Month Hiatus = Huge Post

[b]Index[/b] —————— I Foreword II Introduction III Body IV Concolusion V Glossary VI Reference [b]I – Foreword[/b] ——————- I like boobies. Ta-tas if you will. This post is dedicated to them. I’d like to thank all my friends, family and acquaintances for helping me in my pursuit for neverending happiness, AKA boobies. Well, not true. Neverending happiness is more boobies + hot legs. You know what I mean. BOOBIES4TW! [b]II – Introduction[/b] ——————- It happened a long while ago that rand0m posted. We all know how vociferous and self-aggrandizing he is, and thus this work needs no introduction. -[i]Anonymous[/i] [b]III – Body[/b] —————– I feel like I’m in highschool again (1), what with all this sectioning of the post into little bite sized pieces. I don’t know if I like that at all. Thanks Steve. Punk. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I decided that I wasn’t going to post for a month about 2 weeks into my hiatus. Why? I don’t know. Maybe it’s because I wanted ya’ll to sweat a little. Maybe it’s because I am tired of running a blog. Maybe it’s because nothing wildly interesting has happened. Who knows? I can’t tell you how many people have emailed, PM’d or even asked me straight to my face whether or not I’m going to keep during the break. It’s a lot. I had no idea that many people care about the drivel that I put down here. I can’t fathom why they do. I implore them to not do so, because really, this site isn’t any better than the other bazillion lame-ass blogs out there. I mean, shit, if you want drivel or something, go read Slashdot’s comments (2) … they’re a lot better than’s (hint hint). OK Cool shit that has happened in the past month. Um … my day job hired FLDave. That’s cool, mainly because he’s really cool. He makes me want to work, which is really cool. That’s just cool. He’s cool. His car is cool. His wife is cool. His company & work is cool. He’s just cool-man-cool. I wish I was that cool. The store closed a while ago, as I posted about (3), and I have done a whole shitton of nothing in my free time. It’s been stupendous. I can work late and finish projects, I can decide to go home, I can hang out, chill out, go out with friends or not, just about anything. It’s wicked great. I can’t explain how super-awesome it is. I really do think everybody should try it out, because it really makes you appreciate having free time. James and I are considering moving a Girl (!) into the house. Scratch that, we are. If she’s amicable and all that. Goddamn, I am unsure of my ability to live in a house with a girl. Not just a girl. A young twenty-something tomboyish girl, who still has a female temperament. Note that last part. Most women friends don’t deal with my wild judgementalism, conceit & arrogance very well, but hey, if this one works out, all the better. It’s a temporary situation, though, so we’ll be looking for a roommate again come … August? Sept? Some time at the end of summer … so if you’re interested, just keep pining away and it’ll come up soon enough. I went and saw Kingdom of Heaven (4) with Steve & Ben. Before I talk about the movie, those guys are just plain cool. I’ve known Steve & Ben a long, long time, and they’re both really stand up, solid, awesome guys. So the movie. Yes, it was a decent movie, but it had Orlando Bloom in it. Now, I don’t mind him when he’s a gay elf with ears & a bow, but him trying to be this manly Knight of Doom is such a juxtaposition to how he comes off that it really throws the whole movie to pieces. I mean, Knights are these huge, death-dealing monsters hired by Kings and the like to slay the low man … not 5’8″ buck-50-wet scrawny pups like Bloom. That, combined with the ridiculous amount of inaccuracies, blatant oversights and such made the movie an enjoyable – but forgettable – Saturday night detour. I’d wait for it on DVD, $.02. Speaking of movies, we’re supposed to go see Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith on May 19th. Somehow Steve-o landed us some midnight showing tickets. I can’t wait. I hear that it’s been widely reviewed as a good movie and that it provides a strong finish to the trilogy (V2). I don’t know if I mentioned it before, but I helped Keen get a drybar. By “Get” I mean, move it out of this dude’s house in Monument, load it, drive it downtown, unload it and rebuild it in his basement. It sucked, and my back told me about it for a couple days. The drybar is really nice, though, and he got it for free, so it was worth it. I guess. I took my Alive-At-25 (5) class on … Tuesday of last week, after ditching it a saturday before that so I could get sloshed because … umm … don’t recall. OH Right, I got drunk with Joe and Ryan that turned into a smallish party. Right, so because of this party, I missed the 8am class the following morning. So I rescheduled and went and surprisingly enough it wasn’t bad. It wasn’t 4TW or anything, but it was definitely a not-bad time. I learned a few things and enjoyed myself, but most importantly I got to give the little certificate to the court, which resulted in my driving history maintaining it’s shiny spotlessness. We had another smallish party at the House (6) on Cinco de Mayo … I called James and told him to put his kicks on because I was on my way to pick him up so that we could shop. We bought a couple 12-packs of Corona, tons of beef and fixins, and went home. I started cooking, the peeps showed up and it turned into a party in short order. James didn’t like my “sketchy” friends, even though I have known them for a year+ and know that they are not sketchy. It was a really good time, and we consumed over 7lbs of beef, 2lbs of cheese, 2 bags of lettuce, 5 cans of refried beans and 20+ coronas & a decent amount of liquor. Good times. I had lunch with Sammi today so she could vent. I had a good time. Speaking of, this girl on the 11th floor I know, let’s call her Jane, wants to go to lunch sometime as well. I spoke to her today on the phone, wanted to go sometime this week, then I countered with let’s go for drinks this weekend, she hmm’d & haaaa’d, so I went with the Good Ol’ Standby Confidence approach of “call me when you want to get together (click)”. I told this story to Sammi and she did not appreciate the sheer genius … of course Jane will call back, hoping against hope that I’ll come through and take her out and not stand her up. You know why? Because I acted like I don’t need that shit. I may even ignore her for Wed-Thurs, then call her up randomly on Friday and demand lunch with her. Who knows. I’ll make sure to update and let ya’ll know what happens. Yay for lunches! [b]IV – Conclusion[/b] (aka Cliffs Notes) —————– 1. BOOBIES4TW! 2. Everybody who pines for should get a life … or a new blog 3. Girl moving in!? WTF!? 4. Movies rock socks 5. Speeding tickets & classes are meh 6. Parties are fun 7. So are lunches [b]V – Glossary[/b] ——————- 4TW = For The WIN! accompanied by arm-pumping … used as accolades Cool = you know, hip, with it. Honkytonkmoneyfun. You know. buck-50-wet = Might way 150lbs when soaking wet Smallish party = a 20 to 50 man party Kicks = shoes Rock Socks = are really cool, fun, etc [b]VI – Reference[/b] —————– 1 – [L=]Steve’s Request[/L] 2 – [L=][/L] 3 – [L=]Store Closing[/L] 4 – [L=]Kingdom of Heavin[/L] 5 – [L=][/L] 6 – [L=]Team WeberStreet[/L]

2005-05-10 22:32:03 – The Disco Nova
Randall needs to get laid. That is all, you may continue.
2005-05-11 10:05:00 – rand0m
I have two words: test ride.
2005-05-12 17:03:46 – Bondage
HomelessSluts "4TW". ๐Ÿ™‚
2005-05-16 10:39:08 – WC
As your attorney I advise you to buy a red convertable.
2005-05-16 13:50:10 – GrooveMan
2007 Shelby Mustang GT500
2005-05-16 21:23:09 – WC
2007 Shelby Mustang GT500 – Red… and you have to get a fly ass bomber jacket.
2005-05-20 18:37:54 – jrdn
2005-05-20 18:45:53 – The Disco Nova
Jordan 4TLOSSEEEEEE!!!!!!!!(arm pump)
2005-05-20 18:49:22 – rand0m
2005-05-21 00:43:45 – Netheus
Didn’t even crack a book this semester- 2 a’s and 2 b’s.
2005-05-26 10:06:28 – Netheus
New Gorillaz- r0xor.
2005-05-27 09:59:42 – Netheus
I just realized it’s been 9 bloody years since we met. Any of us. 9 years since VA. 9 years since govt and law. 9 years.
2005-05-27 15:58:33 – The Disco Nova
You are always welcome to drop by Christina ๐Ÿ™‚
2005-05-31 16:23:05 – realbighead
good to see the once a month thing is becoming standard. it’s like randal menstruates blog posts.
2005-06-02 16:54:45 – WC
Gross. I’m sorry but I just don’t want to think about Randal menstruating anything.
2005-06-02 23:28:00 – WC
Ok I think I’m loosing it. All these thoughts going through me head. Lately I can’t relax. No matter how hard I try or Rachael tries. Like I feel like I have to know about everything, and nothing is good enough. Other times I feel like I am the only person I can trust. This is odd because I only think about that when I am alone. Weird huh? Ohh well, I’ll figure this out. Have a good day Randal (and the rest of rand0m.orgers). ๐Ÿ™‚
2005-06-03 11:58:00 – rand0m
>>Like I feel like I have to know about everything, and nothing is good enough. >>Other times I feel like I am the only person I can trust. Welcome to my world ๐Ÿ˜‰
2005-06-03 13:55:37 – The Disco Nova
Smoke less pot.
2005-06-06 10:17:11 – realbighead
Chingon, ese.
2005-06-07 12:30:26 – Master Ha-reed
Randal, its been 28 days now. Don’t tell me you got knocked up or something.
2005-06-07 16:15:57 – realbighead
randal’s preggos? that would make for an interesting 5-year reunion. assuming such a thing exists, of course.
2005-06-07 20:30:10 – pinky
a five year? I’m still too bitter for that bullshit.
2005-06-08 04:46:48 – S.Jenkins
WC… In many ways the only person you can trust is yourself. Everyone else in your life has some agenda in one way or another. The traditional saying is " I wouldn’t trust you as far as I could throw you." However, a more apt approach to this idea would be: "I wouldn’t trust you as far as you could throw me." ….just a thought. -S-
2005-06-08 16:01:56 – The Disco Nova
Who is that guy?