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Welp, I went ahead and hounded some places about employment. Contact Tek Systems, a hiring firm, went and had an interview. They’ll see what they can bring up, but the lady said the best entry-level position for minimal-experience people is cable modem installers for Adelpha. She said they make $14-15/hr to start. Wow.

I also went and applied @ VoiceStream Wireless … they are paying ~ $12/hr to start, with zero experience. Requirements: English. Windows 95. 20+ WPM typing. yea, easy what? If I want that job, it’s definitely mine. At more than $12/hr too … it’s far away, but worth it.

Gonna go call Gateway and MCI again right now.

Miscellaneous nifty thing: open up aim, and start talking to someone. type a couple words, then hit control+backspace, and watch a word get deleted. Handy as hell, I’m tellin ya [grin]

So yea, I’m watching ‘Art of War’ over at the pad, and this racoon tries to break into Tim’s room. It was hilarious … it was just up on the roof chillin. hehehehe … on another note, played b-ball w/ tore and tony, and just about killed myself; it feels good to be tired, though. ‘night

2001-06-06 22:20:35 – Janelle
hey randy – you do know that the idiot boyfriend of Carrie’s (who came to our party during spring break and who thought he was hot shit w/ computers) is a modem installer guy for Adelphia. Not to turn you off to the job, just thought i’d let you know… 🙂
2001-06-06 22:34:06 – bastard
HUH? I thought he was alright. Especially since he got carrie off drugs, but maybe you have a different perspective about those things. ADELPHIA!!! ADELPHIA!!! ADELPHIA!!! oh, btw, that crystal, senorita es mui caliente
2001-06-07 00:45:37 – rand0m
yes, I know that matt works for adelphia. I also know that just because one of the employees for a particular position is a complete mental retard who needs to be slapped doesn’t mean that the position is bad. I wouldn’t mind … I would bet it’s a shorter commute than Voicestream.
2001-06-07 06:14:32 – Janelle
he was all right. we just argued and argued about everything. it was mostly funny, though. and like i said, randal (with a a smile if you’d notice), dont let it turn you off to the job. and tony – who is crystal? did you mean carrie, or is this more of your random stuff, like it was some chick from last night? anyway, i’ve never seen a raccoon. still. *sigh*
2001-06-07 08:52:13 – bastard
owwww my f&&king knee
2001-06-07 09:54:45 – Laura
yeah, so, i wish i was not in college at the moment because i could be making as much money as my parents (more than my father at the moment) and be here, so that jeff fucking foster would be cool with *dating* me. that is, and i talked to him, the *only* thing that’s making him have apprehensions (is that the right word?) about it. i mean, at least we’d have fun for three months, even if we do break it off, assuming it even lasts that long, which it probably won’t because the average length of my relationships is 3/16 of a day. damnit damnit damnit. but his mind isn’t decided on that, and i get to talk to him about it again, so you should all give me advice. and although this has nothing to do with adlephia or whatever, i’m pissed (disappointed and sad). 🙁
2001-06-07 10:51:14 – bastard
relationships and friendships are the same… do not lie, do not fight, and do not lie owwww my f&&king knee
2001-06-07 10:54:58 – Laura
yeah, friendships are relationships, but usually not romantic relationships unless things are going really bad, or going really good. and, in this case, it’s going really good. we’re both attracted to each other, etc. so i don’t see what the fuck the deal is! ahhh! i need to find the few words that will convince him that it’s a good idea, and they have yet to pop into my head <sigh>
2001-06-07 10:58:37 – Siaokh
*sigh* Contracting agencies have got to be one of the most lucrative enterprises there are. You find people people, and you find jobs. You match people up with the jobs, charge the companies an exorbitant ammount for these employees, give the employees about half of what you are charging…. Jeeze… I need to start one of these companies. As you can tell…. I have some issues with contracting / temp agencies. Getting $14-15/hr to start is hella good. But you have to find out what their turnout rate is, and if there is any room for raises/bonuses/promotions. I’m not sure… i’d be somewhat concerned of going to someones house (that you dont know), and fucking with a computer that isnt yours…. *shrug* i guess i’m just an odd duck. Silly raccoon… i have no clue why it was trying to get into my room. But after i took my shower this morning… there were like 10 squirrels running around the house and on the roof… i think i scared the hell out of some of them. Oh well, they’re just brown squirrels 😉 -Tim
2001-06-07 15:19:51 – Xeon
Have you checked monster or dice lately? I am there right now and a TON of jobs opened up today and yesterday … a lot of them at compaq but like half of them are really suck jobs (i.e. ITo specialist I type jobs)
2001-06-07 15:53:44 – Xeon
damn I just noticed that rand0m’s website is becoming more popular than mine… hrm /me advertises more muHAHAHHA
2001-06-07 16:21:16 – rand0m
I don’t think that my site is more popular, per se, but rather that I have consistently new content that keeps people coming back. Personal opinions for craig: 1]redo graphics or redo site design. 2] post more often about interesting things. 3] become uber-leet. and there you have it, 3 steps to website godliness.
2001-06-07 16:29:29 – bastard
on the website design, don’t forget… porn always attracts. take for example the following link:
2001-06-07 19:36:51 – Siaokh
Awww man…. i really didnt need to see that! Well… maybe i did, but i’m gonna stick with my first story. Sick-sick people… Not quite as good as the plug sex though *you know what i’m talking about* -Tim
2001-06-08 10:50:10 – people
randal, you are often an ass. who cares what craig does with his site. it is his site.
2001-06-08 10:52:53 – anonymous_person_NOT_hiding_behind_fake_name
randal, I think tony makes fun of tore too often… but on the whole, I really like tony as a friend, he is smart and funny, oh, and he is very sexy… oh, and another thing, I DO NOT SMOKE TOO MUCH POT!!!