tuesday … again already?

it’s tuesday, another lame day of the week. i have had a pretty blah day, very not-invigorating, and a little depressing. i didn’t sleep really well last night. that sucked. i wish i knew so much more than i do about everything. [sigh]

i haven’t ate a single thing today. i am starting to feel tired. i wonder if eating small amounts of food in combonation with being more active will make me shed some un-needed pounds.

registered randominc.com/net/org today — i think this site will move to randominc.org sometime, not sure when, though. i’ll put up a redirect, and eventually put up a business page at randominc.com. maybe a mailserver, so all you chitlins can have nifty email addresses. next on the docket: office with broadband =)

i’m off to go rot the night away trying to waste time. i think i might make the business site.