wild trip to boulder, bryce case, exploits & tools

So last night Keen and I went to Denver and Boulder to buy software. Not just any software, but Battlefield 1942, the bestest game by Electronic Arts. It’s normally $44.95 a pop, but CompUSA was selling them for $19.99 … when you’re buying 25 copies, that adds up really fast. So instead of waiting around and buying them at the high price, we decided to buy them at the low price. The local CompUSA only had 4 copies … after talking to the manager there, David Pierce (props!), we pointed us to the Aurora/Denver store, and then to the Boulder store. So we drove up to the Aurora store, which is right off of 225 & Alameda and bought 12 copies there … which isn’t enough. We left there at 8:15pm and made a mad dash to Boulder to get them there … showed up at like 3 minutes till closing — all the employees knew who we were and that we were coming ๐Ÿ˜‰ … we purchased our final 9 copies there, ate some good food at Siamese Plate To Go, picked up some beer and then headed home, with a short stop to Paris on the Platte in Denver, which, I might add, is a very awesome coffee shop / cybercafe place. I wish we had something like it here. I spoke with Mr. Case at length today on AIM. Talk about being quite the pimped out MOFO. He get props on Too Short’s latest CD, went to Vegas and met Aria Giovanni, drives a Benz, has a mad job at MCI … just wow. He has pics to back it all up too. I think he is one of the most successful people I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. There is a new openssh exploit out there running around and it affects everything currently out there, including all OSs(open/freebsd, all linuxes, *all of them*). The patch is like 4 lines … [L=http://www.freebsd.org/cgi/cvsweb.cgi/src/crypto/openssh/buffer.c.diff?r1=]Here is the diff[/L] between the old and new buffer.c … just replace, recompile and install. Also, nmap 3.45 is out today and it’s freaking awesome. Get it at [L=http://www.insecure.org/nmap]http://www.insecure.org/nmap[/L] Quick Update – just realized that my [L]ink parser was broken so I fixed it … you can use & and ? without fear now.

2003-09-16 19:03:25 – WC
Hey Randal! I think I may have a solution to your ATI problem you have with your video cards. When the 9900 gets released (for those of you not in the know, the 9900 should ship with HL2) hopefully soon after ATI will add it to their [L=http://ati.com/buy/traderebate/tradeup.html]Trade-In[/L] program. Check that out. My Grandfather passed away yesterday morning. It was sad. I saw him die in his death bed. Suck. Hey you should have called me last night. I would have hung out with you. I needed cheering up. ๐Ÿ™‚ But no one else calls when their in Denver… Tony’s Pizza sounds good.
2003-09-17 00:54:12 – Mr Mountains
Its unanimous, Battlefield is the best video game out there right now. I never play computer games, but that one is enjoyable to say the least. Almost makes you wish you were in WWII!
2003-09-17 10:36:17 – WC
OK I tried twice to post this yesterday. Have you seen the new Apple 15" [L=http://www.apple.com/powerbook/index15.html"]Powerbook[/L]? I think that is very [b]H[/b]awt. It just makes me all wet with that backlite keyboard. Not only that but the keyboard and screen auto-adjust their luminosity the ambient light in the room. OMG! BTW whois Bryce Case?
2003-09-17 15:17:15 – Mr Mountains
What I know about Bryce is limited. He went to Palmer and wore very baggy jeans and listened to some sort of hip hop (a hip hop looking fellow). I understand that he was the shit with computers, but wound up getting busted by the FBI for hacking or something like that. Haven’t heard about him or seen him in a while, not that I saw him in high school much, or was even on a "hello" basis with him. He was just some guy, why do you ask?
2003-09-18 08:02:45 – Siaokh
Craig… you are fired as a link poster. You can’t have double quotes in the href= field… it just doesnt work. I dont know HOW you broke it, but you most certianly did. Randal, that’s badass how you’re pimping out CompUSSR for their game bits. It sucks that they couldn’t cut you a deal for purchasing 25 copies of their software. I certianly hope along with this game (and all it’s updates … *gah*) you’re going to install the desert combat mod *drool*. It’s very VERY fun. You might also want to consider making some joysticks avalible for renting if people are playing this game. The helicopter is almost impossible to fly without a decent joystick (rudder control). Or if people bring in their own joysticks. *shrug*. I really wish i could be out there for your grand opening. It should be off the HOOK *woot*. -Tim *punch*
2003-09-19 13:29:09 – tony
As a gift to Randal and his store, I’m buying an 8-gallon keg of beer for one of his grand-opening parties. Cheers.
2003-09-24 03:59:10 – tony
Lesson learned tonight? Before you are about to test out new group policy settings that may affect the entire domain (hint, includes domain controllers and domain administrators), do not say the following before applying new group policy: "What’s the worst thing that could happen"
2003-09-25 00:37:57 – Siaokh
Murphy Strikes Again! *punch* -Tim
2003-09-25 01:40:36 – tony
at the cafe got the beer in place, mass transit beer lesson for the night, beer and computer monitor, they do not mix, not now, not tomorrow, not never
2003-09-25 08:58:27 – GrooveMan
Oh Yeah, Tomorrows the big day. Lets Get It On!!
2003-09-25 12:17:00 – The Disco Nova
I would like to point out Randall spilled the first beer, killing a monitor, soaking Everman, and opening the door for all of us to say "You spilled the first one"
2003-09-25 17:43:24 – rand0m
lol, true, true
2003-09-27 03:20:53 – Nick
I’m drunk. Randal is passed the fuck out on the love seat. The A chick won’t tell me how to spell her name. There was something about a fight. I’m going to bed. Goodnight mother fuckers.
2003-10-01 11:26:22 – WC
*tink* *watches pieces fall to the floor* wo00o! I broke the ice! Now hopefully people will be unfrozen from their boring lives and start chatting again. And maybe people, we can get the infamous rand0m to post wtf is going on in his life. I really miss reading a fresh post a whole 15 days ago. Anyway I know his store is open and that he [u]is[/i] alive. Hooray! BTW the new Radeon 9800 XT is out if anyone cares. The world’s fastest and most advanced video card (for right now). BTW if you buy one you get a free game of Half Life 2. (You better since the card is $500 bucks) ~Peace until the next posting.
2003-10-01 11:27:50 – rand0m
No I’m not! I’ll be stone dead in a minute!
2003-10-01 11:52:01 – WC
I hate your underling thing. Jesus. *sigh* I am going back to bed.
2003-10-01 23:23:19 – Netheus
Yay!!!! My computer works again (knock on wood)!!!

Store Pictures and more crazy girls

I took a bunch of pictures of the store, feel free to take a look and ask me any questions: [L=http://cos.everlan.com/gallery.php?gid=1]EverLAN Gaming Centers Pre-Opening Photos[/L] I was talking to Janina the other day, who is [b]W[/b]hitney (who formerly was dating [b]M[/b]ichael)’s roommate. She tells me that she’s engaged and happy and yada yada yada. She then proceeds to tell me that she’s really sad that I never asked her out or showed a lot of interest. I did have interest, still do … just that she’d been seeing this Travis guy, and I wasn’t about to compete, but honestly, I should I have grown a pair and asked her out. I told her that although I’m male, I’m not blind and that she should have dropped a few more clues that *she* was interested. She agreed to this, and then it seemed like we both agreed that we should have gone out together. And then I added (mentally) that she shouldn’t be engaged. Went out and got lit up on Friday night and paid for it on Saturday. I also went and got a haircut on Saturday, and gave my number to this nice girl Leah … I seriously doubt she’ll call me to go out and get a beer, but hey, I can hope. I figure that if I blanket the city’s population of women with my number, at least one or two will call me. [b]Update – Quote of the night[/b]: (overheard at Tony’s Bar) – “In every relationship there is a bull and a cow. I am the bull and you are the cow. Now show me your udders.”

2003-09-14 23:34:17 – fourdegrees
So as for the not-making-a-move-on-a-girl-that-had-potential-to-respond-favorably thing…were you not paying attention to the advice your dad gave you that night, oh so long ago? get a pair, you ninny. ๐Ÿ˜‰ (I love you, Randal.)
2003-09-15 00:31:13 – keener2u
pairs cost money…
2003-09-16 15:10:49 – Formerly known as chester
I know what you mean, dude. My first true love is currently married to some soccer playing jock/prick. Whatever. Amsterdam is beautiful, btw.
2003-09-16 21:42:17 – Zaxx
That’s what you gotta do man, get out and blanket the area with your info. You’ll get the right ones interested. Speaking of chic’s, who is the chic on the BMW in her skimpy outfits? If there are any videos on this earth of her, I need to know. E-mail address is above! You have a pretty cool site, take care. -Zaxx

Mistake, Store, Withdrawals, Misc & HPI

Shit, I got about 4 lines into this post and I realized that I had alread posted info about the beer expo and such. Well shit. I got my first WeberStreet Networks, LLC paycheck today. Man, that was such a rush. Seriously, carrying the sliver of paper that entitled me to lots of moolah was rather thrilling. Let’s hope to god there are a lot more of those coming to me down the road, you know? Honestly though, it’s all been worth it. Even if the big bucks are still a ways off, just knowing that it’s coming soon (Sept 26th, maybe???) is a big upper. Oh, FYI, there is an informercial page at [L=http://www.weberstreet.net/everlan]http://www.weberstreet.net/everlan[/L]. Please let me know what you think of the design & content. And yes, I know that the pictures link does not work. Thanks. (I just realized that I think we’re going to run into an IP crunch. Oof) I had some women withdrawals (sp?) today. I got to thinking, get this, not about Janelle, but about some other fantabulous ladies I know and I felt bad that I totally puss’d out and didn’t attempt anything. That’s a bummer. More inspiration to actually give the meeting girls thing a try? Maybe. I don’t know how much damage my bruised, overworked, tired ego can withstand …. I do hear that chicks totally dig guys who own their own business, though …. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I finished [i]Cryptonomicon[/i] by Neil Stephenson tonight. It’s been a loooong time in finishing, but man, that tome of a book was totally worth it. Honestly one of the best fiction books I’ve ever read – I highly recommend it. In fact, I’m so enchanted by the quality of the writing that I picked up another Stephenson book, [i]Snowcrash[/i] – I’ll let ya’ll know how that one goes. I replaced the starter on my truck yesterday. $54 and about 45 minutes later, which includes trying to rinse that orange pumice lava rock cleaner stuff out of my eyes (the memories bring back the pain! aghhghgsgh!), my truck now starts on the first crank every time. I still need my exhaust to be fixed up. I am once again seriously considering a motorcycle. Maybe as an additional vehicle? I haven’t talked about HPI in a long time, so I will now. HPI is doing super, barring internal personality conflicts. Seriously, it’s pretty fucked up … I start prepping myself for the inevitable “bail on HPI” move, and all of a sudden HPI starts doing well. This throws my long term plans into a blender … I need to think on what I’m going to do long term. The wireless out in Falcon is going really well – we have installs every day of the week, and so far we’ve only hit a few roadstops. Our Co-Location program is going really really well with new, big $ customers coming in a lot more often than they were. Today, I began our migration to a FreeBSD anti-spam gateway setup, as detailed in [L=http://www.hpi.net/whitepapers/]the whitepaper[/L]. I also got to enjoy climbing around on buildings and transitting antennas all over down. As enjoyable as things are, it seems like HPI is rife with indecision and lacks cohesion. I don’t know where this will end up.

2003-09-11 01:45:40 – WC
I thought you hated your store and never wanted to talk about it again. What is this new news!!! BTW you gotta see my neato C# .NET text editor I made. I call it "Your Mom’s Text Editor". Ok, I know I got bored. But what else am I supposed to do all day long – alone – in my room – without any female companionship – NO YOU SICK BASTARD I WILL NOT DO THAT! – At least I Get Signal. AYBABTU
2003-09-11 12:14:02 – Netheus
I am at school, typing from a nasty public computer. Why? My PC is just…. argh…. anyway, whilst visiting this page, the virus scanner thing has registered 7 new virii. all that worm blaster one that took out my computer. argh…..
2003-09-11 12:15:26 – Netheus
oh, and i almost forgot- happy kiss your Constitutional Freedoms goodbye day/ anniversary!!!
2003-09-11 14:29:47 – WC
Neth, WTF are you talking about? [i]"happy kiss your Constitutional Freedoms goodbye day/ anniversary!!!"[/i] ooohk, BTW neth when you go clean your computer make sure you get the latest patches from MS. Blaster II Worm just found its way on the internet.
2003-09-11 20:14:12 – Master Ha-reed
Website looks pretty good Have any plans for other advertising (Independent, and so on)?
2003-09-12 04:08:08 – Siaokh
Pictures. We demand pictures of your swanky new store. It might not be finished, but pictures of the in-progress build up would be even cooler. You know what’s overrated… Floppy drives on computers. These littel USB Keychain-thumbdrive things. They are the bestest. 99% of computers have USB these days, and as long as the proper permissions are set up, these little flash drives can be used soooo much easier than 1.44meg floppy disks. (it’s 5am… bite me). My suggestion is to not have floppy drives on computers any more, and just use these. It’s like $30 for a 128meg drive. Sneaker-net never saw it coming! look, i even took a fancy [L=http://henge.org/~snack/usbkeys.jpg]picture[/L] of it. Congrats on bringing everything together! -Tim
2003-09-12 09:13:37 – rand0m
Well, we sort of botched the whole picture thing. We should have taken a bunch of pictures of the store while it looked like shit.but we didn’t. I did go take 27 pictures last night, though — the walls, the bathrooms, the server rack, the cabling, the gaming area. Those are going to be developed some time today, and hopefully scanned in shortly thereafter.
2003-09-12 13:39:44 – element
first time rand0m.org poster, w00t! I hear ya on the job front. I’m starting to wonder if working for a small business will ever get you anywhere. I’m about ready to jump ship myself. Snow Crash is pretty sweet. There is something about a ninja-hacker pizza delivery driver that I find distinctively cool….
2003-09-13 21:45:38 – Netheus
That is Snow Crash?!?!?!?! I love that book! I got about 1/3 of the way into it, and then my piece of sh*t bf at the time stole it. Hiro Protagonist and the mafioso pizza delivery…. and living in a storage shed…. mmmmm…..good book…..
2003-09-13 21:51:13 – WC
*Chanting in background* Whats that sound?? It must be the natives calling for store pictures!
2003-09-13 22:27:42 – rand0m
The first set of pictures I took the other day didn’t come out because I didn’t know that you *HAVE* to use the flash when using a disposable camera. So … I took another set of pictures and have them developed, sitting here on the table, waiting to be scanned. They’ll be ready to go tomorrow, promise.
2003-09-14 00:31:51 – Siaokh
ROFL. Omg dude, you totally rock. I didnt even notice it untill i was looking through your everlan website (well i knew it, but this just reinforces the fact). The phone number. Who did you have to sleep with to get that? Way funny. For all of you who havent seen it yet. 719/667-1337 – Direct Too funny. My main reason for this post is why are you using the old logo for Ubisoft? their new logo is much… more…. hypnotic *drool*. -Tim
2003-09-14 09:53:22 – WC
USE TEH NEW LOGOzZZz. I agree that new Ubi Logo is very hypnotizing. And I agree, your phone number is hawt! … and you were complaining about sex the other day.
2003-09-14 17:56:26 – tony
Got an error looking at the pics: PHP Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_ECHO in c:sitesweberstreet.neteverlangallery.php on line 50 http://www.weberstreet.net/everlan/gallery.php?gid=1&picnum=7 On another note, I want to make a website that when you visit it, it pop ups an alert that says "This doesn’t exist", then either sends you back one page to your previous page, or just closes the window. Why? It would be a much better way to tell people they got a 404 at your site. Especially if they are trying to hack your site.
2003-09-14 18:35:29 – rand0m
hmmm, looks like it’s working okay … must have hit it while I was working on the code.

These headlines are a waste of time. I am not clever.

I have determined that the headlines above are an utter waste of time and effort, simply because I cannot aptly describe this post before I write it, and it invariably does not do the post justice, and as such, is usually a haphazardly attempt at being clever, witty or apathetic, none of which I am good at. Did I mention I bought a new waterbed mattress? It is amazing. I sleep like a baby. No, seriously, it really is that good. I should take a picture of it so you can see how majestic it really is. I even bought new sheets for it. So take that! Unh! I went to the Beer Expo on Sunday with Keen and Tony. It was a lot of beer, and it was all oh-so-tasty. I realized that when it comes to alcohol, I can slam down the hard stuff with the best of them, but when it comes to guzzling down pint after pint of the sudsy stuff I cannot hold my liquor at all. There are new photos of the [L=http://rand0m.org/images/endofsummer2k3/index2.php]End of Summer 2k3 party[/L]. Also, the original post is updated to reflect the new pictures, as is the birthday post. So I was talking to Corey today and he mentions that some day I will find the right girl and I think that “man, she would make a good mom / wife / whatever-long-term-thing”. That sort of freaked me out because what if I have already found her, but it will not work out? What if my love life is already condemned and I do not even know it? “Holy Shit!” I thought, and then I realized that I am only 21. So Huzzah! Maybe there is still hope. On the same vein, though, I made him realize that it is super-duper to have a nice cuddly female around to help be an emotional crutch for us emotion-bearing-but-denying it manly-men … I think his kids are his make-my-day tool, whereas mine (and most youngins) is just girls in general. I wonder if girls like having a manly man around to make them feel good, and if so, why the hell are they not battering down my door in an attempt to have manly affection showered upon them? The universe will never know. *ha* This post brought to you by the complete lack of contractions. [b]Update[/b] – I totally forgot to mention that Manny is no longer with us. After attending a short party, Keen, Tony and I all took Manny over to his place and dropped him off and said goodbye. He is being reassigned to Boston with a month long vacation to Amsterdam. Cheers to Manny for being neato – I hope we get to see you again sometime ๐Ÿ˜€

2003-09-08 17:55:44 – pinky
I suppose it would be a problem if women felt good about themselves already and didn’t need a man around to make them feel good ::gasp:: but then what would we need you for? hehe.
2003-09-08 23:28:08 – Master Ha-reed
Here’s a question: why does Disco look like he’s a) drunk off his ass or b) going to rape someone in every single party picture that he’s in?
2003-09-09 01:14:26 – The Disco Nova
a) I usually am. b) You can’t rape the willing. It actually started about a couple of years ago. I forget how. But now whenever I see a camera, I grab the nearest head and pull it towards my crotch. On a side note damn, I’m fat. I hope this tumbling/trampoline class I’m taking at Art Sports makes me lose some weight.
2003-09-09 15:59:46 – Siaokh
Chicks on trampolines > Nova on a trampoline Pictures of those parties bring back so many memories of just randomly crashing parties around the CC campus and the shenanigans that would ensue. *sigh* Looks good Randal! Hey… what’s up with the store? -tim
2003-09-09 23:41:33 – tony
Next saturday at 10am, all tickets for all colorado avalanches games go on sale, from 23$ to 204$. [L=http://www.coloradoavalanche.com/schedule/index.html] click here [/L] Some games of interest, Dallas, 11-15, New Jersey, 11-30, Philadelphia, 12-27. I’m seriously considering plunking down 100$ for a prime seat at the New Jersey game!

Work, Nick, Photos, Other?

Work has been nuts. I don’t like it when things are really busy and such. I’ve been doing like 10 hours days forever, and then there’s the store thing, too. Oof. Just feeling stressed out. Nick Bailey, a friend from junior high (7-8 years ago?) came in to HPI and colocated his server today. We sat and chatted for an hour or so. It was good to catch up. I actually have a whole lot to say about that, but I do not feel like typing that in. In other news, Tony has not been the talkative sort around the house. In fact, he has been totally anti-conversation — very unusual for him. It might have something to do with the labor day weekend race he attended, at which he (apparently) broke his rear bicycle rim. Nevertheless, he came through like a trooper and scanned in a shitload of photos: [L=http://rand0m.org/images/endofsummer2k3]End Of Summer 2k3[/L] [L=http://rand0m.org/images/21stbday]21st BDay Pics[/L] My truck’s starter stopped working rather unexpectedly while I was running an errand. I had to call Keen and get him to bring me a hammer. This is a bad sign. I bought a new bed. It’s a Hibernation Series Premium 90% waveless mattress. It is so amazingly comfortable. Everybody should definitely take time out of their schedule to come lay on it.

2003-09-03 23:30:56 – Nick
It’d be 7 years and 2 months. I remember you always being faster, but I was more accurate. ๐Ÿ˜‰
2003-09-04 00:09:00 – The Disco Nova
*insert sexual innuendo here*
2003-09-04 10:23:29 – rand0m
2003-09-04 11:48:40 – WC
๐Ÿ˜› That is how I will always remember Randal as well. Him being faster than me.
2003-09-04 13:09:25 – rand0m
Sorry guys, I can’t help that I’m a three-pump-chump. Maybe if I got some counseling or something …
2003-09-04 21:09:38 – Master Ha-reed
STOP PREMATURE EJACULATION! ACHIEVE MULTIPLE ORGASMS! askl;jdskl;jfds’lkj [L=javascript:alert(‘Moron’)]CLICK HERE![/L]
2003-09-04 21:11:24 – Master Ha-reed
Motherfuckin link thingy doesnt let me put insulting alerts god damn it mother fucker
2003-09-04 21:34:04 – The Disco Nova
So my girlfriend tells me I’m suffering from premature ejaculation. I said "Well, I wouldn’t say I was suffering…"
2003-09-04 22:32:33 – TDQuiksilver
Those crazy drunks ๐Ÿ˜‰
2003-09-05 12:13:39 – Netheus
what do they call it when a girl has a premature orgasm? What about ten in a row?
2003-09-05 15:46:23 – rand0m
Men call it "thank you god!"
2003-09-06 10:02:59 – WC
or "DAMN! YOU GO!"
2003-09-06 11:57:42 – tHE dISCOB BOA
2003-09-06 15:53:46 – fourdegrees
Why does that bit about the hammer just not sound right?

Huzzah, drunkeness!

I went out with Keen tonight. We went to Phantom Canyon, played pool and got drunk. Tatum, the waitress chick who is a junior (Economics) @ UCCS is the shit. Too bad she’s a waitress and probably hates men / meeting men on the job. Also, I ran into Jennifer Berkbigler (sp?) from highschool. (Thanks for the name, Tore! God, I abuse him when it comes to me getting people’s names …) She is fine-ass, and doing well to boot. Regardless, we played pool, it was good. And then Keen started thinking about *his* ice queen, then decided to drown his sorrow in alcohol, so we went over to Tequila’s on the way home and he had a backdraft. (To the uninformed, a backdraft consists of like 2 mid-proof liquors and a shot of Bacardi 151. You light the Bacardi and put your hand over the top … the results in an emulsified cloud of Bacardi + Oxygen, which you then inhale. Then you drink the remaining alcohol, and recap the glass with your hand, again emulsifying the remaining alcohol, which you then breathe again. Results: 1 shot of Bacardi *in your lungs* (which means you’re breathing almost pure alcohol), and then 2 shots of hard liquor. Plus breathing some more liquor.) Then we stumbled over to 15C, where Keen said that someone named Janelle wanted a cigarette. I was like “WHAT THE FUCK!?” because I thought Janelle, you know, The Janelle, but instead it was some random hotty. Gave her a smoke, and then Keen and I had a martini. And then we came home. w0ot. I know now is not the time … or shit, maybe it is. There is nothing like a good fuck. I miss good, ol’ fashioned fucking. *sigh*. This past Saturday was the balloon glow … keen and I both have some memories of the balloon glow, of which I will not delve into, but they are not-so-much-fun. Also, I spoke to Emily the other day while she was really trashed. I don’t know what to make of it, besides that I am now classified as one of those people you don’t talk to while drunk. meh. Tony walked into the room the other day and tells me “Janelle is coming over Monday night to play Trivial Pursuit.” Me: *blank stare* … what. the. fuck. That’s all I have to say. Again, I need to decide if I’m going to pussy out and “have plans” or if I’ll ram a blunted broomstick through my chest and meet up with the girl that I’m totally falling all over myself about. [b]Update[/b]: quote of the day, from Space Ghost Coast to Coast: “welcome back, stupid viewers! you’ll watch anything. Go ahead, change the channel, you’ll be back.” Hahaha. I just realized that this is post 404, you know, “404 Not Found”. Heh. [b]Update 404 (LOL)[/b] – I talked to Sammi about how I kissed her on the cheek when we went out after my birthday. She’s totally cool with that sort of thing between friends, which is pretty neat, because now I’m not some sort of freakish deviant … but … you know, I just don’t hand out to kisses to anyone. I’ll need to think on this. And why the FUCK am I putting this on my webpage?

2003-09-01 19:15:57 – Master Ha-reed
More from the "why the fuck am i putting this on my webpage" dept, isnt there a chance that Janelle still visits this site? In which case you would look pretty fucking stupid if you said you "had plans"? Or am I missing something?
2003-09-01 22:21:08 – randal
I think she stopped coming here a long time ago. $.02
2003-09-02 00:25:30 – Master Ha-reed
For your sake, I hope you’re right ๐Ÿ˜‰
2003-09-02 09:54:35 – rand0m
well, honestly, I don’t know if it matters. So I say something on my website which is the entire truth, and somebody who is mentioned in that truth finds out about it. Yippee skippy. Although I may not have actually volunteered such information face to face, I surely would express the truth if I were to be asked. Sure, point-blank bluntness might offend someone … but if they are the take-offense type, they probably wouldn’t read this site much ๐Ÿ˜‰
2003-09-02 11:19:07 – WC
After knowing you Randal for many years now I say put whatever you want on your site. Your an American. Freedom of Speech baby. If girls or other people have a problem with what you have on your site. FUCK ‘EM. I had a few problems with some of the shit you put on your site, but I got over it. Besides if a girl that you likes comes here more often to find out about you more than just asking you, that seems kinda creepy. People need to respect your website for you. Don’t waste your time on insults. "…And don’t forget to wear sunscreen." -Baz Lurman
2003-09-03 11:38:58 – realbighead
You’re putting it on your website for the same reason you have a website. You’re an exhibitionist. This means entertainment for us, and security/pleasure for you. So continue writing whatever you want. P.S. For any ex-PHS types, the yearbook-by-phone service has been permanently directed to my cell. Should you need names, I have a perfect track record. Just ask Randal.
2003-09-03 21:16:12 – Master Ha-reed
Speaking of exhibitionism and entertainment, [L=http://www.anzelmo.net/lpartyweb/images/torelaura.jpg]this picture[/L] is the best picture ever taken. Mad props to Tony, Tore and Laura. Steve Jobs will use this picture to boost Apple’s sales in the age 13-99 male demographic by making Apple’s new official slogan: "Buy a Mac, Get a Blowjob"