good times

I sure didn’t do a whole lot at work, just tons of CFML / SQL debugging. I have realized that I really, really dislike going through other people’s shoddy POS work and trying to fix it. It just highlights other people’s incompetence, and of course, my own greatness in everything I do. Still, quite annoying.

Okay, so I spent a ton of time with Tore last night. Man, that was great. That guy is just so damned cool. We even talked about four square … you know, from elementary school. We also spent too much goddamn time on finding these three words: Amicability, Ambivilence, and Animosity. Sure, that’s lame as shit, but but my vocab is quite a bit bigger now. [tells you something about where it was before ;-)] So yea, had a really good time with Tore last night.

Got a call from Jan @ Gateway yesterday. She tells me that there is no longer going to be a night training class; for the first three weeks, there is only one class from 7am until 4pm. So, I had to tell Jef about it and say “not gonna be here for 3 weeks” … that was kind of rough to do because, in genereal, I really like my job. The worst part about it is that I lose the 8% shift differential :: it’s $12.50/hr for all of training, none of that nifty continuing-pay-of-$13.50/hr. I haven’t accepted this whole thing yet. My complete arrogance almost made me want to tell Jan to fuck off, but I didn’t say that — I think I’ll think about it some more this morning and then let her know that I’ll still do it [just about no matter what]. that’s the breaks, eh?

kickass today!

2001-07-31 15:06:49 – bastard
just for the record: my mechanic Leonard Vahsholtz in woodland park is the best mechanic in the colorado springs area!
2001-07-31 16:28:58 – ps2_owner
Anybody want to buy my playstation 2?
2001-07-31 16:43:23 – ryan’s steakhouse
<A HREF="">you know that scene from trainspotting, the one where he swims…</A>
2001-07-31 16:45:05 – laura
yeah, i might want your playstation 2, but i’m sure you want more than i’m willing to pay…so, you’re screwed.
2001-07-31 18:23:01 – The Disco Nova
Laura, why didnt you just say so? I’ll give ya my PS2 for a good screw.
2001-07-31 18:48:41 – rand0m
hahahahahaa, always the classless reply — kickass! ๐Ÿ™‚
2001-07-31 19:03:52 – ps2_owner
a good screw for a ps2… you are sorely mistaken… hell, i know this girl "lauren" down on 8th street that will give at least 4 or 5 ~good screws for a sega dreamcast!
2001-07-31 19:28:47 – Laura
lmao. yes, i too have heard about this ‘lauren,’ and i heard it was several screws for an original nintendo. ah well. anyway, i don’t want to sleep with anyone for a playstation…sorry. and randal, you spelled general wrong…genereal? is that some type of VD? yeah
2001-07-31 20:07:32 – The Disco Nova
Unless she has read a sex for dummies book, lauren wouldn’t know how to give a good screw
2001-07-31 23:57:14 – rand0m
you know disco, you’re one of the most brutally sexist people i know. and man, it’s always good to have someone to look up to [j/k] ๐Ÿ˜‰
2001-08-01 00:00:49 – The Disco Nova
How the hell did you get home so fast? I’m not really sexist. I dislike all weak, whining, and/or annoying people, just that alot of them happen to be women
2001-08-01 02:30:56 – bastard
i got more booty, i got more booty ahhhhhhhh, what a night
2001-08-01 11:11:21 – xeon
? … with who? how much did you pay?
2001-08-01 11:11:58 – xeon
do you still have your ps2 after the booty call?

movie and something i’ve noticed

Okay, so I was supposed to meet up with a friend last night and do something, but that fell through. So, I decided I’d call up another friend, but he’d been drinking and didn’t want to drive anywhere … with that, I decided to go see Planet of the Apes anyways — all by my lonesome. Now, you have to realize that it’s not every day that a person goes and sees a movie alone; in fact, this was the first time for me. And I have to tell you, it was really quite nice. I didn’t have anyone else’s schedule to abide by, no annoying quips by people invited along, you know, blah blah. Anywho, the movie was actually quite good. The end of it is quite surprising, very twisty. The makeup was simple incredible, and the acting was, barring that ghetto female monkey, pretty good too. I give it … ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ / 4 …

And today is sunday … I have done absolutely nothing besides drink beer and eat pizza. And not just any pizza; this was amazing pizza, for a couple reasons: First off, it’s loaded with meat. Secondly, it’s Dominoes deep dish, which is hella good. Thirdly, it took 12, yes twelve minutes from order time to show up at my door. I almost didn’t believe it. But hey, here it is … so beer and pizza, and a boring as hell sunday. I took a walk, but that didn’t help much. I kinda feel like writing php or something, but I am already disgruntled with the new layout What’s odd is that I only get the drive to write code when I go over to Tore’s house. Don’t know why … it’s almost impossible for me to do it at home or at work … man, don’t know why.

On the docket for this week: get up and running on our servers; this involves a lot of CFML and SQL bug tracking, as we’re porting it from another provider [who sucks] … also need to tell everyone at work that I start at Gateway on the 13th and that I’ll be cutting my hours. I’ll also try to not piss off the female population of the world — something I’ve found out that i’m wicked good at. With that, I say comment away and good night.

2001-07-30 12:10:46 – The Disco Nova
Anyone alive out there?
2001-07-30 13:36:16 – rand0m
I am … barely … [gasp] … face it; no one reads my site. I used to suck. things’ll change soon. <img src=’images/faces/happyface.gif’>
2001-07-30 13:40:51 – Laura
does anyone know where i can get one GA Tool ticket for regular price? my friend wants to come with me now too. and randal used to suck, but now he rocks? is that an overnight transformation? yeah ๐Ÿ˜›
2001-07-30 13:45:58 – bastard
Who … likes, to party? We like, we like to party! I think I speak for those that joined me saturday night when I say that, outdoor parties are the shiznit-double-whammy-dopest gatherings!
2001-07-30 15:09:57 – rand0m
indeed, I do rock now. I used to suck, admittedly, but now? now I kick ass. glad to hear the ‘party’ went well tony =)
2001-07-30 15:16:39 – bastard
oh yeah, and akira rules
2001-07-30 16:48:38 – The Disco Nova
Laura, call me ASAP. Randall you too.
2001-07-30 17:49:35 – rand0m
dude, it’s one L
2001-07-30 20:36:06 – The Disco Nova
too late, yall missed it
2001-07-31 06:36:42 – Xeon
Hey that outdoor party Saturday was awsome!!! Randal, are you ever going to remember the razor boomslang? I’ve emailed you lots of times.. and then there is aim… [sigh] Hope you remember. BTW in 2ish weeks anyone interested in outdoor party again? If not that then what about <a href="" taget=_blank>SkyLab7</a>?

A brand new day

I am really glad that it’s saturday. Why? Because it means that this shitty week is done. Lots of generally traumatizing things happening, and not just at work. Although work *has* sucked a lot this week, what with redoing the network, scratching two weeks of work, reprogramming this particularly frustrating POS Cold Fusion based site … i digress.

I am really interested in getting a camera. Think about it — so many interesting things happen all the time, and sometime I’m even there. What a waste to not be able to snag a photo of it. I was looking at some nice cameras, like the Canon S110 and the Kodak DC4800. Both are really pricey, but they have optical zoom [not just digital!] which is super nice, but bumps the price up a lot. Still debating about digital vs. 35mm, though. Sure the price difference is there, but so is the recurring cost … film & development vs. batteries. And with a digicam, I don’t get actual prints, which is pretty shitty. If only development didn’t cost so damn much, and if 35mm cameras had USB ports on them ๐Ÿ™‚ heh …

Thinkin I’ll go see Planet of the Apes tonight — looks to be an okay movie. I’ll see if I can snag free tickets again :: that kicks ass!

2001-07-29 14:07:50 – The Disco Nova
so how was the movie?
2001-07-29 14:42:09 – rand0m
ahh, sit tight grasshopper — it’s a comin!

blah, work, and wooo, movies!

As posted earlier, the contract with LogicBlast died, and all the work I’ve been doing for the past while means nothing. That is quite depressing — I guess I’ll move on to restructuring our network. I did, however, get this nice complimentary e-mail from the LogicBlast folk — it makes me warm and fuzzy inside:

I also want to specifically thank Randal and Scott for their efforts on the migration. Randal has certainly impressed our group

Went over to Tore’s place after work and we rented tres movies — SLC Punk, Basic Instinct and Vampire Hunter D. SLC Punk, with Matthew Lillard, was a *good* movie. I am glad I watched it. Basic Instinct had Sharon Stone. Naked. A lot. It was good also. And Vampire Hunter D was, as always, exceptional — it was the first peice of anime that I ever saw, and I will no doubt cherish it for the rest of my life. Oh, and before the movies we went on a food run and saw a ton of Cheyenne Mountain HS girls. Jesus Christ, I think if I stay in the springs, I’m moving over there.

Other than that, it’s 3am and I’m pretty tired. Just plain wore out — this wore-out-from-working-too-hard thing has got to stop; it’s killin’ me [grin].

2001-07-26 11:34:52 – bastard
hope nobody signed up for verizon lately, looks like a massive leak disclosed tons of SSN’s and Credit Card #s
2001-07-26 15:36:40 – The Disco Nova
Think needs a good technician?? My job is REALLY pissing me off today. I got to spend all morning trying to get into a secure area. Took me 3 hours to get in, 15 minutes of work. I need to get away from government work…
2001-07-26 16:54:43 – bastard
oh, YOU think your job sucks… well, my boss just made a change that took down our contract management and time card system… guess what he did after that, the *&^*(%& left. That’s right, he broke something, and walked out for me to fix it. ARGGGGWEIOPIOPWEFJWEFJIOP
2001-07-26 16:59:01 – The Disco Nova
so anyone up for skating tonight?
2001-07-26 18:16:49 – Burnz
That is nothing. I had to wake up at the crack of 1:30 to gradually wake up, shower, eat honey buns and watch Walker Texas Ranger. When I FINALLY got done with that I checked my e-mail and eventually did some painting on the house. So no one gets to complain about their job anymore.
2001-07-27 00:34:33 – realbighead
My ex-job sucked, I got to drive to Pueblo every day to file. I put paper in folders. I’m now a "file clerk" apparently cuz AddStaff said I had a perfect filing score after their tests… ah well, it could be worse. Not by much, but I could have to drive to Calhan every day to file. That would be worse. Oh, yeah, and unemployment sucks, say what you will about it. Although I have gained 96 levels of diablo 2 characters since this last job ended… yeah, that’s the downside to unemployment. That’s my rant. Goodnight.
2001-07-27 11:55:23 – bastard
WOOO HOOOO…. Just payed the downpayment for classes at UCCS! I am enrolled for 3 classes! WOOOTTTTAAADDIIIII
2001-07-27 15:13:01 – The Disco Nova
anyone know what song these lyrics came from? My little girl, drive anywhere, do what you want, I don’t care….. Tonight I ‘m in the hands of fate, I hand myself, over on a plate………" You could make me want to fuck you but I don’t think you’d survive

good night and crazyness

went out and saw final fantasy with james and tony … it was a pretty good movie. The computer generated graphics were simply astonishing; at some points it looked very, very real. Tony and I got out tickets for free because the credit card authorization network was down; we flashed student IDs and big grins and she gave us free tickets. That was awesome … after the movie we all went over to the underground and played a few games of pool. That was pretty fun too — i enjoyed myself and am glad i went.

I got home and was getting ready to go to sleep when laura IMs me to tell me that keith [person at her ‘party’] bitched her out about me, and consequently i’m a complete fuck up, a depressed asshole and an all around loser. huh. didn’t think about it at all last night [too tired for once!], but have thought about it this morning. It has given me pause — for about 3 minutes. at this point, I can only say that I have finally alienated laura completely. score! i am surprised it has taken this long … [shucks off all the dead weight]

Ahh, another beautiful day ahead of me — on the list we have the migration of our e-mail program [mailsite] to our other e-mail program [IMail] … oh, and implementation of some SSL websites, and one database transfer. and no doubt a couple other small things. woo!

Update: Our contract with LogicBlast just fizzled … two weeks of busting my ass, and all for a copy of Cold Fusion 4.5, a couple licenses and source code to a proprietary online shopping cart. Damn ๐Ÿ˜‰

2001-07-25 11:35:36 – bastard
Speaking of sysadmin duties, I have this to say about Computer Associates fine product ArcServe 2000 Backup. IT IS SHITE! Their technical support reps are complete farkups. One of their suggested troubleshooting tools is changing User Rights Assignment in Domain Security Policy from having undefined Log on Locally, to choosing one account. Hmmmm, guess what that does to anyone trying to log on to your network. Fark you Computer Associates, you puta grande!
2001-07-25 11:45:01 – The Disco Nova
You forgot the part about me whopping BOTH your asses in pool, hehe
2001-07-25 11:54:56 – bastard
In both games that you won over me, you won by one ball
2001-07-25 12:21:51 – rand0m
if i remember correctly, I won a game or two, and came close on another one =) Tony … as for the backup stuff, we use veritas backup exec 8.0 … it works really well – for one computer. As soon as we get the Active Directory working right it provides seamless, easy, scheduled backups – either full or partial or continuous or whatever. very nice program. i think they have a demo available. $.02
2001-07-25 12:52:01 – Xeon
You all 3 are wrong … I won <i>all</i> the games!
2001-07-25 16:25:17 – The Disco Nova
Yes, you won ALL the games and you smoked ALL the crack.
2001-07-25 17:26:43 – dead weight
hey, james, i lost your business card and forgot the other number you told me. i’ll give you a call sometime because i’m working 13 hour days now…

not much going on … reasons?

update: Seeing Final Fantasy @ 9:55 at the carefree and powers cinemark — call me for more details!

Okay, so I’ve noticed a major lack of happenings. Like there is not much going on … I don’t know why this is, so I thought I’d generate a list of why people do not do things together:

— things are happening, people just exclude me [possible]
— everyone has died … [not real likely]
— everyone is working too much … [possible, semi-likely]
— nobody cares enough to get together [very possible]

So, out of that list, it looks like either I have degenerated into a contact-less pile of goo, or nobody is doing anything simply because nobody wants to call anybody else or get together or anything. Unfortunately, I’m gonna have to go with #1. [sigh].

Things at work have been really rough — 10 hour days of moving over websites, fixing code, debugging e-mail, re-designing and implementing the network. It’s been busy, but really fun. Updated my journal today for the first time in about 3 weeks … didn’t realize I had so much to say. Just under 2 pages of 10 pt arial — wow!

Quote of the day:
rand0m: serious, them bitches need to be cool ;-]

2001-07-24 00:40:05 – Burnz
Well I move on the 12th of AUgust, I am going up to Longmont for 1 or two weeks starting this Saturday, so you all should give me a little shindig for going away cuz I won’t have time after this week.
2001-07-24 01:03:14 – Laura
so, i do things. but tonight, i saw ian rataczk…errr…jerk…i mean…carmichael with a group of people. and i said "oh hey, it’s ian ratazzz…carmichael. hey!" and he looked at me and turned back around and kept walking so i proceeded to say, verbatim "fine, go fuck yourself, asshole" so that everyone heard me. it was fun. i also bought the new nsync CD at midnight. it was happiness.
2001-07-24 01:46:40 – rand0m
I’m glad your life is peaches and cream … good job on the Ian thing … punching him would have been a better idea — years of pent-up dislike finally coming free … [hehe]
2001-07-24 08:03:54 – Xeon
You can come over to the pad anytime you want… so what is keeping you?.. get a move ON!
2001-07-24 08:20:31 – nell
now that i’m a little more slept, i wouldn’t mind doing things w/ people. ๐Ÿ™‚ i close every night this week (except friday) so that kinda sux, but no one decides what to do ’til 10 generally anyway. lemme know.
2001-07-24 09:23:32 – bastard
let us all chip in to do something for burnz
2001-07-24 10:36:41 – Laura
Yeah, my life is peaches and cream, i suppose, but I make it that way. Besides, you say that like it’s a bad thing. I actually almost ran after Ian and beat the ever living hell out of him, but i refrained.
2001-07-24 13:11:37 – The Disco Nova
well randall, I still wanna go see final fantasy, give me a call tonight if ya wanna go with
2001-07-24 14:23:28 – rand0m
that would kick ass — definitely gonna see it tonight, then ๐Ÿ™‚

a movie and interesting things … kind of

so yesterday and today were very non-eventful. it has been great. woke up yesterday from laura’s party to the sound of her dad getting ready for the day … i’ll tell you, 6:30 am is *early*. ditched out around 10:30, came home, had a relaxing day of doing nothing. woke up this morning about 9, did the same all day, quite nice. haven’t done any coding, haven’t really done anything. it’s been great.

talked to my sister, marla, on the phone today. she is in new york. we talked about how our flights into utah are 20 minutes apart; pretty nifty, i’d say. she met up with my parents when they were there. she said she was very uncomfortable and that my mom came off as very scrutinizing and demeaning. when marla asked how I was doing, my mother promptly replied ‘not too well; he’s throwing his life away just like you.’ to which my sister not only took great offense but also felt was rather out of line. now, i take that part with a pinch of salt, but it is not uncharacteristic of my mom. consequently, the trip to utah is quite uncertain — the thought of cashing the plane ticket in is quite appealing. so it the thought of moving out. soon. combine that with a bunch of other horseshit going on, and all I can say is — i wish i led a happy life.

watched Antitrust tonight … man, what a good movie. I seriously recommend it to everyone — yup, all 2 of those people who read this thing. Don’t know why, but I took a severe disliking to my website today. can’t follow why. On another note, janelle is back in town and had a trip that consisted of good days and bad nights. i’d post it, but i won’t**. go see antitrust.

**explanation: this is not out of arrogance, nor is it out of animosity, nor is it out of general apathy, nor is it anything else but the desire to not wrinkle feathers — re-read my post and decided to make that clear. don’t ask me why; i’m tired.

2001-07-23 09:02:52 – Xeon
hey you should come over and check out our l33t air-conditioning! wo0t
2001-07-23 09:26:49 – rand0m
or I could just sit in my nice and cool office drinking free lemonade. tough call.
2001-07-23 10:44:39 – bastard
Lauara is a big fat wanker for not inviting tony to her party…. <Tony Make Frown Face>. And on that note, what a weekend, boy I tell you what. DJ Rap and Misstress Barbara, purrrrr. Got the autograph from Rap. Drank vodka and red bull, woot. Lynette is hooking me up with free tickets to the rodeo. I have to start packing soon. Anyone want a coffee table, birdcage for free? Anyone want to buy a PS2 (not the IBM one)?
2001-07-23 11:30:42 – Laura
it wasn’t really a party. it was a get together. don’t flatter yourself. it sucked anyway.

party and ramblings …

went to laura’s birthday part on friday night … had a good time getting trashed. The dude from boulder wanted to plank emily … heh … laura is only a bitch around other people … and only to me … and last but not least, i am afraid of skate city. a good time was had by all.

I finally got the odbc / php thing to work with tony’s guidance to a microsoft knowledge base article … it works flawlessly — thanks! Only problem now is that my ftp program, which used to logon as a service under user ‘ftp_server’ refuses to do so now. for no reason. quite irritating. also, i worked a little bit on the php port. i feel like I’m losing steam there.

I think janelle is back in town; she has been idle on aim all day. don’t know though, because she could have logged in from somewhere and just left it.

sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you are.

2001-07-22 03:01:44 – Laura
yep, i’m a bitch, but only in public and only to you…hrmm…i think you’re right. don’t know why that is. maybe i’ll work on it. maybe i won’t. maybe if you didn’t annoy me so damn much. ah well.
2001-07-22 09:53:17 – nell
janelle was not back in town, but janelle is now back in town (got home at 2:00am last night). she does not know why her computer was online, or even ON for that matter, cuz she knows she turned it off before she left. however, it had been on for quite some time when she got home last night and saw on her screen IM messages from both randal and tore. sorry to not have responded to either of you, she was most likely somewhere above missouri or kansas. now, janelle must away to work. hope everyone had a good week, and happy belated birthday to both randal (though i did call you on your birthday) and laura.
2001-07-22 14:11:54 – The Disco Nova
Why are you scared of skate city randall?
2001-07-22 15:36:12 – rand0m
first off, it’s only one L — randal … and I’m scared of it now because when I went there, aside from the 2 other guys I was with, there were maybe 2 other white males. And the place was packed. It reeked of gangsta-ness … seriously, everyone had a hair pick, one pant leg up, their shirt on funny or something. Quite … not my normal ‘safe’ atmosphere.
2001-07-22 15:58:00 – The Disco Nova
Try Bosanova, it’s much whiter, no gangs, real nice maple floor, and there is a bunch of professional speed skaters I work out with there
2001-07-22 17:47:56 – Burnz
Oh lordy, every time I check on here it is just going downhill. The rand0m administration has really turned this site on it’s ear talking about skating rinks of choice. *sigh*
2001-07-22 17:50:34 – rand0m
I was actually hoping someone would pick it up and call me a racist asshole … then the flamefest would begin and everyone would be happy … looks to have not worked as well as I had hoped … next news topic: "I hate minorities!" =)
2001-07-22 22:23:11 – The Disco Nova
If all the exposure you have had to minorities has come from places like Skate City, then who can blame you?
2001-07-23 02:49:41 – Laura
2001-07-23 02:50:22 – Laura
god fucking damnit..i meant…"(yawn)"
2001-07-23 12:57:28 – The Disco Nova
Burnz, don’t get mad just because some of us like to do something to prevent the accumilation (I need spellcheck) of fat on our asses

techno & too busy

On the way home tonight I was flicking through the radio stations and I came across ‘Sandstorm’ … don’t know who it was by, but it was a really good song. The part where it slows down and gets kind of low, then builds back up is really neat; I was groovin the whole time =) On to work … that’s what has been up. Just over 14 hours today; tons and tons of stuff to do with deadlines looming. I have to move approximately 140 websites onto our now semi-distributed network, create the dns entries, update with network solutions, transfer the databases and make sure that everything works. Not real difficult, just takes forever to do. And one final thing … anybody know anything about ASP / PHP and their ability to use ODBC databases that are on remote shares? I keep getting “unable to open file ‘(unknown)’ — error 8000450” … I had to give up at 11:30, still no juice.

2001-07-20 04:07:56 – mike
yah think thats good, there is so much good techn o out there. ive been listening to kimball collins a lot lately, "International club union" is an awesome CD, kinda trancey, but good if ya like that kinda stuff.
2001-07-20 10:24:58 – bastard
HA HA… was hacked. Look out for those default.ida requests in your web logs techie boys and girls!
2001-07-20 14:43:48 – Burnz
Now I might fuck this up, but sandstorm is by Darude.
2001-07-20 15:19:38 – Ha-reed
You may have already been here, but it might help:
2001-07-20 17:24:27 – rand0m
jared … i already have the site pulling the info from the db; just that I am planning on migrating everything off of the current server [DOC2] onto another one [WEB1], while putting all the databases on another server [DB1] … the problem I’m having is getting PHP to work with an ODBC-Access database; I can get it to work with SQL no problem, but don’t have the desire to go to SQL yet [for portability’s sake]. so … if anyone has pointers about using PHP to access ODBC, MS Access based dbs located on remote shares, pipe up =)
2001-07-20 21:43:19 – Ha-reed
All you need to do is create a System DSN on the web server (you do this through the ODBC Data Source Administrator) to point to the Access database on the database server. Then use the standard ODBC commands in PHP. Or am I missing something here?
2001-07-21 10:55:55 – rand0m
You are missing something here. From what I can glean from the MS knowledge base, i have to disable automatic token generation for IUSR_WEB1, the user that IIS logs in as, create that same user on the database machine and give it local logon priveleges and then point WEB1’s system DSN to the file on DB1. should work. i hope.

movie and it’s working!

Are we going to go see Final Fantasy tonight? I heard some rumors about it from the big tall guy, but am unsure of if they have any real worth … also, man, I was *super* drunk last night. Hahahahhaa. Also, I need to mow the goddamn lawn still. Just thinking about that makes me go “ungh”. Also, this post signifies that the PHP based version of this website actually does work; it even allows me to use ‘ and ” and ? and &. It’s pretty nice =) props to my mad programming skills.

2001-07-17 15:46:20 – Laura
I suggest sleeping tonight, Randal. In fact, that is what I’m going to do…hehe.
2001-07-18 10:31:49 – bastard
#!/usr/bin/perl print "Learn perl, it bettern";
2001-07-18 11:28:57 – rand0m
< ?php for(i=0,i++,i<10){ if ($tony="loser"){ echo "php owns perl – shut yer trap"; } else { echo "php owns the web"; } } ?>
2001-07-18 17:33:14 – realbighead
yuo = faget ahhhahahahahA!!1!!11!!!!!
2001-07-18 20:51:37 – Ha-reed
< ? echo ‘enable short tags and be even more special’; ? > and dont get assignment and equality operators mixed up
2001-07-18 20:54:35 – Ha-reed
<? echo ‘use short tags and be even more special’; ?> bah… stupid commenting thing doesnt register just typing in code… enable magic cookies randal
2001-07-18 21:36:04 – Burnz
Please, all of you, just stop right now. Go out and get as far away from your damn computers as you can they are ruining your minds! Buy New Bounce Pads, less static and less money!
2001-07-19 00:23:08 – The Disco Nova
Tonight on Fox "When Geeks Attack"
2001-07-19 02:03:59 – Announcer
Popular figure, Burnz, was found dead today hung from COAX cable and scrawled with Java script warnings to anyone else who would cross the new and brutal faction of pale, withdrawn, tech heads. The current home base of the group is believed to be in the basement of Milton Resferson’s mother. More updates on the hour. Many women will miss Burnz.
2001-07-19 11:13:15 – bastard
This just in… The organization called N.A.M.S.L.A, North American Man Sheep Love Association, today issued a statement: Baaa Baaa We mizz burnz Baaa, and the sheep loving he gave Baaa Baaa!
2001-07-19 14:56:57 – Ha-reed
its actually magic quotes not magic cookies… can be enabled in your php.ini file in addition to magic quotes, which automatically addslashes and stripslashes when posting and receiving info to a database, you can use the function htmlspecialchars to encode characters automatically
2001-07-19 14:57:44 – The Disco Nova
On World News Tonight: Geek Wars Tonight we take a look inside the scary world of geeks, and their battles with each other. With their taunts of "loser and faget" they build up rage that often explodes into internet wars over who is "phat or l33t". Pathetic? Scary? Wimpy? Decide for yourself tonight.
2001-07-19 15:57:49 – Laura
not to make your stupid nerd fighting look ridiculous, but i just won two more tickets to the area:one festival and two backstage meet and greet passes…hahaha. hahaha. wow! i’m too excited.
2001-07-19 16:49:43 – The Disco Nova
Laura! wanna be my new best friend? A Ticket sure would make up for the fact THAT YOU STILL HAVEN’T CALLED ME! but I’m not bitter
2001-07-19 17:10:27 – bastard
Area:One…. Hmmmmmm…. How much would you sell me one of the tickets for?
2001-07-19 17:10:55 – bastard
How did you win the tickets btw?
2001-07-19 17:16:17 – rand0m
Jared, I know how php works, I also know how ASP works. ASP, which is what you are no doubt looking at, sucks horrible cock. PHP, on the other hand, makes everything look right. Take a look right <a href=’′ class=home>here</a> — a site in PHP. This page [ASP] does not work right. That one does. $.02
2001-07-19 17:54:26 – Burnz
/me throws computer out window and runs into forest muttering about "goddamn technophiles".
2001-07-19 17:58:02 – bastard
Ahhhhh, looking at the PHP site layout makes my eyes burn like in tanning booth without the special goggles.
2001-07-20 01:22:47 – Laura
I will be selling my tickets for more than they are going at, or i might give them to two of my friends who are poor and musicless. You people work fucking tech jobs, you have money, you should have gotten your own damn tickets. or at least, that seems to be the logical solution. and no, james, i haven’t called you. i worked 11 hours today and i don’t specifically have time to waste. no offense to you, of course.
2001-07-20 15:10:47 – Ha-reed
Ahhh, i thought that "this post signifies that the PHP based version of this website actually does work" meant that u were running php on this version of the site