
I hate the holidays. I read Harry Potter books and abstained from my text books. I won’t bore you with the details of my family. I just hopw they continue to stay away.
2004-12-01 15:13:52 – fourdegrees
Wasabi! Happy late Turkey Day to you, too. ๐Ÿ™‚ How’s life?
2004-12-03 12:37:42 – Dice
For Thanksgiving, the construction workers next door tore open my house’s drainage pipe, forcing mud into it and freezing it at the same time. This caused all of the house’s water to flow up out my my basement toilet and flood my room. Then they "fixed" it, and it happened yesterday again. And my bathtub is filled with mud…or at least I hope its mud. Hadn’t talked to all of you recently, so I figured I’d share. Happy holidays.

Weird Dreams, work updates, ads

Ok, so I had the weirdest dream last night. It was in two parts, and both are really weird. Dunno. Ok, so I watched some of Full Metal Alchemist last night, and there’s this character in it whose name I do not know, but he wasn’t the metal suit of armor guy. Anyways, I was on a mountainside for some reason, and this guy was flying like a 747. He flew over the mountain and was going in to land, and as he was getting to land, he caught an updraft (or so I suppose) and he kinda popped up 50′ into the air, and then the whole airplane did a horizontal 360* turn (and I saw the guy in the cockpit) and then as he was plummeting down to the earth, all I could think was “well, I guess that’s the end of that.” The second dream is totally separate. For some reason I was in Army basic training, and somehow Lilly Radosevich was there too. Don’t ask me why – I don’t know. Anyways, we were doing basic training things like running. And running. And more running. And after a lot of PT-style things, eventually I was standing outside a tent, talking to my commanding officer, and Lilly comes up sobbing because she had been “DC’d” (decommissioned?) because she had failed her “Navigator’s Course” which apparently costed 19.99. Don’t ask me why I remember that too. Anyways, she’s sobbing and keeps talking about being “DC’d” over and over again. Then she kinda collapsed on to me, and as I held her up, I remember the CO giving me this “how dare you care/help” glare. That was the end. Pretty disturbing. I have no idea what to make of it. I very very rarely have dreams that I remember in the morning. Maybe it’s because Emily had mentioned Lilly on Friday? Or maybe just because I haven’t seen Lilly in forever, and I recall hearing something about the Radosevichs on the radio a while ago, but not every finding out what it was about. Google was no help, so I’d appreciate it if anybody has any heads up on that. The new job rocks my socks. I mean, think of all the neato things that you love about your job, then toss in the things you wish you had, and basically you have my job. It’s incredible. We moved the store to a new location on Oct 31st, and it’s going really well. Our advertising sprints haven’t hit yet, and I think as soon as they do we’ll be making some bank. *crosses fingers* You’ll notice some whiz-bang ads running around the site here and there. They exist because hosting isn’t free, especially since this website sucks down a shitton of bandwidth. I go through two separate ad agencies: Google Adsense and AdultFriendFinder affiliate program. Google Ads are everywhere, and AFF are only on pages that host boobies. Since November first, Adsense has turned $54.33 and AFF has turned $11.61. I run AFF because it’s against google’s terms of service to have their ads on pages that have boobies. AFF sucks, imo $.02. Emily & Ashleigh came over Friday night and we all got a little warmed up and had a good time. Even though I doubt either of you read, thanks for coming over. I’m sure I have other things to post about, but those are the things off the top of my head. [b]Update[/b]: Goddamn I love getting haircuts at Herb’s Barber Shop (yes, the place I talk about all the time). [b]Update 2[/b]: Yay, I just beat Half-Life 2. What a good game. ๐Ÿ˜€

2004-11-21 21:21:34 – cliff
What’s he story with the BMW Chick Photos? I looked all through your archive and found zilch! They are wonderful! Did you take them? Did this woman do any other equally fun poses? She is way hotter than all the airbrushed women on most photo shoots. Very Curious from Canada. Go Habs Go!
2004-11-22 10:03:05 – rand0m
In order of response to your sentences: There is no story, random photos off the net. No. No. And OK. Thanks for commenting on my blog instead of on the photos themselves.
2004-11-22 12:35:20 – GrooveMan
Hurray a New Post… I can start living again ๐Ÿ˜› Randy, play any HL2 yet? Its only the best game I have ever played bar none. Rock!
2004-11-22 14:27:45 – rand0m
Yea, I’ve been playing it since the day it came out. I’m kinda poking along slowly at it, as I play at the store and get constantly interrupted, but I’m about 90% done. It’s probably one of the best games I’ve ever played on the 1) graphics front 2) sound front and 3) story line. I’d say doom3 & farcry are bitter contenders for #1, not much comes close to HL2’s sound, and #3 … eh … I think HL1 had a better plot, and DOOM3 comes close IMO. It’s an incredible game though, bar none.
2004-11-22 14:30:07 – Master Ha-reed
Where’s the new location for the store?
2004-11-22 16:30:07 – rand0m
4559 Austin Bluffs pkway – Austin Bluffs & Barnes, next to Doherty [L=][/L]
2004-11-24 10:08:44 – WC
*sob* It’s ok Randy. I know you didn’t wanna mention that I drove all the way down to CoS in driving snow (for a LAN I admit) and hung out with you at your new store. BTW that girl with the goth dress come back in? MmmM. Anyway glad you beat hl2. I am no where close to beating it (I’m in Ch. 7)