random musings

Have you ever noticed how when it’s really hot out an ominous, oppressive heavy silence falls on everything? Saw that the other day at lunch: cars go by silently, people look to be moving through the air like it’s syrup, everything is muffled. Really quite intriguing.

Put together a working format for randominc.com — please check out the two possible layouts: randominc.com/new.html and randominc.com/new2.html Let me know what you think — yes, they are similar, but still noticably different.

What is up with people in general? I feel like I don’t have a clue about much anymore … seem to be getting a *lot* less outgoing as the days of this week go by. wtf, huh? I’ll look into that tonight while I’m relaxing. Oh, and I have no nic for my laptop until friday or saturday. [sigh] take care …

2001-06-13 22:57:20 – the crimson avenger
i like the first one. i don’t like the beige. maybe if you used a shade of lighter blue, or a light green, or something (i would use pink, but that’s me). i re dyed my hair, hence the nickname returns…is anyone up for tracks tomorrow night, maybe? let me know. you have to not a problem with gay people and have to dress cool. or, if you dig techno, then you could stay in the non rainbow room…yeah.
2001-06-14 00:26:00 – realbighead
It really depends on what you wanna put on there. If you just wanna look "edgy" and aren’t going to have content, the second makes sense. If you actually want to say something on the main page, I’d go with the first. Oh, and you do TCP/IP, SQL, and ASP… if we’re still using those in 2100, I’ll be surprised. Plus, your slogan is kinda lame. Not to be ridiculously harsh… it just seems like the kinda thing that crashed when the Internet bubble popped, which doesn’t give your new company good karma. Thought I’d point all that out.
2001-06-14 10:32:47 – laura
yeah, i agree with tore. then again, why are having randominc? yeah. i’m lost
2001-06-14 19:25:24 – meh
update your webcam pic
2001-06-14 22:58:25 – nell
i don’t know which one you should use, but if you use new.html, don’t have the black strip on the bottom extend all the way across. either have them both cut off, or neither of them cut off.