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Well, it’s 12:38am and I’ve ran out of things to do, so I figured I’d update here. Not too much happening, but here’s the lowdown. Keen came back from Vegas the other day after a nearly four week stint of work & Defcon. It’s a little weird saying it, but I missed him :-/ I’m glad he’s back, even though I never see him due to wildly conflicting schedules – he’s already out of the house by the time I wake up, and I’m coming home a couple hours after he’s already hit the rack. Kinda sucks. People. I went out with Tore and Laura to Phantom Canyon the other night. That was a pretty good time. Laura seemed … better than usual. Dunno if it’s the lack of UCSU, but she just seemed a lot more pleasant. She looked healthier too. Weird. Tore … well shit, I saw him like 2 nights before that so there isn’t too much new there ;-). I went out with Sammi for lunch today and had a great time. Also, Mr. Mike Lee made a surprise appearance last night and we chilled @ the store for the evening. It was nice to see him around – he’s a bartender at Oscar’s and is doing well. My day job is being acquired very soon. Got into a semi-argument, or more correctly a ‘problem solving discussion,’ with the soon-to-be-owner-person about how 802.1q & 802.1p (VLANs & class-based QoS) would have issues on our network, and summarily what we need to do to fixify it. He’s so high energy that our 3 hour conversation wore me out for the day. He must take caffeine intravenously every morning. The store is still limping by during summer, but school starts on the 18th and things are looking up. I can’t wait for business to pick up again! We are switching from our costly T1 ($500+/mo for 1.544mbps up/down) to a wicked adelphia hookup – $149 for 4mbps/1mbps. That and a couple other trimmings are hopefully going to prime us for money-making. That’s all for me, getting ready to close.

2004-08-15 14:33:22 – matt landry
hey has caroline (the bimmer chick) ever seen the photos of her posted here, or has she ever talked to you about them. i was friends and went to high school with her, i know those are old, i wonder if she has any newer ones.
2004-08-15 16:28:07 – rand0m
I actually have no idea who that chick is. I ganked the pics from a forum in late 2000(??), and then posted them up here about 2 1/2 years ago. They’ve been around for ever and ever. As for any new ones, no idea.
2004-08-15 22:50:09 – Netheus
I went camping. Not that anyone cares. No one ever calls me. Then again, I haven’t called anyone. sigh.
2004-08-17 23:54:10 – Netheus
I am registered on Amazon.com as Christina. So on all the screens where it wishes to "personalize" my "experience," they all start out, "Christ… we would like to blah blah blah" I am Christ… Isn’t that nice?
2004-08-21 15:50:55 – insert inflammatory comment here
This is Jordan. I’ve lost everyone’s (Laura, Randal, Christine, etc.) phone numbers, so if you could send them to me, i’d appreciate it.
2004-08-21 16:25:38 – rand0m
this seems like a semiannual occurence, jordan 😉
2004-08-25 19:32:12 – jordan
it pretty much is. my old phone broke. it had all my numbers on it. i have them written down somewhere else, but i can’t find that either.
2004-08-26 00:13:06 – WC
I’m still alive. Hooray. That is about it. :p
2004-08-26 17:50:26 – Netheus
Elmo just came over to my house with his boyfriend. He’s in town for his sister’s lesbian wedding at All Souls. He’s going to be 21 in a month. And he’s taller than me- like everyone else. Little gay Elmo…… 21….. I feel so old….
2004-09-03 17:21:51 – Netheus
Everyone needs to go to Empire Asian Buffet on Vickers and Academy. It’s cheap, there is a mongolian BBQ, sushi, and a whole bunch of regular asian buffet stuff in there too. Like $7 for lunch (incl. drinks) and $10 for dinner.
2004-09-06 01:23:28 – WC
<random> Have a happy labor day </random>
2004-09-06 13:52:54 – Netheus
it’s funny how labor day for most of the people I know means work, and typically, working much harder than usual. F^ck labor day. Another meaningless bank holiday for the middle class.
2004-09-06 21:27:47 – pinky
is jordan in boulder now? just wondering.