Another durnken post

Okay, so we’re all pretty trashed again. And it started with Laura and Tore coming over. Or tore. WE met at Chipotel, which is ahlle aoood burritos. THey’re big. ANd then we went to PIkes PEkr where we met up with TOre, and it was fun, because keen and t plays monopoly, and TOny brought up these shitty auction sutff and I was like ?WTF!? ANd then we came over here. ANd then we played monopooly again, and TOny whipped us with his bgrutal economica know how. It was pretty sad. and then we went over to the liquo store with Laura (woo!) and it was good. It was called J’s liquor. ANd it was open at like 12:02 AM. WHich is neat, because they’re supposed to close at 12>:000AM. SO then KEEN bought a lot of alcohol, which was co0l (and hten I started typing with only one eye open because I can see better :-D) and then we came back to the house and got trashed. Mudslides and such, it’s fun. TOre left. OH! Paulise was in there somewhere. HI PAULIE! ANd then Tore left, and Laura drank some, but she decided to drink then go home, which takes her out of the “serious durnkard” fun that is currently happening. SO she posted on her site form my computer. [L=]Http://[/L] hope I typed that right, can’t tell. And now we’re all trashed. And PlayboyTV is not near as ood as I thought it would be; all so fake and such, what with huge 34DDD breasts on 110LBS girls, it’s hilarious. The real thing i sso much beteter. WE had nuggest, adn Laura ( who is not toto drunk) showed us the majetsty of RED AND WHITE. (stilll tping with only one eye eopen, tough to foucs)( .. It is ranch sauce and ketchup, becausew e are out o fbarbecue sauce. Red and white is good, even keen thinks so! It makes me wonder if people even read my drunken rambling, or just skim for coherent parts. LOL. That’sf unny, hahhaha …. I’d imagine th latter. [b]Update – 5:19am[/b] — so it’s pretty ealry in the morning, and I can proudly relate to you this handful of things: 1. I hope to god I’m not that annoying when trashed. 2. Laura is nice ๐Ÿ˜€ 3. I whipped tony at NHL2k2 4. I drank a lot of water (like 24 oz) before going to sleep (trying to avoid hangover) and 5. I turned off the lights & and sound and stuff for keen, who is asleep on the couch. I’m such a nice guy… and not so drunk to not keep track of the important things. hehe. *sigh*

2002-12-28 04:56:08 – pinky
2002-12-28 12:42:53 – Netheus
Nice blog, Laura… I will mark it and read it more often ๐Ÿ˜‰ Can I come over and hang out tonite, Randal?
2002-12-28 13:16:59 – t
we got drunk last night, it was a good buzz drunk, and the people at the house were a good mix, definitely the key to a nice time
2002-12-28 23:22:54 – t
sometimes, people take for granted how what they think is normal, looks really stupid to someone else hmmm, example, gangs of new york
2002-12-29 00:13:16 – WC
Went and saw Catch Me If You Can with Rachael (not to be confused with rachel – colo. springs) last night. REALLY GOOD MOVIE. The movie had a good story line, and keep me entertained. Combined with witty one-liners and some good screenplay made this movie an excellent flick. I give it a 9 and recommend this one a date movie.
2002-12-30 12:44:11 – Netheus
right, so time to start looking back at the year. And I thought we would be at war by now.
2002-12-30 16:29:22 – WC
2002-12-30 17:55:55 – t
Look WC, stop your annoying banter. I can not allow competing annoyances. I am the annoying poster on this site, deal with it! PUNCH!
2002-12-30 23:02:43 – Netheus
No tony, you aren’t. Some of what you post is insightful, developed, and helpful (like movie comments). WC is useless, and like the caps lock button a lot.
2003-01-01 04:00:58 – Neth
great fucking party. Best ever. Crackah kicks ass as a DJ. Best set I have ever heard. GOing to bed now.
2003-01-01 12:47:18 – tony
I agree with christina, awesome party, much thanks to Tore and Randal for the glasses, and much thanks to Matt for the goood alcohol. Very much thanks to yt for the music, really liked the mixed 80’s stuff. Other than that, woke up with a hangover, that is gone now, thanks to Randal’s awesome voodoo.
2003-01-01 15:49:31 – pinky
i must agree, great party ๐Ÿ™‚ i’m going to email randal some pics, so he can put them up. also, "laura is nice" heheheh…wooooo!
2003-01-01 16:44:50 – WC
I am going to go kill myself.. my random banter is unwanted. I am glad you guys had a great time last night. I however had to deal with getting threatened of being kicked out of my parents house and all my stuff being put on the front lawn "if you don’t come home now." And randal thought he had it bad with his parents.

UPDATE to the last post

[b]Merry Christmas Everyone![/b] OKay, so the last post kinda sucked. Beause I was pisse.d BUt now I am drunk, and so i will post a reviesed version. IN order. heh. Okay, I went to Samantha Garrett’s mom’s open house. And it was very good. Her and her sister are super smart and really fun to spend time with. And amazingly, Jenna ALmond of all people showed up! And it was good! WOO! I had a really super time, and the cider was amazing too. My truck did die. I can’t fix it until it warms up or I get a jump. I don’t know what’s wrong, but I have no car. I’m tinking of buying a new one. Maybe? Id on’t know. Comprehensive insurance (buying with a car loan) is *EXPENSIVE* suck. No car for a while? Dunno. NYE IS STILL VERY ON! PARTAY ! WOO! TOre and I went to the MALL today and ate lunch and saw people at Red ROBin. Dan Snadersly and Keith & Strecks & Amy … hopefuly they come to the party. That would be healla fun! WOO! Matt Byrne is a cocknocker. He’s fukcing wahck. LOL. I thought that the world revoeslves aroudn me, but apparently it revovles around him. LOL. HAd a spat. i don’t knwo why. *IRRITATION AT CONTINUED FUCKUPSHIP BY HIM* [b]**UPDATE****[/b] I forgot to mention that my grandfather died tonight. He got last rights from a priest and lastedd less than twelve hours. :-/ … at least his suffering is over. [b]**UPDATE #@2**[/b] – Malibu Carriaubian RUM is good. Espeiclly when it’s from Keen’s EXGF! WOO! IT plus popcorn from craig *THANKS CRAIG* and cohclates from work *THANKS WORK* make a good durnkaen snack. fun fun. [b]**UPDATE TRES!”(***([/b] This MALABu rum is “CRUEL!” just like KEen’s EXGF, Danielle HAHAHAHAHAHHAA

2005-07-24 22:51:13 – either allrightdrownsoaking
2002-12-25 17:07:49 – tony
So my dad is telling me that my little brother is stealing his medicine, some of which is for his cancer. Imagine my surpise at hearing this. Naturally I suggested to my parents that they take an empty prescription bottle and fill it with anibuse, the drug that makes you sick when you drink alcohol. Hopefully the granddragon fuckwad sells them thinking they are vicodin, and gets a third eye manually installed in the back of his head.
2002-12-25 17:40:00 – Burnz
I still got love for Danielle.
2002-12-25 20:53:51 – rand0m
After hearing the complete saga, I don’t. $.02
2002-12-26 06:25:51 – tony
So another year, another christmas, what did everybody get? I got a case of modelo, a gallon of becks, v-neck white shirts, aftershave that actually smells good, a day parking pass at uccs, and a subscription to the wall street journal. And spent a day at the broadmoor with the family on christmas eve. After giving a pint of blood in honor of my dad who has cancer, i proceeded to drink a yard of guinness at the golden bee. Whole body alcoholic buzz is like getting a blowjob from mother teresa, mind numbing!
2002-12-26 11:56:33 – Netheus
I fucking hate Christmas. It holds nbothing but irritation and bad memories for me. So picked up my little brother yesterday to come and hang out with me and my sister for Christmas. My mom has 3 crackheads living with her whom she is depending on in order to pay her bills because she refuses to get a job. Fucking great.Then after all the festivities, I try to call my mom to see if it was cool for Dylan to spend the night at my house, mind you, she has no phone of her own, she depends on her neighbors and the fiends in her living room for such things. I call every fucking # I have for her with no response. So he stayed here. This morningI go to take him "home" and the crack heads are gone, and my mom is ranting and raving about how everything is my step-dad’s fault (she wrecked HIS car going to Denver and lost 1/2-3/4 of his tools in the process), and how he fucked her over (he bought my truck from me), and then some other really random shit. Then she tells me I am taking her to a bank to cash the checks she got from my grandpa for X-Mas. Once she gets into the car, she goes off on how she’s not going to be able to pay the bills, and how they are going to be homeless and Dylan will end up back in the foster home, and thusly my brother starts crying, so she is yelling at him to "shut the fuck up!" At which point I slam my breaks 1/2 a block from her apt. and tell her to get the fuck out. Then she tells me that I am fucking her over. Fuck that. I hate my mom. I hope she gets caught in crossfire, or od’s, or something equally as harmful. This is also the time of year that you hear about awful things that are happening in your family. Cancer, death, disease, failure, etc. I fucking hate x-mas.
2002-12-26 14:28:06 – Burnz
Hmmm, interested in the whole saga now. And you’re goddamn right the world revolves around me.
2002-12-26 14:36:26 – Burnz
And I don’t qualify not wanting to talk to your drunk ass as being fucking up, thank you very much.
2002-12-26 15:23:25 – tony
Matt, are you gonna replace the gin, kahlua and vodka you drank?
2002-12-26 15:33:34 – Burnz
I am replacing the Gin. The rest of it is community problem, so get over it.
2002-12-26 16:08:48 – rand0m
I’m going to go with Tony on this one. You consumed a *TON* of alcohol. Including a huge chunk of that bottle of Kahlua. And don’t say you didn’t, because I watched you, mr. "I’m going to take a huge glass, fill it 1/3rd with Kahlua and the rest with Milk and go to work." And honestly, it is a community problem when it involves Keen, Tony, Shawn and I. You do not live at our house, and hence do not have unlimited rights to consume whatever you please without some sort of reimbursement. And no, you’re stellar presence is not enough of a feel good to overlook the abuse of the situation. $.02
2002-12-26 16:21:11 – CaptnSpectacular
Im pissed. I was gonna go see Equilibrium but it is allready out of theatres. fuck that.
2002-12-26 18:23:48 – realbighead
anyone wanna join my "Get Your Own Damn Blog" comment guideline movement?
2002-12-26 20:47:26 – tony
viva la revolucion! down with whitey!
2002-12-26 22:29:23 – Netheus
Sorry, you are the only guys I can complain to and not feel bad about it. It’s not like you *HAVE* to read what I post. If I was talking, you would in/advertently hear it anyway.
2002-12-27 00:30:04 – Reverend
2002-12-27 16:08:58 – Burnz
No, I filled a huge glass with gin and milk and went to work, the kahlua was primarily consumed the previous night by a) me b)laura c) mike d) randal. Making it a community consumption. If you will recall, I was drinking mostly mike’s whiskey. So you’ll get your gin. Period.
2002-12-28 02:59:46 – CaptnSpectacular
Hey randal, i think whatever you were doing today actually did fuck something up. I can get onto the GZ ftp and now i am a sad cow. do joo know whats going on?
2002-12-28 03:00:30 – CaptnSpectacular
(that *can should be *can’t)
2002-12-28 04:05:57 – tony
Burnz, you motherfucker. I wouldn’t mind the fact that you drink all of our alcohol, most of which is bought by other roommates, because I keep mine upstairs, because of you, you bastard! I mind the fact that you are completely oblivious to our generousity… That, and I am selfishly still pissed that you drank a last beer from my fridge, then drunkedly lied about it, whihch I can always forgive… So in the end, all I’m really saying is, I can’t wait till you turn 21 so that your alcohol consumption problems become your own, and not that of me, etc…
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Saw LotR:TTT. It was good. Went to Sammi’s party. Had a good time with her, Rachel, Jenna Almond and Tore. Truck decided to die today. No luck in fixing it, think battery, starter & carbeurator are dead. NYE party is still on. I think. Assuming I can get things done without mobility. Fuck it all. >-| ๐Ÿ™ [b]**Update**[/b] – 12/24 @ 9:40a – Note to self: when running personal consulting billing through HPI, do not let customer use a credit card to pay — the cc processing + other fees on this method will take up to 31% of total income right off the top.

my weekend & badass movie

I’ve had a pretty good weekend so far. I went out and saw Star Trek: Nemesis on Friday night with James and Steve & Ben Chapin. That movie was pretty good. It’s like the original Wrath of Kahn, but with more CG and less plot. It goes for like 20 minutes setting up the story, and then they fight and blast the hell out of each other for 2 hours. It was really pretty good. Especially since it only cost $5.50 to see it on opening night. Heh. Went out and saw Equilibrium tonight. Ho-lee-shit. What an amazing movie. All I can say is that it is Farenheit 451 meets 1984, with lots of action, all filmed in the semi-dark, green-blue tinted style of Matrix. I would honestly say that it is the best movie that I have seen this year; so good, in fact, that I’ll probably go see it again. Go see equilibrium. Other than that, I have not done much. I worked and worked and worked some more, and then saw the movies. I didn’t really do much else. Some laundry in there somewhere. mmm, yes, that’s about it. OH! PARTY! New Years! Must send out emails to people inviting them. I am fairly certain that we’re going to get ytc to spin for us, which is really neat. Good week/end so far ๐Ÿ™‚ [b][u]**Update **[/u][/b] – 1:08pm – 12/15 – It was exactly four years ago today that I took that fateful step and took Emily out on a date to see the Air Force Band of the Rockies. And ran a stoplight. And hit a cat. And made her walk around a lake when it was 10* outside, and then ran another stoplight. Although it might have looked like a terrible, terrible first date to the casual observer, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. And with that, I’m off to see that same band, 4 years later. My how things change to be the same.

2002-12-15 05:00:38 – Reverend
Flop Flop Flop
2002-12-15 13:59:38 – pinky
shouldn’t that be "four years goo, today"? and how the hell do you remember that? wow.
2002-12-15 17:01:52 – t
2002-12-15 18:14:49 – Netheus
Seeing Harry Potter on Wed, LotR on theursday, x-mas party on tuesday…. that means I could go see equilibrium…. Tomorrow!!! wOooo!
2002-12-15 23:54:36 – The Disco Nova
Don’t feel bad, I did much worse to her the first few months we were dating.
2002-12-16 11:18:13 – Xeon aka White Cracker
LoTR – Twin Towers screening tonight! wo0o0o0o provided my parents don’t interfer with my plans tonight heh. This movie is totally awesome.
2002-12-16 15:53:39 – t
Went to a christmas party on saturday, did a holiday gift exchange, got a puzzle of the nyc city scape pre 9/11, and someone wanted it, so i ended up with my gift i brought
2002-12-17 08:50:18 – Netheus
I am going to take my math final. Then I will come home and clean out my van. Then I will go and pick up my little sister from school. She will do her homework here, and then we will go and pick up Amanda, one of the girls I work with. Then I will loop back up to the CC campus and pick up Haley, a 17year old freshman. With Troy, we will then travel to my work where my boss and Troy will proceed to get trached, I’ll eat all the shrimp, and my sister will prove to be the brain I know she is. Ahh, yes, what a busy day for me.
2002-12-17 13:05:15 – Burnz
How do you get trached? I thought I had found every variation on drunk, but that sounds so glamorous…
2002-12-17 13:35:19 – realbighead
living without an internet connection sucks. a lot. So I can’t decide whether to come home Friday or Sunday; the weather’s better on Sunday, but that’s gonna be a whole lotta waiting around. Opinions? oh yeah, and about that post thing so I don’t get off-topiced… wait, moderated boards? haha.
2002-12-17 15:54:50 – The Disco Nova
I think trached is how wiccan hippies get drunk.
2002-12-17 17:51:36 – Netheus
Tached is what happens when your boss and your husband drink together. Tore- be a man, come back on Friday.
2002-12-18 00:52:40 – Burnz
Friday = Tore. Do not arouse the Mattwrath.
2002-12-18 04:45:54 – pinky
Tore, I also vote Friday. Then, I vote 40s! wooo!
2002-12-18 09:16:10 – Netheus
Can I come over for 40’s? Can I get a Fat Tire 40?
2002-12-18 13:13:31 – Burnz
w00t! King Cobra is where it is at! And you’ve gots to puts it in a paper bag and then wear one of those pointless stocking "beanie" caps and sit in the open trunk of your "homie’s" rusted ass Lincoln Continental while you drink it. Am I the only one that thinks that sounds like a pretty good evening?
2002-12-18 18:24:38 – Netheus
Unless it’s freezing cold out.
2002-12-18 19:55:06 – W.C. (I am trying not to sound so much like yt)
LoTR is the GREATEST MOVIE in the entire world!!!! If you wanna go see a good flick and have seen equilibrium already, I recommend this one. It’s a little long (3:15) but it’s worth the CG. There are parts of the movie you [u]can’t[/u] tell CG from the real thing. Sorry randal and tony about that screening. I think there was a conspiracy on the film getting @ the theatre late.
2002-12-19 00:33:17 – t
Two Towers may be great, but I’m more looking forward to seeing gangs of new york, even with the professor of shitty acting herself, leotardo decrapicorn.
2002-12-19 09:10:47 – realbighead
W.C. also stands for water closet, which is funny because mentally I’m trapped in third grade. And I’m coming home tomorrow! woo!!!!!
2002-12-19 16:05:52 – Netheus
WoOoOoO! Tore isn’t a pussy!!!! Yay!!! Two Towers fucking rocked. Going to see it again maybe Christmas day- No one will be there! oooooo
2002-12-20 11:12:40 – WC
DO NOT GO SEE A MOVIE ON XMAS DAY! at least at my theatre that is our busiest day. I went out on a date last night. I had the most fun I have had in a long time. We went and saw 007 and then went bowling afterwards. She pwned me! *w3rd for having fun*
2002-12-20 11:29:43 – Burnz
I am too tired to actually abuse Craig. So just assume I said something glib and vicious to him about going out on a date. Probably something alluding to homosexuality and certainly incorporating the white trash bowling into it.

An Update! OMG!

** PARTAY ALERT ** The weberhouse is throwing down for a balls out party on New Years Eve! We are looking to gear up around 9 or 10pm, and party until the cows come home. Everybody should come. Got questions? 719.287.4741 or I’ll be pimping it here often, so watch out ๐Ÿ˜‰ Other news is *looks at list* … I like money. And getting it through consulting is awful nice. And fast. 2x consulting jobs = no more college debt + an almost paid off (huge balance) credit card. w3rd. Moving on … I need to get a woman? I don’t think there are any questions about this, so I’ll just go to item C. Item C is that I think I’m going to license actually start doing my own business. And that’s pretty neat. I had something happen like a week ago that was important, and I forgot what it was. OH. Thanksgiving. Mine was good, Went to my ‘rents house and ate and ate and ate, and brought home leftovers, only find a *TON* of leftovers here at the house. We chomped on that stuff for like a week. It was nice. I hope that everybody is having a great holiday season so far. And I’m told that one of my roommates has some SGI stuff (old) that needs some luvin — either from you, or from the trashcan. Lemme know and I’ll hook you up. OH, should the New Years Eve Party be a straight up get-shitty party or a themed one? A formal? An 80s bounce? Pimps n Hoes? Gimme yer input ๐Ÿ™‚ [b]**[u]UPDATE!!~![/u] – 3:56p -[/b] Okay, so last Sunday Paulie and I went out to Hooters for lunch (just like today — do I smell a tradition?) and had a good time. In the course of the meal, we decided to ask the waitress, Laura, what she thought about our upcoming party – particularly when we should throw it (remember the party poll?) She emphatically said that she would throw it new years. Anyway, I mentioned that I was twenty in there, and she said “wow, no way you’re twenty. I thought you were 35; I wasn’t going to even think about carding you if you ordered a beer or something.” To which I loudly responded (unintentionally) FUCK YOU! She kinda went white, and I felt bad, but we made up and got to talking. She just turned 21, is half asian, a college student, hella smart, witty and very hot. So, that night, I went home and shaved my beard off, because 35 is just not right. I took it off, and I look like I’m in my mid-twenties, which is better than 35. And I have a hotty that I’m lookin out for at Hooters. Heh. [b]**UPDATE #2**[/b] – FSCK! I left my crimpers at the Signs By Tomorrow in Denver. Goddamnit. Now I have to drive up there and get them. FSCK FSCK FSCK.

2002-12-08 12:16:53 – White Cracker
First Post! Yah that is right, I camped it out complete with the marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate. Ohh tony, whatcho got?
2002-12-08 12:22:21 – Siaokh
he’s got HOES! …. In different area codes… Punch. -Tim
2002-12-08 17:48:02 – The Disco Nova
Don’t worry Randall, that doesn’t come close to some of the things I have unintentionally said to women. Let’s go see Nemesis this Friday Bee-yotch.
2002-12-08 17:53:05 – The Disco Nova
Oh, and I’ll make Jello Shots again. As long as this is a Randall party and not a Tony sausauge fest.
2002-12-08 18:36:12 – Siaokh
Speaking of movies, I [B]STRONGLY[/B] suggest you all take in a new movie called equilibrium. It kicks tons of ass. [L=] Equilibrium Trailer[/L] Punch w/ full auto desert eagle. -Tim
2002-12-08 20:20:00 – Tony
We’ll be looking for a dj to play at the party. If you all know any one good, let us know.
2002-12-08 21:56:28 – pinky
you’re getting a DJ? why? and yes, james usually says "i’m a huge asshole" inadvertedly. we give you more credit than that ๐Ÿ™‚
2002-12-08 23:05:04 – Master Ha-reed
WTF? Someone wants to see a Star Trek movie?? And on the subject of Equilibrium, why the hell does a movie that looks this cool have no advertising?
2002-12-09 06:22:28 – rand0m
2002-12-10 01:35:51 – Tony
Sometimes in a blue moon, a good movie comes out. Sure you haven’t seen it yet, but you can tell, it’s different, you might like it. Well if so, go see the movie immediately. I liked the reviews for rules of attraction a couple of weeks ago. Only 1 theater in town was showing it. I was broke and waited a week and it was gone. This is a movie I’ll never download on divx, mainly because once I see it, that should be enough. And besides, the movies you DO want to see on divx, they’re never around! Like "Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf". Great movie with Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor. Or most of the other classics. Sure, if you want to see crap on divx, the latest popular movie, it’s out there, on divx. With being broke and all, and divx being the viable alternative it is, it’s clearly dominant to 4$ at blockbuster, but it’s not a real solution. Ehh, disappointment. My top 5 movies for the year, even those that haven’t been out yet: LotR: Two Towers Lilo and Stitch Alright that was gonna be 5, but I can’t think of any others. Help me out here folks…
2002-12-10 10:12:37 – The Disco Nova
Laura, when I call you a bitch, I’m not inadvertantly saying "I’m an asshole", I’m saying you’re a bitch. But I still love you.
2002-12-10 13:36:37 – pinky
i still love you too, asshole.
2002-12-10 21:33:21 – Netheus
My electronics are exploding. I just picked up a monitor for $6 at the Arc. If it blows up in the next few days, my landlord will owe us for our tv, 2 monitors, a blender, a toaster, about 10 light bulbs, and 3 box fans. Oh, sweet internet, how I have missed thee!
2002-12-10 23:11:54 – tony
the liver is evil and must be punished
2002-12-11 00:53:49 – Burnz
No Dj, Dj bad, Dj bring Burnz pain. My feelings on Dj’s are like my feeling about women: I don’t like them, I don’t need them, and I do not have the time to bury another one. This is my vote assuming I am coming which is looking more and more up in the air. Although if James makes a special Jello shot box for me, then I might just have to swing by…
2002-12-11 02:03:41 – pinky
no drunk burnz? no porch-violence? fuck that!
2002-12-11 22:04:44 – [SOB]GrooveMan
Man thanks for the suggestion, Equilibrium kicked Major Ass. Screw Star Trek go see this movie ๐Ÿ˜‰
2002-12-11 22:08:00 – [SOB]GrooveMan
hehe check it out…
2002-12-11 22:38:43 – Netheus
Troy is a DJ….. But I don’t think you would get his set…. The last time he DJed a party, he was in drag and the only people who enjoyed his work were the 10-15 homies who did their rappin’ thing and dancing on the floor thing in front of the tables. Everyone else thought that he was playing snoop dogg. Yo. Funny how things work out…
2002-12-12 17:14:21 – THE REAL ONE AND ONLY YTCRACKER
2002-12-12 20:12:13 – pinky
yay! bryce! hehehehe.
2002-12-13 11:40:18 – THE REAL WHITE CRACKER
2002-12-13 11:42:55 – The White Cracker
…god i feel stupid now… Twin Towers comes out next week!
2002-12-13 20:32:33 – Netheus
Crackah needs to spin at the party, because a> only way to get him to a party b> only way to hear him spin live without having to drive far away c> he kicks ass! d> Jolene is really fucking cool, and so she should come and hang too e> Bryce kicks ass f> I want to hear him spin all live and in person and stuff
2002-12-15 01:17:36 – tony
Right! So we, being myself, randal, shawn, matt, and james just got back from watching the movie, equilibrium, which is a bad-ass movie, to say the least. Fortunately, we had the distinction of being in a non-crowded theater and thus being able to enjoy the movie, in which all that is glory and awesome was present. The movie fucking rocked.