Redecorating, Buffy, cooking & court

OK COol thing happening as of late. I went out with Keen and got soused while playing pool last weekend. That was fun :-D. We also moved the house around quite a bit … we made our “central command” computer area, an honest-to-God dining room, and a full-blown theater/tv area with all the hottest accroutements like dolby digital everything, surround sound with a wicked woofer, 100+ inches of TV goodness, you know, total hotness. Emily & Amanda came over last night and we watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Talk about mind numbing. Holy cow that show is horrible. It’s beyond horrible. It’s so soul-stiflingly bad that I can’t describe it. And so we watched it. For like 3 1/2 hours. You can basically turn off your brain while watching it; the characters and the plots are all completely seethrough, the acting and the dialogue is awful to the max. Man. At least we had a good time heckling it. I also found out how – and how not – to make stovetop popcorn. After three batches (and a missed episode of Buffy) I finally got it down pat. I then proceeded to throw the huge bowl of popcorn on the floor, ruining that batch. So yea, four big bowls of popcorn in the trashcan later, I can now claim to be able to make stovetop popcorn. I made hashbrowns, eggs, sausage and toast for breakfast today. It was great. The hashbrowns weren’t normal ForemanGrill style hashbrowns, but real life made in a pan with butter and garlic salt yummy ones. I found that if they’re not frozen when you put them in the pan, they actually brown how one would expect them to. I have court tomorrow morning at 8:30am. I’m not looking forward to it in the slightest … I have to wake up at like 7am!! At least I get to wear a suit — I’ll definitely update with the results. [b]Update![/b] – So I went to court today in a suit, because that’s what you do when you’re trying to get off. I talked to the nice prosecutor, Catherine, put some shmooze down and had my 4-point, $145 fine/fees ticket reduced to a 0-point, $75 offense, on the provision that I take a 2hr, $25 driving class within 90 days. Wow, talk about getting off. From what I understand, it won’t even go on my record – which means that I can maintain my sparkling clean license status. Yay for working the system!

2005-04-11 08:55:26 – keener2u
How to choose your next slab of cow…
2005-04-11 16:31:20 – Master Ha-reed
Finally, someone else who doesn’t like Buffy. I heart you Randal.
2005-04-13 16:07:00 – Hellbent Rob
How to make gourmet stove-top popcorn: 1. large pot 2. pour in just enough popcorn kernels to cover the bottom of the pot 3. use virgin olive oil and pour on top of popcorn kernels to coat entire bottom within 1/8th" (step 2 & 3 can be reversed). 4. Drop in 1/2 to 1 cup country-crock spread (or equivalent) depending on taste and calorie intake 5. 1 tablespoon Chulupa hot sauce or 1 teaspoon tabasco sauce 6. Set burner to high and gentlely shake pot until most kernels are popped, you may have to dump contents once or twice depending on the size of the pot. 7. add salt to taste (personally I don’t add any). Adding 1/4 cup of sugar instead of hot sauce gives it a carmel like coating
2005-04-15 01:33:37 – Netheus
I hate buffy too, but this leads me to a quick point. I figured out why no one likes my writing. I hate it when horrible things happen to my characters. But since that’s what drives the plot, I’m kinda screwed. That’s also why I hate buffy. Everything is okay in an hour, and what ever isn’t is contrived and superfluous. I’m damned. Oh well… I can drive the bus at least…
2005-04-16 02:12:17 – pinky
i have to get out of boulder, so i’ll prolly be in town tomorrow night if you could use some pissed off company. laura
2005-05-03 22:04:45 – Netheus
my birthday is Sunday- yes, it’s also mother’s day. GO BUY YOUR MOMMY SOMETHING NICE YOU INGRATE! and for my birthday, you should all come out to Rocky @ the Lon Chaney (same building as the City Auitorium, on the East side of the Building) $5.
2005-05-05 16:20:36 – hellbent Rob
meh… one more wretched semester down… Bump, when’s there gonna be a new post, eh? ๐Ÿ™‚
2005-05-09 09:49:01 – GrooveMan
One more day and it will be one whole month… can you hold out that long Randy ๐Ÿ˜‰
2005-05-10 06:50:20 – The Disco Nova
I have it on good authority that he was waiting a month just to make you heathens cry. Personally I think it is because I cause most of the grief in Randalls life, and he can’t put it here where I can read it and remain tactful ๐Ÿ™‚
2005-05-10 08:56:04 – GrooveMan
This Better be one Hell of a Post… I’m talking pages and pages, with a Glossary, Forward, Introduction, Body, Conclusion, Index, and Reference Guide. ๐Ÿ˜›

Shooting, Sin City, First steak of 2k5

OK So another update. The last update was an April FOol’s gag, minus the Pope part. He really did die. Twice.;-) Friday night rocked my socks. I went with Ryan, Joe & Jordan up to Rampart Range and burned through ~1000 rounds of ammo for an AR-15 (civilian M-16), 9mm Beretta 92fs (pistol) and 20guage shotgun. It was a helluva time. The drive up and down rampart range road (I think that’s what it’s called) was awful as my truck has zero suspension. Despite that, I had an amazing time. It was awesome. I recommend doing so to everyone ๐Ÿ™‚ On Saturday night I went out with the guys and saw Sin City which was a great movie. A LOT more violent than I was expecting — no less than 5 genital mutilations, not to mention more blood and dying than I could count. The cinematography was incredible, and the dialogue was at exactly the right level of campy. Afterwards we went out to IHOP, where we had a helluva time and where I reamed out Emily for being horrible at socializing and for always having bullshit excuses to avoid going out (which is suck!). I am still determining if that was good or bad. We had steaks on Monday night. I got to light up the grill for the first time this year — much less the past 6 months — and grill up some yummy pieces of cow. That was also a hella good time. I also shaved my head tonight. Not shaved, more shorn to 3/8″. It looks like old-school me. With the still-re-growing goatee, I look pretty freakin badass, if I do say so myself. Thanks to James for trimming my neck ๐Ÿ˜‰ Last but not least, I dropped off my truck on Monday because I had sprung a gigantic exhaust leak on Sunday, even though I just had some work done a month or two ago. I took it back to the same place (Accurate Japanese Auto Repair) and they fixed it for free. Turns out that the two manifold studs they didn’t replace last time came loose, causing my truck to sound like it had a swarm of locusts under the hood. I offered to pay for the two studs, some of the labor, and for a six pack of beer and they replied with no, no and we don’t drink. Somehow I doubt that last one. Regardless, they’ve treated me well twice now, so they are now my defacto mechanic place. [b]Update[/b] – Below are the links to how the new do looks: before: [L=][/L] after: [L=][/L]

2005-04-06 14:45:19 – The Disco Nova
I vote before.
2005-04-06 15:30:55 – rand0m
the world disagrees with you.
2005-04-06 21:36:05 – Master Ha-reed
Actually, the world minus 1. If you do stick with this do for a while, ditch the facial hair.
2005-04-06 21:53:54 – rand0m
I’m going to let the goatee grow out a little bit (it’s only 4-5 days old) then re-evaluate it. We’ll see from there. I’m still hit or miss on the goatee in general :-/
2005-04-07 14:39:32 – Netheus
two words Randal- Ben Affleck. (minus, of course, the brown thick hair, and hot as shit gf)
2005-04-12 01:04:41 – jrdn
so… shooting rocked… randal was gangster with the beretta
2005-04-12 01:15:06 – jordan
randal got me all high on life on that last post about a miracle investor… ojhghseghsegohsdljg;hsf
2005-04-13 12:19:31 – Ryan
I know you didn’t mention it in this posting, but please, even though they aren’t bad, do NOT buy a Glock.
2005-04-14 02:14:48 – BoxOfLunch
I just bought a glock after reading your post Ryan. ๐Ÿ˜‰
2005-04-14 13:22:27 – Master Ha-reed
What’s the problem with a Glock?

Super Duper Good news, and Super Duper Bad News

Super duper good news is that we are not closing EGC. Turns out we got a miracle investor who is going to fund the whole shebang well into next year, with very few strings attached. I’m totally stoked. Yea, the free time thing is toast again, but at least my baby will live on! Super Duper Bad News. I rolled into the dayjob tonight on a lark and found the place totally vandalized … a couple of our glass windows are cracked, and one is totally broken. It doesn’t look like they took any customer gear at all, but they did empty out our storage locker and pillaged my office. They even took my mouse, so I’m using a clunker peice of shit to post this. They tried to take the 21″ monitor, but couldn’t so they left it overturned on the desk :-/ The critical part is that nothing is damaged beyond repair and nobody went down. In-fucking-credible. At the end of the week too. Bastards. Sometimes I feel like life is just one great big beat down followed by a short rise, followed by another great big beat down. Wash, rince, repeat. I mean, the good times are fun and all, but they’re totally squashed by the unending heap of crap that is laid down. It’s just one thing after another. One second I’m reveling in the fact that I can stay home and drink beer all day, and the next I’m feeling horribly guilty because other people don’t have it as good as me. As they say — without the lows, you never really get to relish the highs. [b]update[/b] – I forgot to mention that I did a DNS server shuffle for, so ya’ll shouldn’t experience any more randomly-unavailable [b]update2[/b] – I just heard that Pope John Paul II has died. Mitch Hedberg, Terry Schiavol The Pope, Johnny Cochrane and KILO’s Sam. Goddamn it’s been a bad week. [b]update3[/b] – WOW Seattle has banned free WiFi due to them causing a fire at a coffee shop: [L=]Seattle Bans Free Wi-Fi[/L]

2005-04-01 12:12:46 – w0lfy
I heard he’s not dead yet, has brain and heart function. Somebody forgot to tell FoxNews that easter was last weekend — he can’t come back to life now, he’s a week late!
2005-04-01 12:15:29 – rand0m
What’s sad is that I think people will want to watch more reruns of Schiavo drooling and blinking rather than a clip of the Pope waving. These are great times. *sigh*
2005-04-04 10:44:07 – mark
Wait. That WiFi article was dated April 1st. I am having a tough time believing a coffee machine exploded due to "WiFi radiation" as the article states.
2005-04-04 11:40:22 – The Disco Nova
Oh, and strangely enough, it was posted on april fools day.
2005-04-04 12:15:49 – rand0m
Yea, mark actually PM’d me to make sure that was fake. This April Fool’s didn’t go over as well as [L=]last year’s[/L].
2005-04-04 14:01:06 – mark
I am, in fact, pretty worthless. and slow.
2005-04-04 15:21:32 – The Disco Nova
That was a trully great flamefest, complete with pwnage.
2005-04-04 23:04:46 – Netheus
so…. no monitor that I will actually be able to read? :::pouts:::: yeah, this year seems pretty deadly so far. Finished moving, still moving in. My god we own a lot of crap. And I mean crap. I knew I was a pack rat, but this is farking ridiculous. And my neighbors up stairs are amazingly ignorant. A) Shrimp Cocktail is served cold. Cold does not = raw. Blue/black/ grey = raw, pink= cooked. If one overcooks shrimp, it’s tough and inedible. B) They are the Ute Indians (YOU-teh), not the oooh-tay Indians. And I seriously didn’t think that computer illiteracy of that level could operate a mouse. And car oil needs to be changed, not just refilled. And you shouldn’t drive around with the parking brake on, all you have to do is pull slightly and twist, not a big operational issue there. And if you expect to get a decent working car for only $1K, I have some nice swamp land in Florida that’s worth millions…. People’s ignorance – still amazes the fuck out of me that there are sooo many people still walking on the planet….